It is never too late to learn something new and chase your dream. In this digital era, entrepreneurs and marketers must be aware of the recent trends liked and searched by people on the internet. The marketers must know about the basics of Digital Marketing to make their business a hit. 


Nancy Meyers’ The Intern (2015) is a classic example that showcases the inner functioning of an eCommerce business. The founder and CEO of the brand, Jules Ostin (Anne Hathaway) is a girl boss who suits up and faces all the challenges thrown at her around the clock. Jules Ostin is a firecracker when it comes to working.

Starts Every Week-->


Ben Whittaker (Robert De Niro) is a retired widower who applies for the position in a Senior Intern Program.


He adds balance to her work and personal life. The movie gives a panoramic view of the different departments involved in a brand. Jules Ostin’s pack consists of leading designers, business analysts, digital marketers, and interns to help her ace the fashion line.


Perfection is her motto, and she watches out for all the minute details. Her personality inspires and attracts the employees to be the same.


She maintains a healthy relationship with her employees which results in a smooth workflow. Every person who wishes to build a startup from scratch must watch and learn from Jules Ostin.

Let us know more about what is inside the Digital Marketing bag. 

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What is Digital Marketing? 

Digital Marketing is the usage of social media, search engines mobile phones, and other mediums to reach the audience. A digital marketing career is a unique way of connecting and engaging with the audience.


There is a vast difference between new-age marketing and traditional marketing. It is highly interactive and targets a specific customer base.


Digital marketers must plan, research, and persuade the audience to create successful content.


Digital Marketing consists of several tactics and technologies to capture the interest of niche audiences. A Digital Marketing career helps in establishing the identity of a brand. 

Types of Digital Marketing –

1). Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and it serves as the most significant part of digital marketing. SEO serves as the backbone for any content online. It helps to improve the discoverability of any content.  


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The digital content creator needs to understand the nuances of social media. SEO includes content quality scoring, mobile search, competitive analysis, website analytics, and content quality scoring.


SEO helps to maximize online traffic and it plays a huge role in a digital marketing career. SEO is needed for content to be made visible to the audience. It helps the content to be in the top positions of search engines and makes the website be found by everyone.


One must know the keywords to apply SEO to connect with the audience. One should build and develop their content around these keywords.


The Search Engine Journal records that 91.5% of the web content traffic is occupied by sites listed on the first page of Google search. Data and research show that 51% of website traffic is from organic research (from Google or Bing).


SEO helps the content to move up in the search engine and improves the visibility of page rankings. In this digital world, SEO is essential for generating business through online searches. SEO is not a quick fix, and it takes time to obtain the necessary results.


Research on keywords and rankings analysis determines your spot on search engines. Building quality links on your website are necessary to establish your place in the topmost position. 

 2). Content Writing 

Source – witsdigital

Content Writing is done by professional writers and is a huge part of a digital marketing career. It helps to fulfill the present-day marketing objectives. Content writers are hired by marketers and business owners to write online content.


They aim to increase their website traffic by producing creative and unique written content. This will help them capture a place in the hearts of their target audience.


Some examples of content writing include blog posts, ebooks, case studies, white papers, email writing, social media posts, video scripts, YouTube video descriptions, podcasts scripts, landing pages, book reviews, product reviews, product descriptions, and more.


Content Writing is about creating valuable and engaging content that will attract the audience. Writers must research well before writing any online content. They must know about the recent trends and keywords to increase the traffic of their client’s website. 

3). Copywriting 

Copywriting is creating engaging and persuasive content for digital marketing and sales. It includes emails, advertisements, websites, catalogs, etc. The professional who writes and develops the copy is called a copywriter.


It serves as a content strategy in persuading the reader to take an action. The content is written to trigger and influence the reader. This will help to boost the sales of the product or business.


Copywriting plays a great role Digital Marketing career. It is the role of a copywriter to convince and capture the audience through blog posts, e-books, infographics, newsletters, etc. In any marketing business, it is necessary to master the art of selling.


It helps create a relationship with the brand and motivates the audience to buy the product. The main copywriting techniques are knowing your target audience, setting the right tone and language, catchy and killer titles, creating a connection with the reader, analogies, using numbers and surveys, persuasion, creativity, and authority.


The most important elements in copywriting are urgency, connection, transformation, specificity, reciprocity, exclusivity, authority, and consistency.

4). Social Media Marketing 

Social Media Marketing (SSM) is a huge part of a digital marketing career. It is the process of promoting a brand, product, and content on social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram).


The people who manage social media accounts create content in the form of images, videos, graphics, write-ups, etc. Before creating the context they need to research the recent trends and keywords used. It is important to stay connected and engaged with the right audience.


To stay engaged and connected with the audience it is necessary to respond to the messages of customers quickly.


