Top 10 Data Science with Python Courses Online

Data Science course is the process of extracting relevant information from massive amounts of raw data. It involves methods of collecting, storing, and analyzing data to obtain useful insights. Data science is related to the mathematics field of Statistics, which includes cleansing, clustering, and manipulating analysis, and presentation of data.

Data Science Course Certificate and Training

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Data science includes any type of data analysis beneficial for a company or business. Data science is related to the mathematics field of Statistics, which includes the collection, organization, analysis, and presentation of data. This can be done by data analysts having skills such as domain expertise, programming skills, and knowledge of mathematics and statistics.

Python is a leading first programming language freely available to the public. Its syntax is easy to interpret and write, which makes it beginner-friendly. Python tools work fast for automation and calculating complex equations and algorithms. 

Python language used in data science for cleaning, analyzing, visualization, and machine learning tasks. Several institutes offering online courses in Data Science with python. The motive of these courses is to develop career-relevant skills and experience in data science or machine learning using Python tools to manipulate, analyze, and visualize complex datasets.

Post Graduate Program in Data Science

Henry Harvin Ranks#1 in the List of Top 5 Upskilling Courses in India to Make You Job Ready by India Today India Today and Tribune India. Check out for more details using this Pioneer Link

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Here is a list of the top 10 Data Science with Python courses online:

1. Henry Harvin- 

The Certified Data Science with Python course offered by Henry Harvin will help you to Master Data Science and Analytics Techniques using Python. This course covers concepts of Python Programming with knowledge in Data Analytics, Data Visualization, Machine Learning, Web Scraping, and Natural Language Processing.

Henry Harvin is affiliated with the American Association of EFL, Ministry of Corporate Affairs, UKCert, MSME, UKAF, Project Management Institute (PMI), and ISO 29990:2010 certified

About course: 

  • Learn about Data Science processes, data visualization, data wrangling, data exploration, hypothesis building, and testing
  • Learn the concepts of Python programming with python environment, tools, and libraries
  • Get the package of high-level mathematical computing using the NumPy
  • Get SciPy Package for scientific and technical computing song with Integrate, Optimize, Statistics, IO, and Weave
  • Pandas Package for data Structures and tools 
  • Learn how to use Matplotlib Library of python for data visualization 
  • Learn how to extract useful data from websites by performing web scraping using python


32 hours online sessions


  • Get 1-Year Gold Membership of Henry Harvin Analytics Academy. The membership includes access to E-Learning recorded Videos, Games, Projects, CPDSPe Studies, and free brushup sessions.
  • Get Henry Harvin Alumni status and become one of the reputed Alumni across the globe. Elite Analytics Academy of Henry Harvin
  • Internship with Henry Harvin or Partner Firms and get weekly job opportunities 
  • During training gets hands-on industry projects
  • Flexible schedule and training by 15+ years experienced instructors 
  • Earn a Henry Harvin Certification- ‘Certified Data Scientist (Python) (CDS-P)

Course fee:

Rs. 15000/-

Cities in India where Henry Harvin Data Science Course is provided:

Other Henry Harvin Courses:

Henry Harvin Ranks#1 in the List of Top 5 Upskilling Courses in India to Make You India Today

2. Udemy- 

Udemy offers Python for Data Science and Machine Learning training. This course will guide you in learning the use of python to analyze data, create visualizations, and use machine learning algorithms. The course is designed for beginners and experienced developers looking to jump-start their Data Science careers.

