Data Science in Daily life: Let every one of us comprehend the importance of “Data Science”. Data Science contemplates includes the consolidating of at least two academic disciplines into one action. In the callings, they utilize logical techniques, procedures, algorithms, and frameworks to separate information and experiences from many-sorted out or chaotic data.

So, The question is how do we use data science in our day-to-day life?

In our day-to-day life, we use a lot of apps and software, which has become knowingly or unknowingly became a part of our life, you can pick any software and it will have lot of permutation and combination of data involved in it. As we know, Data science Course relates to data mining and big data because of which these permutation and combination of data causes them to perceived exceptionally within the present serious world.

Here are the few example of Data Science

Google Maps
Google Maps maybe a Web-based assistance that offers point-by-point data about geological districts and destinations round the globe. Notwithstanding traditional guides, Google Maps offers elevated and satellite perspectives on numerous spots. In some cities, Google Maps offers road sees involving photos taken from vehicles. Google Maps offers some administrations as a component of the larger Web application, as follows.

•       A
course organizer offers headings for drivers, bikers, walkers, and clients of
open transportation who must travel starting with one explicit area then onto
the next.

•       The
Google Maps application program interface (API) makes it workable for Web
webpage directors to install Google Maps into a restrictive website, for instance,
a land guide or network administration page.

•       Google
Maps for Mobile offers a region administration for drivers that uses the Global
Positioning System (GPS) area of the cell phone (if accessible) alongside
information from remote and cell systems.

•       Google Street View empowers clients to work out and explore through flat and vertical all-encompassing road level pictures of various cities around the globe

To know more please visit Google Maps

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Social Media
Social Media is defined as interactions among a diversity of people of all abilities in small, medium and large groups for social and community purposes. However, Face-book, Instagram, what’s app, Twitter, Snap-chat has become an integral part of our life without which we cannot even imagine our life.

Generally, we login to our Social Media account to upload photos, share our ideas and views on current affairs and lot more. However, we do have authors like Guy Kawasaki and Peg Fitzpatrick who has written a book on “The Art of Social Media – the one essential guide you need to get the most bangs for your time, effort, and money. With over one hundred practical tips, tricks, and insights, Guy and Peg present a bottom-up strategy to produce a focused, thorough, and compelling presence on the most popular social-media platforms.”

Yet again, it is one of the instances
of data science used in uploading data which creating a social media platform,
which has brought our world, closure to each other.

Play store/App store
As we all know what is play store and app store, it does not need any introduction, but the smart phones are being introduced, depending on the phone Apple phone or Android phone you will have play store or App store inbuilt in it. In simple words, it is like a one-stop shop for all our needs, few of them are as follow:-

Travel apps

You have apps like Trivago, Make my trip,, trip advisor, trip planner, Goibibo. These all apps are similar to each other and have lot of data stored related to hot-spot destination during the season, hotels as per rating, reviews, itineraries and the total travelling cost involve. These apps also connect you to their customer services directly via chat or call and you can get your travel booking done.

Gaming apps

Up until late 90’s we only had outdoor games, board games and video games, but thanks to our mobile phone and technology era we have mobile games as well, which brings in lot of variation in gaming platform, starting from Angry bird, Pokemon go, Subway, candy crush to PubG, the current hotspot gave for everyone is online Ludo. We also have mind games like Puzzles, Word search, scrabble, and jigsaw and so on and so forth. There is a whole list of games available online which engages all the age groups with the mobile games.

Shopping apps

Needless to say, shopping is part of our day-to-day life. However, in most of the big cities we do not get time to go out for shopping, so the best solution is to shop online, this makes our life easier as we get good combo deals at a very reasonable rate. There are few shopping apps like Amazon, Big Bazzar, flip cart, PAYTM that are highly popular and there are some more apps like Myntra, Voonik, Snap deal, Club factory Ebay, bigbasket, Nykaa, Grofeers, DMart Ready app that are highly recommended in today’s fast life.

Food apps

Up until a year ago, we had apps like Zomato, Dine-out, Uber-Eats and food panda but the new Cure.the fit fitness app is a new trend to eat fit stay fit mantra. Now days, people look to eat healthy food and work out more, so as the world is changing with the competition is also increasing and more attention to detail is given.

Book reading app

Apps like Amazon Kindle, Google Play Books, free books & Audiobooks are the few E-book apps for all those who are book lovers and would like to read a book a day and no longer feel guilty that a tree to be cut to make one book.

Entertainment app

We all know that Jio Fiber is the next big thing and that we can now see any latest movie on the same day when released on our T.V. thanks to Jio Fiber. However there are many more apps that promises you complete entertainment like Airtel Xstream, Hotstar, Voot, Zee premiere, youtube, Amazon Prime, Netflix and may more. This has changed the face of entertainment industry completely. As you, do not miss any episode of your daily soap. Beside we get access to all the best series released worldwide.

Bill payment app

Paying our bills like water bills, electricity bills, paper bills, cable bill, and phone bills are part and parcel of our life and with the help of UPI apps – BHIM app, Google pay, Phone pay this has become more easy and it helps us to pay on the go and we can avoid long queue.

Financial app

Most important app and financial apps becoming more and more secured is the vital aspect for the big financial houses like BANKS, NBFC, BSE, NSE etc. As most of the transactions, happening online makes our life simpler and easier and yet again, it is part of our daily routine.

Job search

Searching for jobs globally helps has becoming more simpler thanks to Data Science, relevant jobs, jobs as per countries, region, counties, job pay, job descriptions, job as per your latest resume update. Most of us use the apps like,, and to check in case of better job opportunities in the market.

