“Sayonara”, Sayonara” song from the movie “Love in Tokyo”, a movie made in 1966. Japan has always been wooed by India. Rightly so, it’s a country that has risen from ashes. It is rich in culture, economy, language, and great social skills. Time and now, we are flooded with clips of Japanese school kids being taught how to keep their school premises clean, and how to respect the food that is served.

An economy that believes in ‘zero wastage’, and ‘recycling’. It houses some big companies like Toyota, Panasonic, Honda, and Suzuki one of the first companies to partner with Maruti. The list is endless and so are the opportunities that come your way once you learn the Japanese Language. It is one of the most fast-paced spoken languages in the world.


India is a multi-lingual country; it is geographically placed very closed to East-Asian countries. India shares a very sustainable relationship with Japan. It shares the same view on global peace, stability, and shared prosperity. There are many institutes from which one can learn Japanese Language courses in India.  Here, I will be listing the top 12 institutes from which one can learn.

 Top 12 Japanese language courses in India

1. Henry Harvin 

Henry Harvin Contact No: +91 9891953953 | Chat on WhatsApp with Henry Harvin

Henry Harvin logo

Henry Harvin is one of India’s premier ed-tech companies.  It has a long history of developing up-to-date courses and using the latest technologies. The Japanese language course in india Henry Harvin aims to develop the interpersonal skills of the students and provides in-depth learning of the course. It also teaches the four writing systems of Japanese- Kanji, Hiragana, Katakana, and Romaji. The course is designed at 5 levels. The levels are-

  • Elementary Level (N5)- This is the elementary level of learning the Japanese Language. This teaches the basics of Japanese sentence structure. The duration of this level is 80 hours.
  • Pre-Intermediate Level (N4)- This is the second level. The second level focuses on Grammar and Vocabulary. The duration of this course is 80 hours.
  • Inter-mediate level (N3)- This is the bridging level; it teaches more precise language skills like reading and writing. The duration of this course is 80 hours
  • Pre-advanced level (N2)- This section is further divided into three more sections- Reading comprehension, writing, and listening comprehension. The duration of this level is 80 hours.
  • Advanced level (N1)- This level gives complete knowledge of the Japanese language. It consists of reading kanji, books, magazines, and newspapers in Japanese.  The duration of this level is 80 hours.

Henry Harvin’s Japanese Language course is a two-way live interactive session. There are facilities to undergo projects in the Japanese language, implementation, and more. Henry Harvin provides internships that help students get a better understanding of the language. Access to abundant tools and video content.

100% placement, Government recognized certificate, boot camps throughout one-year post completion of the course. Free access to @AskHenry and Hackathons and competitions. One-year gold membership for the Japanese Language Training course.

Henry Harvin has the most experienced trainers with over 11+years of experience. They have been invited to over 120+ keynote classes for the Japanese language course. The trainers have till-date delivered over 155+ lectures and are currently impaneled as domain experts at the Henry Harvin Language Academy.  Henry Harvin offers more than 10+ job offers weekly, experience industry level projects during the training.

To date Henry Harvin has trained more than 3,00,000 students, it holds more than 5000+ classes in a month, and it has more than 180+ corporate partners and 110+ college partners. Head to their website to learn more.

Henry Harvin  Japanese Language course fees

Henry Harvin also provides these courses

German Language CourseKorean Language Course,   Spanish Language Course, French Language Course

Cities in India where Henry Harvin Japanese language Course is Provided:

DelhiMumbaiKolkataHyderabadGurgaonOnlinePune, BangaloreJaipur, ChennaiKanpur 

2. Nili

Contact No:- 212-219-065

NILI logo

Nili is a Japanese Language Institute currently based in Bangalore and Kolkata. They provide a structured learning methodology. The training material has been developed with native Japanese experts tailored for individual and corporate needs. They have a unique combination of Audio-visual training coupled with traditional training methodology to provide a path for a holistic approach. They use the Japanese Language Proficiency Test- JLPT as guidelines for their courses.

Nili believes in easy, affordable Japanese Language courses in India. It was formed to address gaps by a group of professionals who have lived, studied, and done business in Japan.  JLPT is a biannual test organized worldwide by Japan Educational Exchanges and Services since 1984.  The test is divided into 5 levels. N1 being advanced and H5 being basic.  

