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If you are planning to do higher education after your graduation, i.e., to study abroad at your dream university, you have to clear the Graduate Record Exam(GRE) exam which is the biggest hurdle. With time, GRE preparation has changed entirely from the early days of lengthy books to the present GRE online coaching classes. With the convenience and availability of GRE online classes globally, there is no wonder that these GRE online coaching classes are gaining ground. More than 500,000 students take this exam every year. If you want to pass the exam with a high score and get into a good university, you should take the preparation seriously. To help with that, we have compiled a list of the 9 best GRE online coaching classes which are as below.

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What is GRE?

The Graduate Record Examination(GRE) is an exam that is accepted widely. This exam is conducted and administered by Educational Training Service(ETS). By taking up this exam,  candidates can get admitted to various courses offered at different foreign universities. The GRE test is conducted to evaluate the mathematical, verbal, and analytical skills of the students to check if they are qualified to apply for varied courses. The exam pattern is the same for all the students taking this exam across the world. Also, GRE scores are used for other purposes. Fellowship panels use them to supplement your records of undergraduate, qualifications for graduate-level study, and recommendation letters.

9 Best GRE online coaching Classes

1. Henry Harvin

All the top universities across the world select the best candidate based on the GRE score. Henry Harvin’s GRE online coaching classes are strategically designed for candidates planning to take up the GRE exam. The academy provides the best faculty who give training on quantitative and verbal questions. The trainers at Henry Harvin make you capable to take up the GRE exam with confidence and ease. The GRE scores are considered worldwide as most graduate colleges accept the score for getting admission into universities to study MBA, M.S., and others.

Course Highlights

  • Henry Harvin GRE online coaching classes are two-way interactive live online sessions with many mock tests to keep track of your preparedness. Nevertheless, you will have an access to video content, plenty of tools, assessments, and many more.
  • Henry Harvin provides regular boot camp sessions which are spread over the next 12 months on different industry-related skillset.
  • GRE online coaching class trainers are selected carefully and are recognized by different industries for their work over the years. These trainers are the most esteemed industry experts with more than 12 years of experience. 
  • Henry Harvin provides a gold membership for 1-year from the study abroad academy for GRE online coaching. 

2. Kaplan

Kaplan is a leader in education for more than 80 years. The wide range of capabilities and varied offerings set them apart, allowing its partners and students to advance further and faster. It is one of the oldest and most diversified education providers. This institute is the established organization for GRE coaching with well-experienced faculties to cover all the topics, including mathematics. Kaplan provides such confidence to its students that they can pass any test, reach any milestone or achieve any goal.

Course highlights

  • The online course includes 21 hours of virtual and classroom sessions by two instructors. 
  • New batches normally start every week with different timing slots to accommodate different students. 
  • They also have an on-demand course which is taught in 40hrs through video lessons. 
  • They have more than 2500 practical questions and several practice examinations.
  • Kaplan provides a flexible structure to meet individual requirements in terms of the study material, fees, online, offline, short-duration, and long-duration coaching
  • Additionally, they provide 1:1 coaching for the candidates to prepare and excel in the GRE. 

Cost: on-demand course: 449$

Live online course: 999$

Course duration: 180 hours

3. Varsity Tutors

Varsity Tutors is a tech company, more than that it is a people’s organization. It is a live online training platform. Varsity Tutors is a company that has experts,  and also it is an advanced platform dedicated to live and personalized instruction. Here they understand the candidates and help them to achieve success. This GRE online coaching class offers live online and self-paced sessions. The trainers from this institute undergo a meticulous training process to make sure they are through with the concepts and deliver the same to the students effectively.

Course highlights

  • The course provides all-inclusive material and strategically follows the concepts.
  • The candidates can get a free consultation with the tutors, as to which course to pursue.
  • Varsity tutors’ live online classes stand out from others, like small class sizes, generally between 6 to 9 students. Additionally, the students get 20 hours of live classes over four weeks.
  • The students can gain the benefit of as many practice questions and tests. Also, a mobile app for a reasonable price. 

Cost: Serious study plan: 99$ per month

          Success plan: 299$ per month

Course duration: self-paced

4. ExamPAL

examPAL’s patented technology will customize the course to fit your schedule. It uses AI technology to benefit students with interactive test preparation globally. This is a GRE online coaching class that mainly focuses on your practice and impacts your score positively. This course prepares you in a way with solutions that suits you, and provides real-time feedback on where and how to improve. 

Course Highlights

  • This GRE online coaching class focuses on study plans that are flexible and customized according to the student’s requirements.
  • Attend the GRE classes from the comfort of your home and get a more personalized experience than what you get with a private trainer.
  • Get a learning experience that is fun with interactive videos, animations, and real-time stat.
  • Input your test date and get a GRE study plan which is personalized. Also, get unlimited help from experts in GRE for 7 days a week.
  • The course content is created by experts who have 20 years of experience. It also includes practice questions that are reshaped to your level.

