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Today we are living in the internet era. So, a digital marketing job is in great demand. Everything from ordering food to working to buying and selling takes place online. India has the fastest-growing market in online business in the world. A digital marketing job helps companies to reach out to people in large numbers. So, digital marketing skills are in great demand. Hence digital marketing responsibilities are going to increase multi-fold. Moreover, this is not only in 2023 but also in the years to come. From small start-ups to big MNCs resort to digital marketing services. Apart from a  smartphone and a strong network connection what could take you places is a digital marketing course.

A Precursor to A Digital Marketing Job

You need to have a basic graduate or an undergraduate degree. If you aspire to work for an MNC or any big company then a bachelor’s degree is a must. However, you will be positioned better with a digital marketing course. What is more, these certification courses can be done online. You have to give an exam at the end of the course. The certification will be an added advantage to your resume. There are various other courses you can do after the basic marketing course. Since all these can be done online, you can continue to earn as you learn.

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Digital Marketing Course by Henry Harvin

India Today has ranked Henry Harvin # 1 among the Top 5 digital marketing courses. The institute has trained lakhs of students. They are one of the most popular providers of training services. I started in 2013. It has offices not only in India but also in foreign countries. Its main aim is to provide the best training platform to aspirants.

Course Details

  • Trainers: Industry experts with more than a decade of experience.
  • Course duration: 40 hours of live classroom training.
  • Course content: Updated study materials. Case studies and live projects.
  • Job support: They provide 100%placement help.
  • Batches: Flexible timings. Live, online as well as classroom training.
  • Separate session: The academy has individual sessions for revision.
  • Study materials: They not only provide study materials but also give access to recorded videos.
  • Internship: The institute guarantees practical training after the course.
  • Certifications: It provides 7 certificates by enrolling in one course.
  • Membership: They provide a membership of 1 year for Henry Harvin Academy.

Add on Courses to Boost Your Digital Marketing Job

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The Boom in Digital Marketing Jobs

The market scenario just after the pandemic was dull and hazy. In fact, the only industry that not only survived but thrived is digital marketing. Sitting in the comforts of one’s own home buying and selling activity has zoomed in the last two years. Moreover, it is predicted to increase manifolds in 2023.

Reasons for Increase in Digital Marketing Jobs

  • Digital marketing skills are the most sought-after skills.
  • Digital marketing is slowly replacing traditional forms of marketing.
  • In fact, recent research conducted by Linkedin reported a shortage of around 2 lakhs in digital marketing jobs in the US. This clearly indicates that digital marketing responsibilities are going to be on the rise.
  • There is much demand but not enough trained professionals to fill the gap. So, 2023 seems the best time to get started in digital marketing skills.
  • Moreover, it is important to understand that there are diverse digital marketing jobs to consider.
  • In fact, each role has specific digital marketing skills to hone.
Digital Marketing

Description of A Digital Marketing Job 

The role of a digital marketer is slowly evolving. In fact, there are rapid changes in the field of technology. So, it is important for marketing professionals to keep themselves updated. The foremost duty of the digital marketer is to manage the various online platforms. It is these platforms that spread awareness about the products or services he or she is marketing. Digital marketing responsibilities involve creating marketing strategies and plans to sell products. Not only selling but also maintaining brand image requires strong digital marketing skills. 

Important Aspects of The Digital Marketing Job

  • Understanding the pulse of the market
  • Create advertisements and marketing campaigns
  • Manage content on the company’s website.
  • Proper use of the company’s finances for marketing.
  • To keep in mind not only the company’s profit goals but also its main mission.
  • Measure and maintain regular traffic to the website.
  • Make proper use of various platforms for both audio and video content
  • Along with marketing products and services to maintain the brand image of the company.
  • Analyze and make changes if required in the performance.
  • Maintain good campaigns and constantly adapt to changes in the market.
  • Keep the company updated regarding sales through reports and data.

Additional Responsibilities

  • Apt use of all marketing tools and methods to meet targets.
  • Coordinate between various online platforms.
  • Oversee and track performance on a day-to-day basis.
  • Compare the performance of the company with the performance of other related industries in the market.
  • Along with sales and profit, digital marketing responsibilities include ensuring that quality standards are met.
Digital Marketing Jobs

Digital Marketing Skills Required For 2023

1. Content Writing

This is the most important skill required for a digital marketing job. Today everything happens online. Hence, a good blog on the company’s website is a prerequisite. Content writing requires a lot of research on the particular product or goods that need to be sold. In addition, the content has to be updated at regular intervals.

