bonjour les lecteurs ! It is contemporary, rather apposite to learn a foreign language like French that helps you proteanly. The French language is the fifth-most-spoken language in the world, and very amicably known as the  ‘language of Molière’ that is always rolling and is used in different ways around the globe. One can learn this compatible language from anywhere in the world through various French language training courses. Once you learn the language, you can test your proficiency through the numerous French language proficiency tests, from which we will discuss the top 18 Official French Proficiency Tests like the DELF, DALF, TCF, TEF, and many more.

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Interesting Facts About the French Language

18 official French Proficiency Tests

1. DELF – Diplôme d’Études en Langue Française for Adults

One of the most widely recognized among the list of 18 Official French Proficiency tests in the world is the DELF. It is a lifetime diploma in French. There are 4 units in this Exam namely A1, A2, B1, and B2. Also, The main skills accessed are Oral and Written comprehension, and Oral and Written expressions each carrying 25 points.

 The Exam cost is :

A1: $ 125


A2:  $ 125

B1:  $ 195

B2: $195.

2. DELF Prim- 18 Official French Proficiency tests

One of the major perks of the DELF Certificate Exams is that they are available to test your skills at specific ages and levels. Accordingly, DELF Prim is curated for Children between ages 7 and 11, looking to test their skills in the language. As such there are levels A1.1 A1, and A2 in these Exams. This focuses on Oral and written comprehension, written expression, and oral assessment, and a child is encouraged to speak about him/her in French.

3. DELF Scolaire

Non-native adolescents who speak fluent French can take this Exam. It is valid for life and recognized globally. Also, This is similar to DELF Junor with the only difference in the administration of Exams. 

4. DELF Junior

High-school and middle school students aged 12 to 18 who wish to get certified in French officially can clear the DELF EXam designed specifically for their age group. The Exam structure is the same as that for Adults, although the content may be different. One of the peculiar features of this official french proficiency test is that there are 4 independent units of certification namely DELF A1 Junior, A2 Junior, B1 Junior, and B2 Junior.

5. DALF- Diplôme Approfondi de Langue Française -18 Official French Proficiency tests

If you aspire to study in France, then you need to clear DALF Exam C1 level. DALF Exam intends to test the advanced proficiency of a candidate in the French language. Additionally, There is a Lifetime validity for the Certificate. There are two levels DALF C1 And C2, which are regarded as the top-level proficiency certificates among the 18 Official French Proficiency tests. Moreover, Advanced level Reading, writing, Speaking, and listening skills are the mandates for this test.

6. DILF – Diplôme Initial de Langue Française

DILF is intended to test French language proficiency at the elementary level. As such, it is the stepping stone to enhancing the proficiency further to DELF and Dalf certifications. But, This is available only on French territory and is equivalent to the A1.1 level of the CEFR. So this exam focuses on Elementary-level reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills.

7. TCF- Test de Connaissance du Français

TCF is curated by France Education International(FEI) to test proficiency for professional academic, or personal purposes. The Exam is available at all six levels following the CEFR like the A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, and C2 levels. Since the TCF Exam is given to test proficiency in the language for multiple reasons, this is regarded as one of the imperatives among the 18 Official French Proficiency Tests. The Certificate is valid for 2 years and the different TCF Exams are TCF Canada, TCF Quebec, TCF Pour DAP, and TCF IRN.

Last but not least, The skills gauged are Reading and Listening Comprehension, Lexis and Grammar, and Oral/ Written Expressions (both optional).

8. TCF ANF- accès à la nationalité française- 18 Official French Proficiency tests

This particular category of the TCF Exam is to fulfill the French Citizenship criteria. Also, if you have cleared the DELF or the Dalf Exam, then this Exam is not mandatory. Oral expression and listening comprehension are the determined skills for this exam.

9. TCF DAP- Test de Connaissance du Français pour la demande d’admission préalable 

This test is specifically used to get admission to undergraduate Universities in France and the School of Architecture. So, This test is one of the best options if you are unable to take DELF B2 Exam or the DALF Exam. The crucial skills for this exam are lexis, Grammar, reading, and listening.

