GRE is a standardized test that allows students to study abroad if they qualify. Its expanded form is the Graduate Record Examination. The GRE exam fee varies from country to country, but if we talk about India, we need to go through the entire blog about the GRE fee in India. This Exam is owned and guided by the Educational Testing Service. This test screens students if they are capable of studying abroad or not.

They ask for analytic and language skill questionnaires. Students who score more fetch scholarship opportunities as well. This test is usually taken by applicants who wish to pursue graduate admissions, the GRE is done in both paper-based and computer-based formats. The GRE is conducted each year and is governed by the Educational Testing Service.

Every year thousands of students are enrolled for the test to pursue their dream of studying abroad. Before registering for GRE, many coaching centers offer preparatory classes for the exam similar to the IIT and JEE.

If Students get the opportunity to study abroad, then the country’s government tends to take care of them. Most of the University offer scholarships to their students who get selected to study with them. Actually, that way they encourage and choose the best out of all. Every year many students get selected under the Scholarships scheme and it is the best part of encouraging all students so that they can study hard to get selected.

What is the GRE Exam Fee in India?

The GRE General Test fee is $228, and for the GRE Subject Test, it is $150, inclusive of all taxes. In addition, there are some additional special handling request charges as well.

Request Fees
GRE Exam Fee (General Test)
$228 (INR 18,863.31)
GRE Exam Fee (Subject Test)$150 (INR 12,417.59)

Late Registration

Rescheduling $50

Test Center Change $50

Subject Change
Exchange Rate: US $1 = INR 82.78
GRE Test Fee in India

GRE General Test has become costly for the Indian Students

From November 1, 2022, ETS – the conducting body of the GRE exam has revised the GRE exam fee from US $213 to US $228. Indian students have to pay now US $228 or GRE Exam Fee in Indian rupees ₹18,863.31 INR. (USD 1 = 82.73INR). The fee for the GRE General Test at Home has also been revised to US $228 for Indian students. The GRE Subject Test fee remains the same at US $150. 

About GRE Exam 

Before you enrol for the exam you must know about the GRE procedure. You need to check if your dream university accepts GRE scores. Below are the points you need to take care of while enrolling for the examination.

  • Candidates for GRE exam tests have to go through 3 main sections- Verbal Reasoning, Quantitative Reasoning, and Analytical Writing Assessment.
  • This exam is also offered in two modes: computer-based and paper-based.
  • This exam gets tougher as you move forward to your exam paper, if it happens so that means you are on right track for the GRE exam.
  • Your first section will be full of a mix of easy and difficult questionnaires, your second section will become complicated if you give correct answers in your first section.
Want to study abroad, go for GRE
Want to study abroad, go for GRE.

GRE Exam Eligibility

If you are wondering about the GRE examination and not sure about what are the eligible points to consider for the GRE exam. Then here we have mentioned a few points to consider about.

  • There are no certain criteria for enrolling in GRE exams.
  • There are no age or qualifications restrictions for the candidate appearing in GRE®
  • Your Identity Proof is required for applying GRE.
  • Your Original Passport is required for the GRE in India.
  • Every Institute and country has its own criteria for the GRE from all over the world. The program you apply for, and the university or institute that offers the program have set criteria for it. 
  • These criteria may include minimum age, experience, and qualification other than the qualifying score in the GRE® exam.

ID Required

  • Your first and last name entered in the form should exactly match your official ID.
  • Only first and last name is considered or checked your middle name is not required.
  • If your ID has not been processed or your name does not match with ID, you can write to [email protected] at least a week prior to your enrollment to GRE and wait until ETS does allow you to go.
  • You should represent the Original document at the time of the Test Venue, no photocopies and the digital document is allowed.
  • Document with expiry dates is not allowed.
  • You should keep photographs with you.
  • Have your signature on the document.

ID verification process

  • Bio-metric and photo identification
  • Fingerprinting or thumb printing
  • Videotaping
  • Comparison of signatures

GRE Test Price

  • In India, the cost of registration for the GRE exam is set at US$228
  • At the current exchange rate, this translates to ₹14,287
  • The test fee for rescheduling your GRE test is US$50.

The language you must know

Students appearing in the exam must be proficient in the English Language. To take admission to Reputed Universities in English-speaking countries, one must know how to read and write English fluently.

Work experience

There is no such experience required for applying GRE. One can have industry knowledge. Most of the students are fresher in the domain they are going to use. So, having no work experience is ok, if you are applying for GRE.

University Requirements for the GRE Exam

GRE does not require age, educational qualification, etc. on the aspirant. The candidates are not bound if they want to appear for the GRE exam. The universities may look for the specific requirement that needs to meet the criteria otherwise the application can be rejected. The maximum percentage of GRE applicants are above 30 years of age.

  • Few universities have set minimum score percentages for the applied students. However, most of them do not require any percentage, only passing marks are ok with them. Students need to find out about the percentage score for the specific university.
  • You must shortlist your universities and then work with the GRE criteria. Some universities may require high Quantitative scores, while others may require a high Verbal Reasoning score, depending on the program and university you have chosen.
  • The top and well-known universities always look for high scores in Quantitative, Reasoning, and Analytic areas as well.

