The stock market broadly refers to the aggression of buyers and sellers of stock which represents the ownership claims over a business which includes securities listed on the public stock exchange as well as the stocks that can only be traded privately which are the shares of private companies. To attain profits from this aggregation of buying and selling of shares requires knowledge and to acquire this knowledge, people from Bangalore can explore the different stock market courses for beginners in Bangalore.

What is a stock market course?

The stock market course introduces you to the process of how to find and analyze companies it also determines the risk of the stock market investment or trade it also helps you to understand the right trading style to achieve your personal goals using the correct approach as they make you understand why markets move the way they do, it also gives you the proper entry and exit time of the stocks.

The 10 stock market courses for beginners in Bangalore

1. Henry Harvin

Henry Harvin Logo


Research and popularity on the web domain, Henry Harvin is at the top of the list as it is the best institution that provides stock market courses in Bangalore. Henry Harvin ranks among the top 500 Global Edtech companies globally and it ranks among the top 100 companies in India. It also has a huge customer base in over 97 countries and according to a survey conducted by Higher Education Digest, Henry Harvin is the fastest-growing Edtech startup in India. As a career & proficiency development organization, this institution is quoted as an online university that provides over 200 programs for upskilling & reskilling.


The main objective of the Henry Harvin courses is to make their candidates demand-driven. This means that the course empowers the candidate with all required skills and awareness of the tools that are essential to possess to be in demand in the highly competitive world.


Each to appropriately guide the candidate course of the Henry Harvin Institute is specially designed by taking all the required measures that are in demand through detailed study in that particular area of that course.


Unique features of Henry Harvin stock market course

The main aim of this course is to equip the candidate  with stock market theoretical and practical knowledge for wealth generation through equity markets  

9in 1 course: Henry Harvin provides 9 benefits in one course while doing this course the candidate can benefit in 9 different ways as follows :


Training: Henry Harvin provides 24 hours of live online interactive classroom sessions.


Projects: This institution provides the facility to undergo projects in Capital Markets, Wealth management inequity, and debts.


Internship: Henry Harvin provides their candidates with internship assistance to gain practical experience of the learning.


Certification: After the completion of this course the candidate is provided with the certification of stock market specialist course from Henry Harvin, Govt of India recognized & award-winning institute.


Placement: Henry Harvin also provides their candidate with 100% placement guarantee support for 1 year after full completion of the course.


E-learning access: The candidate who has enrolled in this course has 24/7 lifetime access to their training videos, free access to the assignments which equips the candidate with abundant tools and techniques.


Bootcamps: Henry Harvin conducts boot camp sessions which are spread over 12 months for their candidate.


Hackathons: The candidate also has full free access to hackathons and competitions conducted by Henry Harvin.


Membership: Henry Harvin provides their candidate with a gold membership of Henry Harvin Finance academy for the stock market specialist course.


Trainers: This institution provides trainers who conduct the stock market course for beginners in Bangalore who are hugely experienced with over 15 years of working experience. The trainers are selected based on a detailed study conducted by their training partners while taking into consideration the feedback from earlier employers as well each trainer conducting this course has taken over 350 stock market lectures online and is currently considered the domain expert for the Henry Harvin Institute.


Money-back guarantee: Henry Harvin guarantees full repayment to the candidate.

Fees: Henry Harvin provides this course in 2 packages


Package 1: This module is not only attractively priced but also an additional benefit with this module of the courses is that the participant gets a gold membership valid for one year. Institute also provides weekly boot camp sessions, they provide this course with a flexible schedule, one can gain access to the recorded stock market course online sessions for a lifetime and this institution also provides unlimited access to all their live sessions of this course.


Package 2: Major benefits of the Henry Harvin 2nd pack for the stock market course include lifetime support that the candidate requires after completion of the course along with a host of online support available  

2. IMFC 

IMFC is one of the top institutions that provide stock market courses for beginners in Bangalore, India. This institution marks a tremendous achievement in the short-term, long long-term job oriented skill development and investors & trading courses, this institution has been in this business since 1997and, and they have been training investors and traders. With the launch of Udts, the ultimate simplistic stock trading strategy in 2018 Imfc became a global name.


Today Imfc is recognized as one of the most prestigious and trusted names for stock market education in online as well as classroom courses in India.


