The following are the main topics covered in this blog to improve digital marketing presence.

Digital presence and its importance

9 tips to improve your digital presence

Tip#1: Create a convertible website

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Tip#2: Create good content

Tip#3: Add an extra page for customer credibility

Tip#4: Increase your website speed

Tip#5: Give importance to mobile optimization

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Tip#6: Be active on different social media platforms

Different social media platforms where you can run ads

Tip#7: Be constantly present in the digital world

Tip#8: Get online reviews

Tips#9: Implement CRM


Digital Presence And Its Importance


What is digital presence? How important is your digital marketing presence in today’s world? 

Let me ask you something. 

During this COVID-19 pandemic, would you prefer to walk across to a store to buy your daily essentials or would you prefer to buy them online?

Naturally, you would choose the latter because of social distancing norms and safety issues.

So what do these online stores do? They just market their presence online to attract more customers. Digital marketing presence is just as simple as that. 

We live in a digital world and online presence has an incredible influence on people. Especially because of the coronavirus crisis, a large number of companies are going in the digital direction to cut down their costs. 

Traditional marketing platforms such as TV ads and newspaper ads have become highly unaffordable – especially during this pandemic.

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Digital presence is very important as it’s a great way to showcase your skills to the entire world in a legitimate way. It also lets you achieve brand-building and credibility and allows customers to directly contact you from anywhere in the world. 

Moreover, to connect with a large group of clients, many companies are moving on from traditional marketing to digital marketing.

Digital marketing, if optimized properly, is a gateway to potential customers.

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9 Steps To Improve Your Digital Presence


There are lots of options to improve your digital marketing presence such as building websites, social media marketing, Google search engine optimizations, and the list goes on.

Let’s take a look at some of the effective ways to improve your digital marketing presence.

Tip #1: Create A Convertible Website

It’s a tech-savvy world and owning a website has many benefits.

Websites are springing up like mushrooms these days. You may create a website with beautiful logos and designs but the question is, will it satisfy the audience?

Having a website that attracts the customers will help you to market your business better and establish credibility.

Also, a website with up-to-date contact details will make the company more trustworthy and reliable. It helps potential clients to read about your company, understand their requirements, and maybe close the deal.

Owning a website will also make you easily trackable by potential customers.

Let’s take the example of the giant Amazone e-commerce website. It helps people to sit anywhere in the world at any time and shop. People can even place an order in the middle of the night. How convenient is it?

Companies utilize different marketing strategies using their website to showcase their products and establish their digital marketing presence.

Having a website is also a part of professionalism. These days people, in general, tend to back out from a purchase if the vendor doesn’t own a website.

According to Profit Works

With 93% of business decisions starting with a search engine search that means if you don’t have a website, you are only selling to 7% of your market.

Tip #2: Create Good Content

While creating a website, the content should be of very high quality. The content is what attracts the readers. You should also ensure that communication through your website should be very clear and crisp to the point.

A website with good content engages the reader throughout and it persuades potential customers to buy your product.

Visuals matter a lot.

No matter how good your content is, your website can go unnoticed if you don’t add relevant visuals such as images and videos.

Creating a website with attractive visuals meeting up to readers’ expectations is a great way to improve your digital presence online.

The readability of your content is also very important to improve your digital marketing presence. The sentences should be simple and clear and should be written in layman’s terms.

And the paragraphs should be shorter – they should be no more than 100-200 words. If it’s more than 200 words, there is a high probability of the reader leaving your website.

Ideally speaking, the shorter the paragraph, the better it is in terms of legibility.

Please refer to the link below to know more about content creation.

5+5 tips for SEO content writing vs SEO copywriting

Tip #3: Add An Extra Page For Customer Credibility

Many websites with great content struggle to get traffic.  Why is it so? The reason could be a lack of credibility.

When the audience is waiting for a reason to leave, you have to do something to persuade them.

To satisfy such skeptical readers, it’s important that apart from your contact details you add an extra page. 

The additional page can contain FAQs which gives honest and direct answers to the readers. You can also include legitimate reviews and testimonials to give more credibility to your website. 

Tip #4: Increase Your Website Speed

John: “This TV remote doesn’t work.”

Mike: “Then hit it a couple of times with your hand.”

John: “Wow, it worked. Thanks, my friend.”

Why so?

Many of us always tend to fix electronic items by hitting or blowing on it. Maybe there is a loose wire and if you give it a good smack it falls into place temporarily. 

But does it actually solve the problem permanently?

The answer is no.

But why are we attempting these quick fixes? Because in this fast-paced world, many people don’t have the time and patience to wait for anything.

Same thing with websites. When there are so many competitors out there, people don’t have the patience to wait if your website takes way too long to load.

It is being said that 47% of the people expect the website to load in less than 2 seconds.  And 40% leave the site if it takes more than 3 seconds to load. 