Creation of Content Marketing Schemes

  • Clarity regarding the company goals
  • Knowledge about the clients
  • Current ranking in the market
  • In-depth knowledge of the various online platforms
  • Write the content based on the audience
  • Allocation of funds
  • Track footfalls on the content

2. Data Analysis

The collection and analysis of data give information about the pulse of the market. In fact, the buying and selling patterns of a particular area can be assessed. The digital marketing responsibilities include analyzing data. So, this helps to make marketing strategies. Moreover, based on this information changes need to be made in their plans from time to time. The digital marketer gets data not only for marketing his products but also products of competitors. So, the pricing can be changed accordingly. Skills required for data analysis:

  • Technical knowledge
  • In-depth business understanding
  • Good communication skills
  • The right interpretation of data
  • Making the right use of information

3. Apt Usage of Social Media

Today, social media is the stage for conversations online. In fact, digital marketers can make use of this medium to communicate with their audience. However, it is imperative that they know what to communicate when to communicate, and to whom to communicate. In addition to creating content analyzing the quality of content is very important. The various social media platforms must be tapped. In fact, this helps to reach out to the target audience. Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are some of the popular platforms of social media. Since social media is so powerful, digital marketers have to use these platforms aptly. With the help of the online platform, digital marketers can not only connect but also communicate and collect client information. 

Digital Marketing Skills

4. SEO and SEM in A Digital Marketing Job

Search engine optimization and Search engine marketing are the two wheels of the chariot of marketing. Though they may seem the same they are totally different. A digital marketer must have a strong understanding of these two terms. For every second there are roughly about 60,000 searches per day. This gives an idea of the importance of SEO in marketing.

SEO Tools

SEO denotes the method by which search engines throw out content to show how best it will be to attract footfalls to a website. The search results are ranked based on a number of factors. Moreover, factors like good content, easy readability, and the links you are giving to the blog are the main aspects that help attract business.

SEM Tools

SEM involves adding paid search advertising. It works well to attract traffic to your site. Moreover, based on this data, using digital marketing skills the market can make campaigns. The responsibilities of the digital marketer include understanding SEO and SEM in depth.

5. Effective Communication

For a digital marketing job to be effective good communication skills are required. In fact, creating awareness about the product, retaining brand image, and maintaining trust are the 3 important pillars of digital marketing. The marketer must create campaigns that are clear, concise, and compact. As a matter of fact, the message must reach the audience in a few seconds of time. In addition to information, the campaign must not only add value but also entertain the customers. There is a lot of information floating on the internet. Hence the marketer must use effective communication to spread the message loud and clear, far and wide. Moreover, based on the market trends the marketer must make the required changes in the campaigns. 

6. Customer Relationship Management

 The experience of the customer is of great importance to a business. A satisfied customer will keep coming back to buy or use the services of the company. Hence, the digital marketer’s job involves analyzing customer feedback. This helps companies to understand how their products are faring in the market. The marketer must bond with the customer base on a personal level. In fact, it is this emotional bond that leads to customer loyalty. Digital marketing skills such as being empathetic and giving an ear to customer feedback help build customer service. A word-of-mouth advertisement works much better than a paid advertising campaign. An effective CRM system helps companies to connect with customers on a personal level. In fact, it indirectly improves sales and profitability.

7. Basic Knowledge of Designs

Adding attractive images to the content on the content is as important as the content itself. So the digital marketer must have skills to make and edit images of the post. He must be able to create advertisements on various social media platforms. Not only images but also videos help get higher SEO ratings. Softwares such as Canva, Adobe, and Inkscape help make visuals. So, the digital marketer should have basic knowledge of this software. He or she should keep updating and upskilling themselves. In fact, this helps to leave a lasting effect on social media. The visuals that are seen always leave a lasting impression. So, the right visuals in the right platform can certainly increase the customer base. It is visuals that have more effect than written content. Hence, this skill is essential for a digital marketer.