Following are the features that  Imfc provides in a stock market course for beginners in Bangalore

Training: IMFC offers a comprehensive online stock market course where their candidates will gain 9 months of share marketing training where they will equip their candidate in formulating share trading strategies to attain profits on investments, this institution also conducts training on a basic overview of the stock market.


Acquiring a skill: Imfc has designed this course in such a way that the candidate will acquire interesting trading strategies which will enhance his stock market concept and ideas and help him to master this course.


Trainers: To conduct the training in the stock market course for beginners in Bangalore, Imfc Institute has assigned a team of trainers who are certified NSE technical analysts with 10 to 15 years of experience in training students.


Duration: IMFC Institute provides 6 months of the online training program, with the benefit that the student can have free access to the training conducted even after the completion of  the stock market course for beginners in Bangalore.


Certification: After completion of the stock market course, the candidate is provided with the Imfc course completion certification which helps in raising the level of the resume as Imfc is considered one of the best institutions for share market courses having their certification will benefit the holder in attaining placements in companies

 3. NTA {NiftyTrading Academy}

NTA Academy

This is one of the top institutions providing stock market courses for beginners in Bangalore as Nifty Trading Academy is a renowned share market training institute, this institution started with a simple dream of implementing the knowledge of stock market trading to beginners, as of today this institution has over 30000 learners with a simple aim of making every student successful traders.


This academy works for a mission of providing training to beginners and giving them the information and abilities to shape splendid professions in the share market, AS NTA has a vision of shaping this institution of being the most loved institute for learners who are interested in stock trading.


Following are the features that are provided by NTA in their stock market course for beginners in Bangalore:

Training:  NTA provides a stock market course that covers various types of trading styles like skill trading, short-term trading, and position trading, by opting for this course the candidate also becomes fully equipped in areas such as the investment theory of stock, options, features,exchange-traded funds, currency.


Practical training: To acquire a clear understanding of the different ways of investing in the market this institution conducts live market training sessions for its candidates.


Market support: IMFC institution has set a live market support team that deals with all the queries regarding the purchase or selling of shares of their candidates who have enrolled in the stock market course.


Webinar: These institutions also conduct query webinars for their candidate every 45 days.


Money-back guarantee: If the candidate doing the stock market course is not satisfied with the completion of the first phase of this course the Imfc institute guarantees full repayment to that candidate who is not satisfied with the course.


Lifetime access: IMFC institution also provides free access to the recorded training lectures for their candidate even after the completion of the course for a lifetime.


Membership: The candidate who has enrolled in the stock market course is given a lifetime membership card from the Imfc institution.

4. ASC [ncfm] Academy

This institution is a Hyderabad-based academy that specializes in stock market courses for share trading and investment is one of the oldest and one of the leading education centers, this institution was established with a vision to give stock market training.


Which consists of 2 phases 1 the overall share market training and 2 the detailed share market training which includes NCFM and NISM modules to create leaders in the financial sector. For the past 17 years, this academy has trained over 20000 candidates on share market trading courses, this institution also has a branch in Bangalore that provides a stock market course for beginners in Bangalore.


Following are the various features provided by ASC in their stock market course for beginners in Bangalore:

Training: The ASC NCFM institution provides live training in the stock market course for beginners in Bangalore this institution has moduled this course in 2 different formats the candidates will choose according to their convenience.


The basic level training: In this module of training the candidate is provided with the basic knowledge of the stock market as the candidate is provided with an overview of the share market.


The advanced level training: This module of training is specially designed which provide a detailed understanding of the stock market, creating guidance to utilize the various techniques and tools and this module also provides powerful knowledge of the capital market functions. For better understanding, this institution provides a stock market course for beginners in Bangalore in their regional languages.


Trainers: ASC NCFM Institute has assigned a team of highly experienced trainers and traders who will assist their candidates in achieving their personal goals.

5. MG [millionaires group]

MG Logo

This institution is one of the most comprehensive stock market training institutes for professionals as well as youngsters, this institution was established 10 years ago in the year2010 and has successfully trained over 4000 students in such a short time. 

Following are the unique features of the stock market course for beginners in Bangalore provided by MG:

Training: MG provides the stock market course which covers topics such as equity, F&O  commodity& Indian currency 

Live trading sessions: This institution provides live trading sessions to all their candidate to have practical knowledge about the stock market.

Doubt clarification sessions: If the candidate has some doubts regarding any topic in the stock market course these institutions conduct doubt clarification sessions for all their candidate.

