The six sigma concept was introduced by an American whose name was Bill Smith. Very simply put, it is a set of tools and techniques involved in process improvement. This forms a chain, the blocks of which are – define, measure, analyze, improve, and control. Having this certification is today considered a precious asset, which then explains why it is in demand. 

 The six sigma green belt certification has various levels, which are categorized as a white belt, yellow belt, green belt, black belt, and master black belt. It is an essential asset for one’s CV and increases the chances of employability rapidly. These multiple benefits help people to acquire jobs more quickly in this market of stiff competition.  

The six sigma certification, though not mandatory, is highly recommended for a number of positions and jobs. Such jobs may include posts of production managers, supervisors in factories, business analysts, IT and finance engineers, HR personnel, and people involved in quality control measures. While it is useful for all posts, the certification is especially relevant for these few positions.  

Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification Training

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Owing to its immense popularity, multiple institutions and organizations all over the world are now offering six sigma courses. In India itself, there are close to the seven organizations that provide quality six sigma training programs. Therefore, anyone can now acquire this certification.  

Six Sigma training courses are held online as well as in-classroom formats. Here we will be discussing the key points of choosing between the two established institutions providing six sigma. These are Henry Harvin and Simplilearn. Here we will be attempting a comparison of both such institutions based on several factors to see which one is better.  


Henry Harvin

 All of Henry Harvin’s trainers are seasoned experts in the industry, thereby making the six sigma training highly job oriented. This involves proper experience in applying six sigma tools and techniques to real-world problems in the business sector.

It also encourages the development of decision-making and problem-solving faculties. 

The highly qualified faculty bring their real-world experiences to a classroom. They help students to understand and deal with real-world problems instead of just being limited by theory. They deliver quality to their classes and enable students to learn better by cooperating with each other. 

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Henry Harvin Ranks #1 Six Sigma Certification Course Amongst Top 5 by Business StandardThe TribuneIndia TodayPrime Insights


Simplilearn six sigma reviews reveal that it has trained professionals taking classes for their Simplilearn six sigma course. They have the six sigma degree and are qualified to address online and classroom forms of teaching. They are adept at both methodologies and are reputed to take quality classes. 


While Simplilearn reviews say that they have highly trained professionals taking class, none of them come close to the industry experts that Henry Harvin employs for its course. Therefore, Henry Harvin is easily the better choice since it has the best possible faculty for taking a six sigma course.

Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Certification Training

Henry Harvin Ranks #1 Six Sigma Certification Course Amongst Top 5 by Business Standard and Tribune India

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Henry Harvin 

Their six sigma classes are held on Sundays. The six sigma green belt training at Henry Harvin requires a total of 32 hours of classroom work spread across four days. The classes span over 48 hours of classroom work if you want a black belt certification, which is equivalent to 6 days of classroom work.

Since classes are held on Sundays, it is easier for working professionals and students to attend these classes. They do not require interested students to alter the schedule of their week. Furthermore, these classes have an immersive experience. They are highly interactive and encourage discussion as well as participation. 


There are various kinds of learning modes that you can choose. Simplilearn six sigma has a self-paced, blended, and corporate learning mode. While the blended and self-paced modes mostly have similar benefits like learner’s support and study materials, the former has an added benefit of 90-day access to online classes. 

The corporate training mode is customized to meet the requirements that you have as a team. Learning in a group helps facilitate discussions and increases the quality of the class. It comes with flexible pricing options that you can choose from and has dashboards and teams designed for individuals and groups alike. 


Very simply put, Simplilearn reviews reveal that it has a more complicated mode of teaching. Not many people are comfortable with a blend of online and classroom courses. Compared to that Simplilearn six sigma review, Henry Harvin is a much better option because of its consistent and quality classroom courses, which can be quickly followed by one and all. 


Henry Harvin 

The best six sigma certification course at Henry Harvin deals with a number of aspects. These include calculations, measurements, analysis, development, interpretations, and so on. There are two basic levels before the green belt level, and appropriate training is given in those basics before proceeding to the green belt level certification.

The course curriculum is divided into several models that give this course a basic structure that is easy to follow and understand. The first module involves getting started with the six sigma coursework. This is followed by a number of phases like – define, measure, analyze, improve, and control.

The last two modules involve the learning methodology and the learning integrated module. The syllabus is designed and structured according to the IASSC book of knowledge. The curriculum is given in more significant detail in their brochure. This brochure can also be downloaded from the website. 

The six sigma course equips us with tools that help in exploring, analysis, and problem-solving. A number of business case studies are adopted and put to use in the classroom, which helps students gain a goal-oriented and action-oriented approach. Multiple exercises are used in the school alongside rapid brainstorming sessions at the school. 

