Are you excited to know about foreign language courses in Kolkata?

West Bengal, as we are aware the western end of our country holds a great prestige of lineage for literature and the dominance,  in receiving the culture of the west and languages too. 

A person who is in need of learning foreign language courses in Kolkata such as german, french, Spanish, Italian, and Japanese has a widespread collection of institutes and academies available there out.

Is it worth learning foreign language courses in Kolkata?

Why not? Many reputed universities and learning academies are collaborating with NGOs and federal agencies are providing the above-mentioned course. You will also get opportunities to get both online and offline modes of the curriculum in your entire course of study.

Let us discuss those opportunities to learn foreign languages in Kolkata according to its learning structure and ranking along with reliability.

1. Henry Harvin Learning Academy

 A bundle of options with well-arranged learning modules and training with certifications which is globally acclaimed makes Henry Hervin a paradise to learn foreign language courses in Kolkata.

Since it is possibly an online study pattern, thoroughly makes it accessible and reliable in all major cities. Let’s have a skim on the different language courses they provide and their specification.

French language course in Henry Harvin

If you are looking out for a complete level of proficiency, Henry Harvin language academy has a lot of stories to tell. After completing your course in french you will be able to achieve a multi-dimensional approach to texts and writings.

Course proficiency range from A1, A2, B1, B2, C1,  C2, and the learning hours ranges from 56 plus hours to 66 plus hours.

Industrial experts in the french language will be your teachers and more than 300 lectures along with practical training and placement assistance also be provided.

Assistance for DELF, DILF, and TCF proficiency exams is a key factor in learning here.

Spanish  language course in Henry Harvin

Learning Spanish here in henry Harvin is also a worthful attempt, it helps you to develop cognitive skills with well-trained staff.

Proficiency level from A1 to C2 is also provided here and the learning time ranges from 56 hours to 66 hours, Fee structure ranges from Rs.12,500 to Rs. 17,500

Assistance for DELE and SIELE  exams is also an added advantage. 

German  language course in Henry Harvin

DSH and tested-oriented well organized training along with practical aspects are provided here. Course proficiency range from A1, A2, B1, B2, C1,  C2, and the learning hours ranges from 56 plus hours to 66 plus hours.

The fee structure ranges from Rs.12,500 to Rs. 17,500

Korean  language course in Henry Harvin

The reading, writing, listening, and speaking intensities are measured by using the TOPIK exam for non-Korean individuals. Proficiency level ranges from 1 and 2, 3 and 4, 5 and 6.

Two-way live interactive classes range from 56 plus hours to 66 plus hours and the fee ranges from Rs.15,500 to Rs.19,500.

Italian  language course in Henry Harvin

 With extra training timings in concentration for the GD proficiency exam, highly experienced staff and training modules give you an enlighted view of the world’s fourth-largest speaking language.

Course proficiency range from A1, A2, B1, B2, C1,  C2, and the learning hours ranges from 56 plus hours to 66 plus hours along with a fee structure ranging from Rs.12,500 to Rs. 17,500.

foreign language courses in Kolkata

For all the above-mentioned, candidates will be tasting the fruitfulness of doubt-clearing sessions, internships, boot camps, gold membership, accessibility to a learning management system, and mentor assistance.

From all the above information, we can land a decision on how convenient the Henry Hrvins learning academy is. Although it will be the best option to learn foreign language courses in Kolkata and also from most major cities through online reliability.

2. Alliance Francaise

An academy for foreign language courses in Kolkata particularly for the French language, the only academy for being authorized by France embassy. It has marked its availability in more than 130 centers across the world. 

Alliance is the prominent test center to conduct all level proficiency exams in the french language for Indian students.

Major highlights of Foreign Language Courses

  • The communicative approach to learning.
  • Specialized courses for children and all age groups.
  • Online and offline-based learning.
  • Admission is open throughout the year.
  • Enhancing french language methodologies using grammar and punctuations etc.
  • Conduction of french based cultural events for gelling with the language usage.
  • Experienced staff for training and analysis. 
  • All-level proficiency training and literature classes.

Since the literature classes and conversational classes are payable, the fee structure basically ranges from Rs. 25,000 to more than Rs. 30,000. Quiet high only for learning single language learning. For aspirants specifically looking for french language learning this will be a good option, learning foreign languages in Kolkata.