Apart from the above, we do have apps
for our provident fund, E-mails, analytics, Microsoft office, donations and
many more. Play store and app store is a vast pool of apps where in you get
whole list of applications that you are looking for. All the apps on play
store/app store gets updated on a regular basis so that we can access the
latest and updated version of the app. 

During late 90’s review was an evaluation of a publication, service, company, live music concert, play, theatre show, dance show, or art exhibition. However, now a days the definition of review has been changed completely. Tools like Google, Playstore, linkedIn, Glassdor, are the data hub for reviews on anything and everything. You can not only check the reviews for publication, service, company, live music concert, play, theatre show, dance show, or art exhibition but also you can check the review of hotels, food, restaurants, best cities to visit in any countries, Jobs, companies pay scales, companies work environments, properties, nearby area to the properties so on and so forth. Again, there is a big data involved in maintaining the data all across the world when it comes to review about anything in particular. Find out about the data science review through the link.


To know more about reviews, please visit Wikipedia.

Insurance/Mediclaim comparison
When it comes to buying any sort of policies we always look for the best policy available in the market. However, which policy to buy and which will offer the maximum cover and the best premium to pay, we normally check websites like or to confirm if we are but the best as per our need and requirement.

Investments being a major part of every person life, we always seek for investment advisor. As we, all want to know where to invest whether in Mutual funds, Bonds, Securities, properties, Stock market. It is good to have an investment advisor who can guide us as to what is best while creating our portfolio. However, we still have websites like the one investopedia and moneycontrol, which gives us an updates related to investments.

Bank rate comparison
One of the most sensitive topics as we all want the best rate in which we can open our saving account, fixed deposits, recurring deposits or bank locker. In addition, we all desire to have the best interest rate for our loans and mortgages. Even though as per the traditional method we do visit, bank manager and get the complete update about the banking product that we are looking for, but we do check website like bankrate and Paisabazaar, which compares and gives us bank rate across all the banks.

News online/e-papers
Being part of the busiest cities in world, Mumbai, people here normally do not get time to have nice cup of tea with a newspaper. It is like a dream for every person living in Mumbai. The more preferable method to stay updated with what is happening is by reading the news online. The big houses like Time of India, Economic Times, Mumbai Mirror, do publish their daily news paper’s online, that makes our life little easier as we can read the news on the go. As we look for more and more information online, the term digital Journalism has become more popular nowadays. This term is more popular in a country like India as it being the world’s largest democratic country.

Risk and Fraud Mitigation
One of the initial applications of data science started from Finance discipline. Organizations were exhausted of terrible obligations and misfortunes consistently. Nevertheless, they had a ton of information, which use to be gathered during the underlying paper work while authorizing advances. They chose to get data science rehearses to protect them out of misfortunes. Throughout the years, banking organizations figured out how to partition and vanquish information by means of client profiling, past uses and other basic factors to break down the probabilities of hazard and default. Besides, it additionally helped them to push their financial items dependent on client’s buying power.

Not only for the clients and in
financial sector, data science is also used Marketing, Logistic, Human
Resources, Health Care, Government Policies and each conceivable industry where
information is created. Utilizing information science, the promoting divisions
of organizations choose which items are best for up selling and strategically
pitching, in light of the conduct information from clients. Likewise,
foreseeing the wallet portion of a client, which client is probably going to
stir, which client ought to be pitched for high worth item and numerous
different inquiries can be effectively replied by information science. Money
(Credit Risk, Fraud), Human Resources (which representatives are destined to
leave, workers execution, choose representatives reward) and numerous different
undertakings are effectively cultivated utilizing information science in these

Internet usage
Web utilization is the estimation (communicated in bytes, kilobytes,
megabytes or gigabytes) of the measure of information moving through your PC
and the Internet arrange for a characterized period. This information is moved
in the two bearings: from the Internet system to your PC (download) and from
your PC to the Internet organize (upload).

Regardless of whether it is surfing
the Web, sending messages, web based games, different downloads, or utilizing
system gaming comforts, any action on the Internet creates use.

As we have seen above there are
lots of apps and software, which are part of our day-to-day life. We can least
imagine our life without these tools. Not only that we have many more
applications like daily ticket booking apps, phone recharge apps, movie ticket
booking apps and many more apps that use on daily basis which is part of

If we do not have working
internet connections all the time, it becomes difficult to access these apps. Companies
need to use data science algorithms to ensure they get the best of the data
required and deliver the best results. Therefore, usage of internet is not only
vital for an individual but also for the companies where mostly LAN is widely used.

In addition, here comes
the “food for thought”!

Did you know that you have
multiple search engines apart for Google?

Yes that is correct, most of us
know only one search engine and that is Google. However, apart from Google we
do have web search engine like Bing, Yahoo, AOL, Ask, Duckduckgo and so on. All
these web crawlers (counting Google) utilize data science algorithm to convey
the best outcome for our looked through question in division of seconds. Considering
the way that, Google forms in excess of 20 petabytes of information regular. Had
there been no data science, Google would not have been the ‘Google’ we know

Here is the list of some more searches
engine that is further segregated as per their purpose

For example: –
Keyword Searching – Google, Yahoo, Bing, Duckduckgo and ASK

Factual Answer – Wolfram Alpha

Multi-media, Images, Videos, Clipart – Google Video, Yahoo video,
Picsearch, youtube, Ditto

Academic research – World-cat

Not only this, we also have
something called as Meta-search engines
that browse across different search engines & extract the data out of the

Some of the Meta-search engines are,,

With this, we have come to the end of my Blog. Hope you have learnt something new. Apart from this, you might have also got the understanding of the potential that Data Science have in today’s technology era.

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I would like to know your suggestions/feedback on this article. Please share your comments/suggestions in the comments section below.

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