Expert advice: If the candidate is facing any issues regarding the purchase and selling of shares of the company the candidate has access to the expert advisors who appropriately guide the candidate to clarify their issues.

6. Udemy:

 This institution is a multinational organization known for online learning with over 46 m learners,60000 instructors, and over 175k courses delivered in over 75 different languages. As their main motto is to connect people through knowledge.

Udemy is also one of the institutes that provide the stock market course for beginners in Bangalore, which covers all aspects of the stock market. 

Following are the features that Udemy provides in their stock market course


 Udemy provides the stock market course training which contains 22 sections covered in in 121 lectures for a total time duration of 9 hrs 6mins

Video lectures:

Udemy provides 9 hrs of video training sessions in their stock market course for beginners in Bangalore.

Access to articles:

This institution provides 6 articles on the stock market for all  their candidate  

 Lifetime access:

The candidates  are provided with lifetime access to the training lectures conducted by Udemy 

Multi-device Acess:

Udemy provides special links to all their candidates to have access to the training through different devices that are through mobiles, tv 


This institution provides Course completion certification in the stock market course for beginners in Banglore

7. ASTA:

This is an online trading institute that provides one of the best online stock market courses they have successfully trained more than 50000 participants from 554 cities.

ASTA conducts the  stock market course in 4 levels  for beginners in Bangalore

Level 1

 SMM{secrets of market millionaires}:, The candidates are given training in the stock market to take advantage of the market phases which are, whether the market is in decline or the market is inclining phase

Level 2

 PAPA{pay attention to price action}:, candidate is trained to focus on price action along with other indicators 

Level 3

 FOME{futures&options made easy}: In this level, the candidates are given training in basic and options trading strategies with a focus on practicals.

Level 4

  GUE{get ultimate edge}: In this level, the candidates are given training in the advanced techniques of technical analysis combined with the Elliott wave principle


8. SMM:  

 SMM is a Bangalore-based institution that provides personalized coaching to learn the art of trading and investing, this institutions have a hugely experienced training staff with over 8 years of training experience, this institution has also trained over 500 students in this stock market course

 Following are the features of the stock market course for beginners in Bangalore:


  • The SMM training program for stock market courses includes topics such as equity cash market,darivativesfutures&options, currencies, and commodity training

     E-learning/offline seasons:

    This institution conducts online as well as offline learning sessions that can be chosen by the candidate 

     Live market sessions:

  • SMM institutes also conduct live market sessions for their candidate to give their candidate practical knowledge of the share market.

    Free accesses:

  • this institution provides free access to training classes on full completion of the course

    Doubt-clearing sessions:

    SMM Institute provides unlimited doubt-clearing sessions to all their candidate after completion of the course

 9. Hexaurum:

Hexaurum Training Institute is one of the leading institutes in the domain of stock market training. They also offer stock market courses for beginners in Bangalore.

 Hexaurum provides the stock market course for a time duration of 2 months the contents of the 2 monthly course are as follows:

Month 1: 

This institution gives training in identifying market direction using price actions, differentiating correction and trends, powerful trading strategy, the right technique to use candlestick patterns, robust trading system for swing trade

Month 2 :

 this stage of the stock market course includes topics such as the importance of risk management, how to calculate the right volume for each trade, psychological aspects of trading, backtesting, and understanding candidates’ trading personalities, and creating candidates’ trading systems.

10. MMA:

MMA is one of the premium stock market training academies that provides stock market courses for beginners in Bangalore.

Following are the features provided by MMA in their stock market course for beginners in Bangalore  


The MMA training program includes topics like stock trading strategies and techniques, option trading strategies and trading, futures trading strategies and techniques, and proper trade management

Online sessions:

this institution also provides online training sessions of their stock market course

Webinars, Seminars

MMA also conducts webinars and seminar sessions to teach multiple trading strategies 

Real-time Online training rooms:

to gain practical knowledge of the share market MMA institution conducts real-time online training rooms.

11. NSE Training Institute in India

NSE is the best stock market training institute in Bangalore. Moreover, the most prominent courses – short-term certification courses and graduate and Postgraduate programs. In addition, the institute offer live online stock trading classes to remote students. NSE Institute assists students in achieving proficiency in the investment of shares and securities. Additionally, it provides courses in Investment Banking and Financial Markets.

Key highlights of the Stock Market courses In Bangalore:

  • The course exclusively focuses on Nifty50
  • Raw hands-on Index trading.
  • Sessions on intraday trading.
  • Highly experienced faculty.
  • Sessions with industry experts.

