Learning Japanese has become a trend and people are embracing this trend. One must learn Japanese for not only being the sought after language but also for its complexity and challenging aspect. So, if you are a beginner follow few tips and make your Japanese learning a hassle free experience.

It is very important to learn new languages in this modern and evolving world. There are an extensive number of languages spoken in the world, but the most demanding language nowadays is Japanese. To learn Japanese not only adds to your skill list but also gives you the point of view towards the Japanese lifestyle (considering Japan has the highest life expectancy), their religious conventionalities, as well as their working environment. Japanese culture has spread across the South East Asian countries as well as it is slowly introducing itself on England, USA, Brazil, and the Philippines’ soil. The Japanese music and cinematic universe has found its stand in the current social platform and because of it, it is one of the most widely used languages on the Internet.

With the increasing bond between the countries of India and Japan, one can surely benefit by learning Japanese. So, before getting to know how to learn Japanese, let us begin with the advantages of learning Japanese.

Japan; the land of rising sun and amalgamation of traditions and technology! Learn Japanese for a delightful experience.

Top 5 tips for beginners to learn Japanese:

1)      Scheduling your lessons:

You will only achieve your goal to learn Japanese quickly is – by practicing regularly on a daily basis. If you are an employed person or a student and you find difficulty in managing time; then no worries, just schedule 15 minutes or half an hour of your day learning Japanese. But make sure to give your whole 15 minutes to learning Japanese.  

2)      Utilizing online resources:

Nowadays, technology has advanced so much that learning has become so easy and reachable. Check out some of the best online learning applications to learn Japanese.

  • Duolingo
  • LingoDeer – Learn Languages
  • JA Sensei: Learn Japanese JLPT
  • Memrise

3)      Learn Japanese using Informative flashcards:

Flashcards have been used since a very long time. They are used especially when learning a language. You can make cards by either labeling items with their Japanese names or just write the Japanese word with its meaning and quiz yourself. Thus, use flashcards to learn Japanese if you are looking a fun way to keep yourself intrigued.

Flashcards are the most useful things when learning a new language. Describe the word in your own language or just write the name against the Japanese word when you learn Japanese.

4)      Interacting with native speakers:

Once you finish with learning, you can also keep practicing by getting in touch with a Japanese friend if you have any or any other learner. This way you will get the hang of conversation in Japanese. Also, there are various apps where you can find a fellow Japanese partner such as – HelloTalk, Italki, MyLanguageExchange, etc.

5)      Reading, Listening, or watching to learn Japanese culture:

Japan has an abundance of culture and is a source of uniqueness. You can increase Japanese learning skills through the following –

·         Art forms such as Manga which is the Japanese form of art that resemble comics or graphic novels, for example, you can begin with Sailor Moon.

·         Watching Japanese form of entertainment like Anime which is Japanese style of animation that is uniquely designed thus making the viewers enamoured. Online websites or OTT platforms surely provide you with Anime.

·         Listening to Japanese podcasts is also a peaceful way of learning Japanese. Podcasts like NHK Easy Japanese, FUN Japanese listening etc. are one of the few podcasts to be heard.

So be ready to be hooked to all these forms!

Why should you learn Japanese?

Increase job prospects

If you are looking to expand your career aspects, learning a new language is the best option. Japanese industries; be it in healthcare, automobile, robotics, technology, or renewable energy sectors, have created a niche in Indian markets. If you learn Japanese it will surely broaden your working horizons.

Boost your academics

Thinking of studying abroad or planning to shift your career base outside, then the country of Japan should be on top of your list. Japan provides a top notch education system and although studying there surely makes you eligible to work in the country, your employability chances will increase if your learn Japanese.

Become a trainer in Japanese

If interested in career education / becoming a teacher, one can find a profession as a trainer. Japanese trainers are in high demand these days, thus, learning Japanese will help you achieve your ambition in joining the education sector.

Career in translation/interpreter

The art of translation also leads to the position of translator or interpreter. There is a high stipulation of Japanese translators or interpreters and one can benefit by learning Japanese language.

Explore Japan like a pro!