  • JLPT N5 course is specially designed for beginners, the duration of the course is 6 months/125 hours.
  • JLPT N4 course is designed to address the next level of grammar, vocabulary, and Kanji used in daily passages. By the end of N4 students can read and write simple words. Duration for this level is 6 months/125 hours.
  • N3 is the stepping stone for a more advanced level of Japanese Language course in India. Students will further be taught to read and write more specific content and listen and comprehend coherent conversations at daily conversing speed. The duration of the course is 6 months/125 hours.
  • N2 level students graduate to a more advanced level. They will be taught to read materials more clearly and will be given a variety of topics to comprehend. The duration of this course is 12 months/160 hours.
  • The corporate level is tailored towards each organization’s needs, guided by JLPT standards, they are customizable, one can go through their website to know more about them.

Nili Japanese language course fees in India-20,000/-

3. Mosai

Contact No:011-23752964


Mosai or Mombusho Scholars Association in India, is a registered society. Its membership consists of people who have first-hand intensive experience with academic research assignments in Japan.  Mosaic works closely with the Embassy of Japan in India. Members occupy senior positions in various Indian Institutions and organizations.  Mosai activities and services include- the promotion of academic and educational links between India and Japan. They also undertake research and study projects, bring out educational links between Indian and Japanese Institutions, and promote learning of Japanese language courses in India.

The course content is divided into three sections-

Basic Japanese- For those with no idea of the Japanese Language this level aims to teach basic sentence construction and conversation expressions are introduced through pattern practices and interactive sessions. The completion of this course will enable the students to communicate in Japanese in simple sentences and ask simple questions. The duration is 37 weeks (twice a week), and the level of completion is N4 on the Japanese language proficiency test.

Intermediate Japanese- This level prepares students for intermediate-level sentence patterns, and conversational expressions are used. Post completion of this level, students can speak, understand, read, and write about personal experiences and opinions. This enables the students for the N3 level of the JLPT. The duration is 37 weeks (twice per week).

Advanced Japanese- At this level, students can converse freely in Japanese. They can draw information from the Japanese in an effective manner. They can build and sustain relationships, give presentations, and read and prepare comprehension. This level is equivalent to N2 of JLPT. The duration of this course is 37 weeks (twice per week).

Mosai is based in Delhi, they also assist in placements after completion of the course. They also conduct JLSC, which is a Japanese language speech contest worldwide. Anyone learning Japanese can compete, and the winners of all the zones eventually meet. It is an annual event. One can visit their website for more information.

Mosai-Japanese Language Course Fees in India


4. Hayakawa Japanese language school and cultural center

Contact No:0124 426 8488

Hayakawa Japanese language school and cultural center logo


Hayakawa is based in Chennai. It is a language and cultural hub for Japanese. They teach the most advanced level of Japanese and culture like Anime, Manga, Ikebana, and much more. They have professional native Japanese teachers, specially designed books for Indian students, Japanese cultural programs, live broadcasting of classes, guidance to study in Japan, placement assistance in India and Japan, one-year free student subscription.

The Japanese language course in India is divided into 6 levels

  • Interactive C-JAT 1- Basic course, duration 3 months.
  •  Interactive C-JAT 11- Intermediate Japanese Language, duration 4 months.
  • Interactive C-JAT 111, advanced-level Japanese language course. The duration is four months.
  • Interactive C-JAT IV, this course is designed for business purposes.  They teach basic Japanese needed for doing business and surviving in Japan. The duration of this course is 6 months. Interactive
  • C-JAT V, this makes you fluent in the Japanese Language, the duration of this course is 9 Months.
  • There is also a BJT interactive course for 2 months.

They also provide translation, Japanese interpretation services, and desktop publishing services. You can visit their website to learn more.

Hayakawa Japanese language school and cultural center Japanese language course fees in India-  11,934. 3 Months.

5. Japanese Language Academy

Contact No:919895058081

Japanese Language Academy logo

This Japanese Language Academy is based in Kerela, Kozhikode. JLA specializes in Japanese Language training, accent training, and interpretation services. They have plenty of trained faculty members, specialized courses, and training material for the students. They deliver training from the 5th level to the 1st advanced level. They provide quality assured Japanese translation, educational consultancy, Interpretation services, Japanese Tradition and Culture seminars, Business consultant services for Japanese companies, Job placement services, Japanese tour arrangements, and Japanese Film and drama festivals.

They offer two types of Japanese Language courses in IndiaConversational, and Exam-oriented. The conversational course is further divided into three parts- a basic conversational course for 60 hours, an Intermediate conversational course for 80 hours, and an advanced conversational course for 120 hrs.

