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 Are you ready to learn about the Stock Market & want to kick-start your career?

Or want to invest?

This article is for you.

Here you’ll find more than 25 stock market courses that you can use to learn the nitty-gritty of the stock market.

The best free stock market courses list is given to explore and enhance your knowledge base at the end of this article.

Let’s Study Stock Market basics first.

What is the Stock Market?

A Place where shares of public listed companies are traded, a commonplace where the company’s share is sold & bought, it’s very dynamic. and millions of stockholders invest in stocks & ensure that they yield them a good return on investment., stocks  are also known as equities

What is the purpose of the Stock Market?

The main purpose is to gather investors or stockholders & provide a platform to trade. It provides a path to companies for raising money, which helps them in expanding their financial health.

The catalyst here is Stock Brocker.

How does a Stock Market works?

In simple words, like Auction House, both sellers and buyers negotiate and complete the trade with a win-win situation.

The stockbroker is a facilitator for buying & selling stocks and shares. Upon hiring his services, it helps investors and traders understand the current market situation and makes sure stocks are sold in a win-win situation, the stockbroker will nominated brokerage for such transactions.

“Stock Market is considered as important since it is linked with the country’s economic growth.”

Let’s study Stock Market under 3 sections What, How & why it is so important to know.

As the defined Stock market is a Public Market where trading of Stocks & shares takes place, we can see three types of transactions here Issuance, buying, selling of stocks, this is under one umbrella “Stock Exchange.”

What is the Stock exchange?

A transaction that constitutes issuance of stocks & shares, buying of stocks & shares, selling of stocks and shares in simple words, one should understand stocks can be sold if and only if they are listed in Stock Exchange. Hence stock exchange is a common point of stock trading activities?

stock market courses

To understand stock market basics, please go through the foloowing points:

Securities: Securities are financial instruments which have economic value, there may be  types of securities such as Equity securities and debentures these are traded in secondary markets

Bonds: It is a form of debt

IPO: Abbreviated as an initial public offering, as the name suggests initial issuance of shares to the public by the companies

Equities: it refers to stocks of the company

How does Stock Exchange works?

If you have observed Auction House where you have sellers & buyers who will be negotiating & selling their goods even stock market works in similar way Stock Market has a lot of investors, Buyers, Stockbrokers who would be looking at the present market rate & indulged in buying selling activities of stocks & shares

Stocks & shares increase the economic value of an organization in the global market, with higher value company shares company s ranking will grow in the financial market & company gains here.

Many stockbroking companies in the market, such as Angel broking, Sharekhan, Motilal Oswal, India Infoline 5 paisa, help investors & companies in Stock trading.

With this, many job opportunities provide jobs to many passionate job seekers who want to establish themselves in the financial domain, especially in Stock & Shares.

There are some certifications provided to enable professionals to trade, for example, NCFM, NISMwhich provides excellent know-how of Stock & share market and terminologies associated with the domain.

What is Demat Account?

The account used by investors to hold Shares & Securities in electronic format, you can open Demat account you as an investor need to approach  depository participant and fill account opening form

Demat accounts help investors to trade online, types of Demat account are Regular Account, Patriable & Non re partially Demat account

Demat Account full form: Dematerialization Account

Now we will study what Primary & Secondary Markets are:

Primary Market is part of the capital market where securities are created & in secondary Market, and these securities are traded. In the Primary market, trading takes place without any intermediate.

An example of a secondary market is sugar cane juice extract, after extracting sugarcane juice bagasse remains & later, it is used for fuel.

Types of Secondary market: Stock exchanges and over-the-counter markets

The secondary market’s main role is to provide a way for  future investment; in India, secondary markets are governed by SEBI(Securities & exchange board of India)

Advantages of the secondary market: It inspires investors to invest money in the form of shares. Secondary markets provide a podium for easy trading in shares, which helps convert shares to money.

Below are a few lists of financial instruments traded in the Stock market

Mutual Funds
Shares & Stocks

What is Mutual Fund?

stock market courses

It is trust engaged in bringing money from various investors & reinvest that money in the security market, always there is a risk, but the gain will be higher & it fluctuates.

What are Shares and Stocks?

If you look, both are similar as they refer to ownership. Though, stock refers to ownership in one or more companies, although shares refer to ownership in a specific company. The shares are accessible in the stock market or markets for sale, to bring up capital for the company.

What are Derivatives?

It is a type of contract between two parties & its vale is consequent to the underlying asset

What are Bonds?

It is a fixed income instrument that the company puts out in the form of a loan to raise its financial capital.

Let’s begin & explore few free online stock market courses to inculcate knowledge on Stocks & Shares & become Pro investor.

Happy Investing to all.

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These stock market courses are free in cost and highly efficient in knowledge imaprtation.

Let’s dive straight into free stock market courses available on different platforms.