3. Max muller Bhavan

For learning foreign language courses in Kolkata, especially in german Gothe-Institute is another name for max muller Bhavan, will be a fine choice to be made. As a part of the german-international cultural organization, it gained popularity and has branches all over the world.

The predominant consideration of this institution highly demands an exchange of culture between India. Courses provided in these institutes are categorized into two types Intensive and super intensive.

An intensive german course has a training period of 14 weeks (A1) and the super intensive( A1 and A2) is up to 8 weeks training period. 

Highlights of learning german in Gothe- Institutes

  • Customized learning methodology and courses.
  • Courses parallel to CEFR levels.
  • Courses for children and specialized plans for other age groups.
  • Live online courses and exam-based approach.
  • Advanced teachers and learning procedures.
  • Advisors for personalized support.
  • Conduction of activities and events as an added support for german learning students.
  • As the recommended learning hours are 6-7 hours per week and the fee structure starts from Rs. 26,000 altogether 70 hours for each proficiency level demands a committed approach and a slight surge in fee comparing other learning platforms.


Foreign Language courses in Kolkata had another great center for offering the Korean language which is the Korean culture and language center. Engagement criteria in classes will be solely on the Korean language and its astonishing cultural aspects.

Classes offered in these centers are distinguished into four segments





Highlights of learning Korean courses in KCLC

  • Indo-south Korean collaborative approach to learning the language.
  • Online classes and expert teachers including the founder Mrs. Chang sang Lee are a great advantage.
  • All curriculums in each proficiency level are focused majorly on TOPIK test centric.

A person after completing his/her high school is basic eligibility. The fee structure starts from Rs.15,000 and the book including language materials will be chargeable apart from the basic fee. 

Just downloading and filling out a form with supporting valid government identification proof is enough to enroll in Korean Cultural and Language Center.

5. Ramakrishna mission school of Languages

This school of language is definitely a loud answer for Foreign Language courses in Kolkata. Routed back with the history for the tribute to Sri Ramakrishna’s delivery of principal, it slated its function from late 1930.

They provide the certification for more than 13 foreign languages some of them are

  • Ancient Greek
  • Arabic
  • English
  • Chinese
  • French
  • Italian
  • Spanish
  • Latin
  • Japenese
  • Persian
  • Portuguese etc.

Highlights in Ramakrishna’s mission for Foreign Language Courses

  • Novel teaching-learning methods like audio-visual learning and recorded video-based learning.
  • Convenient remote learning 
  • Modern digital learning library
  • Elementary course for beginners.
  • Senior course for proficiency level testing.
  • Advanced certification in each language after completing senior certification.
  • Temporary communications certifications are also provided in a few available languages.

Eligibility ranges from 10th passed to high school graduation and fee structures are comparatively lower but specificity will be a question somehow. But for the purpose of learning only the Ramakrishna school of languages provides of buffet for all.

6. Center for Spanish Study

Specifically for the Spanish language, this center will be a good language for learning Foreign language courses in Kolkata. Located in dum dum, this center gives out a soulful and unique approach to training the Spanish language in its authenticity.

Highlights of Spanish study center

  • The curriculum competes with the best institutions available for learning the Spanish language.
  • Multimedia-based learning materials with the video-audio format.
  • Offline physical instruction is also available where students can get adhesive to Spanish cultures with the help of documentaries and webinars and also through language workshops.
  • Semester-based courses starting from Beginner A1 to expert C1 proficiency.
  • More than 40 hours of instruction for each level.
  • Weekend classes are also available.
  • Practice exams before appearing for the DELE and SIELE exams.
  • Indo-Latin American Affiliation.

Course fees are not specifically mentioned in approachable sources a direct contact will be essential for detailed analysis. Comprehending the above-highlighted details the long-learning hours may appear as an inconvenience. So detailed research is necessary.

7. Center for foreign languages (CDA)

CDA also termed Cuccihiaio d’Argento is well known for developing linguistics enhancement for all age groups. Apart from the offline courses they had tie-ups with top companies and academies for enriching students’ language skills in different dimensions.

Languages Offered

  • Dutch
  • Polish 
  • Swedish
  • Arabic
  • Persian
  • Chinese
  • Japanese etc.