Therefore, page speed is very important to improve your digital marketing presence and also to get a good SEO ranking.


Tip#5: Give Importance To Mobile Optimization

What is mobile optimization? Mobile optimization is the process of making your content to those who access your website from their mobile phones. 

To enhance your digital presence, you need to make your website mobile optimized. 

This is because according to Statista there are 3.5 billion smartphone users worldwide in 2020 whereas in 2016 it was 2.5 billion. And the forecast is that it’s going to be 3.8 by 2021. 

With such a vast number of mobile users, mobile optimization is very important because it helps to reach customers at a quicker rate. This high number of views also allows you to stand out from your competitor.

Many companies already have established mobile-friendly websites because their websites reach millions around the globe. 

Another advantage of the mobile-optimized website is the SEO part. Mobile-friendliness plays a very important role in Google ranking. Google always takes the mobile-friendly nature of the website into consideration when decides on ranking.

Easy navigation, large font size, and proper text formatting are some of the key factors of a successful mobile-optimized website.


Tip #6: Be Active On Different Social Media Platforms

Another way to improve your digital marketing presence is to be active on social media platforms.

It’s estimated there are approximately 4 billion social media users worldwide. When considering this number it’s a great opportunity to make the most out of it for your business.

In fact, social media is so popular that it has become people’s everyday routine these days.

People use social media for different purposes. They use it:

  • For networking.
  • To check the news.
  • For online shopping.
  • To showcase talents.
  • For entertainment.
  • For communication.

The list can go on endlessly.

From a business perspective, social media platforms are widely being used to generate more leads and get potential customers. 

The biggest advantage of social media is that you don’t need a professional degree to be an active member of it. And there is no joining fee. It’s completely free.

Different Social Media Platforms Where You Can Run Ads

As of 2020, Facebook is the leading social media platform with over 2.5 billion monthly users. Facebook’s paid ad service is a great way to improve your digital media presence and promote your brand building.

The Facebook-owned brand Instagram is the fastest-growing social media network and is second only behind its parent company, having 1 billion active users.

YouTube is one of the largest video sharing platforms where you can do paid marketing campaigns as well.

There are about 75 plus social media giants like LinkedIn, Twitter, Snapchat, Reddit, etc through which you can showcase your brands.

Moreover, social media is a good platform to understand the customers personally in terms of their socio-economic status and their personal interests.

Please check the link below to know more about one of the companies which offer the best digital marketing course.

Tip #7: Be Constantly Present In The Digital World

In this time, digital presence is not a hard thing to have because the internet has become a household fixture everywhere. 

People always tend to read reviews or make an online search before making a decision. This means clients depend heavily on the internet for any purchases or transactions. So it is very important that organizations showcase their products online.

It’s also important to keep up a good relationship with the audience because the competition is increasing. 

In addition, active participation with your potential/existing customers is very crucial to boost your revenue.

There are many effective ways to connect with people and show your digital marketing presence. Some of them are as follows.

  • Update your contact details in the “Contact Us” page on your website. This is to show your readers that you are reliable and trustworthy.
  • Responding to email is one of the key things to keep a happy customer. Also, try to send relevant emails like company announcements, promotional emails, etc.
  • There is nothing like picking up the phone and speaking to people directly. For example, after you sell your product you can call the customers directly and ask for their feedback. This is beneficial for both you and the customer. It’s beneficial both ways, as you get the customer feedback and the customers also get a feeling that you value their opinion.
  • Do a survey. Short surveys with open-ended questions will help you to find potential customers and influencers.
  • Send customized season/birthday greetings and postcards by post. Such frequent contacts are very important because the more people hear from you the more often they will remember you.
  • Conducting webinars is a great way to connect to people. Especially in this COVID situation, it’s an excellent way to connect with people while maintaining social distancing.

Tip #8: Get Online Reviews

As mentioned before, the way businesses run has changed a lot because people have easy access to the internet.  It is estimated that 97% of people search for online product reviews while 87% consult negative reviews.

So, whatever marketing strategies you put in place will be a waste unless you have positive online reviews. Interestingly, due to the growing competition, a number of people tend to look out for five-star reviews. 

There are many benefits to online reviews:

  1. Online reviews (whether positive or negative) makes people think that you are trustworthy.
  2. You are freely advertising by encouraging your customers to write reviews about your company on different platforms.
  3. It’s an effective brand building strategy. Customers can write reviews in a lot of places such as Facebook, Quora, Amazon, Trip Advisor, Yellowpages, etc.
  4. Online reviews will help you to get more potential customers because people always tend to look for reviews and thus it increases your credibility.
  5. Returns and complaints about your product will likely decrease as the customer is buying it by already looking at the review.
  6. Online reviews also help you to rank higher on Google as credibility is one of the Google ranking factors.

But, do keep in mind that a lot of negative reviews can affect your company’s growth. Also, bear in mind that an annoyed customer can write any reviews anywhere. 

