About Payroll

Payroll is the amount of money the employer pays to the employees. Payroll task is performed by the HR department of the company. It is the payment given to the employees against the work done by them.

Payroll purpose

Payroll includes distributing money to its employees and also keeping a record of those payments. Payroll is used at the end of the financial year to assess annual employee wages. A business doing the payroll means that it’s processing paychecks or calculating the taxes it owes for those employees.

About Allahabad City

Allahabad also known as Prayagraj is a vast city located in Uttar Pradesh state in India. Allahabad is famous for Triveni Sangam or the meeting point of three holy rivers- the Ganga, the Yamuna, and the Saraswati. Allahabad held the Maha Kumbh Mela where there is the largest gathering of pilgrims from the world on the banks of the Sangam. The judicial capital of Uttar Pradesh state is Allahabad city. And Allahabad High Court is the highest judicial body in the state.

Here is the list of the Top 10 HR payroll courses in Allahabad

1. Henry Harvin Institute

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 This is one of the prime institutes that will polish your HR skill and take your knowledge to the next level. This online HR payroll course in Allahabad is rated among the top three courses in the industry by Training 360. This Certified HR Payroll Specialist Course provides an understanding of basic Human Resource Management and makes the candidate job ready for HR professional roles in the global environment.

This course provides a 32-hour instructor-led training and certification program. Provide the experience of hands-on training with industry projects during the HR Payroll Training Course. The graduates from the HR payroll training course get 100% placement assistance and internship opportunities are provided with Henry Harvin and partner firms.

HR payroll course training is provided by industry experts with years of experience working in a big corporation and MNC’s. Industry-acclaimed CHRPS certification is provided by the institute.

Henry Harvin  HR Payroll course fee


Cities in India where Henry Harvin HR Payroll Course is provided:

Faridabad, KanpurDelhiJaipurVishakhapatnamBhopal, AhmedabadGurgaonIndorePuneCochin, MumbaiOnlineChennai, HyderabadBangalore,

Henry Harvin® HR Courses Ranks #1 in India by Higher Education Digest

Henry Harvin also provides these courses

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2. IPTM( The Institute of Payroll Training & Management)

IPTM logo

  The main aim of this HR Payroll course is to complementing theoretical education with practical training in the payroll field. The course objective is to enable the student to acquire sound technical skills in Payroll accountancy. The course train to provide theoretical education, practical training, and computer training to the students who all are undergoing payroll training courses. The course is available in both options of online training and classroom training. After completing the Payroll training course students have to attend 1 hours payroll online exam. Based on the exam certification is provided that verifies an individual specified level of knowledge, skill, and abilities in the payroll professions. The job placement assistance is provided by the institute.


3. ISBM(Indian School of Business Management and Administration) Payroll Academy


This is the pioneering professional payroll body for India providing internationally recognized standards for the HR payroll and finance executive. The course consists of concept and case studies that provide broad exposure to relevant business theory. The material of the course is easy to understand. The HR payroll course from the academy provides in-depth knowledge of the case studies and practical problems as well as theoretical knowledge of the subject. The institutes offer fast-track short-duration correspondence courses. The course can be done in flexible time duration. The course provides online modules that include a discussion board,  video lectures, message board, and examination, etc. The institute is ranked among the top 10 international B-schools that provides management course through correspondence.  

4. Lead Academy (Payroll Administrator Training)


If you are looking to pick up a new skill, or looking to brush up your skill in Payroll Administration, or want to make a career in Payroll Administration this HR payroll course is perfect for you. The course is validated by the Quality License Scheme for its contribution to the training program. The course comes with two-in-one training in Payroll Administration and HR Management that can help you advance your career in administration. This online HR payroll course lets you learn at your own pace and time.  The course will deepen your knowledge and skills. The course is available to students anywhere in the world. On successful completion of the course based on assessment, Payroll Administrator Training certificate is provided.

5. iPA ( The Institute of Professional Accountant)

The Institute of Professional Accountant

The institute offers a diploma in payroll. The duration of the HR payroll course is four months. Classes are held on weekends. IPA offers training on software that helps students how to manage payroll for big companies. It assists candidates to acquire a good job in the HR division of the organization. The course will educate students on how to communicate with management, accounting, and human resource departments. Students also get the opportunity of practical exposure with the help of real data for the preparation of various companies as projects. This HR payroll course will teach the student how to record,  and analyze employee payroll information.

6. V skills Certified Payroll Manager course

V skills Certified

V skills are the largest certification body of India. They conduct skill testing and certification exam to improve employability. The course will give you the knowledge about basic principles of developing and managing payroll systems.The certification body is affiliated with various organizations and is managed professionally by IIM Alumni. This HR payroll course is 12 hrs duration. The course provides lifelong e-learning access. The certification course will give the required knowledge to the students about job evaluation, knowledge-based pay, compensation and compensation management, compensation strategy for global staffers, and more. The certified payroll manager course from V skills is beneficial to the candidate in finding employment in Top MNC’s and organizations.