After training, Henry Harvin also offers free brushup and revision sessions for students so that they do not forget the relevant materials. This is also done through lifetime access to course work and reading materials. 

Post-training, you can undertake multiple projects during the course of the next year. This ensures that you have ample experience before you step into the market. These help in implementation-related problems in the industry and make you quicker at them. This helps increase your chances of employment. 


Simplilearn six sigma follows a specific learning trajectory when you begin with their certification course. The very first of this is the Lean Management step. This gives you an insight into the basic principles of lean and gives you a general idea about the journey of lean. This six sigma training teaches you about the nature and types of waste and how you can minimize them. 

It also talks about the Toyota Production System, the efficiency-based Business Model, Cash Flow Improvement, Disruptions, and finally summarises it all up by the end of the course. This gives you an idea about the basics, which then makes you eligible for more advanced knowledge in forms of the green and black belt certifications. 


Despite having a proper learning path, Simplilearn reviews of the coursework are not satisfactory. Henry Harvin is much better and more advanced in this because it follows a set structure and starts right from the basics before moving on to much more advanced levels of learning. 

Simplilearn six sigma reviews often tend to skip essential, necessary information, which often hampers understanding. Henry Harvin wins in this aspect since it places particular emphasis on clearing the fundamentals before proceeding. Therefore, Henry Harvin is the best for a six sigma certification. 


Henry Harvin

The CSSE certification for the green belt that you receive at the end of the course is of immense value and is the hallmark of the best six sigma certification. The black belt certification is the CSSEBB certification. Both these certifications are of a tremendous amount in the current job sector and will help you get jobs. 

The six sigma course that Henry Harvin offers is recognized not just in India but across the globe. Therefore, if you have plans to work with companies abroad, then it is recommended that you do your training from Henry Harvin. This will ensure that you have international standards of credibility and help you secure jobs in their market. 

All international brands will immediately recognize a Henry Harvin certification from their six sigma training and will, therefore, increase employability. This, in turn, is a significant boost to your career. Recognition from such international brands also encourages people to take up these courses at Henry Harvin.


The candidates who have opted for the Simplilearn six sigma course need the compulsorily take the certification exam that is conducted by the IASSC. There are no specific prerequisites for taking the exam, but Simplilearn reviews recommended that you have some knowledge of the basics, as can be provided by the Lean Sigma course. 

You can unlock your Simplilearn certificate by attending a combination of both online as well as classroom courses. It must be noted that the course fee does not include the examination fee that one must pay to sit for the test. After you complete the course, you will get not only the green belt certification but also a Simplilearn certificate of completion. 

There are two kinds of black belt certification – technical and functional. Simplilearn offers six sigma training for both types of accreditation. The LSSBB Certification adds worth to your CV and enhances your job prospects. 

After the completion of the certificate, the person must submit a DMAIC project with the set amount as savings. This takes roughly nine months, and after the successful completion of this project, the person will be given a functional certification. Having both these certifications will help you get jobs quicker. 

The examination fee for the black belt certification is not included in the course fee that you pay during the time of enrolment at Simplilearn. You need to spend that separately before you take the exam. In order to pass, the candidate needs to score a minimum of 580 out of 750 points in total. 

The Simplilearn Six Sigma certification is widely acclaimed and very popular among employers in the country. It can immediately get you high profile jobs in any part of the country, no matter what industry you are in. The certification also assures that you get higher pay, as compared to your peers. 


The primary reason why Henry Harvin is a much better choice than Simplilearn is because Simplilearn reviews suggest that it is not hugely acclaimed at the global level. While employers in international brands will immediately recognize an institution like Henry Harvin, Simplilearn six sigma course does not attract the same attention. 

Therefore, if you are looking to give yourself traction in the international market, Henry Harvin is definitely a safer choice and is easily the best. 


Henry Harvin 

The price of the six sigma course offered by Henry Harvin is very reasonable. The entire course costs INR 17,500.00 if you want a green belt certification. This is a sensible investment considering the multiple benefits that it reaps. For the 48-hour black belt certification course, the enrolment fee is INR 30,000.00. 

If you want to know when the course will be available, it is recommended that you check out their website from time to time and enroll yourself for class when registrations open. Henry Harvin aims to provide excellent quality services at minimal rates. They guarantee not just employability but also ensures that you have ample work experience. 


The self-paced mode of learning in the Simplilearn six sigma course comes for INR 12,999.00 and provides students with lifetime access to content that is carefully selected by industry experts. The next mode is the blended learning model. Simplilearn reviews say that this will cost you approximately INR 16,999.00 and, apart from the benefits under the self-paced way, have multiple other added advantages. 

Apart from these basics, there are also the Simplilearn six sigma reviews, which recommend the corporate package where payment can me, modified according to requirements of individual teams. This is an excellent option for those office teams which want to procure the certification together. 