Cost: genius: 699$ for 6 months of access

Premium: 489$ for 3 months 

Express: 349$ for 3 weeks

5. The Princeton Review

The Princeton Review is another well-experienced institute in GRE online coaching classes. This institute offers multiple course options, which include on-demand programs, virtual classes, personalized tutoring, and sharing of the recorded videos, etc. The Princeton Review categorizes the GRE preparation coaching into different batches as per individual aspirations and their current capabilities. The review on Trustpilot shows the company as excellent with a 4.6/5.

Course Highlights

  • Princeton Review Institute has experienced faculty members, who have helped in preparing the course materials. 
  • The experienced instructors guide the students with practice questions and drills to help the students to cement their skills and excel in the final examination. 
  • Princeton Review offers a full money-back guarantee program, if the student has not scored as promised, the institute returns the money. 
  • This institute provides interactive reports to the students to know their scores. This enables them to review their performance by time, subject, category, and difficulty. 
  • They also provide a library of supplementary materials.

Cost: 499$ to 3299$ depending on the program you choose.

6. Magoosh

Magoosh’s GRE online coaching class started in the year 2011. It is a website that prepares you for GRE, which is taught by experts and the students can take practice tests with ease. It also helps students to plan their studies easily. Magoosh is available for its students 24/7 quickly with email or chats support. This online platform supports all GRE topics. It is self-guided with study plans according to the individual. This online course also provides all-inclusive review materials strategically designed for candidates to prepare in short study sessions.

Course Highlights

  • This GRE online coaching class offers practice questions and exams. It also contains a large database for explanation in video and text. 
  • This is one of the best GRE preparation courses that provide a guarantee for improvement in scores.
  • This course also supports the mobile app which is user-friendly.

Cost: 149$ for 1 month of access

179$ for 6 months of access

479$ for premium access

7. Achievable

Achievable is a GRE preparation website that is designed mainly for professionals who are working and want to go for higher studies. This site helps you to select the course easily. The course offers mobile-friendly ebooks that are easy to read. Achievable is the one GRE exam preparation course that uses memory science technology to make sure that you reach your goal. Achievable’s GRE online coaching classes can be easily accessed from smartphones and the web.

Course highlights

  • Achievable’s GRE test preparation includes review questions, full-length practice exams, and an online textbook.
  • This course covers all sections of the GRE, which includes quantitative reasoning, verbal reasoning, and analytical reasoning.
  • It provides a walkthrough of questions in detail. Also, you get access to 200+ high-quality verbal reasoning practice questions.
  • The “memory progress” tracker will keep track of the student’s performance and makes sure that they are sincerely absorbing the material.

Cost: 199$ for 6 months

Course duration: self-paced

8. Manhattan prep GRE

Manhatten Prep GRE is a website that offers live GRE classes. For admission into MBA programs, where weightage of GRE score is important. Hence, Manhattan Prep has a course on the GRE designed for students taking the GRE as part of an MBA application. The course enables you to customize and learn the subjects at the level you can grasp. The tutors of this site teach both verbal and quantitative topics.

Course highlights

  • This course offers private tutoring, and also get the closest experience to how actually the GRE test will be.
  • The instructors are engaging and personable. They teach in a fun and interactive way. They make complex things easier and simpler to grasp.
  • This provides a variety of GRE courses, from which the candidates can choose according to the requirement.
  • It offers both in-person and live online classes. Also, the students can access the course from the mobile app.

Cost: 1599$

Course duration: self-paced

9. Prepscholar GRE prep

PreScholar institute was established in the year 2013, with a vision to provide test preparation services online. This institute provides an individual strategy to achieve the aspiration of a GRE score to enter into the dream university with a preferred study style. PreScholar is one of the few institutes that offer a lifetime subscription. This scheme is very good for students, who are not yet decided to appear for the GRE but want to prepare well in order to excel in the GRE.

Course Highlights

  • The institute starts the course first by conducting a diagnostic examination to identify the student’s strengths and weaknesses. Based on the test results institute prepares a study plan for each individual.
  • This plan contains over 150 hours of interactive sessions and 2300 practical questions divided into basic and advanced levels.
  • It is more of a self-guided course without any one-to-one tutoring. The learning methodology is more of a planning game type.
  • The tool synchronizes the candidate’s email and phone to receive personalized reminders and updates the progress and the ideal time to take the practice test etc. 
  • This program is accessible 24/7. The feedback score from Trustpilot is 4.6/5, which is excellent.


GRE online coaching classes are useful only when the student has a clear understanding of the exam pattern, GRE syllabus, scoring structure, etc. once you get an idea about this, you can explore different coaching classes and select the one which suits you the best. Joining a reputed coaching institute like Henry Harvin will provide you with proper guidance and helps you to achieve the ideal GRE score required to get into the university of your choice.

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Ranks Amongst Top #5 Upskilling Courses of all time in 2021 by India Today

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