7. HR Spot


This payroll management course is offered by the HR spot company which is awarded in the category of “Best Skill Learning Institute” by Education Congress 2020. The course is of 1-month duration.  The course is conducted on a regular and weekend basis. The mode of accessing the course is of classroom type and online mode. The eligibility criteria for this certified payroll management course is graduates, postgraduates and also final year candidate of graduation.  Interactive classes by industry experts help candidates to understand the lesson better, easier, and in detail. The company is managed by HR professionals with years of industry experience. The course provides varieties of practical training with exposure to real-life corporate scenarios. Unlimited placement assistance is provided by the company. 



PREHR-payroll course offers a select range of certified HR payroll short courses to develop real skills in key areas of payroll and related organizational changes. Pre-HR Learning Center is an initiative non-profit body for HR professionals and also for new learners in this field to assist with HR/Payroll certifications job assistance, career advancement, and progression needs. The course will equip you with the professional HR skills, which are needed to be truly effective in the workplace.  The classes are conducted on a regular basis and also on weekends. Trainers of the course are highly quailed and experienced in their field. The course material consists of notes, a handbook, exercises, and DVDs are all created by experts with practical experience in payroll and HR.

9. HR Training Center(Payroll certification program)

HR Training Center

These certified payroll professional online classes allow you to learn at your own pace. HRTrainingCenter.com offers several payroll certification courses that are designed to provide you with the skills needed to become a certified HR payroll professional. The certified payroll classes use an award-winning training interface and include numerous examples, administrative tips, and interactive question and answer which will help in gaining valuable insight and also test your understanding and application of the learned material. This HR payroll course gives one the knowledge of select and implement the payroll system, handling payroll audits, applying for the various exemptions, calculating the gross pay and properly make deductions and many more added topics are there in the list. As earning a payroll certification can assist you in gaining the essential knowledge that is needed to succeed.

10. Book my training ( HR-Payroll- Training, Certification Programs& Courses)

Book my training

The training program is conducted by reputed subject matter experts and is available across various cities in India. This training platform is the pioneer of the training marketplace in India.  This HR payroll course training program is conducted in different modes as instructor-based classroom training programs, online interactive programs guided by an instructor, e-learning programs. In an e-learning program, there is the specified time duration and date are provided. Bookmytraining.com is India’s no.1  training discovery platform. It is the largest collection of a public training program that includes technical, functional, business, soft skills training and certifications, and more. Individuals can book selected training programs for their up-skilling and career growth. The training programs aim to make the payroll process easier to understand and execute.     

So, this is the list of the top 10 HR payroll courses. HR payroll courses will help you to learn from basic and then make you progress to a higher level of professionalism.

Functioning of Payroll in Business

It is crucial for the company to understand the payroll system and the way it is managed. Since for effective management in the business either start-ups, small, medium, or large proper knowledge of payroll system is necessary. In businesses execution of payroll process involve :

Developing payment policy of the organization

While calculating the payment, the company policies are considered such as attendance and leave policy, flexible benefits, etc. The net pay is the amount that is calculated by adjusting the deduction and taxes. This is the amount that employees must receive.

Data collection

For the collection of data for payroll processing, interaction with multiple departments is needed. The data may be regarding attendance, wages revision data, and others. Good payroll software is useful in a large organization where there is more data. Payroll software is useful as it comes with various other features.

Validation of data

Then after the collection of data it is important to check whether the data is according to the proper format of the company, according to company policies, authorization, etc.

Payroll estimation

The calculation of payroll is affected by certain local laws such as the payment of the salary and wages act, minimum wages act, etc. Compulsory component related to salaries as Basic, HRA, and DA is provided under the minimum wages act. The collected and validated employee data is then sent to the actual payroll system for processing.

After the payroll processing, all the statutory deductions are done, details of payroll are recorded into the accounting system, payouts are released and then payroll reporting is completed. 

Payroll and Human Resource

Payroll and human resources are two distinct areas of the business. Human resource mainly deals with employee relations while payroll handles the compensation of the employees. Payroll management and HR requires a specific skill set to be successful in professional life. After completing the HR and payroll diploma course, you will get the specific knowledge and skills with the highest level of confidence to improve yourself and enhance the skills for your career.

Importance of HR

The HR service is essential for establishing and maintaining structure and consistency across the company. Without the consent of HR, strategy chances are there that unknowingly laws may be violated. An HR service for employee engagement can lead to a more productive staff. HR is critical for developing and encouraging employee involvement and satisfaction. HR payroll specialist course provides an understanding of basic Human Resource Management and prepares the candidates for HR professional roles in the global environment.

