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Network security is basically a subset of cybersecurity. It is the one that includes specific rules and regulations and serves as a link between information and network.


It involves various software as well as hardware technologies to form a fortification in order to protect our data and each and every information.

In simple terms, it is a combination of different steps towards the prevention of unauthorised users.

It also ensures blocking of the humbug(cheaters) trying to achieve access to accredited users.

We all are well versed with the security protocols in our day to day life, for example securing our accounts and websites with passwords.

The same goes with network security which safeguards our networking sites.

After a super short and a basic introduction about our topic of interest, now you would be excited to know the top Universities and Institutions providing these network security certification courses, also its importance, demand, future aspects and types of network security. So, it’s time to scroll down to enrol in one of the best Institutes/Universities for pursuing a Network security certification course.

Now let’s go through the top 10 network security certification courses in brief.

Other Henry Harvin Courses:

1. Computer Security: A hands on approach. (Wenliang Du)


  • Wenliang Du: Professor- Syracuse University
  • Holds an experience of 18+ years.
  • Bestowed with Meredith Professorship ( University’s honour for teaching excellence)

Learning objectives-

What we basically learn in this course is:

  •  How to utilise software vulnerabilities and launching of various attacks.
  • How to write any type of secure code.
  • Different types of skills in network as well as cyber security.

Course inclusions-

It is a fully loaded package providing you with the following:

  • Twelve hours of content videos

(Nine sections with eighty-four lectures)

  • Eight helpful articles
  • Lifetime access
  • Access is provided for both mobile and TV
  • Completion certificate
  • Gaining hands on practice experience in the labs developed by the instructor


Some of us who are eligible by the following criteria are:

  • Candidates who are interested in theory as well as practical (hands on) skills in this world of network security.
  • Computer specialists interested in enhancing network security of their programs.
  • Undergraduate with an upper division and graduate students from IT related departments, Software developing, computer engineering.

Fees structure-

The basic fees structure is as follows:

  • 3200/-INR

(Includes certification and exam)

*30-Day Money-back guarantee*

Added benefits-

  • Flexible schedules
  • Basic to intermediate level
  • Lifelong accessibility to e-learning sessions-

2. Certified Ethical Hacking Course (Dean Pompilio)

#1 Online Bootcamp


  • Dean Pompilio

     (Technical trainer) 

  • With an experience of 22+ years as an IT professional.
  • Bipin Kulkarni

    (Security expert)

  •  With an experience of 17+ years architect in physical as well as cloud security.

Learning objectives-

  • Each and everything about network security.
  • Goals,motives of information security.
  • Hacking concepts.
  • Scanning networks.

Course inclusions-

  • Minimum of twenty modules are covered.
  • Ninety days online sessions.
  • Each module consists of 2-5 lessons on various topics of cyber and network security.
  • 24*7 assistance
  • Self paced or instructor led options are available.


  • Network security officers and also practitioners.
  • IT/IS specialist
  • Technical support Engineer
  • Senior system analyst and engineers.

Fees structure-

  • 39,999/- only

(Includes certification and exam)

Added benefits-

  • Ninety days of flexible access to all of the online classes.
  • Job assistance with a good package.
  • Lifelong access to HD quality of live classes.

3. Cobit 5 certification course-

Instructors-Nikhil Nair

    (Associate principal at Sutherland)

  • Fazil Puli kath

     (Executive administrator)

  • Ramya Prem rajan

    (QA Manager @Syntel)

Learning objectives-

  • Better understanding of the governance and also the management of IT enterprise.
  • Brief idea about business framework.
  • Real life scenarios, quizzes about network security.
  • Concepts of process capabilities.

Course inclusions-

  • More than twenty five lessons on different topics under nine separate modules.
  • Course introduction, Principles, Implementation, Governance.
  • Foundation exam
  • COBIT practical situations

Fees structure

  • 27,499/-

(Includes certificate and exam)

Added benefits-

  • More than ten live example the
  • Self paced
  • 24*7 assistance
  • Lifetime access to HD live sessions curated by mentors.