On the contrary, some customers suspect fabricated reviews. So, if you are thinking of paying to get positive reviews, it may not necessarily work.

Tip #9: Implement CRM

CRM stands for customer relationship management. It’s a software that people use to stay ahead of the competition by organizing customer information and enhancing communication.

Customers are kings. No matter how good your products are, keeping customers happy, and targeting potential clients is a daunting task. 

CRM software helps organizations to get in touch with different audiences, work with them, and maintain relationships. The great advantage of CRM is that it can be implemented in all departments of an organization.  This way all the employees in the company can work with the clients in an efficient and organized way.

Another great thing that CRM can do to improve your digital marketing presence is that it can automate sales and customer service functions. It can also categorize the audience from leads, opportunities, and sales.

Sometimes, potential customers may just fill out a form or leave their details behind and disappear. CRM helps to make such leads to opportunities. It can then convert opportunities to sales by locating the customer and close the deal.

You can also get leads from potential buyers visiting your social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram. By observing what products they are looking at, you can do targeted advertising to attract them.

Let’s Wrap Up

As an organization, it’s very important to improve your digital marketing presence because we live in a digital world. Also, as a part of cost-cutting, many companies have moved from traditional marketing to digital marketing.

There are some good digital marketing strategies you can follow to show your online presence and promote brand building.

Firstly, a good website with good content and relevant images and videos can do wonders in creating traffic to your website. Also, adding up-to-date contact details, user reviews, and testimonials will increase your website’s credibility.

Another effective way to get audience credibility is to get online reviews of your product/services in various places like Facebook, Quora, Amazon, Trip Advisor, Yellowpages, etc

Thirdly, website speed is very important to improve your digital marketing presence and also to get a good SEO ranking.  The faster your website, the more likely you are to attract potential customers.

Mobile optimization of your website is very important to improve your digital presence. Because of the massive number of mobile users, a mobile-optimized website helps to reach consumers at a quicker rate.

Another two effective ways to showcase your brand online is the active use of social media and being constantly present in all online platforms.

Lastly, Implementing CRM is one of the best ways to improve your digital marketing presence. CRM software helps organizations to get in touch with different audiences, work with them, and maintain relationships.


How important is the digital marketing presence?

Digital marketing presence is very important as it helps you to build a two-way relationship with you and the audience. It’s also beneficial to showcase your products/services to a larger group of audience. Digital presence also allows you to keep up credibility with the readers around the globe. This way you attract more potential clients.

How can you utilize social media to improve your digital presence?

Social media has become an everyday routine of billions of people around the world. So it’s important to have an active social media presence to build your brand to stay ahead of the competitors.
Placing ads on social media platforms is very cost-efficient compared to traditional advertising methods. There are many social media giants like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Snapchat, Reddit, etc through which you run your ads.

How to improve your digital marketing presence?

There are many ways to improve your digital marketing presence to enhance your business. Some of them are as follows:
1. Create a convertible website that includes your up-to-date contact details for credibility.

2. You should know your audience and incorporate good content on your website including visual images and audios to engage the customer. Also add an extra page that contains FAQs, testimonials, and legitimate reviews to satisfy skeptical readers.

3. Website speed and mobile optimization are very crucial to improve digital marketing presence and establish brand-building. 

4. You should also be constantly present in as many social media platforms as possible. This will not only help faster and easier communication with the audience but it will boost visibility as well.

5. Writing online reviews in online platforms like Facebook, Quora, Amazon, Trip Advisor, Yellowpages, etc is helpful to improve your credibility.

6. Another way to improve your digital marketing presence is to implement CRM. CRM helps organizations to work with different audiences and maintain relationships with them in an organized way.

How can I build a website that is trustworthy to the audience?

It’s important to have a credible website to bring traffic to your website and attract the audience. You should ensure you keep updating your latest contact details. This will not only help people to trace you at any time but give credibility to your site as well.
Also, add an FAQ session that will give straightforward answers to the people visiting your site. Adding legitimate user reviews and testimonials also gives an indication to readers that your website is trustworthy.

How do online reviews help my business to grow?

Billions of people search for online reviews before buying a product or a service because of the easy availability of the internet. Asking people to write reviews in online platforms like Facebook, Quora, Amazon, etc is a great way to show your credibility. These types of reviews act as a free advertisement as well because people all over the world view your company reviews.
Online reviews are an indirect way of brand-building as well. 
Moreover, your customers are likely to return or complain about your services or products because they would have already read the review before purchasing. 


  1. Amazing info.! Well structured and kept me motivated to finish it. I learned a lot! Thank you

  2. After reading the post, I am thinking about joining a Digital marketing course to pursue a career in it.

  3. After reading the post, I am thinking about joining a Digital marketing course to pursue a career in it.

  4. After reading the post, I am thinking about joining a Digital marketing course to pursue a career in it.

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