Hello reader, if your search has led you to this blog, it can mean two things. One: you are new to digital marketing and are looking at flexible and fun ways to increase your income. Two: You are already in this field and are searching for other tracks into which you can make a career turn. This blog has been designed to be useful for both of you. The blog will equip you with the necessary details you need to make a clear career decision in this field. Now that you are here, you can leave your worries at bay and buckle up to get a ride into the world of digital marketing. 

Digital marketing harbors an ocean of possibilities. It has a place for people with every kind of talent. You may be a creative person, an analytical person, or even a person with good decision-making skills and you can still perfectly fit into the online marketing world. The wide spectrum of job opportunities readily invites skilled people into its arms. But before we venture into the different job profiles and Digital marketer’s salaries, I will be taking you through the basics. It is crucial to be clear of the fundamentals before we plunge into the earning side of it.

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Let’s Begin With Step 1: What is Digital Marketing?

Imagine you are opening youtube to listen to some soothing songs, to wash away the day’s stress and tension. Your eagerness has been temporarily paused by the nagging Swiggy and Zomato advertisements. You would have seen one before the song starts, then again during the best part of the song, and two more ads towards the end. This is digital marketing. Digital marketing or simply online marketing is used to promote and sell products and services through advertising on the internet. They aim to create a relationship with the customer through online platforms. The algorithm used sends ads to segments of people who would be interested in their product. Most advertisements are tailored to reach the right audience. This means you will come across more Nykaa Ads after searching for a dress on google or amazon. 

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Digital Marketer’s salary

Key to Digital Marketing:

You will notice a combination of bold colours, catchy images, and attractive words used in digital marketing. The idea is to catch the onlooker’s attention. Bright colours and animated out-of-the-world images are used to initially snatch your attentiveness. Then with the use of captivating content, the Digital Marketer Salary sustains your curiosity. A skilled marketer not only informs the audience of the said product but is also able to elicit positive action towards the purchase of the said product or service. 

Example of an ad that has incorporated good marketing elements:

Digital Marketer

Science of colours in marketing:

  • Red for instance is eye-catching and is generally associated with energy, love, passion, and hunger. This is why most fast food advertisements are covered with the colour red. 
  • Blue is used for a calming effect and to denote water and freshness.
  • Orange is usually used to give a cheerful or a friendly feel to the audience.
  • Purple is used to denote luxury. You may come across many luxury brands and perfume brands opting for this colour.
  • Green is found in abundance in nature and therefore used to portray nature or give an outdoor feel. It is also associated with health.

The prodigal question arises: Who is a Digital Marketer?

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Haven’t I gotten your attention already? The trick lies in picking the opportune moment. A Digital Marketer Salary seizes a prime time to imprint information of the employer’s product in the spectator’s subconscious. The best opening arises when the audience’s interests and focus are at their pinnacle point. This is the reason why you come across ads playing in the middle of a song video or during the unraveling of the suspense in a movie. 

To put it precisely, the person in charge of creating brand awareness or product awareness in the various digital channels is a Digital Marketer Salary. The web has made it possible for people of all walks (mainly the successful) to reach and live in the dreams and desires of people in the most remote part of the world. Online platforms have quickly crept into our daily life – mostly without our knowledge. The internet has now become a necessity. For many of us, we feel crippled without the daily dose of social media. For others (like us), online has become a medium to earn our livelihood.  

What is so special about the digital world?

The digital world has achieved to bring comfort into a person’s daily life. In the digital era, it has become possible for a person to live in the confines of his home until his death. You can order groceries, medicine, clothes, and everything under the sky and get it delivered without ever stepping out of the comfort of your abode. The perks of the online world will become glaring when we compare Digital Marketing Vs Traditional marketing.