 Marketing skills

8. Analytics

Creating content and analyzing the effectiveness of the content are the skills required for a digital marketing job. Analytics helps understand the trends in the market, the impact of the product, future trends, customer behavior, and customer feedback. It is a blend of both science and art. Art is used to creating content and visuals. Science is used to analyze data. The following data have to be analyzed to gauge the market scenario:

  • Sales information
  • Profit data
  • Customer base
  • Market research
  • Product information
  • Market trends
  • Competition 
  • Google Analytics
  • Web analytics
  • Traffic flow on the website

9. Copywriting

Copywriting is one of the most important skills required for a digital marketing job. It involves writing slogans and advertisements for products. The digital marketer through copywriting sends out a clear and concise message to the audience. The responsibilities include

  • Write short yet powerful creative copy with a unique voice.
  • Understand the business requirements clearly before writing campaigns
  • Co-ordinate with web designers for campaigns on various online platforms
  • Do in-depth research about the product.
  • The ability to edit and make corrections as and when needed.
  • Use of SEO tools
  • Create images and other visuals required for marketing the product.
  • Knowledge of quality content creation
  • Excellent time management skills

 Avenues For A Digital Marketing Job

  1. SEO and SEM Experts
  2. Content Creators
  3. E-commerce professionals
  4. Social Media Marketing
  5. Brand managers
  6. Marketing analyst
  7. Project managers
  8. Content visual creators
  9. PPC experts
  10. Digital Media Specialists
SEO Analysis

Where to Find A Digital Marketing Job?

  • Companies that use digital marketing- Businesses use social media platforms not only to sell their products but also to expand their business. Working for such companies helps one gain good experience.
  • Digital Marketing firms- Small firms offer digital marketing services to companies. Even advertising agencies employ digital marketers. 
  • Digital Marketing Strategy providers- Google, Facebook, Linkedin, and other platforms employ digital marketers.
  • Freelance work- Freelancers have a wide option to choose from. There is also an option of working from home.

Benefits of Having A Digital Marketing Job

  • There is always a demand for skilled professionals.
  • A choice of varied roles that you can choose from.
  • Great salary package.
  • One can keep updating and upskilling while on the job.
  • You have the option of working from home.
  • An opportunity to use your own creativity.
  • Work-life balance can be easily achievable.
  • Ample opportunities for promotion and additional perks.
  • A wide exposure in the field of marketing.
  • It does not need any specific qualification. Though a digital marketing course could be an added advantage.
  • Flexible timings.
  • An opportunity to work in a growing industry.
  • Not only local but can also gain global reach.


All in all, a digital marketing job is the go-to career for the year 2023 and beyond. The job will keep evolving with time. So, a digital marketer needs to keep updating his or her skills. There is a huge demand for digital marketing skills. With the growth in various online platforms, digital marketing jobs will always show an upward curve. Hence the future of this career looks bright and lucrative. Having said that the responsibilities of a digital marketer have also increased manifold. Since every business needs digital marketers the demand for the job will keep increasing. So, go ahead and take on the responsibilities of a digital marketer with the right skills. You can see all your dreams come true. All the very best to a bright and promising future.

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Q1. Is it easy to get a digital marketing job?

Ans. Nothing comes easy. A certified digital marketing course with an internship could help you get a digital marketing job.

Q2. How can the digital marketing job get obsolete?

Ans. No, it will never get obsolete. It will keep evolving with time.

Q3. What basic qualifications do I need to be a digital marketer?

Ans. An undergraduate or graduate degree is the basic qualification required to be a digital marketer. To top it with a digital marketing course is an added advantage.

Q4. What salary can a digital marketer expect?

Ans. The average pay of a digital marketer is around 4 lakhs per annum. The salary will keep increasing based on experience and skills,

Q5. Do I have a future as a digital marketer?

Q1. Is it easy to get a digital marketing job?
Ans. Nothing comes easy. A certified digital marketing course with an internship could help you get a digital marketing job.

Q2. How can the digital marketing job get obsolete?
Ans. No, it will never get obsolete. It will keep evolving with time.
Q3. What basic qualifications do I need to be a digital marketer?
Ans. An undergraduate or graduate degree is the basic qualification required to be a digital marketer. To top it with a digital marketing course is an added advantage.

Q4. What salary can a digital marketer expect?
Ans. The average pay of a digital marketer is around 4 lakhs per annum. The salary will keep increasing based on experience and skills,

Q5. Do I have a future as a digital marketer?
Ans. Yes, digital marketing is showing an upward curve and looks positive. There will be multiple job opportunities in that field,

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