Exam Oriented course is based on guidelines on JLPT- Japanese Language Proficiency Test. They are divided into-

N5- 150 hours of training, around 100 Kanji and 800 words. Basic understanding

N4- 200 hours of learning, 300 Kanji, 1500 words. Basic Japanese understanding

N3- 250 hours of learning. 600 Kanji and around 3000 words. Gain the ability to understand daily usage of Japanese

N2- 300 hours of training. 1000 kanji and 6000 words. They can understand and apply language every day and in certain situations

N1- 350 hours of training. 2000 Kanji and 10,000 words of Japanese.  They can speak Japanese and apply it in a variety of situations.

Anyone can enroll to learn Japanese, mainly from career, educational, and hobby perspectives. For more course details please visit their website.

Japanese Language Academy Japanese language course fees in India-Rs. 20,000 to 25,000.

6. Nihonkai Japanese Language Training Institute

Contact No:099997 98094

Nihonkai Japanese Language Training Institute logo

This Institute is based in New Delhi. They keep the batch strength low, so each student can get individual attention.  They use Audio-Visual, Skits, verbal, and written skills to teach Japanese language courses. The study material is JLPT and sourced from Japan. Mock drills are conducted for building confidence and listening practice. They also conduct periodic assessments to check the understanding of students of the language.

Nihonkai specializes in Moji Goi- building vocabulary, Dokkai- reading, Choukai- listening, Bunpo- grammar.

They cover the Japanese language courses in India across all levels. They teach the basic, intermediate, and advanced levels of Japanese. Nihonkai offers guaranteed job placements, in an educational institute, IT companies, Japanese MNCs, Travel agencies, and more. They also assist the students in clearing JLPT. Please visit the website to learn more.

Nihonkai Japanese Language Training Institute Japanese language course fees in India-30000

7. Japan Foundation

Contact No:011 4558 8698

The Japan Foundation logo

The Japan Foundation is based in Tokyo, India, it is in New Delhi. The Japan Foundation works at fostering friendship ties between the world and Japan. It was established in the year 1972 as a special legal entity supervised by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. In October 2003, it was incorporated as an administrative agency. They focus on three primary fields- Arts and Cultural Exchange, Japanese Language courses, Japanese studies, and global partnerships.

Arts and Cultural Exchange- The Japan Foundation works to introduce a diversity of various facets of Japanese culture from art, drama, music, film, and fashion.

Japanese Language Courses- The Japan Foundation works to create Japanese Education worldwide. It coordinates with various Governments and educational institutes in countries and regions to promote Japanese and enhance opportunities.  The Japan Foundation provides direct and indirect support for language learners. Indirect support involves efforts to enhance the learning environment. Direct support involves training programs for learners to study overseas the language and culture.

The Japanese Language course in India focuses on providing distinctive and high-quality education on the Japan Foundation. Focuses on teaching the language as well as culture. Diverse cultural programs as well as culture.  They provide training in all 5 levels of the language, for more details please visit their website.

Japan Foundation Japanese language course fees in India-9000

8. Sayuri

Contact No: +81 47 441 7206


Sayuri is based in Bangalore, currently, they provide online classes only. Sayuri means ‘small lily’, in Japanese, and they offer complete language training to all age groups.  They focus on different verticals while teaching Japanese language courses in India. Sayuri founders have experience of 10 years of living, teaching, and conducting business in Japan. They provide language, interpretation, and translation services.

The course is closely based on JLPT, they offer a range of different courses and cultural pathways. JLPT exams are conducted in July and December. The certification courses follow the standard and are highly recommended books for learning purposes. Students are given mock tests and they have fast-track courses for individuals under time-constraint. E-learning and distant learning option is also available, and fees are non-refundable, please visit the website to learn more.

Sayuri Japanese language course fees in India-50,000/-

9.  Japanese language institute in Gurgaon

Contact No:09711492323.

The Japanese Language Institute is part of the Akurai Group. Akurai is one of the leading Japanese language courses in India, it has institutes in Delhi and Haryana, specializing in JLPT preparation, Japanese Courses, Business Japanese, and Interpretation services. ‘Akurai’, stands for ‘brightness’ and ‘knowledge’. Based on experience from numerous training, they want to build strong Japanese Language and communication skills.  They offer JLPT training classes and Japanese language courses in India throughout the year.

