Applicants seeking to join the United States Air Force requires to take the Air Force Officer Qualifying Test or AFOQT test preparation. The test aims to assess cognitive abilities, both verbal and quantitative skills, and also leadership and decision-making skills.

In this blog, we will explore what the AFOQT is, its structure, its measures, and how to prepare for it.

What is the AFOQT?

The AFOQT test preparation is a standardized examination used by the United States Air Force to assess the potential of individuals seeking to become officers in the Air Force. It determines whether an individual has the necessary cognitive abilities and leadership skills to become an effective Air Force officer.

Best Online Tutors for AFOQT Test Preparation

1. Henry Harvin

Henry Harvin is a world-renowned E-Learning platform in the USA which caters to E-Learning services to its customers and has a global reach of over 97+ countries. The company has attained the stature to be one of the most trusted Ed-Tech companies and its awards speak for themselves.

Benefits of AFOQT Test Preparation with Henry Harvin

  • With Henry Harvin’s training method, you’ll get personal study guidance and reading materials. This comes in the form of framing strategies for the test, which includes time management, practice tests & more.
  • Students enrolling for the course will get access to live classes and recorded sessions of over 800+ tutorial videos.
  • Trainers are subject matter experts in the field and are well-equipped to help you ace the AFOQT exam.
  • Participants that enroll themselves in this course can watch these recorded sessions on any device: PC, Mac, Android, and iOS. An app is also available for download to get access to all the exclusive features like online lessons and reading materials.
  • In case you require assistance from the platform, they’ll provide you with a 24*7 supporting system to solve all your doubts and queries.


2. ASVAB Tutoring

As a result of a group of experienced engineers, ASVAB Tutoring was founded in 2012 with the objective of simplifying and easing the learning process.

ASVAB Tutoring provides one of the best training programs in the country especially when it comes to pursuing a career in military service. With this academy, you’ll be able to learn the techniques and skills that are required to excel in the field.

Taking up AFOQT Test preparation with ASVAB tutoring will provide you with all the required materials for learning and mock tests for the real examination.

Moreover, the trainers at ASVAB are experienced enough to help you strengthen the knowledge and skills of the students partaking in their course.

The main goal of ASVAB Tutoring is to provide a high-quality education that helps students pass the AFOQT test with minimum effort and achieve the highest score possible. Learning sessions are quite flexible through online sessions via Skype or Zoom.

3. Pearson VUE

Pearson VUE offers high-stakes exams empowering professionals and certifying individuals not only to benefit oneself but to make an impact on the profession and community.

At this training center, they believe in developing the growth of each individual which lies in the potential to learn and constantly better oneself in every aspect of life.

Throughout the learning period on the AFOQT practice test, the candidate will be prepared with the courseware, reading materials, practice test, and much more.

Pearson VUE will assist you in taking up tests for individuals and corporations — throughout all the stages of the certification journey.

4. Varsity Tutors

If you are someone preparing to take up the Air Force Officer Qualifying Test, then look no further for Varsity Tutors will provide you with all the help in preparing for the test.

Here at this training facility, each individual gets one-on-one instruction with industry experts in preparing for the AFOQT Test. This will allow you to get attention at a personal level where you will be guided on how to prepare and where to look for information based on your particular needs and goals.

5. Mometrix

Mometrix Test Preparation was founded in 2002 and ever since then, they have helped thousands of students to ace different exams and excel in their careers. By 2019, Mometrix has started to cater online courses to individuals, helping them get instant access to reading materials and test preparation.

Mometrix online courses on AFOQT practice tests are both comprehensive and flexible at your own pace. This course enables you to complete it within a structured period or is looking to complete it at your own pace, they offer both options.

Key Benefits of Taking AFOQT Test Preparation with Mometrix

  • Mometrix provides practical question papers for revision and exercise that consists of approximately around 1900+
  • The course provides 32 lessons altogether which will greatly benefit the candidates appearing for the test, as it will guide and provide tips on how to prepare for it.
  • Recorded videos of these sessions will be provided, and in addition to this, there are instructional videos that will help clarify complex concepts. Altogether there are over 60+ videos.
  • Bonus Content
  • Guide to Effective Studying
  • How to Overcome Test Anxiety
  • Overcoming Maths Anxiety

How is the AFOQT structured?