*100% money back guarantee*

(Within the free trial) 

3. The Complete Cyber Security course: Network security(Nathan house)

Instructors-Nathan house

    (Leading security expert)with an   experience of 24+ years.

  • Proud winner of AI “Cyber security educator of the year 2020”.
  • CEO of Station-X cyber consultancy

Learning objectives-

  • Twelve to thirteen varied sections of network security.
  • Firewalls
  • WiFi and wireless security
  • Beginner to advanced levels of guidance.
  • An easy to lead crash course on encryption.

Course inclusions-

  • Twelve hours of video lessons
  • One Article
  • One  downloadable file
  • One twenty four lectures with  thirteen different sections
  • Nation state tracking of secrets.


  • Anyone who wants to expertise in network security.
  • For beginners, intermediate accredited users.
  • Designed for our personal as well as home internet security.
  • For gaining a practical skill set in diminishing risk from hackers.

Fees structure-

  • ₹7680/- only

Added benefits-

5. Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert

Instructor-Munawar Khan

     (CCIE master trainer)

Learning objectives-

  • Concepts of security
  • Cloud security
  • Endpoint protection as well as detection
  • Advanced protection of threats
  • Configuring network security

Course inclusions-

  • Two months of training
  • Two hours everyday
  • Lab demos
  • Study material
  • Different modules of CCIE security
  • Virtual machines and physical equipments


  • Familiar with Cisco
  • IP/TCP acquainted
  • Network Engineers ( 5+ years of experience)
  • Professionals and students in the IT department


  • Eight hours exam
  • Will be held in two modules (Designing and Optimising)
  • Three hours and five hours for each module respectively
  • 350-710 scoring is required for clearing the exam
  • 1600 USD is cost for the exam

Added benefits-

  • Week days / weekend classes (complete flexibility)
  • Classroom / Online training both are provided
  • Self study / Instructor led classes
  • CCIE V6.0 certification
  • Job assistance     

6. AWS Advanced Certified Networking

Instructor-(Marc Weaver)

  • Marc Weaver

  (AWS solutions architect as well as       an expert in Database) with an   experience of 15+ years. 

Learning objectives-

  • Verify technical understanding in AWS domain
  • Enhance skills in AWS architect solutions
  • Latest trends and key concepts making you industry ready
  • Hands on experience on AWS management

Course inclusions-

  • Fifty hours of e-learning sessions
  • Sixteen live demos regarding AWS architect
  • Three real time industry projects
  • Three simulation exams
  • Creating, launching and configuration of AWS security solutions


  • Cloud security developers
  • Professionals interested in AWS solutions
  • Architects of solution
  • Programmes

Fees structure-

  • 17,999 (Self paced learning)
  • 19,999 (Mentor led learning)

(Includes both certificate and exam)

Added benefits-

  • 90 days of flexible training
  • One to one training for doubt clearing
  • Weekday / Weekend classes
  • 24*7 assistance and support
  • Job assistance

7. Fundamentals of Network security(University of Colorado)

Instructor-Edward Chow

Professor- Computer science

Learning objectives-

  • Provided with four courses in this specialization:

  • Designing and analysing secure networked systems
  • Basic cryptography program
  • Secure networked systems with IDS and Firewall
  • Hacking and patching

  • Securing web apps with crypto API
  • Hacking web applications and vulnerability
  • Securing emails and code signing
  • Specifying and implementing security policies

Course inclusions-

  • Live sessions and recordings
  • Practice Quizzes
  • Quiz with feedbacks
  • Various graded programming assignments
  • Hands on projects 
  • Live demos
  • Four hours per week sessions for four months


  • IT security professionals
  • Computer programmers
  • Cryptographic(API)
  • IT Managers

Fees structure-

Enroll for free*

Added benefits-

  • Shareable certificate
  • 100% online course

  • Intermediate level
  • Flexible schedules
  • Subtitles on different languages
  • Can also go for a single course instead of going for all of them
  • Each specialization provides certificate respectively
  • Refund policy available within 7-day free trial
  • Financial aid available.