Social Media Marketing can be done paid or unpaid. The most significant part is to choose a suitable social media platform to promote your content, brand, and service online. In this digital era, a social media platform is a direct communication channel with people. 

5). Advertising 

Advertising is an aspect of marketing that is communication between users of a service or product. It is a paid form of promotion for a product or service. Advertising uses several mediums for communication in the form of television, print (newspapers, magazines, journals), radio, press, sponsorships, etc.


The advertising industry comprises agencies, researchers, copy editors, visualizers, designers, creative heads, etc. The advertising agencies turn the ideas into creative concepts in the form of visuals, videos, text, layouts, etc.


Digital advertising has played a major part in marketing over the past few decades. It is a great digital marketing career in the modern age. Advertisers must know about their audience and promote the right products to them. 

6). Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Source – Tire Review Magazine

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) covers the works of Pay-Per-Click (PPC) and Search Engine Optimization (SEO). SEO and PPC help to bring traffic to the website.


They bring traffic to the website in the form of paid and unpaid formats. Pay-Per-Click works on paid advertising and SEO brings traffic to the website. Keywords play a major role or strategy in Search Engine Marketing.


The marketers need to identify the keywords related to their product or business. It is important to know their niche audience and search query.


The SEM managers must look for the keyword trend to determine the highest traffic yields. The SEM is achieved only with the help of SEO and advertising.


SEM is data-driven, and the people who manage it must be highly analytical. Search Engine Marketing plays a significant part in a digital marketing career.

7). Email Marketing 

Email Marketing is the usage of emails to promote any business, product, or service to people. It is said to be an inbound digital marketing career strategy. It is a significant marketing effort that helps to reach the target audience regularly.


These emails are sent to a list of customers providing information on new products, deals, and other services.


Email marketing serves as a medium to stay connected with the audience. It also paves a way to educate the audience about your brand and its uniqueness.


It requires specialised skills to influence and engage with the target audience. The marketer’s email message must be attractive and creative to get the attention of the customers.


They can use different fonts, images, GIFs, videos, etc in the email message. Email marketing serves as a direct channel of communication to the customers. It boosts the sales of the company. 

 8). Instant Message Marketing 

Instant Messaging (IM) is one of the most important platforms for marketing strategies in a digital marketing career. Marketers can reach out to their customers through an instant message anytime anywhere.


Technical and general support is given to the customers. It helps to build a healthy and positive relationship with customers. Research reveals that more than 1.6 billion people use WhatsApp and 800 million users use Facebook.


Instant messenger strategy is the fastest growing technology in today’s world. Instant Messaging is one-to-one communication such as providing personal experiences, selling, and handling customer queries.


The instant messages are tailor-made and add a more personal touch to the audience. Instant Messaging paves way for quick and non-parallel conversation between customer representatives and people.


Instant messaging delivery is very effective and engagement with the audience is powerful. Marketers can connect more than 100 percent of followers on their list.


There are nearly two billion messages sent through messenger between companies and customers. 

9). Affiliate Marketing 

Affiliate Marketing is carried out by content creators who base their work on commission to promote a product or service.


They act as a mini sales team to your service or business. Their job is to create unique and creative content on social media. The content can be in the form of images or videos with a link to the product.


They get paid based on the number of people who use this link to view or buy the product. The number of followers is not a big deal when it comes to affiliate marketing.


The products can be promoted by a person with a low audience.


It is highly important to pick the right person to shout out for your brand. Digital influencers come across as the right category of people in affiliate marketing. 

10). Influencer Marketing 

An influencer is someone who can influence people. The influential person collaborates with a brand to promote their products and service.


Influencer Marketing is also called branded content. Instagram is the new mecca for influencers and it has helped to expand the reach of a brand or product.


With the right plan and research, social media can have a huge influence on the audience.


Engagement with the audience through unique and right posts is the only marketing strategy. Endorsements by celebrities were the original form of influencer marketing.


Social media content creators offer more value to brands due to their huge number of followers. Influencer marketing is when a brand hires an influencer to promote its products.


These influencers demonstrate and test the product and show their niche audience. They post honest reviews in the form of posts, videos, and images (be it positive or negative) about the product on their page.


This will influence a huge number of people and in turn, increase the traffic of your website. Marketers need to strategise and find the right influencer for their brand. 

11). Mobile Marketing 

Source – ResearchGate

Mobile Marketing is mandatory to reach a wider audience in a digital marketing career. Research shows that 27 percent of the world’s population use voice search on mobile. The brand needs to create an app and send push notifications to be connected with the audience.


They can adopt the instant messenger marketing strategy and stay in touch with consumers. Brands can use SMS / MMS as an important way to keep their customers updated with the new deals. Audio, image, and video content also play an important role to keep the audience engaged.


Mobile phones are one of the powerful mediums that span all forms of digital marketing. People are glued to their mobile screens because it connects them to people globally. Many businesses actively perform over mobile.


