Agitation for jobs and unemployment has existed for decades despite the progress of development in technology and education. More than 65 lakh graduates and 15 lakh engineers achieve degrees yearly in India.  Are you one among them?  Here is the best solution for your job search turmoil.Undoubtedly,  employment in these best job sites in India is absorbing 80% of vacancies.  Subsequently, this compiled list of the best job sites in India is here to help you with your job search.

Moreover, these 11 best Job sites in India will prove to be the best online job sites. In this list,  job search sites in India for fresher are also available. So there is no problem with a category of job seekers getting their dream job through these job portals.


Firstly, Among the most job sites in India.  Naukri is the best online job site started in 1997.  The parent company is Info edge, headquarters in Noida.  Further, they serve more than a lakh corporate clients. Additionally, they provide services throughout 42 locations in their 56 offices.  Ultimately International clients in the Middle East in Dubai, Riyadh, Abudhabi, and Bahrain are in the bouquet.  This best online job sites for freshers and job seekers links job hunters and employers.

Any job aspirant can forward their CVs for free registration.   Apply for the relevant job confidently.  On the other hand,  posting an update to the applicant is a part of their job process.  


Indeed is another best online job sites in India.  In 2004 was launched.   Next, it is an American worldwide employment job portal. Moreover, it is an independent subsidiary of Japan’s Recruit Co. Ltd. Presently, it is operating in India. 

One of the best search engines helpful in providing job opportunities to applicants all over the world. Apart from this,  job seekers search for millions of jobs to advance their careers through this job portal. 

Candidates need not spend time figuring out the hiring company’s details. Besides,  Indeed gives the job seeker all the information about the company. Indeed is a job aggregator.  In addition, it segregates the jobs from career sites and classified listings and displays them on its job portal.

3. earlier was  The best online job sites in India. This job portal is more than two decades.  Similarly, they operate globally in Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines, Hong Kong, Dubai, Riyadh, and all metro cities in India. started its services in India in 2001.

This best job site in India builds a bridge between the job seeker and the employer.  Any job seeker can get their dream job in any preferred firm.  Preferably, in any  IT or Non-IT, Technical or Non-Technical, Social Media jobs, Sales, work-from-home jobs, Back-end jobs, and jobs for Freshers.

Subsequently, Employers can access online job posting services for any region throughout India, the Middle East, and South East Asia.  Eventually, employers find posting a job online is very convenient, effective, and economical to reach prospective candidates.  Finally, they save time in the recruitment process.  Apart from the job posting service, employers get state-centric resume database access. Further, making it convenient to find candidates from particular cities or regions.  The resume is in two parts IT and Non-IT.

4. is active since  2008, at the dawn of India’s digital transformation.  This job site claims to be the most creative and best job sites in India and the second-largest online job portal.   

Subsequently, the scenario for an efficient and seamless online portal connecting job seekers with recruiters emerged at its peak. In contrast, other job portals rushed to fill the gap.  Meanwhile,  the job portal analysis team conducted an in-depth study of the current market challenges and the ideal way to how the technology can be in use to address them. This data and technology-driven approach are in credit at the present job site.


Times belongs to the Times group.  The best job site in India and the Middle East.  Since 2004 it is present.  Subsequently, it is the best online site in India.  So, they provide job services for more than 60 plus job profiles.   To be noted, the times’ group research platform hosts the job and career space.  

Subsequently, the times’ job space hire reports in the name of  RecruiteX & TJinsite.  RecruiteX gives monthly and yearly editions. As a part of recruitment activity in top economic sectors.  TJinsite adds details of the recruitment topic every month.  The candidate can check their video section for the latest tips on career advancement.


LinkedIn is a professional networking site.  It is considered the best online job site among the existing ones.  Since 2003 the site is active.  This best job site in India has been used frequently by employers to post their job openings.  Job seekers post their resumes in this job section. 

In 2014 LinkedIn with a localized version was in existence in China.  This initiative is to drive to connect the world’s professionals to make them productive and successful.  Moreover, China would adhere to the requirements of job seekers in support of the Chinese government on Internet platforms.

LinkedIn best job search site for fresher help jobseekers to help their job search easier and enhance their next job experience easily, safely, and effectively.


Fresher’s world is a unique job site.  Specifically, it is the best job search site for Freshers.  Firstly, this job site caters to the needs of fresh graduates.  (A Team Lease Company) is one of the best job search sites in India, with over 1.5+ Crore resumes and 60K+ recruiters hiring through this portal.  

Now, a detailed guide with tips for freshers’ jobs is published in Freshers’ World News periodically. They serve clients like Facebook, Amazon, Motorola, and top IT sectors.  Freshers-world provides jobs for freshers’ perspective in various job sectors for candidates’ profiles like Engineering jobs, Pharma jobs, Sales jobs, Marketing jobs, BPO jobs, IT jobs, and much more.


Glass door is one of the best online job search sites in India.  Glassdoor helps the candidate find the right job.  Besides, it changes careers and aids in earning high pay.  One sector of the glass door job site gives career guides to jobseekers by solving career advice queries. 

Ultimately, these job search sites for freshers help in a career path.  Eventually, they help the fresher candidates to build a resume and cover letter.  Next, the applicant can enhance the knowledge to attend the interview confidently.  Finally, all these points help the candidate to attain the dream job and the company as per their choice. 

Glassdoor job site navigates the top companies to hire freshers for jobs.  A few companies to fill the candidates in the appropriate job vacancies are Ecotech IT Solutions, Infiniti Software Solutions, Surya Informatics Solutions Pvt Ltd,, and much more on the list.