Highlights of CDA

  • Customized corporate programs
  • 6-week crash course
  • 3-month standard course
  • Preparation for the international proficiency test such as TOPIK, JLPT, SELE, HSK, DEF, TCF, DALF, and Goethe Zertifikat.

The fee structure ranges from Rs.15,000 to Rs.17,000, As it has very few pieces of information available please delve deep if wishing to learn foreign language courses in Kolkata.

8. Welfare and cultural association of Indo-Japan

Apart from an established test center for JLPT exams, this IJWCA is very keen on availing the best core of Japanese language study experience for Indian students. It will be a good option for those who are urging foreign language courses in Kolkata, particularly in Japanese.

Levels of courses

  • Beginner
  • Junior
  • Intermediate
  • Senior
  • Advanced 

Highlights in IJWCA

  • Two classes per week
  • Lecturing by experienced hands.
  • Cultural incorporated learning.
  • Crash courses available

The course frame is basically 6 months long for each level and only a basic approach will be provided for the learners. In that case, the fee is also as low as Rs. 6000 only that will be a wonderful opportunity as the cost is very affordable.

Admission will happen with respect on a first come basis. Grab your seat and have a wonderful learning time as soon as possible.

9. Indo-Hispanic Academy

With more than 30 years of experience, the Indo-Hispanic academy primarily focuses on the spreading of their language and culture among non- Spanish speaking individuals. They run as a non-profit organization.

Highlights of Indo-Hispanic Academy

  • Collaborations with embassies of major countries and institutions.
  • Language skill improvement approach
  • Courses for each level of proficiency
  • Training for corporate language.
  • Assistance with exam preparation
  • Learning about cultural and literature dimension
  • Individual classes are based on needs.

Concentrating on the Hispanic language will pave a good exposure in Indo-Hispanic Academy which will open doors for foreign language courses in Kolkata.

10. Gorky Sadan

This institute majorly focuses on providing the Russian language for Indian students. It is directly established by the Russian government to provide the drive for the Russian culture and language, founded in the mid-1970s. Additionally TORFL exam is also taken into consideration.

Highlights of Russian language study in Gorky Sadan

  • Well-versed library facility for Russian works of literature and language learning materials.
  • Experienced faculty
  • Variety of courses
  • Russian government authorized completion certification
  • TORFL exam preparation assistance
  • Crash courses are also available

Courses in Gorky Sadan

  • Certification course of 6 months.
  • Diploma program of 10 months
  • Postgraduate diploma for 10 months.
  • One-month crash course

The fee structure for the certification course is Rs. 1100 and classes are of 2 days a week and nearly 2 hours per day.

A diploma program of 10 months costs Rs. 2100 and post-graduation also costs the same fee.

The crash course costs Rs. 2500. 

As it is very much affordable it will be a very economic-friendly opportunity to learn foreign language courses in Kolkata.

11. NILI

NILI institute offers Japanese courses very efficiently and is the best institute in Kolkata. They provide both individual and customized-based learning courses. They majorly focus on the NAT exam which tests proficiency in the Japanese language.

Highlights of NILI Japanese courses

  • Native Japanese instructors.
  • Customized programs for language learning development.
  • Well-structured learning procedures.
  • Job placement services provided
  • Training on N2 to N5 levels of the JLPT exam.
  • Conversation-based training methods for language improvement.
  • Train students to attain basic conversation ability by implementing discussion sessions.
  • Language interpretation training.

Course durations

  • 6 months for N2 level
  • 12 months for N3 to N5 levels
  • More than 120 hours of training sessions.

For learning foreign language courses in Kolkata, especially in the Japanese language with utmost perfection,  NILI offers the best. But the long training period may affect your work-life balance.

12. Zhongwen School of Chinese language

There is only a countable institute that provides authentic Chinese language training Zhongwen score the title. They have associations with major Chinese universities in providing certifications.

Highlights of Zhongwen school

  • Providing Mandarin-based language learning,
  • Basic training of more than 100 hours.
  • Intensive training of more than 200 hours.
  • More than 80 hours for crash training.
  • More than 50 hours for children
  • Test center for HSK mandarin test

If you are very much fond of the Chinese language you can give it a shot at the Zhongwen school of the Chinese language.

13. Jadavpur University

From its name and fame, Jadavpur university holds a name as one of the oldest universities established in the mid-1800. This proof is well enough for the student to learn foreign language courses in Kolkata.