They focus on teaching all 5 levels of the Japanese language from N5 to N1. The course also pays a lot of stress on Japanese Grammar, listening, and vocabulary. Each level has a duration of 3-6 months. They also offer translation services like medical writing, foreign patent applicants, visa application documents, corporate audits, corporate electronic corporations, and corporate research and development blueprints. Visit their website to know more.

Japanese language institute in Gurgaon Japanese language course fees in India-11500

10.  Symbiosis Institute of Foreign and Indian Languages

Contact No:020 2566 2822

Symbiosis Institute of Foreign and Indian Languages logo 1

SIFIL is based in Pune, Maharashtra.  Symbiosis is a family of 48 institutions, imparting education for the last 45 years. It is host to over 35000 students on campus. Symbiosis strongly believes in the ‘World is one family’ motto and dedicates to providing quality education in each field.

SIFIL is the offshoot of symbiosis, which focuses on Language training. They teach many other languages such as German, Korean, Chinese, French, Spanish, Sanskrit, and more. They also offer translation services. They offer 3 levels of Japanese Language courses in India- N5, N4, and N3, each level is at 180 hours. They provide a higher level on a need basis.

Symbiosis Institute of Foreign and Indian Languages Japanese language course fees in India- INR 19,000

11.  Seshaa Linguatech

SESHAA Linguatech logo

They are based in Chennai, Anna Nagar. They teach foreign languages like German, Japanese, French, Chinese, and Spanish. Their International Language classes are in theme with The Common European Framework of Reference for Languages-CEFR for German, Spanish French, JLPT for Japanese, TOPIK for Korean, and HSK for Mandarin Chinese.

They train their students in every aspect of language learning such as speaking, listening, reading, and writing. Classes are conducted in small-sized batches, for groups, and individuals. They also provide corporate training.  The fees are non-refundable, and they expect more than 80% attendance. They have weekday and weekend options. The Japanese courses in India are conducted in line with the JLPT guidance.

Seshaa Linguatech Japanese language course fees in India- Rs. 13,800/

12. Arpita Japanese Language Teaching Center

This is situated in Jaipur, Rajasthan. They specialize only in teaching Japanese. The teachers are from Japan. They have structured the course in line with JLPT and many students have benefitted from the course. Not many details are given on the website, one can contact them directly to know more.

Benefits of Learning Japanese

The world is shrinking as we know it, connectivity and the internet only add to the whole process. It is the need of the hour to know multi-lingual languages. There are many benefits of learning the Japanese language course in India-

  • Career opportunities
  • Understanding culture
  • Exploring new places
  • Gaining new experiences
  • Becoming disciplined
  • Learning a new language helps us become smarter
  • Meet more people and understand them better


Learning a new language requires huge dedication and sincerity. Asia is one of the emerging markets for education and career opportunities. Language becomes a big hurdle for people when the opportunity presents itself. The Japanese language is not as hard as perceived to be and no matter where you are, there is a learning centre nearby offline or online the choice is yours. When we can communicate in the local language we can explore and learn about the place in-depth which otherwise is not possible. The Japanese language course in India offers learning and career opportunities. Translation, Interpreter, and Trainer jobs pay well.  


Q.1. Are learning all levels compulsory while learning Japanese?

Ans- One can learn Japanese according to the need. If one wants to understand only basic Japanese, then N5 is sufficient. If one is seeking to pursue it academically and prepare for JLPT then additional levels are required.

Q2. Can I study in Japan without learning Japanesese?

Ans- Yes, one can study in Japan without learning Japanese, but it is very difficult. It is recommended to learn basic conversational Japanese.

Q3.  What are the career benefits of learning Japanese?

Ans- There are good job opportunities for a translator, interpreter, or trainer. One can also boost their career by learning an additional language. It is easier to shift to a new place for better opportunities. Increased connection across the globe.

Q4.  What are the learning benefits of Japanese?

Ans- It helps broaden our perspective and brings better language and cultural sensitivity. You gain a lot of competitive edge over peers. Learning a new language helps develop and engage brain cells. You can become a confident speaker and express yourself in their native language.

Q5. What is the validity of JLPT?

Ans- The benefit of the JLPT score is that it never expires. Each year test is conducted only once on- First Sunday of December. Every year you can give a test for only one level. JLPT is open to all and there are no age restrictions. Some companies may conduct tests to test proficiency from time to time.

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