Why to choose data analytics?

Data Analytics courses are commonly pursued by candidates nowadays, in the hope of a highly paid job. Data analysis is an old concept, there were people who used it since the 19th century and it became more important when the computer takes place to help people make their business decisions quickly. Today every industry is affected by data regardless of its size, data analytics is nothing but a compilation of data. The data analytics course helps to learn how to collect, store and analyse data.


We are talking about the top 10 data analytics courses in India in 2022, though there are a lot of institutions proposing this course.

Here are our top listings,

  1. Henry Harvin
  2. Jainx Academy
  3. TCS iON
  4. Digital Vidya
  5. Edvancer
  6. Udacity
  7. Ivy Professional School
  8. Imaritcus
  9. Codeasylum
  10. Analytixlabs

1. Henry Harvin

 Henry Harvin provides the best big data analytics course in India, this course offers an introduction to big data technology and efficiently uses advanced analytics techniques and will also advance into big data ecosystem technologies and tools like  MapReduce, YARN, HDFS, Hive, & more.

 9 in 1 course:

  • Session details:32 hours of live online interacting sessions.
  • Placement:100% placement assistance.
  • Bootcamps: Regular free boot camp sessions for the next 12 months
  • Resources: A complete E-learning access along with the resources, tools and techniques and also the video content.
  • Certification: Get Hallmark Certification of Certified Big Data Analyst (CBDA) Certification from Henry Harvin also Govt of India recognized & Award-Winning Institutes.
  •  Projects: Facility to undergo projects in the related fields of Kafka, Spark, and many more.
  • Internship: Internship assistance to experience the knowledge of this CDBA course.
  • Hackathons: Complete free access to #askhenry hackathons.
  • Membership: You can get 1-year gold membership along with many facilities.


The trainees will be trained by the most respected industry experts with 15+ years of experience. All of them are already recognised by various organizations and delivered 350+ lectures, now joining hands with Henry Harvin.


  • Learners can avail 1-year gold membership.
  • a guaranteed internship and also weekly 10+job opportunities.
  •  Acquire knowledge about the Hadoop Framework and HDFS.
  •  They will learn about hive illustrations and learn to load data into hive tables
  •  Henry Harvin also guides to make a professional CV and LinkedIn profile to attract companies

 After the certification, they will have a demanding background and be eligible for high-paying jobs. Anyone can be a valuable asset to a company after completing this course from Henry Harvi

Other Henry Harvin courses:

 Six sigma green belt certification, HR analytics, Business analytics, Power BI, Marketing analytics.


2. Jainx Academy:

The Data Analytics course offers an opportunity to develop the ability to analyze, decode and also skill development, and also guide to how to study data to develop reports and insights. This academy trains its students as skilled data analysts and managers. This is an online certification course though, provided by the Jainx Academy. Many alumni have successful careers as data analysts. This course ensures students with a course certificate after the completion of the course with proficiency in data science.   


This is one of the best data analytics courses in India, and the trainers are surely industry experts.  Trainees will get instructors with  9+ years of experience and expertise in this field in this programme. This will be a blended session of self-paced and live sessions via the virtual platform. The classes will run for a period of 8 months in which students will get 6 months of classes and the rest of the 2 months will have live projects to experience the industry closely.

Duration of the course:

This is an online course for 8 months.

Fees Structure:

 INR 50,847 + GST


  Benefits of the course:

  • This is a complete online course which provides virtual classrooms.
  • Students are offered a blended learning process.
  •  The duration of this course is only 8 months.
  • Trainees will get a 2 months project to experience the latest trends in the industry.
  • Experts are always available to guide students properly toward a bright career.
  • Course instructors have the expertise and the real-world experience for the long run.
  • A certificate will be given by the authority after the course.
  • Online course modules are also available
  • The learning can be self-paced or live. 
  • Projects and assessments are there to evaluate the trainees.   


  The certificate will be provided by the Jain University Bangalore after the completion of the course.   

This course is designed for the students to develop their mathematical and statistical skills along with data science knowledge so that they will be able to understand the concepts of strategies for effective database management and analysis. They are able to emanate insights of improved decision-making management.               