Digital Marketing Vs Traditional marketing:

  • Digital marketing has a worldwide reach compared to the restrictive local reach of traditional marketing. More eyes are viewing your ads when posted on the internet.
  • The costs of digital marketing are far less compared to the costs involved in posting on traditional mediums. Eg, a google ad costs far less than the costs involved in putting a television ad or an announcement on the radio.
  • With the advent of online sellers like Amazon and Flipkart, the employer can sell his products to a wide range of the population. Digital marketing has equipped us with the necessary platforms that help to take information to interested people. This intern has translated into positive action from the audience’s end. 
  • Digital marketing sides along with the current trend. Most younger generations of people are opting to confine themselves to acquiring information (news, data) or entertainment through digital platforms (like Netflix, Hotstar) and many are disregarding the traditional ways. 

Am I Eligible to Become a Digital Marketer?

Anyone who has the necessary passion and drive can become a Digital marketer. A clear understanding of the basics and keen observation of already existing ads can help you give birth to creative and unique ideas. Qualifications can help to pocket job opportunities quickly. A degree or an online course on how to become a digital marketer can help to completely cover the fundamental elements. Most syllables are customized to the learner’s needs and focused on fitting you into the marketing puzzle.


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Let’s look at the various job opportunities and their pay:

1. Web Developer

A web developer as the name suggests is involved in creating attractive and utilitarian websites for businesses. Websites are platforms sellers use to showcase their products. An alluring layout and catchy format can accentuate the displayed products. This job requires knowledge of the various programming languages.

 A skilled web designer ensures user-friendly platforms that are easy for the content writers to manage and comfortable for the customer to surf through. This profession is one of the in-demand skills sought after by businesses.

If you opt to take up this job, your responsibility as the web designer concerns the backend works of the website. You will be involved in the creation and management of numerous online platforms. You are required to monitor website performance and traffic.  


Employers offer attractive packages for this job profile in India. A person with less than one year of experience gets an average package of Rs 2 lacks per annum. The pay increases to Rs 3-5 Lakhs for people with 2-3 years of experience. People with more than 5 years of experience get 7lacks and above per annum pay. 

2. SEO Specialist

When you are searching for let’s say shoes, there are several finds you get on your (google or bling) search engine. But have you ever wondered how there are a few websites like Myntra or Flipkart that pop up as the first find on your list?  The reason for this is the work of algorithms. Algorithms put in place give preferences to websites that make the best use of SEO tools.


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Search Engine Optimisation Specialist or SEO specialist monitor search algorithms and change the website to optimize it for the search engines.  If the job is done correctly, you will see that your employer’s website subsequently ranks higher on the search list. This job is a perfect fit for people with analytical skills and for people who prefer technical jobs. 

What does the job entail?

  • You will need to understand and keep yourself updated with the search engine algorithms. 
  •  Keyword research will be an important part of this job. You need to make use of relevant keywords to ensure your content reaches a large segment of people.
  • You will need to understand ways in which you can increase traffic for your/ your employer’s website.
  • You need to acquire skills in SEO copywriting. You will need to write content that Google as a search engine understands.


As an entry-level job holder, you will receive an average salary of about Rs 1,70,000 per annum in India. The salary rises to Rs 2,30,000 per annum for professionals with 2-4 years of experience. With about 5-9 years of experience, you can expect an average pay of Rs 4,50,000 per annum.

3. PPC (Pay-Per-Click) Analyst 

Like the name signifies, the PPC Analyst is someone who monitors the number of clicks an advertisement gets. He looks into statistical data to ascertain the strategies that can further improve the number of clicks for the employer’s content. PPC Analyst job positions have seen an increase during this pandemic era. A skilled analyst is capable of eliciting profits that are greater than the investment spent on marketing. This role also harbors the responsibility to put out paid ads on social media and other platforms.

As a PPC analyst you need the following skills:

  • You will need to know the techniques behind successful campaign creation.
  • You will need to know the psychology behind every click. 
  • The analyst should be someone who can decipher large amounts of data into relevant and useful information.
  • You need to be good at decision-making skills. Appropriate decisions that are relevant to the time and age can aid in ramping up the popularity and reach of the product. 
  • You will need to know how to use Google analytics.


PPC analyst is a booming job and you can easily bag it with a sufficient skillset. A beginner in the Indian industry will receive an average package of Rs 3 Lakhs per annum. Analysts with over 2 years of experience can expect a package of Rs 4-5 lakhs per annum. 