Therefore, the six sigma training offered by Simplilearn comes in various modes, and you can choose one according to your convenience. If you want to enroll in a class by them, make sure you keep an eye out on their website for regular updates. Over there you can choose a specific date according to your convenience and take the class on that day.


Despite having slightly higher course fees, Henry Harvin is recommended because Simplilearn reviews reveal that the online or blended model of the classroom is not always suitable for everyone. A conventional classroom model of teaching, as available At Henry Harvin, is easily the best for all age groups. 

Classroom teaching also comes with multiple benefits because it encourages discussion and debates in the classroom. They help clear concepts much better than Simplilearn six sigma reviews. Therefore, Henry Harvin is a much better choice than Simplilearn. 


Henry Harvin

After completing this certification, you will have more than 20 different types of tools for analysis at your hand. These will help you is troubleshooting and decision making. This allows people to sharpen business knowledge and improve their quality and processes involving customer support and quality checking.

The best six sigma certification helps you acquire essential project management and leadership skills. This makes you eligible for high profile jobs and enables you to climb up the corporate ladder quickly. This is because you will be well versed in the science of developing high-quality services, which will attract customers and help your business flourish. 


Once you complete all three certifications, you can now be called a Lean Six Sigma Expert and are eligible for high profile jobs like a quality supervisor, manager, engineer, director, and so on. After completing the course, you will learn how to apply six sigma tools and techniques which can be used to maximize efficiency in your company and reduce waste. 

The green belt certification covers the organizational goals as well as the different phases as laid down under the course materials recommended. They also teach students tips and tricks of the trade. 

Their projects involve things like reducing waste, improving manufacturing processes, hospital point of service, and the like. All of this contributes significantly to the quality of certification that is provided by Simplilearn since it helps students to have some experience before they step into the job sector. 

The black belt certification is suitable for senior managers, software professionals, team leaders, and others who are already high up on the corporate ladder. Having the black belt certification lends them credibility and pushes up their salary significantly. They also become invaluable to their companies. 

The six sigma black belt course has a well-set structure that comes with knowledge about agenda and target audience. 


While the essential skill set acquired in both certifications is similar, Simplilearn Six Sigma often misses the basics, which may create problems later on in the industry. Henry Harvin is the obvious better choice because of the thorough knowledge it imparts. Simplilearn six sigma reviews suggest that it may not always teach the necessary tools. 

On the other hand, Henry Harvin’s insistence on thorough knowledge and teaching of basics assures that every student has a strong base, which is helpful in the industry. Therefore, Henry Harvin is the best when compared to Simplilearn six sigma courses. 


While both institutions are increasingly gaining popularity, we would recommend Henry Harvin for a six sigma training course and certification. This is owing to several reasons. The foremost of them being that Henry Harvin has had better reviews from more reliable sources, which makes it a better option. 

Simplilearn six sigma reviews reveal that nowhere on its website does Simplilearn have a piece of detailed information about their faculty. Even if it is there, passing mention is not very convincing. On the other hand, Henry Harvin repeatedly emphasizes its quality professionals who are a part of their faculty. 

Since they have such experienced faculty, it is therefore needless to say that their approach is more job-specific and goal-oriented. This helps students to get a job after their course is completed. Furthermore, the class discussions help clarify doubts and raise pertinent questions which the instructors can answer. 

Henry Harvin is the best for six sigma courses because of its trained faculty and its well -structured course work. The syllabus is divided into eight separate modules, which clarify the basics first and then progress to higher levels. In this way, students can quickly learn and understand the course work. 

Furthermore, Henry Harvin’s certification for the six sigma training is recognized all over the world. This gives global traction to your CV since employers will immediately understand the certification and consider you eligible for a job. Simplilearn does not fare particularly well on an international level since it is not always globally recognized. 

Another thing which may be a problem with Simplilearn is its mode of teaching. Henry Harvin is extremely popular for its classroom courses. Simplilearn has a mix of both and becomes a problem for audiences who are not very technologically adept. Therefore, more and more people choose Henry Harvin.

 Henry Harvin’s careful teaching plan ensures that you have a strong foundation of the basics before you proceed to the more advanced levels. The learning path by Simplilearn often tends to sway between giving too much or too little information. In that respect, Henry Arvin strikes a perfect balance between the two. 

Overall, despite having a higher course fee, Henry Harvin is the better option owing to its multiple benefits. The amount paid becomes reasonable in the light of guaranteed placements and global recognition – something which no other institute will offer at such low prices. That is why Henry Harvin is the best. 


Therefore, after considering everything, we would like to say that Henry Harvin is the best place to get a six sigma certification. Not only does it have excellent faculty and classrooms, but it is also unparalleled in terms of its coursework and recognition. Therefore, we would recommend Henry Harvin as being the best in the field. 

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