8. Network Security and Database Vulnerabilities



  • IBM security learning services
  • IBM Global subject matter experts

Learning objectives-

  • Four weeks four different concepts
  • Week first- Framework of IP/TCP
  • Week second- Basics of OSI model and IP addressing
  • Week third- Database introduction
  • Week fourth- Injection threats

Course inclusions-

  • Four hours to complete three weeks 
  • Two hours to complete fourth week
  • Quizzes included
  • Separate modules for separate weeks
  • Different hands on project and assignments
  • Networking certification
  • Cyber security


  • Multiple professionals
  • Interested IT candidates

Fees structure-

  • Enroll for free*

Added Benefits-

  • Shareable certificate
  • 100% online
  • Flexible deadline and schedules
  • Subtitles available
  • Beginner level training
  • Taught by one of the top companies and universities
  • Course videos and recordings available

9. Network Security Analyst

(Integrity training)


  • Integrity training
  • Certified mentors over 20+ years of experience

Learning objectives-

  • IT fixed, tools, countermeasures
  • IT testing and also upgrading paths
  • upgrading paths
  • IT network security threats management with analysis

Course inclusions-

  • Four hours video sessions
  • Four downloadable resource
  • Twenty four lectures ( four sections)
  • Auditing, methodologies, objectives of security


  • For candidates interested in the career as a security analyst
  • For job opportunities as a Network Security Analyst
  • For enhancing knowledge on information security

Fees structure-

  • ₹770/- only

Added benefits- 

  • Access on both TV and mobile

Lifetime accessibility to online sessions.

10. Complete Cyber Security Course:The network security A-Z

(Teach Apex)


E-quality in education (with 15+ years of experience)

Learning objectives-

  • Scanning of networks
  • Sniffing and spoofing
  • Introduction of wireless networks
  • Firewalls
  • Network fundamentals
  • Glance of intrusion detection systems
  • Network security protocols and policies

 Course inclusions-

  • Fifteen hours of video’s
  • Ten downloadable resources
  • Ninety four lectures (Ten different sections)
  • Various tools for security
  • Lifetime access
  • Online instructor led classes
  • Cyber security in depth
  • Certificate of completion


  • Basic level of understanding the computer concepts

Fees structure-

  • ₹1280/-

Importance of Network security certification courses-

  • To prevent thefts.
  • To identify vulnerable data
  • To provide secure data transfer within devices.
  • To ensure safe computer networks at home.
  • Activation of encryption.
  • To make a way from intense heavy traffic networking sites.
  • Importance of Network security is not only for the business world but also for home networks.
  • Preparing ourselves against cyber attacks.
  • Information security analysts are the ones who develop and implement various measures in order to protect computer networks; so the demand for network security certification is booming.
  • For a career in IT you must possess the basics of network security.
  • Wireless routers could be exploited if not secured properly, so network security plays an important role here.
  • Any solid security system helps to reduce the risk like loss of data,any sabotage or threats.
  • Even government agencies employ highly skilled certified network security specialists.
  • For monitoring efficacy of various security plans.
  • Massive transfer of different kinds of data from one device to the other takes place continuously,so to provide the protection towards this sensitive data is done by network security specialists.
  • The importance of Network security certification is evident due to the growing need of security analysts and specialists in almost every field.

  • Not only in the IT sector but the use of computer networking is now beyond that.
  • Teachers, Doctors, small scale and large scale businesses each and everyone is connected through some or other networking devices.
  • These networking device’s need protection against all the fraudsters trying to hack our personal data.
  • Basic knowledge of network security can guide us towards a safe and secure journey of web browsing.
  • Due to the ease of online certification from worldwide Universities and institutions we can easily get acquainted with the knowledge we want to acquire.
  • In our country, almost every single day there is one or some other case of website hacking, leaking personal data from our own network.
  • In order to create awareness among people, this type of certification courses are playing a vital role.
  • Bank threats,scams indulging innocent people are increasing, which needs to be controlled.
  • Youngsters are the most common population to be well versed with networking devices, so the young minds need to be shaped and given a proper build to go in the correct direction.
  • End-to-end encryption and many other features of information security need to be enhanced publically.
  • While identifying the scammers who attack our mailbox with fake emails.
  • For knowing the links or websites that are not at all real.
  • Many shopping websites are the base of cyber crime, where they ask for the money online and hack our bank account respectively.