4. Social Media Marketing Specialist

This job is a blessing to all the social media zealots. Now you not only spend many hours on social media but you also get to make money out of it. A social media marketing Specialist is responsible for running marketing campaigns on social media platforms. The specialist ensures to highlight and showcase the best aspects of the employers/ your product.

Social media as we all know it has immense traffic. It attracts people from all walks of life and with varying interests. This platform is very useful for targeted marketing. Social media platforms have become a place where people share their interests and follow topics that they enjoy. This makes sit easy for sellers to deliver relevant ads to focused groups of people.

Specialist’s Key Responsibilities:

  • As a social media specialist, you are required to post quality content that highlights the beneficial side of the employer’s product.
  • You will need to maintain positive engagement across all social media platforms. Eg: You must have come across wendy’s tweets that have gained a lot of attention throughout the years.
  • Promotion of the brand. You will need to create and maintain campaigns to promote employers’ brands on social media. 
  • New social media apps are popping up every day and some gain popularity in a short period new(TikTok). As an analyst, it is your job to explore and look into new viable platforms for marketing.
  • You will need to come up with innovative content that attracts maximum attention.


You can expect an average pay of Rs 2,50,000 per annum as a beginner in this field. As a professional with 2-4 years of experience, you can get a pay package of around Rs3,40,000 per annum. The salary increases with the increase in skillset. An average package of Rs 6,80,000 per annum is offered for a specialist with 5-9 years of experience.

5. Search Engine Marketing Specialist

SEM Specialists are responsible for managing the company’s overall marketing strategy. They plan and implement marketing campaigns across all web platforms. The job requires you to have good technical and analytical skills.

In some cases, PPC and SEM are thought to the same, but in reality, it is not. PPC is largely related to advertising and SEM applies to a wide range of activities including activities focused on improving search results of the employer’s website.

Main Roles of SEM specialist:

  • As an SEM Specilaist, you will need to plan and implement marketing strategies.
  • You will need to monitor click rates, redirects, and bounce rates of the website. Knowledge of Google trends is vital. 
  • You will be responsible for identifying the target audience. 
  • Large amounts of data are now easily available. But as a specialist, you will need to translate that data and present it in an easy-to-understand fashion. 
  • You need to be a good decision-maker. You are required to identify the problems and shortcomings in the system and are required to come up with appropriate solutions.
  • A lot of research is a necessity. Once you enter this profession, you must keep up with the latest trends and practices used by competitors.


A person with less than one year of experience can expect to get an average salary of Rs 2,80,000 per annum. Professionals with 2-4 years are getting an average of Rs 3,60,000 per annum. With up to 5-9 years of experience, you can get Rs9,70,000 per annum.

6. Data Analyst

Data is everywhere. In the digital world, gathering data is not a huge feat anymore. How many people have visited my page? How many stated on for a longer duration and how many left in a short while? What are the current trends? What are the competitors doing? What are the fast-moving products? The data for most of these can be gathered by a layman without much marketing knowledge. The skill f an analyst lies in distilling relevant information from the mountains of available data. 

A data analyst is a person who specializes in extracting useful knowledge. The analyst interprets trends and patterns and presents the information in the form of charts and dashboards to the management. He is involved in picking out the problems in the system and delivering viable solutions for them. The professional guides the business in the right direction.  His responsibility extended to improving the current state of business. He ensures to remove any obstacles that are impeding the growth of the enterprise. The role of a data analyst is crucial for the development of any business. 


An average salary of a beginner in this profession is Rs 2 lakhs per annum. A person with 2-3 years of skill and expertise can expect a salary of around Rs 4-5 lakhs per annum. Professionals with 5-9 years of experience are paid an average of Rs 9 lakhs per annum.

7. Paid Media Specialist

The paid media specialist is one of the emerging jobs in Digital marketing. These professionals are responsible for managing paid campaigns on digital media. He is involved in directing paid searches and in inventing creative social media advertising strategies. They help to increase the growth and success of various brands on the digital platform.

The specialist takes care to divert traffic into the employer’s web portals. It is necessary to have a flair of creativity and the strength of an analytical mind to prosper in this profession. Understanding the buyer’s mindset can become a crucial skill that can help you to quickly climb your career ladder. 