The target audience can be found using the latest technique “Geofencing”. It helps the marketers to locate their relevant audience and provide desired content.


It is considered to be a laser-focused strategy in the field of mobile marketing. The key metrics data is collected to optimize better results for the consumers. 

12). Video Marketing 

YouTube is the ultimate platform for video marketing. It is the go-to place for any type of video content ranging from entertainment, music, news, education, and more. There are more than two billion looking for videos on YouTube.


Video marketing strategy is also used in blog posts and emails. The videos serve as a credible reason to know about a product or service. It serves as a better opportunity to make sales.


Research says that eighty percent of consumers use search engines and video to learn about products. It is important to find your target audience and engage with them. Video creators must sharpen their creativity to develop excellent video content. 

13). Audio Marketing 

Audio Marketing is the marketing where audio content is employed to promote a product or service in a digital marketing career.


It is the delivery of advertisements through online streaming services like Spotify, Amazon Music, Apple Music, etc. It is considered to be the most reasonable marketing strategy. Radio advertising uses audio content for marketing.


The audio marketing includes voice search, voice-enabled advertising, podcasts, Alexa, podcasts ads, etc.


Audio marketing is underrated because of people’s huge consumption of videos. In this category of audio marketing, podcasts stand out among the masses. Podcasts are more like listening to the radio. People can download and listen anytime anywhere.


Podcasts have earned a huge place in the field of audio marketing. 

14). Virtual Reality Marketing 

Virtual Reality Marketing came into origin in 2018 and only 78 percent of people were familiar with it. It consists of brands promoting their products or services using virtual and augmented reality technology.


It builds the impression of a realistic environment for the customers. The leading brands started to incorporate virtual reality as one of their marketing strategies. This is used in social media, shopping, and other custom-made apps.


Virtual reality technology is adopted to interact with customers and increase the brand’s reach. It helps to build the customer relationship with the sellers.


Virtual reality marketing is visual and multi-sensory. The brands aim to give an immersive experience with the product to their customers.


Augmented Reality (AR) marketing comes across as the most common type of VR marketing. Virtual Reality Marketing gives a competitive edge to the field of digital marketing. 

15). Viral Marketing 

Viral Marketing is a sales technique that gives information about a service, product, or business. It is known as word-of-mouth marketing. It is spread over an increasing rate through the internet or email.


The motive of viral marketing is to influence individuals to share this marketing message with their friends and family.


This will result in exponential growth. The rise of the internet and social media networks like YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook has led to viral messages in the form of likes, shares, memes, and forwards. Viral marketing comes across as an easy and cheap way for content to gain popularity.


It can increase the reach of a company or business and its customer base. This kind of advertising has enabled modern viral marketing efforts.


The viral videos and images are shared on social media to promote a product or service. 

16). Paid Advertising 

Paid Advertising is one of the advertising mediums for which you have to pay. The marketers pay the owner for ad space through a bidding process. Paid advertising has categories such as Pay-Per-Click (PPC), Pay-Per-Impression (PPI), and display ads.


This form of advertising is more expensive than print media. Paid ads are an effective way to expose your product or company name to a mass group of audience. These ads are displayed to consumers on the sides, bottoms, tops of web pages.


The marketers can have their ads featured on popular websites to increase traffic. The social media popularity has made sites such as LinkedIn and Facebook into effective mediums for paid ads.


These paid ads in search engines appear on top of the search results. The categories of paid ads are PPC, PPI, and display ads. Paid advertising delivers the desired results since the organic reach is down. The ads are affordable and hit the target audience. 


  • Pay-Per-Click (PPC): It is considered to be the most used form of payment for media on the web. It is the leading digital marketing strategy on search engines like Google and Bing. When you click the marketing ads on the website they lead to the product, service, or business page. The advertiser pays for the marketing message when someone clicks it.  


  • Pay-Per-Impression (PPI): It is an internet marketing advertisement model. The advertiser is paid every time the consumer clicks the ad. The advertiser buys several impressions or times the marketing message is displayed on the site for a price. The price for the ads is generally set per one thousand page impressions. 
Source – Global Excell Interactive Software Pvt Ltd

17). Radio Advertising 

Radio Advertising is one of the popular and preferred local mediums of advertising. It also stands as the most cost-effective and intimate form of advertising. It is listened to by people at all times (when they are jogging, driving, or at home).


It is aimed to reach a large group of people. People develop a strong bond with their favourite radio jockey and radio station. The radio station helps to offer promotional activities to support advertising.


Radio advertising is more cost-effective than print advertisement, social media, television, billboard, direct mail, and commercials.


The ads on the radio are a great way to promote a business or product. Marketers must understand the pros and cons of radio advertising. This will help them to develop their quality of content to influence the target audience. 