Types of network security-

There are varied network security:

  • Antivirus software
  • Anti-malware software
  • Controlling access
  • Security of applications
  • Data loss identification
  • Behavioral analysis
  • Firewalls
  • Email network security
  • Mobile devices security
  • Security information and Events management
  • Web security


There are mainly three principles encountered in the subject of network security:

  1. Confidentiality
  2. Integrity
  3. Availability

These three principles are together termed as the ” CIA triad”.

So the network will be considered as secure only if all three principles are maintained simultaneously.

Cyber attacks or cyber crimes are at a rise and the main reason for such fraudulent activities is financial benefits.

According to the report of Positive Technologies, 42% of cyber crimes are against individuals whereas 30% are against the organization.

Also the report suggests that the government as well as the healthcare industry are the prime target for hackers.

As everyone of us is becoming more and more    digitised, we are more and more dependent on computer networks to meet our needs.

This in turn wants us with internet provider’s with secure and reliable services.

Nowadays, Spear phishing is becoming more common. This is a type of cyber attack which is particularly dangerous as here the hacker or criminal uses real logos, terminologies and even names to spoof the email addresses of respective employees.


I hope my research has helped you with choosing the right Network Security Certification course.

Also, the importance of Network security is almost cleared from every aspect.

Do not forget, for every lock there is someone who is trying their best to break it and go through it.

In the present and also in the future we cannot ignore the cyber attacks or cybercriminals from hacking our personal or private data.

As the internet was not made with keeping security in mind. So to avoid alterations, exploitation we need to be aware of network security.

Still wireless security is a work in progress process.

This doesn’t mean that we are done with the security from every threat, still there are many threats for example password attacks which do not have any prevention.

Unless and until the protocols prove themselves, the best mode of action is to assure that the following link has no security.

“True security comes from preparing for the upcoming scam, not from what was lost.”

Now, after a detailed discussion on every bit of network security certification courses, it’s importance, types, various advantages and disadvantages, I will be moving forward to FAQs related to the same topic.

Now it’s time to think and opt for your preferred certification course.Because Network Security is beyond what IT has to do, as a single vulnerability is what an attacker is in search of.

⚠️Beware ⚠️Be safe⚠️

Also, Check Henry Harvin Review:


Q.1) What is information security?

Ans- Information security is a broader term which itself consists of both cyber as well as network security.

Q.2) How is network security related to cyber security?

Ans- Network security is a subset of cyber security.

Q.3) What network security basically does?

Ans- It ensures safety to the transit data only.

Q.4) Cyber crimes are mainly dealt with which security?

Ans- The network security protects against Trojans whereas the cyber security strikes against various cyber frauds and cyber crimes.

Q.5) How do I secure my mobile?

Ans- Essentials for mobile devices are:
-Password protected
-Back up mobiles data
-Keep Encrypted
-Make your mobile automatically locked after a few minutes of inactivity.
-Do regularly patch mobile devices firmware as well as software.

Q.6) What is encryption?

Ans- It is simply protecting different files and devices. It uses a key or password to encrypt a file.Without the known pasword the file will be scrambled and also become unreadable.

Q.7) Can I use my personal email to send any sensitive data?

Ans- No, never. You should not use your email for any transfer of personal data. Instead use a secure web or UD Dropbox.

Q.8) Is a strong password important?

Ans- Yes, ofcourse. A strong password can play an important role in network security as the strength of your password directly affects how long it will take a hacker to crack it.

Q.9) How to make a strong password?

Ans- For a strong password, go with the following steps:
-Set a quite long password.
-Create the password in between twelve to thirty characters.
-Include a variety of characters like uppercase, lowercase, numbers, special characters, any punctuation marks.
-Can also use any passphrase as your password for better memory.
-Use a string of words.

Q 11) What type of information is safe to be shared on social media platforms?

Ans- Always try to limit the amount of users who can view what you are sharing and also control sharing of more and more personal data on these platforms.
-Always check your account privacy as well as the settings of social media platforms.
-Preferably keep your location turned off.

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