For effective working of both departments, they must work together. When HR appointed and terminates an employee the necessary paperwork is forwarded to payroll. On the basis of which employee can be paid. For tracking the performance review of an employee, HR sends the related document to the payroll which calculates the amount that should be paid to an employee for going forward.

Need of both

Companies include both HR and payroll in taking calculated decision planning meetings so that appropriate goals can be achieved. The HR staff in the company knows how to implement change in workplace processes and systems and providing training and development tools that the employees need to grow. The payroll staff may include conducting internal audits to reduce the risk of fraud. They can provide the solution for strengthening the security and efficiency of the company.    

Payroll Software

For running successful payroll there is a need to ensure that payroll inputs are coming in a timely and seamless manner. Depending on the size of the business one can opt for appropriate payroll software.HR payroll system and its ERP system software is an assist for HR professionals. The HR payroll software has opened new ways of progress for organizations all over the world.

The main features of HR payroll system are:

  Some main features of HR and payroll system  software  are:

It minimizes time-consuming administrative tasks.

Helps automate and merge the key processes and data to improve productivity.

HR and payroll software system well-organized HR payroll processes and their obtained data to generate workflow efficiency.

It automatically enhances the security level which improves HR and Payroll services delivery

Lowers the risk level in workflow procedures.              

Reduces training time because of its ease to use of the system. 

About HR Payroll courses

  In the HR payroll courses, students learn how to calculate salary, provident fund, income tax, and how to do salary structuring. Training in the HR payroll course helps the employee to calculate the exact amount. As payroll is directly proportional to the performance of an employee in an organization. The payroll process can be learned through practical payroll training. The HR payroll training course is suitable for job seekers looking to find employment in payroll and Human resource department, graduates looking for a successful career, employee who is working in the payroll department, existing employees looking for a better job role.

Importance of HR Payroll courses

The HR payroll courses will set up a solid foundation for becoming a confident HR and payroll administrator and to develop more advanced skills. Payroll is an important function in HR. The comprehensive HR payroll course is suitable for an aspiring who wants to accelerate their career and want deeper knowledge of HR and payroll, or an individual who is looking to improve their job prospects.

Eligibility criteria for HR Payroll courses

For pursuing the HR payroll courses no prior knowledge and experience of HR payroll is required. Basic knowledge of the English language and basic computer skills is required. And the candidate must be above 16 years of age. The course is equally beneficial for both newcomers in a field or professionals already working in an organization. The HR payroll course is designed by considering the need of job seekers and people already working in established businesses.

 The benefit of HR Payroll courses

If one wants to advance their career in either HR or payroll. This combined HR Payroll course is an ideal choice as it will give you an excellent foundation in both areas. The knowledge and skill provided by the HR payroll courses will enable you to progress in almost any small, medium, or large business

So, if you are considering a career in the account, you should probably go for accounting certification and research work. Payroll is a job that includes work like releasing payment of employees, filing taxes, making benefit deductions, etc. This course is suitable for: Entry-level payroll professionals- Entry-level jobs as payroll specialist or clerk, are great opportunities for fresher for the experience of payroll industry, Small businessmen- For the running of a successful business one must have the proper knowledge about payroll rules and regulation, People without payroll experience- Individual pursuing hr courses can also go for payroll training, extensive training starting from the basic payroll concept is needed, Bookkeepers – The bookkeeper job involves managing financial records, and looking into a financial transaction of business and payroll training also best hone their skill in the area.


For running a business successfully, there are lots of things that need to be taken care of. And one of them is payroll management. This is one of the required skills that companies look for when hiring HR employees. 

There are many great institutions that are offering these career-oriented programs online and offline in cities like Allahabad, Kolkata, Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Ahmedabad, Chennai, Pune, Jaipur, Lucknow, Ranchi, Guwahati, etc. They provide complete coursework on payroll management.

Payroll certification provides organizations with the assurance that they have the required training. Having a payroll certification plays an essential part in career development for payroll professionals. It will give you competitive advantage in your future career.

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Q.1. What is the job in the payroll domain?

Ans. The job of payroll is not only to calculate and pay wages to an employee but to ensure the payment process takes place accurately on time and is also in accordance with the rules and regulations of the company. 

Q.2  What are HR payroll courses?

Ans. HR payroll courses are designed by specialists by considering the need of both the job seekers and people already working in established businesses. The course is equally important and beneficial for both the newcomers or professionals.

Q.3. What is the educational requirement for HR payroll courses?

Ans. Though there are no specific educational requirements to work in payroll, some organizations require their HR employee to have payroll certification. Having some knowledge of payroll beforehand is beneficial. Having one or more payroll certifications increases your chances of employment and promotion.

Q.4. What are the benefits related to HR payroll courses?

Ans. The top learning benefit of the HR payroll training course is that it develops deeper insight into the function of HR and the job and responsibilities of the HR department of any company.


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