10. TEF- Test d’Evaluation de Français – top 18 Official French Proficiency tests

If you wish to do an undergraduate degree or looking for French citizenship, then TEF Exam is the best option This is an International Benchmark test to gauge French proficiency through grading points. The skills assessed in this test are Vocabulary and syntax, written, and oral comprehension, and written expression. The various TEF exams are:

  • TEF
  • TEF Canada

11. TEF Etudes

This Exam is one among the 18 Official French proficiency tests that are made to measure the language skills for an undergraduate degree in France. Also, Written and Speaking skills are the main focus of this Exam. So, they analyze the Vocabulary and Syntax through this test.

 12. TEF Carte de résident

The TEF Carte de resident is specifically curated for earning a resident card in France. The difficulty level of this exam equals level A2. The main skills assessed through this Exam are Oral and Written comprehension and Expression.

13. TEF Naturalization- 18 Official French Proficiency tests

If immigration to France is your aim, then TEF Naturalization is the Exam you should prepare for. This Exam is equivalent to B1-level French proficiency. For the same reason, Written Expression and comprehension, and Oral Comprehension are the major skills.

14. TELC- The European Language Certificates

TELC is the exam for testing proficiency in ten major European languages like French, German, Turkish, English, Arabic, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Russian, and Polish. Also, The main advantage of the TELC Exams is that they are available through a transparent system and are among the top 18 Official French Proficiency tests.

15. DFP- Diploma in French for Professions

DFP is the proficiency test in French for analyzing the candidate’s skills in the language pivotal for roles of company staff and working officials in the Business unit. So, professional communication is the main focus given here, and apparently, speaking and writing skills relevant to this purpose are gauged through this Exam.

16. TFI- Test de français international 

If communication is the main objective, then TFI Exam provides the certification for proficiency to communicate in French. Consequently, this test focuses on daily conversational words, phrases, real-world situations, and key expressions. Many polyglots around the globe, regard this as one of the best 18 Official French proficiency tests. Listening and Reading Comprehension are the major skills tested during this Exam.

17. DAEFLE -18 Official French Proficiency tests

If you wish to teach French, then DAEFLE is the best official French Proficiency test. Two methods are usually available for this certification. One is completing 10 months of preparation for the Exam and then appearing for the Certification exam. And, the other method is modular validation. You can validate each module without taking the Exam. They use these validated modules as credits for up to 4 years to take the DAEFLE exam. Grammar, Vocabulary, and Written and Oral comprehension are the main skills required for this Exam.

18. DCL-Diplôme de Compétence en Langues)

The DCL Diploma intends to gauge the candidate’s caliber in professional situations. Therefore, It enhances the candidate’s potential to boost their career or transfer abroad easily. The main skills are Reading, writing, and speaking skills along with techniques, assessed through the DCL Exam. It is one of the top prioritized exams among the 18 Official French Proficiency Tests since the DCL Exam is for professional needs.

Conclusion– 18 Official French Proficiency tests

From cooking, and fashion to Architecture, the French language is extravagantly used in oodles of fiefs. So, mastering the language has many privileges where it is employed. But, most of them require you to validate your proficiency level in the language. Moreover, many training courses available help you prepare for these Exams as well. Here, we have explored the 18 Official French proficiency tests and their purposes. If you are well-versed in French, then spare no time and get a valid certificate.

FAQ- 18 Official French Proficiency Test

1. Is DELF the same as DALF?

ANS: DELF and DALF  together contribute to the six levels of proficiency in the French language as framed by the CEFR. While DELF covers Elementary(A1, A2), and Intermediate ( B1, B2) levels, DALF covers the Advanced ( C1, C2) levels. For further details check the DELF and DALF exams in the 18 official French proficiency tests listed above.

2. What is the desired proficiency level in French to be Fluent?

ANS; A C1 level of proficiency is needed to be fluent in French. At this level, any person can express any complex situation with ease.

3. Which is the most common official Frech Proficiency test?

ANS: DELF and DALF are the most common and highly valued proficiency tests in French. Also, More than 3,00,000 candidates appear for these Exams each year.

4. What is the minimum score required for the DELF B2 Exam?

ANS: The minimum passing score for the DELF B2 exam is 50 out of 100. Also, you must score at least 5 marks in each section.

5. What are a few tips to prepare for a French proficiency test?

ANS:  You can start by creating a schedule to cover the topics each day. Try some translation worksheets, practice listening and speaking skills, more focus on grammar, and most importantly, avoid last-minute primings.

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