18). Television Advertising  

Television advertising is one of the most effective forms of advertising. It is considered to be a viral marketing tool.


The personal preferences of consumers are better understood by marketers. It allows them to showcase their service, business, or product to a wider range of audiences. It is much more popular than newspaper and radio advertisements.


Advertising in television heavily influences consumers to purchase a particular product. It grabs the attention of the audience through sight, sound and motion.


Television provides a chance to reach the masses at low production costs and is a viable option. The marketers can display how a particular product or service works.


It has been the most dominant and popular medium of advertising for retailers since the arrival of cable television.


Advertising agencies must have a strong script for the effective promotion of the product or service. It requires a huge amount of creativity to influence the consumers. 

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Course Modules – 7 Modules 

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What will you learn in this course? 

  • The training program is well structured to help students skyrocket their careers as Digital Marketer. 
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Takeaways –

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  • The students also gain access to monthly brush-up sessions.  
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  • Another key benefit of studying the Digital Marketing Course in Henry Harvin is the internship opportunity. It provides an opportunity for the students to understand the course better through practical knowledge.
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Who can join the Digital Marketing Course? 

  • The course can be taken by individuals who own a business and aspiring entrepreneurs.
  • It is for people who want to build a career in social media. 
  • The course can be enrolled by website owners who want to boost their web traffic, web business, conversion, and sales. 
  • It is for business analysts who want to grow their business through social media marketing. 
  • The course is for those who wish to earn extra money and want to utilise their free time. 
Source – Quora

Why should you study Digital Marketing Course? 

  • The course helps to improve the visibility and identity of your brand. 
  • To understand the background of digital marketing better. 
  • To grow your brand or business and take it to the next level. 
  • It helps to upskill your career with a high salary package. 
  • To upgrade your resume and earn better jobs. 
  • It helps to boost your business and increase the sales graph using several CADM strategies. 
  • It opens up new career opportunities in the new digital era. 
  • One can learn the new social media marketing tips and techniques to improve your ongoing business or service. 
  • Save money by making your content digital. 
  • You can earn from the comfort of your armchair. 
  • Learn the strategies and tactics involved in digital marketing. 

How to get a job in digital marketing? 

  • Make yourself familiar with the basics of a Digital Marketing career. 
  • Build your website from scratch. 
  • Learn about SEO and master it. 
  • Obtain a Google Ads Certification.
  • Know about Facebook Ads Advertising. 
  • Master Google Analytics. 
  • Get to know about the other Digital Marketing tools.
  • Start your digital marketing career as an intern. 
  • Look out for a digital marketing position as a freelancer. 
  • Keep up with the new trends, tools, and techniques. 

Demand for Digital Marketing –

There is a huge rise of job openings in the field of Digital Marketing. LinkedIn research says that a Digital Marketing career is one among the top ten in-demand jobs. It has been the most wanted role among the job recruiters.


The Digital Marketing career includes managing social media, SEO, strategising content, finding your niche audience, Google trends, and analytics. At present, there are more than 860000 job openings in the field of Digital marketing.


The field of Digital Marketing is a vast ocean and so there are several areas involved. The Digital Marketing industry is facing a huge digital gap and the job vacancies are quite high.


It is the right career for anyone who wants to make it big in the digital platform. 

Future of Digital Marketing – 

The pandemic has made everything standstill, but the world of digital marketing did not come to a halt. Digital Marketing has helped to cope with the challenges and provided an easy transition to remote work.


Digital marketing has given a competitive edge for many budding and small business owners. In the last few years, Digital Marketing has been on the sunny side. Digital Marketing career has made a deep impact starting from social media to SEO.


With a huge scale competition, the companies need to step up their game using the latest tools and practices. It has helped small business owners and entrepreneurs to increase ROI and release creative ad campaigns.


Companies use the latest technologies such as AI, AR, VR, SEO, etc. The new era of Digital Marketing is about to raise the bar even higher in the next few years. 

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Q1. What are the five common tools in a Digital Marketing career?

Ans. Design tools, Content Marketing tools, Analytics tools, Social media platforms, Email marketing tools.

Q2. What are the types of marketing strategies? 

Ans. There are four types of marketing strategies: Market Development Strategy, Diversification Strategy, Product Development Strategy, and Market Penetration Strategy. 

Q3. Which is the fastest-growing digital marketing platform?

Ans. CoSchedule is a fast-growing digital marketing platform.

Q4. What are the 3 types of digital media?

Ans. Earned media, Owned Media, and Paid Media. 

Q5. What is the average salary of a Digital Marketing Manager? 

Ans. The average salary of an entry-level Digital Marketing Manager is Rs 5 lakhs per annum in India. The average salary of a senior Digital Marketing Manager is between Rs 7 to 8 lakhs per annum in India. 

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