An AFOQT consists of 12 subtests administered over approximately five hours. The subtests for each part of the exam are timed, and the time limit varies from subtest to subtest. Following this, the time to complete and the number of questions provided will be mentioned below:

  • Self-Description Inventory (45 minutes, 240 questions): assess the personality trait of an examinee.
  • Verbal Analogies (8 minutes, 25 questions): is meant to evaluate the examinee’s skills with the English vocabulary.
  • Arithmetic Reasoning (29 minutes, 25 questions): tests the examinee’s ability to solve word problems based on geometry, proportions, ratios, mixtures, integers, percentages, and time distance.
  • Word Knowledge (5 minutes, 25 questions): focuses on the examinee’s capability to understand and define the words provided such as synonyms.
  • Maths Knowledge (22 minutes, 25 questions): this is to test the examinee’s basic knowledge of mathematics, which includes algebra, geometry, and arithmetic.
  • Reading Comprehension (24 minutes, 25 questions): measures the examinee’s ability to read a passage, understand its meaning, and express in written format defining its implication.
  • Situational Judgement (35 minutes, 16 questions): evaluate the examinee’s ability to respond to interpersonal issues by coming up with a solution to the situation which determines an individual leadership characteristic.
  • Physical Science (10 minutes, 20 questions): here they’ll test the examinee’s knowledge of physical science understanding at a high school level.
  • Aviation Information (8 minutes, 20 questions): focuses on the examinee’s comprehension of flight mechanics and aviation concepts. A candidate must demonstrate a thorough understanding of rotary aircraft, rudimentary aviation, fixed-wing aircraft, modern airport security regulations, and flight physics as well as basic aviation knowledge.
  • Instrument Comprehension (5 minutes, 25 questions): this deals with the examinee’s comprehension of how to calculate where an airplane is in the sky through the use of altitude indicators and magnetic compasses.
  • Table Reading (7 minutes, 40 questions): evaluation of how well an examinee can interpret a map or indicator on a simple xx–yy-axis graph.
  • Block Counting (5 minutes, 30 questions): addresses the examinee’s understanding of the concept of spatial awareness. Questions that come under this category will feature 3D blocks where the examinee will have to count these blocks according to one’s block.

The scores from each subtest are combined to create composite scores for each of the four main areas. The composite scores are then used to determine an individual’s overall score on the AFOQT.

AFOQT Test Preparation Tips

As the AFOQT has a long time limit, you will need to perform well throughout the test even though you will have two breaks. When it comes to testing day, these tips will help you perform at your best.

  • Never leave a blank answer
  • Begin with a subject you know well
  • Take an AFOQT Test Preparation Course
  • Take mock tests as much as possible


The AFOQT test preparation is a challenging test that is designed to assess an individual’s cognitive abilities and leadership skills seeking to become an officer in the United States Air Force.

It is therefore important to prepare thoroughly for the test, from having the right materials to study, practicing time management, and much more. Being disciplined rigorously according to the guidelines provided by these instructors will increase the chances for you to get through the test with flying colors.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the AFOQT and why is it important?

AFOQT is the Air Force Officer Qualifying Test, which is used to evaluate prospective officers. It is used to assess the academic and cognitive abilities of candidates to determine their suitability for officer training.

2. How can I prepare for the AFOQT?

There are several ways to prepare for the AFOQT. You can start by reviewing the test format and content, and then use study materials like practice tests, review books, and online courses to help you understand the material and improve your test-taking skills. You can also consider working with a tutor or taking a prep course to get personalized guidance and feedback.

3. How long does it take to prepare for the AFOQT?

The amount of time it takes to prepare for the AFOQT depends on your current level of knowledge and experience with the material. Some people may be able to prepare in a few weeks, while others may need several months of dedicated study time.

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