#1. How to Invest in Stocks a Complete Guide for Beginners

How to Invest in the Indian Stock Market | Beginners Guide| Basics ...

Course Provider: Udemy

Duration of the course: 41 Minutes video

The course has the following content:

  1. Introduction about course, here basics of topics covered in the entire course in narrated.
  2. Dividends: what are dividends is covered here, how to make money with stocks is also mentioned here.
  3. How to value a stock: here short explanation of how to value a stock for investment is covered with earn ration & PEG ratio and how to make money by investing in Stocks.
  4.  Tips to make passive income: here, a few tips are given to make money with Stocks.

#2. 5 Keys to Investment

Course Provider: Udemy

Duration of the course:  49 Minutes

The course has the following content:

The course is planned for a beginner. In Investment, it talks about the importance of investing, how much to invest where to invest, and why to invest. In simple terms, it also involves the risk involved in investing so that investor is prepared for planned investment

#3. Introduction to Value Growth Investing

Course Provider: Udemy

Course duration: 60 Minutes

The course has the following content:

The course takes you through stock market investment, growth associated with stock market investment and how to value stocks online before investment, analysis of company & finance, includes a quiz to evaluate your learning curve

#4. Stocks, Cycles and Fundamental Analysis

Course Provider: Udemy

Course duration: 40 Minutes

The course has the following content:

The course is divided into two main parts the first introduction to stocks & overview of Business Cycle

#5. Investing Online

Learn to Identify Multibagger Stocks by Secret method in NSE & BSE

Course Provider: Udemy

Course duration:  45 Minutes

The course has the following information:

The course talks about Business Quality & Multi baggers stock story with many examples. It highlights investment returns after investing Online

#6. Beginners Guide to Stock Terminology

Visual Capitalist on Twitter: "Infographic: 40 Stock Market Terms ...

Course Provider: Udemy

Course duration: 31 Minutes

Course contents: The course takes you through complete Stock Market fundamentals like what is Stock, stock market, Different types of stocks, Why & How to Buy Stocks along with useful websites and books for further study.

#7. Online Investing Fundamentals: Understanding Core Principles

This is the ideal course Beginners when venturing into the stock market for the first time

Course Provider: Udemy

Course Duration:  Approx. 1 Hour

Course details: The main content, of course, is about Stocks Stock market, Stock Brokers, learning how to develop a trading plan

#8. Basic Investing Concepts

Course Provider: Udemy

Course duration: 50 Minutes

Course details: The course explains about various investment strategies & objectives, Risks & returns related to Investment, Asset allocation, Risk Tolerance, and why do we invest.

#9. Stock Market Trading Introduction

Course Provider: Udemy

Course Duration: 49 Minutes

Course details: Explanation about Stock Trading & Know-How about Stock Market work. Power of Stock Market, how factors drive the Stock Market, Dynamics of Stock Market and various trading concepts

#10. Stock Trading for Beginners 2020 updated

Course Provider: Udemy

Course Duration: 2 Hours Approximately

Course Content: By taking up this course, you will get exposed to the following aspects

  1. How to Make Money Exchange Stocks
  2. Learn Normally Used Terms in Stock Market
  3. Fundamentals of the Stock Market
  4. Plans for Trading
  5. How to handle Risk
  6. How to double Profit
  7. Trading Psychology basics
  8. Trading Designs
  9. Technical Investigation of the Stock Market
  10. Fundamental Stocks Analysis
  11. Terminologies involved in Stock Market, what is Stock Trading, principles of stock trading, who are stockbrokers, how to choose stock brokers online, Stock indices, Initial Public offerings, Trading Strategies & Risk Management.

This course is to the idea that you will start at the beginning, and within one hour or less, you will know everything you need to get started with stock market trading. This course gives new people who want to acquire information about trading the foundation to start and the strategies to become successful, It conveys all the information you need to know and misses the info you don’t. Know This course will help everyone eager to learn and will set you on the right path to becoming a professional trader.

#11. Stock Market Beginners Analysis Secret

Course Provider: Udemy

Course duration: 50 Minutes

Course Details: Course outlines, Analysis of Stock Markets, Financial trading, Demo account, basics of charting, Risk Management, how to extract regular and weekly profit

#12. Fundamentals of Share Investing

stock market courses

Course Provider: Udemy

Course Duration: 52 minutes

Course Outline: Study fundamentals of Share Investing & what are Shares, Risk involved in investments, horizons & Approaches to Investing, Answers to “Why to Invest in Shares,” Case studies, Analytics & Financial ratios.

#13. Stock Market Basics Technical Analysis

Course Provider: Udemy

Course duration: 1 Hour 57 Minutes

Course Details:

  1. Proceed to a full understanding of how stocks, bonds, and mutual funds function
  2. Acquire knowledge about the history of the stock market and make a trade with Author through video
  3. Appreciate & learn how to find stocks and decide which ones to buy
  4. Turn into a master at looking at stock charts and understanding
  5. Comprehend how to minimize your risk of trading using different strategies

“This is the appreciated online course for someone interested in getting into day trading, swing trading or dividend investing “

#14. How to Start Investing for Absolute Beginners

Course Provider: Udemy

Course Duration: 44 Minutes

Course Details: What will you learn?