Career opportunities:

 Data Analyst, Data Scientist, Market research analyst, Business analyst                                       


The ‘Data Analytics and Reporting’ course offers its students to have a thorough knowledge of the precepts of data analytics, regarding how to preprocess data and also the current market strategies and techniques associated with data analysis. This is also one of the reputed data analytics courses in India. The certification is provided by the TCS iON which is a digital learning hub, students who will be able to fulfil the eligibility criteria are able to achieve the certificate.

The achievers will be serving the industry as an expert in data analytics for machine learning and for statistical algorithms. The students can get digital resources, lectures, practical sessions and online learning procedures and a virtual classroom. The mentors are industry experts with huge experience and they are also reputed academic experts too such as professors from different IITs or consultants, and the managers of TCS.

This online certification course furnishes its students with professional skills and career development with a credit point after completion of the course. A digital certificate will be provided at the end of the program.                                                                       


  • This is a complete virtual learning process.
  • Trainees will be given credit points according to their performances, and 5 credit points will lead to achieving the certificate.
  • The duration of the course is not more than 5 to 6 months.
  • This course offers an internship at the end.
  •  This course also offers a digital certificate which is authorised and also recognised.
  • The industry experts are available for proper career guidance during the course.
  • Online study materials are also available.
  • Three lectures, tutorials and practice sessions are helpful for the learners.
  • Summative assessments help to understand the learners so they can make a self-evaluation too.

Fees Structure: 

INR 20000 = GST   

( fees must be paid online)                                           

TCS iON has the authority to provide the certificate                                                       

Basic criteria:    

 The students must have knowledge in computer science, mathematics, statistics,  data structure algorithms and programming of data.           

Qualifying criteria for the certification:

The students who get a 40% in part A and 50% in part B, and get an overall summative of 50% are eligible for the certificate but those who fail to write the assessments but somehow manage to complete the course study, projects assignments and practice tests they will also get the certificate.               

This course gives an overall knowledge of statistical skills, knowledge of data visualisation, machine learning, and technical skills.               

Course offered:

Data analyst, Data scientist and data modellers.               

4. Digital Vidya:

 Digital Vidya offers another one of the top 10 data analytics courses in India. It is designed with a combination of theoretical and practical tools which provides an exceptional lesson on data science and data visualisation. The exercise modules are built to boost your understanding of the core elements of PowerBI, QlikView, Excel, Tableau, and SQL. Associated with the Advanced Excel training, the Data Analytics Course training equips the trainees with an outline of data comparison, data cleaning, data manipulation, data visualisation, data sorting, data analysis,  and data filtering with Excel.   

Trainees will get pre-videoed lectures by industry experts,  projects, and assignments in an instructional way. It is a self-paced module. This programme will allow the students to embark on capstone projects for full-time orientation in Data Analytics and Data Management.

Trainees also can apply for a demo session and they can get an opportunity to get lifetime access to the learning modules and also get eligible to get a dual certificate from Digital Vidya and Vskills. Though the general duration of the course is 16 weeks


  • This is a completely self-paced module.
  • There are 16 data analytics modules available in the program.
  • 3 hands-on projects will be available at the end there.
  • Trainees are eligible to get lifetime access to the LMS.
  • Training sessions are much more interactive.
  • Real-time case studies are available.
  • Dual certification is available.
  • Study materials are pre-recorded.
  • A monthly question-answer panel happens there in the program.
  • Capstone projects are provided.
  • Free sample class is available there before the start.
  • 24*7 online assistance is offered.

Fees Structure:

INR 19,900+GST (self-paced and live interactive sessions)

INR 12500 (self-paced module)  


2 digital certificates are available after this course, one is from Digital Vidya and another is Vskills to achieve the certificate a student must complete all the modules and all the assignments properly. 

Eligibility criteria:

There are no such eligibility criteria for this course but as this course is based on algorithms, probability, and statistics so it is better to have knowledge of mathematics.       

Students will learn to use excel and SQL tools for running data analytics. Firm groundwork in statistics to draw and utilise meaningful insights from large datasets and will be able to discover the best data visualisation techniques.