For the Computer Based Test

Verbal Reasoning: You will have two 30-minute sections – 20 questions per section.

Analytical Writing: One section will be divided into two separate timed writing tasks-
30 minutes per task.

Quantitative Reasoning: Two 30-minute sections – 20 questions per section.

For the Paper Based Test

Verbal Reasoning: Two 35-minute sections – 25 questions per section.

Analytical Writing: Two sections, each with one writing task – 30 minutes per section.

Quantitative Reasoning: Two 40-minute sections – 25 questions per section.

GRE Eligibility for Differently Abled Candidates  

Students who are differently abled and want to apply for the GRE. ETS has arranged all kinds of help for them. The candidate has to complete and submit a form found in the bulletin to ETS.

Number of GRE Attempts 

  • You can Give your GRE Subject Test as many times as you like. There is no fix attempt available on the ETS site. You can take the GRE Subject Test unlimited times.
  • Within a continuous rolling period of 12 months or 365 days, you can take the Computer Delivered GRE General Test once every 21 days for up to five times.
  • You can take the Paper-Delivered GRE General Test as many times as you like, unlike the Computer-Delivered GRE General Test.

Grad Schools Have Their Own GRE Exam Eligibility

The top-notch Universities and Graduate Schools have their own GRE exam eligibility because they actually want only bright students in their colleges and schools. They have set some percentages for the students who are applying for them. This is why it is critical for all college applicants to examine the finer points of each college’s application.

To perform well you have to score well in the examination.

SectionQuestionsDurationScore Range
GRE Analytical Writing Assessment 1 section
(2 essays)
60 minutes
(each of 30 minutes)
0 to 6 with 0.5 point score interval
GRE Quantitative Reasoning2 sections
(20 questions in each section)
70 minutes
(each section is 35 minutes)
130 to 170 with 1 point score interval
GRE Verbal Reasoning2 sections
(20 questions in each section)
60 minutes
(each section is 30 minutes)
130 to 170 with 1 point score interval
GRE Experimental Section1 section
(either Quant or Verbal section)
(30 or 35 minutes)
Not scored
Types of Tests, Duration, and Score.

GRE from Henry Harvin

Henry Harvin is an Institute, where you can get all of your required courses, let’s talk about the GRE preparation from Henry Harvin. Henry Harvin has its best faculty and Courses in its bucket. A number of students benefit from the Institute as they also offer Internships and jobs.

If you think about the GRE and want to succeed in one stroke, here is the only solution for you to join Henry Harvin. It brainstorms analytical writing to constructive attitude to facing exams on quantitative and verbal reasoning questions, it actually prepares you for the GRE with more confidence.

Trainers at Henry Harvin

  • They have delivered 120+ keynote classes for the GRE Preparation Course.
  • 105+ lectures and are currently enrolled as domain experts with Henry Harvin Study Abroad Academy.
  • A most respected industry expert with 12+ years of working experience.

Learning Benefits from Henry Harvin

  • Become an advanced student under the expert guidance of faculties.
  • Crack GRE under the guidance of Henry Harvin faculty.
  • Get the interview skills to clear GRE interview rounds.
  • Understand the technique of Qualitative, quantitative, and Analytical reasoning.
  • Get your Doubt clear instantly.

Career Oriented

  • It makes your path open to clear the GRE and study abroad.
  • GRE scores have worldwide acceptance
  • Get a chance to improve your overall cognitive academic scores
  • Challenge your quantitative aptitude with GRE Mock tests in quick ways


Attempting the GRE is a dream of every fifth student because they dream of studying abroad.

Preparing for the GRE is a must so you can easily hit the test and clear the exam in one stroke. Before you think about the GRE you must know the different platforms that provide preparation for the GRE, for example, you can opt for Henry Harvin or any other that you think is suitable for you.

Without suitable guidance, you can lose the chance of selection and your number of appearances for the exam gets multiple. Not only preparation for the exam is important but also knowing about the other criteria is needed like age, fee, work experience, ID proof, etc.

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Q1. How much are the GRE fees?

A1. The cost of registration for the GRE exam is set at US$228

Q2. Can I get a full scholarship?

A2. Yes, there are many Universities that offer scholarships to students. Apart from the tuition fee, the GRE scholarship amount can also cover living costs, traveling, and personal expenses.

Q3. What is the GRE minimum score?

A3. The GRE minimum score for your Verbal Section is 130, your GRE minimum score for your Quantitative Section is 130 and the GRE minimum score for your Analytical Writing is 0. Hence, the GRE minimum score is 260 excluding the GRE Analytical section

Q4. Is there any negative marking on the GRE?

A4. No, the exam is not based on negative marking. To maximize your scores on the Verbal Reasoning and Quantitative Reasoning measures, it’s best to answer each question.

Q5. What if I fail on the first attempt?

A5. No issue, you can apply and attempt it many times, as no limit has been set for the attempt.

Q6. What is the validity of the GRE exam?

A6. Your GRE score will be valid for 5 years from the date the test was taken.

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