Departments of foreign language courses

  • Arabic and Persian
  • French
  • Languages and linguistics department ( German, Korean, Spanish, Tibetan).

Highlights of Jadavpur University

  • NAAC accredited certification
  • Center for potential excellence affiliation
  • University Grants Commission accredited.
  • Experienced professor handling each department
  • Structured curriculum 
  • 1-year certification courses in all the above languages.
  • Advanced Diploma in French and Japanese for 1 year.
  • Diploma of 1 year in major languages.

From the above listicles, we can guess what we are up to in learning foreign language courses in Kolkata. Jadavpur Univesity is perfectly a college-based education with limited seat capacity. 

As each college has its own enrollment procedure Jadavpur university also demands eligibility and mostly in theory provides a post-graduate degree in languages and linguistics mentioned above.

14. Amity University

Another university after Jadavpur has its own procedures where an eligible undergraduate who is looking to learn a foreign language course in Kolkata can avail a perfect opportunity at Amity University.

Highlights of the language department 

  • Multi-dimensional based curriculum
  • Focuses on culture, literature, history, and language.
  • The government-recognized and NAAC-accredited standard institute.
  • Three-year degree in major basic languages.

For a proper degree in foreign language courses in Kolkata where you can study a major language in a required period of learning you can prefer Amity University. Basic qualifications and well-structured learning are your minds prefer it will be a good bundle of favor for your interest.

15. IICI Italian academy

If you are looking for a good start in learning the Italian language Indo-Italian chamber of commerce and industries are a fine-tuned solution.

Highlights of IICI 

  • CEFR-based learning flow.
  • Structured diploma course in the Italian language.
  • The curriculum covers all testing levels such as beginner, intermediate and advanced.
  • Each level comprises more than 40 hours of training.
  • Digitalized learning compatibility.
  • Soft copy of the material for practicing and Assessment provided.

Particularly looking for an Italian language learning IICI is the dead end. Visit their website for the proceedings.

16. RBU (School of Language and culture)

The other doorstep to learning a language integrated with culture is Rabindra Bharathi University. This university provides a wide range of course structures and learning methodologies.

Courses offered at Rabindra Bharathi University

  • French
  • Spanish
  • German
  • Chinese
  • Japenese
  • Tibetian
  • Russian
  • Arabic

Highlights of RBU

  • Both certification and diploma courses in language learning are available.

Courses are for 3 years, so a proper learning mindset is good for going to Rabindra Bharathi University for foreign language courses in Kolkata.

Factor to Analyse before learning foreign language courses in Kolkata

  • A job opportunity indeed demands a mandatory position to learn that language.
  • Business or trade purposes, which won’t make a communication barrier.
  • Higher study opportunities push you to a zone where a regular conversation is necessary for a part-time occupation and never the disturbing factor of having fun with native colleagues.
  • Looking for a job as a language instructor, you have to perfectly complete all levels of proficiency in the language you want to fit.
  • Want to work as an Academic teacher in a particular language, you have to attain a proper degree at the post-graduation level to land a job determined to be.


By summarizing the above details, each thing has its own desire to be achieved. “A writer is not in need of a painting brush for his next novel”. This simple theory applies here perfectly because initially, we need to analyze where we need to go and what we want to achieve by spending our wealth and time.

First of all, pick the right choice which is high in priority. Analyze clearly what the required time and your lifestyle demand. Then from the above list prefer the institute or academy which suits you the most. Yes of course if you are looking just to develop your linguistic and cognitive skills a basic course is well enough.

1. What are the proficiency exams for Italian languages?

There are many some, few of them are CELI, CILS, PLIDA, and AIL.

2. Which institute provides the best foreign language courses in Kolkata?

Selection of best to worst is our needs, everyone has their own uniqueness and methods.
If you are demanding both financial and reliability Henry Harvin is the best among them.

3. How it will be useful for getting a post-graduate diploma in the Japanese language?

Initially, you have to complete a diploma certification to attain the basic intensity of the Japanese language usually, then there are many institutes that provide courses according to your needs.

4. Can become a foreign language teacher with basic certification?

 Better go for a proper degree course in university providing it like Jadavpur and Amity.

5. Will Learning a foreign language is a difficult task?

While you are starting it may be, Obvious we are no native users. After that initial stage, everything will be sorted if you are in a good academy.

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