About course: 

  • The course content includes 27 sections and 165 lectures of 24h 54m length 
  • Learn about python crash course, learn how to install and setup python
  • Learn about the Jupyter notebook system, python for data analysis-NumPy, python for data analysis-Pandas,
  • Learn about data visualization in Matplotlib and python
  • Learn about data visualization with seaborn and python, data visualization with pandas and python


25 hours on-demand video


  • Get 13 articles and 5 downloadable resources for reading
  • Get full lifetime access to the recorded sessions on mobile and TV
  • Learn how to use python for data science and machine learning
  • Natural language processing and spam filters
  • Learn to implement machine learning algorithms
  • Earn a certificate of completion

Course fee:

Rs. 1118/-

Other courses provided by Udemy:

  • Learn python programming masterclass
  • Data analysis with pandas and python
  • Statistics for data science and business analysis
  • Learning Python for data science and visualization

3. Coursera- 

This data science professional certificate course is offered by IBM. The Certificate will help anyone to pursue a career in data science or machine learning and develop career-relevant skills and experience.

There is no need for higher education or a Ph.D. to become a data scientist. No prior knowledge of computer science or programming languages is required. Anyone interested in learning can take this professional certificate and develop the skills, tools, and portfolio to start a job as an entry-level data scientist.

About course: 

  • The program offers 9 online courses including tools and libraries, Python, databases, SQL, data visualization, predictive modeling, machine learning algorithms, data analysis, and statistical analysis
  • Learn about Jupyter / JupyterLab, GitHub, R Studio, Watson Studio, Pandas, NumPy, Matplotlib, Seaborn, Folium, etc.
  • Gets hands-on projects such as random album generator, battle of neighborhoods, predict housing prices, the best classifier model


11 months, 4 hours/week


  • Online and flexible schedule, learn at your own pace
  • Learn about data science and apply various data science skills, techniques, and tools in a project and publish a report
  • Anyone can join no prior experience required
  • Get grades on quizzes and assignments
  • These courses will provide the latest job-ready tools and skills
  • Earn a certificate of completion and also receive a digital badge from IBM 

Course fee:

Free trial for 7 days. After trial $39 per month 

Other courses provided by Coursera:

  • Python data structure
  • Machine learning
  • Introduction to data science
  • Applied machine learning in python

4. Dataquest-

This Data Science with Python Course Online is for intermediate. It covers key techniques for working with the python programming language for data science. The course gives information about how to clean and prepare data in Python. To do this, you have given some projects including real-world data about the artwork at the Museum of Modern Art. By this, you will learn to manipulate text, clean messy data, and more. Next, you will learn object-oriented programming and how it relates to data science. 

About course:  

  • Learn to clean and prepare data in python
  • Learn the fundamentals of data analysis in python 
  • Learn about handling objects, classes, techniques, and attributes
  • Learn how to use loops, clean strings in python
  • Data analysis and visualization


  • Uncover the practice of cleaning and analyzing text data in python
  • Learning object-oriented programming in python
  • Learn how to work with dates and times in python

Course fee:


Subscribe to Premium version for certificates- $33.25 per month

Other courses provided by Dataquest:

  • Intermediate SQL for Data Analysis
  • Data Analysis in Business
  • Statistics Intermediate: Averages & Variability
  • Machine Learning Fundamentals

5. edX-

The advanced level python for data science course is offered by UCSanDiego.The course focuses on the use of powerful, open-source, Python tools, including Pandas, Git, and Matplotlib, and how to manipulate, analyze, and visualize complex datasets. To join this course previous experience with any programming language is required.

About course: 

  • The course covers the basic process of data science
  • Learn about python and Jupiter notebooks
  • Learn about python tools such as pandas, git, and Matplotlib
  • Learn how to manipulate and analyze uncurated datasets
  • Understand the machine learning methods and basic statistical analysis 
  • Learn how to effectively visualize results


10 Weeks, 8–10 hours per week


  • Online, flexible, and self-paced course
  • Learn how to use python tools to import data, explore it, analyze it, visualize it, and generate easily shareable reports
  • Provide the foundation to succeed in later courses in the Data Science MicroMasters program
  • Earn an instructor-signed certificate with the institution’s logo to increase your job prospects

Course fee:

Free without certificate

With certificate- $350 USD

Other courses provided by edX:

  • Analyzing data with python
  • Data science tools
  • Data science: R basics
  • Introduction to predictive analytics using python

6. Udacity- 

Udacity offers Programming for Data Science with a Python Nanodegree program. It provides the knowledge of critical tech skills that companies are looking for in their employees. The program is flexible and gets expertise in data manipulation, machine learning, visualization, predictive analytics, and data science. There are five unique programs in this category to support your career goals in the data science field.