Last but not the least, if you are an avid explorer or like to travel like me, Japan is one such country to visit. With its abundance of culture and not to forget its unique cuisine and the beauty of nature, learn Japanese and voila, you will have a wonderful travel experience.

Now that you get the gist of all the pros of learning Japanese, let us dive into how to learn Japanese. Though Japanese is one of the hardest languages to learn, with the right resources and helpful tools along with hard work and your efforts you can easily achieve the goal of being fluent in Japanese.

Key points required to learn Japanese:

Any language learning begins with the basics which include –

1)      Alphabets

Japanese has 3 basic writing systems which are –

a)  Hiragana – it consists of 46 characters/ 51 phonetic characters. They have only one pronunciation. So in short, hiragana is very important for beginners.

b)  Katakana – it includes technical and scientific words as well as normal day to day words. They are basically words acquired from non-Japanese or loanwords. This will appear as your level increases.

c)  Kanji – they are derived from thousands of Chinese symbols which illustrate words or sentences like phrases. This is the most difficult level but crucial one in Japanese learning.

2)     Grammar

Grammar is the foundation of making sentences. While learning Japanese grammar one must keep English grammar at the back of mind. To learn Japanese grammar one must keep practicing it on a daily basis and with the help of following books it will be much easier.

  • Modern Japanese Vocabulary: A Guide for 21st century Students
  • Shadowing: Let’s Speak Japanese
  • A Dictionary of Basic Japanese Grammar
  • Japanese for Busy People
  • Practice Makes Perfect: Basic Japanese
  • A Guide to Japanese Grammar by Tae Kim
  • Japanese Hiragana & Katakana for Beginners

3)      Key phrases

Whenever you learn a new language, one can begin with learning key phrases such as “Hello”, “Thank you”, “How are you?” etc. This can help you at communicating with the local speakers at the start. You can have a look at the above mentioned books.

“Practice leads to perfection and perfection leads to succession” – Amanda Jensen.

This above quote is so apt when one is looking for motivation. Practice is the only way you can achieve your goal in learning and being fluent in Japanese. Do not be intimidated my friend, for these helpful tips will inspire you to learn Japanese.

Now, let us get to the best part of learning Japanese – Henry Harvin.

If you want to learn Japanese, Henry Harvin® provides you with all of these tips mentioned above at one go. They provide a Japanese Language Course based on ‘JF’ standard for Japanese Language Education with placement assistance. The course covers 5 levels as well as 4 writing systems – Kanji, Hiragana, Katakan, and Romaji. Henry Harvin®offers a one of a kind learning experience including internships and hands-on training. The institute aims to make your learning experience a smooth sailing one.

Other courses offered by Henry Harvin®:

Post Graduate Program in Japanese Language

Recommended reads:


This concludes our topic which is to help you get inspired and motivated to learn Japanese. If you acknowledge and follow these simple tips, and also by joining the Henry Harvin® community, you can set sail to the land of rising sun – Japan with confidence!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 What are the eligibility criteria for learning Japanese?

A.1 No eligibility criteria to learn a language. Henry Harvin® provides the language course to all.

Q.2 What are the career prospects after learning Japanese?

A.2 Learning Japanese can help you get employed as a tutor or trainer. You can also become a translator or interpreter in Japanese companies. Learning Japanese also will heighten your job prospects in varied Japanese companies.

Q.3 How will I benefit by applying to Henry Harvins’ Japanese Language Course?

A.3 Henry Harvin® provides a 9 in 1 course that includes training, projects, internship, certification, placement, E-learning, Bootcamps, Hackathons as well as an added bonus of Gold membership. They also provide sessions to improve your interview skills.

Q.4 What is the expenditure and period of course?

A.4 Henry Harvin® offers the course at a minimal cost of ₹128500 for a total program of 80 hours. They also have the convenience of paying them through monthly instalments of ₹14278/ month. They do provide a 100% monetary guarantee if not satisfied with the program.

Q.5 Apart from Japanese, what other languages does Henry Harvin® offer?

A.5 Japanese is not the only language course Henry Harvin® conducts. They do have numerous other language courses as well as different training courses. For that you need to check out the Henry Harvin® website.

Post Graduate Program in Japanese Language by Henry Harvin®

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