  1. Recognize why market crashes occur
  2. Come out from fear of investing
  3. Know how to save enough money
  4. Appreciate what investing is all about
  5. Appreciate that there are several different ways to invest
  6. Find out what investment style to adopt
  7. Understand a simple way to start investing with as little Money and Grow

The course talks about Today’s Economy & preparing a robust plan for investment, minimizing the fear of investment by understanding the dynamism of Market dynamics & strengthen your knowledge about choosing a platform for investment.

#15. Understanding Bonds

Course Provider: Udemy

Course duration: 40 Minutes

Course details:

  1. Understand the bond basics
  2. Know-how about different types of bonds
  3. Know-how about the benefits and risks of bond investing
  4. Understand bond credit ratings
  5. Learn about bond price, yield spreads
  6. Learn about bond funds

The course explains Different types of Bonds, Credit ratings, Bond basics

#16. How To Be a Trader

Course Provider: Udemy

Course Duration: 4 Hour 45 Minutes

Course Details: The course has following

  1. A Comprehensive Trading System that will communicate to you how to get into high possibility of high profit and low-risk trading
  2. A clear complete strategy for trading profits

#17. Learn the Basics of Financial Market

Course Provider: Trading campus

Course duration: 7 days/1 Hour per day

Course details: The course explains Primary and secondary markets, different types of securities available in the market,

#18. Basics of Options

Careers - Trading Campus

Course Provider: Trading campus

Course duration: 14 days/1 hour per day

Course details: The course outlines different trading options for investment strategies.

#19. Mutual Fund Investing

Course Provider: Trading campus

Course duration: 10 Days/1 hour per day

Course details: The course explains how you can invest in Mutual Funds.

#20. Introduction to Financial Markets

Course Provider: Coursera

Course duration: Approximately 7 Hours

Course details: The course explains about financial markets and economy, explains about equities, Fixed income markets, Currency markets, Stock market, Bond Market and macroeconomic fundamentals. Trading rules followed by Quiz

#21. Bonds and stocks

Course Provider: Coursera

Course duration: Approximately 10 hours

Course details:

  1. Valuing and trading of Bonds
  2. Valuing and trading of stocks

#22. Trading basics

Course Provider: Coursera

Course duration: 8 hours approximately

Course details: Study about Financial Statements & Financial Statement Analysis, Pricing Theories, and Market structures

#23. Understanding Financial Markets

Course Provider: Coursera

Course duration: 11 Hours

Course details: The course explains about Financial Markets & Economy of Financial Markets.

#24. Stock Market Investing for Beginners

stock market courses

Course provider: Udemy

Course duration: 1 Hour 29 minutes

Course details: Stock Basics, About investors, &learn reading financial statements, and about vale investments.


#25. Trading for Beginners-Entry level

Course Provider: Udemy

Course duration:  1 Hour 15 Minutes

Course details: After taking up this course, you will be able to describe HOW, WHY, What is trading. Understand market dynamics & Methods to analyze the market

#26. Introduction to Stocks And Short Selling

Course provider: Alison

Course duration: approximately 1-2 Hours

Course details: Explanation on why to buy stocks and advantages of Stock trading & assignments to understand the learning, about shares and concept behind selling buying stocks, shares

Synopsis and Conclusion on Stock Market Courses

Want to invest in Stock Market read the complete article to get know-how about Share Market, Stocks how stock markets operate & who are involved in Stock trading, courses are handpicked to give a maximum learning experience & ensure inculcation of Necessary knowledge required to become Stock Market Investment professional & able to guide investor about investment channels and different financial instruments.

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Q. 1. How will doing a Stock market course help me?

Ans. Stock market courses give students a complete understanding of techniques like Equities, fundamental Analysis, Technical Analysis, Stock Markets, and more to earn profit in the stock market. They also give an in-depth technical knowledge of trends and patterns.

Q. 2. Will I get any career benefits too if I take up Henry Harvin’s Stockmarket specialist course?

Ans. Yes, you will be exposed to many jobs universally with good growth opportunities in top Stock Market firms.  You can work as a Freelancer or as a full-time Professional and have better job security. This course will also improve your LinkedIn Profile with Technical & Professional development.

Q. 3. What are the technical analysis tools used in the stock market?

Ans. Stock Charts, Simple Moving Average (SMA), Moving Average Convergence and Divergence (MACD), Relative Strength Index (RSI), Parabolic SAR, Oscillators, Bollinger Bands, Fibonacci Retracements and Probability Analysis are some of the technical analysis tools used in the stock market.

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