About course: 

  • Learn about the programming fundamentals that are required for a career in data science. 
  • Learn how to use python, SQL, command line, and Git
  • Learn python programming fundamentals including data structures, loops, variables, and functions
  • Learn to work with data using libraries like Pandas and NumPy.


3 months, 10 hrs/week


  • Knowledgeable mentors support to guide your learning
  • Flexible schedule, learn at your own pace
  • Focus on real-world projects from industry experts
  • Learn programming skills used in data analysis and data science roles, including Python, SQL, Git, and Terminal.
  • Access to resume support, Github portfolio review, and LinkedIn profile optimization

Course fee:

Rs. 66051/- for 3 months

Other courses provided by Udacity:

  • Data analyst
  • Programming for data science with R
  • Data science for business leaders
  • Data visualization

7. Analytics Vidhya-

Analytics Vidhya provides python for data science courses online. Analytics Vidhya provides a knowledge portal for Analytics and Data Science professionals. The portal aims to serve all knowledge and career needs of Data Science Professionals. 

Analytics Vidhya is a group of passionate data science professionals, creating the next-generation next-generation data science community and ecosystem.

About course: 

  • Learn about operators in Python
  • Understanding variables and data types in python 
  • Understanding how to implement conditional statements, looping constructs, functions, lists, libraries, and dictionaries in python
  • Understanding data frames and conduct basic operations in Python
  • Data manipulation and visualization


Max. 6 months


  • Learn Python libraries like Pandas and use them productively for data science and data analysis.
  • The python for data science course is free of cost
  • Provides tips and tricks related to data science, machine learning, business intelligence tools, and business analytics 
  • Overview of case studies of problems and their analytical solutions
  • Earn a certificate of completion

Course fee:


Other courses provided by Analytics Vidhya:

  • Pandas for data analysis in python
  • Introduction to business analytics
  • Introduction to python
  • Introduction to natural language processing

8. Cognitive Class-

The python for data science course is an introduction to programming. This Python course is beginner-friendly. After completing the course you can start creating your data science projects and start collaborating with other data scientists using IBM Watson Studio. 

About course: 

  • Learn about expressions, variables, and operations in python
  • Learn about python data structures, lists, tuples, and dictionaries
  • Python Programming Fundamentals such as Loops and Functions
  • Learn about loading, working, and Saving Data with Pandas


20 hours


  • Learn to write your Python scripts 
  • Hands-on data analysis using our Jupyter-based lab environment.
  • This is a free course 
  • It is self-paced and taken at any time
  • Earn a certificate of completion
  • After signing up, get free access to Watson Studio

Course fee:


Other courses provided by Cognitive Class:

  • Data Visualization with Python
  • Introduction to Data Science
  • Data Science Tools
  • Data Science Methodology

9. GetSmarter- 

GetSmarter offers online learning courses. The courses are covered by experts with over 10 years of experience in developing premium online short courses from the world’s leading institutions and universities. 

One of the courses offered by them is Data Science with Python online short course from the University of Cape Town. The course focuses on developing practical data science and analysis skills used in business scenarios. 

To enroll in this course, give a readiness test. The test will assess your knowledge of python, gauge your competencies in mathematics and statistics, as well as your understanding of relevant programming languages.