A newcomer in the industry will receive an average salary of Rs 3 lakhs per annum. With a growing experience of 2-3 years, the pay will increase to Rs 5-6 lakhs per annum. A highly skilled professional with more than 7 years of experience can expect a salary package of Rs 7 lakhs and above per annum.

8. Digital Marketing Manager

Digital Manager oversees and manages the organization’s entire digital presence. A manager is responsible to understand both the employee’s and the buyer’s psyche. He needs to ensure cooperation among the group members. The decisions taken by a manager should take into account the needs of the employees as well as the customers.

Key roles:

  1. Ability to analyze and discern information: Analytical skills are a must for managers in any field. The organizations look up to the manager to guide the business in the right direction. Other team members like data analysts, SEO analysts will gather data and present it to the manager. The manager is responsible for making appropriate decisions and ensuring the implementation of the decisions. 
  2. Project management: The manager oversees many marketing projects. It is required of him to keep track of the statistics and status of each project. Any hurdles need to be quickly dealt with for smooth functioning.
  3. A man of all trades: A manager is required to be aware of all the activities of the employees below him. He may not be skilled in all the fields, but he must have an idea of what is required of the professionals who work for him. 


During the first years of being a manager, you can expect a pay of around Rs 5,50,000 per annum. A senior digital marketing manager receives an average salary of Rs 10,00,000 per annum.

9. Content Marketing Manager

The catchy Macdonalnald’s “I’m loving it!” slogan rings in the back of our heads every time we see the McDonald’s sign. 

Content creators connect with the audience through the creative use of words. Rhythmic slogans and memorable tag lines have played a big part in creating brand awareness. Marketing, in general, requires written content for communication. In recent times there is a spike in the content creation community. You will face harsh competition in the field and can only with incessant dedication and by sharpening your talent.   

Content marketing relies a lot on the uniqueness and relativeness of any content. You will need to be exceptional communication skills and need to be creative in general. 


At entry-level, you can expect a salary package of Rs 4,50,000 per annum. A professional with 2-4 years of experience can earn an average of Rs 5,20,000 per annum. With about 5-9 years of experience, you will receive a payment of around Rs 8,20,000 per annum. As a freelance content writer, you can earn far more than the traditional paying jobs.

I am sure the various jobs and Digital Marketer Salary have given you an idea as to which is the most suitable role for you. 

Digital Marketer’s Salary

There are a few factors that influence the amount of salary you receive. The first component is your experience. The number of years of experience you gather is seen as an equivalent of the level of your talent. Talented people are given more pay for their skill and expertise. In this context, your pay will increase with the number of years of experience. There are many cases where individuals showcase phenomenal talent and thus get high pay with fewer years of experience. The second factor is the skill set you have achieved to gather. Even within the people who have the same years of experience can have different levels of skills. When the employer sees that you are capable of more responsibilities, he will be willing to pay you more. The third factor is the employer you choose to work with. A small start-up can not pay you as much as an MNC. Whom you work for also determines the amount of pay you receive. The last factor is the job title you are applying for. A teacher in the school and the school principal do not share the same responsibilities or the same pay. Likewise, each job profile has its limits on how much one can earn in that job profile. 


Q.1 What do I become a digital marketer?

Anyone with adequate interests can become a digital marketer. To speed through the learning process I suggest you take up a degree or an online course. 

Q.2 Can I become a millionaire by becoming a digital marketer?

Traditional jobs have a limit on how much a person can earn. But as a freelancer, you are paid according to the number of jobs you take up and according to your skillset. 

Q.3 Are digital marketing jobs better than traditional marketing jobs?

Digital marketing jobs are gaining traction since the dawn of the digital era. The pandemic has forced many sellers to choose digital platforms. This in turn has increased the job opportunities for professionals in this field.

Q.4 How can I improve my digital marketing skills?

There are many courses, like Henry Harvin’s Digital Marketing course that help to level up your skills. If you keep yourself updated with the trends and changes in this field, you can greatly improve your talent. 


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