9. Placement India

Placement India – best job site in India.  Unique job portal to bridge the candidate and the employer.  Registration is free for the job seeker. Similarly, employers’ job posting is free as well.   Applicants can apply for online jobs.  The portal is accessible from any region.  Subsequently, employers can access these job portals to select suitable candidates for the existing vacancy.

Another best option to hire a candidate is by inserting the right keyword in the job posting.  The Placement India job site is easy to navigate to find the applicable candidates.  Thus, applicants can easily find a job through this website portal.

The applicant finds the right job through this job portal.  The applicant can effortlessly apply for the job through this website by saving time.  The employer can select the candidates as per their preference.

10. is one of the best online job sites in India, which enables women to accelerate their careers by connecting to this job portal.  The job site is active since 2015, with headquarters in Bangalore.  Job sites connect candidates to jobs, community, mentoring, reskills, and networking opportunities. 

This portal is especially for women to achieve potential skills.  Moreover, connect women to opportunities to accelerate their careers.  In addition, this particular job site caters to specific skill sets with experience in full-time and flexible options.

Specifically, the job portal gives preferred partners to the applicant to offer courses and expert services to reskill career advancement.  These mentorship sessions help candidates to enhance insights and career guidance through webinars and expert chats.


SimplyHired is an online recruitment job portal based in California, launched in 2003. Recruitment Holdings Co, Ltd purchased SimplyHired in 2016, owned by  Online job sites aggregate job data from thousands of websites and job boards. They advertise a job posting on the SimplyHired job site and mobile app by helping job seekers.

In fact, when a job posting is available on the SimplyHired portal.  It will reflect on Indeed and many other job sites.  Subsequently, millions of jobseekers will identify this visible job listing.

In turn, employers can post unlimited job postings for free and offer a unique pay-to-contact model to applicants.  The company can pay for the eligible applicants.   Another great option is to pick qualified candidates at a minimal cost. In other words, even if the employer receives a massive response for the job posting.  The employer can only pay for those specific applicants that suit the job position.

Benefits for jobseekers from online Job portals

  • First of all, this is a common platform for both the employee and the employer.  As the applicant registers in these portals.  The portals start sending the matching jobs, relevant to your profile.  The recruiters as well start contacting you as your profile matches their job post.
  • Most of the online job portals are free registrations.  The online forms need to be filled up with all the basic details as per your profile and job requirements.  There are paid services as well as per your preference and individual accessibility and quick service.
  • Online Job portals are accessible on the mobile app.  So the applicant can visit these job sites anytime and anywhere.  They can register and apply for jobs too.  It is not a constraint as the mobile is handy. Each time to log in the applicant need not login into the computer or laptop.

Tips for Jobseekers 

  • First, the applicant has to get a resume ready with covering letter.  The resume should be clear, specific, and updated with all the details.
  • The applicant needs to register and create a profile with the right details on the job site as per their preference and choice.
  • Further, search for the job in the job portal with the correct keywords.  Based on the details filled in by the applicant the portal starts suggesting the relevant job openings.
  • As the profile is updated, the recruiters respond to the applicant and process further company formalities and the interview process.

Key points to create and avoid errors in the profile

  • Be clear and have the right choice in choosing the right job position and the industry preferred.
  • Let your profile be active and update it. Since the employers cross-check the details in social media accounts.  The details have to sync accordingly.
  • Refine the job search by using accurate keywords, interests, locations, and criteria.  The filters are available in the portal itself for the applicant’s accuracy.
  • Be specific to highlight qualifications, skills, accomplishments, and achieved certificates, apart from professional experience.  Employers prefer basic skills as per the company’s expectations.
  • Apply with confidence and a positive attitude, even if you do not match all the parameters of the position.
  • Gain knowledge about the company as you are applying for the job.  It will be convenient during the interview.  Then you approach the next process.

Errors to avoid in the resume

  • Let the resume be clear and specific up to the points rather than lengthy information.  Employers don’t prefer that in the resume.
  • Keep the phone active and attend to the calls.  Never ignore or leave calls unattended as they could be from the company.  In case, you miss a call, do call back and be updated with the information.
  • Don’t follow up regularly or bother the recruiter.  Give space for them to work out, as the candidate is selected they will contact.
  • Never be over-confident about the jobs applied.  It may not click initially as It does take time to be selected as per the company’s expectations and parameters. 

Added Information:

There are drastic changes in the present lifestyle, work, and socialization.  In terms of jobs.  Technology is the brain and forerunner at present and in the years ahead. This year is unimaginable for these particular jobs. 

They are in the healthcare and technology field. Thus few jobs are extremely in demand per the social media analysis in 2024.

  • Medical Professionals
  • Experts in Cyber Security
  • Data Analyst
  • Experts in Artificial Intelligence
  • Product Manager
  • Cloud Engineers


Any applicant can post a job in minutes with these online networks.  These job portals are beneficial for potential candidates.  The applicant can find the most suitable job as per their choice and preference by email, mobile notifications, and recommended job leads through online portals.  Since communication plays a vital role in the job search. The applicant should learn important skills to attract the employer.

Simultaneously, employers are benefited as well by tracking the right candidates as per position, experience, salary, perks, etc.  Moreover, these job sites are free with easy registration for employees and employers too.


Q1. Why should I apply through online Job sites?

A1. These job sites are easy and accessible on mobile

Q2. Do they charge any registration fees?

A2. No, it is absolutely free

Q3. Are these job sites accessible in different regions?

A3. Yes, these job sites are accessible from any place with an internet connection.

Q4. How do I get updates on my job application?

A4. The team of these portals update your email on the status.

Q5. Any particular department I need to check on my application

A5. No, the helpline is available on the portal to check

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