Check out- Data Science with Python Course in Bangalore

About course: 

  • Develop practical data science and analysis skills
  • Learn about Python libraries and how to use them in day-to-day business situations
  • Learn about statistical learning, which will provide a foundation on the mechanics of machine learning 


8 weeks, 7–10 hours per week


  • Learn how to apply data science and analysis techniques to inform decision-making
  • Learn about tools to build and modify robust models to solve the business problems
  • Practical knowledge of Jupiter notebook
  • Develop an ability to fit data to a model using python
  • Self-paced learning online
  • Earn a certificate of completion

Course fee:


Other courses provided by GetSmarter:

  • Business Analytics
  • Data science in real estate
  • Data analysis for management
  • Data analysis and visualization

10. Edureka- 

Data science certification training with python offered by Edureka will enable you to learn Data science concepts from scratch. The course will also help you in developing important python programming concepts such as data operations, file operations, object-oriented programming. Learn to develop various python libraries such as Pandas, Numpy, Matplotlib which are essential for data science. Understand the various types of Machine Learning and recommendation systems that will help you to get started with your Data Science career.

About course: 

  • Understanding fundamentals of python programming
  • Learn about loops, command-line arguments,  NumPy, Pandas, Matplotlib library, Global Variables, function parameters
  • Implementation of Machine Learning algorithms


42 Hours of Online Live Classes

14-weekend sessions of 3 hours each, 21-weekday sessions of 2 hours


  • Get access to Cloud Lab for 60 days
  • The instructors are subject matter experts and have 10-12 yrs of relevant IT experience
  • Get lifetime access to Learning Management System (LMS) including class presentations, quizzes, installation guide & all class recordings
  • Get lifetime access to a 24×7 online support team that will resolve all the technical queries
  • Learn how to implement Data Science with Python with live project based on any of the selected use cases
  • Earn a certificate on completion of the final project and get certified as a Python for Data Science Professional by Edureka

Course fee:

$ 539

Other courses provided by Edureka:

  • Python programming certification training
  • Data science masters program
  • Machine learning certification training
  • Data science certification courses using R


The skills and job opportunities within data science are huge. Also, a data scientist job is among the top-paying in the industry right now. Extending up to the present time and securing a valuable position in the company as a beginner take up these courses and start to proceed toward your career.

Data Science with python is a demanding career. There are many python libraries like NumPy, Pandas, and Matplotlib, Seaborn, Statsmodels, Scipy, and Requests that are used for data cleaning, data analysis, and data visualization.  

The courses will help you in developing important python programming concepts such as file operations, data operations, data saving, and object-oriented programming. 

The training provides various types of machine learning and recommendation systems that will help you to get started with your data science career. With the help of real-world data projects, learn to manipulate text, clean messy data, and prepare data in python.

Demand for knowledgeable and skilled data analytics professionals is currently high. Due to this the career opportunities and salaries of data scientists are higher.

Hope this post is helpful in your career path and gives insight into the needs of current data science jobs.

Recommended Reads:

Q1. What are the job roles in data science?

Following are some of the job roles in the data science world:
Business Intelligence Analyst 
Data Analyst 
Data Architect
Data Engineer
Data Scientist
Machine Learning Engineer
Marketing Analyst
Operations Analyst
Quantitative Analyst
Database Administrator
Data and Analytics Manager

Q2. What different skills are required in a data analyst job?

Data science is an interdisciplinary domain that includes data analytics, data mining, artificial intelligence, machine learning, deep learning, and various other related disciplines. Nevertheless, the skills required for data analyst jobs fall under the same below categories.
Statistical/mathematical reasoning
Programming language
Business communication/leadership
Data extraction, collection, transformation, and loading
Data wrangling and Data exploration
Advanced machine learning
Big data processing and data visualization

Q3. Which companies use python for data science?

Many popular companies and engineers use python for data science, some of them are listed below:
Google, Amazon
Social networking websites like Reddit, Quora, etc
Netflix and Spotify
Uber and Lyft
Industrial Light and Magic


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  2. Each faculty in Henry Harvin is a master of their own domain possessing’s good knowledge. The blog is useful in clarifying doubts related to which platform provides a full view of data science Training with Python Online.

  3. Python’s importance in career prospects is very well explained. Moreover, covering every aspect of the Top 10 data science course online course along with their efficiency in online teaching.

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