 5. Edvancer

IIT & IIM Alumni has opened this platform Edvancer, The reason for opening this platform is to provide the best education possibilities to the students who want to make their careers mainly in the field of technology.

 The name of this course is Advanced Certification in Data Analytics-IIT Kanpur. The Course modules include Data Visualization, Data Analysis, and Predictive analysis, also include the tools like SQL, Tableau, and R.


  • The experts from IIT Kanpur deliver lectures in this program.
  • Many reputed industry experts are part of this institute.
  • Students will get all-time access to this course content.
  • This is a completely online module.
  • It makes a trainee completely job-ready.
  • 100% placement assistance is there.
  •  This course is also suitable for seekers who are belonged from a non-tech background.

Duration of the course:

180 hours.

Fees Structure: 

INR  69990 (Live online) 

INR 44990 (Self-paced).

Careers offered:

Data scientist, Data analyst, Data architect.

6. Udacity: 

Udacity is a virtual platform that provides a world-class education setting on its platform. It has differentiated itself by providing Custom-made explanations, exceptional strategies, and composed experiences for all the students. For this, it is able to include its name in the list of top 10 data analytics courses in India.

The course name is Data analysis with python and SQL. Students will get experience working up with the disorganised dataset. The module includes chapters like Data wrangling, and Data visualization with python, Data Analysis, Practical statistics.


  • Students will learn the usage of the tools like SQL and python.
  • It is a flexible learning program.
  •  Real-world problems and case studies will be given as the assessment for the evaluation.
  • Top industry experts will guide the students for the future.
  • Every student will get a customized technical support mentor for themselves.
  • Customised career guidance and services are available at the end of the program.
  • The virtual classroom is available.


The duration of this course is 4 months and this is an online program


Graduates are preferable for this course.

 Fees Structure:

INR 77676 

Career opportunity:

 Data analyst, Data scientist.

7: Ivy Professional School: 

Ivy Professional School are providing all types of tech and nin tech courses since 2004. The institute is ranked one of the top 10  data analytics courses in India. The institute is also having official training partners Paypal, Capgemini, Genpact, Cognizant, and HSBC.

 They have different data analytics courses but the most popular one is Business Analytics Certification and also there is another relevant course which is Predictive analytics with R certification.


  • This is a self-paced learning module.
  • The course is outlined with the most essential tools like applicable core analytics essentials, predictive analysis using R, and advanced analytics using SAS,
  • This program provides hands-on learning;
  • 100% internship in the prime industries is guaranteed.
  • Trainers belong to the elite faculty of different prime institutions like IIT, ISI, and  US universities.
  • Job placement in top companies.
  • Also provides classroom training across India.
  • Students can join live online training sessions if they want.
  • A certificate will be given to the learners after the compilation of the course.


NASSCOM has the authority to provide the certificate after the program.


189 hours.


Any graduates-post graduates with math/statistics/economics, MBA in any stream, working professionals in banking/finance.

Fees Structure: 

INR 37400 +GST

Career opportunities:

Data scientist, Data analyst, Big data scientist, Business analyst.

8: Imarticus:

Imarticus learning guides its students in a properly designed method so that they can have proper career growth after concluding the program. Experienced learning, Useful direction, proper advice, and suitable support to enrich their skills to become industry experts. 

The Course which is Post Graduate Program in Data Analytics provides skilful training through Case studies, Inclass projects along with Capstone projects, and Boot camps & Hackathon.


  • This is a classroom course.
  • Top industry experts train the students through the program.
  • The program boosts the skill to use Data visualization with Tableau & Power BI, Data Science with Python and R, SQL, big data Hadoop & spark, and probability & statistics.
  • It provides a 360-degree learning experience and it is a tech- enable learning.
  • The course provides industry-oriented case studies and industry connections.
  • Different business problems from the various industries are the add-on of this course.
  • 100% placement assistance is also provided in this course.
  • This institute will guide you through the course to have all the job-relevant skills and get mentored by the experts.


 Skill India program NSDC is authorized for issuing the certificate after the completion of the post-graduate program.


24 weeks.