12. ICFM -( Institute of Career in Financial Market)

ICFM offers effective Stock market training in Bangalore to teach investment and trading in financial markets. ICFM’s courses in stock trading are career-focused and industry-integrated. Alongside their educational programs, learners have access to several work opportunities.

Key highlights of the Stock Market courses In Bangalore

  • The ICMF offers courses in the stock market, futures and options, the currency market, and the commodity market.
  •  It provides accelerated training in technical analysis, currency trading, derivatives trading, and stock trading. 

13. BSE Training Institute India 

BSE Institute Ltd. began as an educational platform for financial solutions. It is supplemental to BSE Ltd, the first stock exchange in Asia to operate rapidly. It initially began giving education on capital investment. Now, it educates thousands of individuals annually about the stock market and share investment. After establishing a foothold in Mumbai, the BSE institute is extending its reach to other cities over time. It offers novice best stock market training in Bangalore and other cities. MBA graduates are advancing their professions with the BSE institute’s instruction and support.

Key highlights of the Stock Market courses In Bangalore

  • Become a BSE Institute Ltd.-certified stock market specialist.
  • Learn the fundamentals of an effective investment strategy.
  • Become a valuable asset to investing and stock trading companies.
  • This course will assist you in creating a successful stock market portfolio.
  • Intensive sessions on the fundamentals of investing
  • Participants will acquire the essential skills for stock market transactions.

14. National Institute of Securities Market 

The National Institute of Securities Market (NISM) is the premier institution for stock market education. It is a non-profit organisation founded by SEBI in 2006. ( Securities and Exchange Board of India). SEBI has taken a critical step by proposing NISM. It involves conveying knowledge about the financial securities industry. It similarly educates individuals about stock investing. Academy is growing its learning programs rapidly to position the institute as a global leader in securities education. It is the best stock market training institute in Bangalore.

Key highlights of the Stock Market courses In Bangalore

  • The curriculum enables students to learn trading concepts.
  • Students solve actual trading problems.
  • The program hones the students’ managerial abilities.
  • Before entering the real market, obtain training at financial simulation labs.
  • Students must possess comprehensive technical expertise.
  • Clarify the legal structure of capital formation and the stock market.

15. Goaled Stock Market Courses

This versatile brand is the best stock market training institute in Bangalore. Through its training programs, Goaled believes it can address the shortage of trained stock marketers. Its canvas contains all aspects of stock trading and investment,and an up-to-date curriculum. Goaled academy values the fears that individuals have towards the stock market. Moreover, each year, it gains the confidence of hundreds of keen students of financial policy. Goaled is a well-known stock market training in Bangalore. Through their classes, it also educates postgraduate students on the increased financial complexities.

Key highlights of the Stock Market courses In Bangalore

  • Modules of instruction that are simple to comprehend 
  • Adapt your career to the market’s demands.
  • Discover the components of financial policies.
  • An excellent training package will make you a dynamic stock marketer.


As the demand to learn to trade in the stock market has increased as a result this has given rise to the institutions offering stock market courses for beginners in Bangalore, These institutions not only provide the best facilities but also help the students widen their fields to pursue a career in the stock market therefore according to the research conducted the Henry Harvin institute ranks in premium position as it provides in-depth knowledge about the stock market and provides their candidates with internship and guaranties placement support to all their candidate which are essential factors in making a career. 

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Ques 1. Why is the stock market course important?

Ans. As it helps the candidate understand the complete techniques to earn more profit in the stock market in-depth technical knowledge of trends and patterns to identify stock price movements, helps to become a good trader with full knowledge about the short-term, mid-term trading, and long-term investments.


Ques 2. What is stock market trading?

Ans. This course provides the participants with adequate knowledge of the stock exchange as it introduces the participants to how to find and analyze companies that determine the risk of the stock investment or trade and provides knowledge about the proper entry and exit time of the stock.


Ques 3. Is the stock market a good career?

Ans. With the correct knowledge and strategy, you can earn a decent amount of money from the market one can groom from the cash market to the derivatives market, and make leverage, by gaining stock market knowledge one can also choose the research and training field as a career.


Ques 4. Can the stock market make you rich?

Ans. Yes, it is possible to make money in stock trading. Many people have made millions just by day trading, but the important thing about day trading is that only a few people can make money in day trading and the rest end up losing all their money.   

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