 Any fresh graduates and also professionals with up to 3 years of experience.

Fees structure:

INR  2, 10,000 (In Classroom)

Career opportunity:

Data analyst, Data scientist, Business analytics specialist, Data mining specialist, Web and social media analyst,  CRM analyst, Business analytics tech consultant, Data Science Consultant, and Business intelligence analyst.

  9. Code asylums:                       

CodeAsylums offers a course named The Data Analyst with Business Analysts, it provides the students to cater to developing data analysts in engraving out a career for themselves for future roles in machine learning, data science and statistics, and also business analysis. It is planned skilfully for the students and guides them in the industry with a command so it makes this course one of the top 10 Data Analytics Courses in India. The course provides live mentorship and lectures in an alternate day session. The module covers help for the seekers with the interview questionnaire and job assistance.


  • This is a virtual learning process.
  • Trainees will have both the case studies and discussion forums which helps them to grow.
  • A verified certificate will also be given after the course.
  • It is only 3-month coursework.
  • The course includes more than 45 live sessions from the top industry experts.
  • This program provides alternate day live sessions.
  • This module includes various sessions like, Concept building sessions, Tech talks, Assignments, Doubt clearing sessions, Awareness sessions, Live sessions, Case Studies, and Hands-on live coding.
  • Students will acquire knowledge of Tableau, Excel, Python, SQL and R 

Fees structure:

INR 35,000 + GST


Codeasylum will issue a certificate after the completion of the course.


This course has no specification about the eligibility criteria for enrollment.   

Career Opportunities:

Data scientist, Machine Learning Engineer, Data Analyst, Database Administrator,BI Analyst, Data & Analytics Manager, Business Analyst etc.                       

10: Analytixlabs:

Last but not least these top 10 data analytics courses in India are offered by Analytixlabs.This institute offers a wide range of Data Analytics Courses. The popular course is Business Analytics 360 which also covers the modules of data analytics and has an add-on too.This is one of the topmost institutions in India and this course provides job oriented learning process that helps the students to create a good career after the course.


  • This is an online learning process.
  • The module provides job-oriented knowledge in an attractive way so students can understand it properly.
  • It is so well designed that any fresher or a student from a non-tech background can understand the topic easily.
  • This module teaches tools like Data Science with R, SQL, Predictive Modeling, the process of Data Visualization, Data analytics with VBA (e-learning) and intro to ML.
  • Various skills are also covered in this course like MIS reporting analysis, statistical analysis, data blending and manipulation, and also predictive modelling.
  • Institute also provides a self-paced classroom and boot camps along with interactive online classes.
  • It also provides assignments to evaluate.
  • A certificate is given by the institution after completing the course.


The duration of the course is for  99 Hours, and from these 66 hours of learning and the rest of the hours, students will get to know about practical knowledge.


Beginners with a qualitative background in business management, Maths, and Finance.

Fees Structure:

INR 32000+ GST ( ONWARDS.)

Career Opportunities:

Data Analyst, MIS Analyst, Analytics Consultant, Statistical Analyst, Business Analyst, Data Scientist.

11. Besant Technologies:

This institute which is head office in Chennai offers the top data analytics courses in India. It has many branches in India and also offers online classes to students. They claim to be the leader in the sector of IT training. The courses offered by this institute are from various fields such as data science and AI, data warehousing, Microsoft training, web designing, etc. They offer a data analytics course which is one of the best data analytics courses in India, 2022. This data analytics course syllabus is set by industry experts. The course covers everything and helps the students to gain a better understanding. 

12. IMS Proschool:

Among the top data analytics courses in India, this is one of the best data analytics courses. IMS Proschool offers a PG in Data Analytics course. This institute has branches in various parts of India and offers a lot of courses. Online courses are also available at IMS Proschool. What makes this the best data analytics certification in India is they replace the traditional 2-year PG program with only one year focussing on the specialised subjects. This course will help the learners to get into the program with just 1 year of learning. The institute employs an active learning methodology and will help students to learn the skills necessary for placement. 

13. ISBM:

Indian School of Business Management and Administration offers one of the top data analytics courses in India. The course is called Diploma in Big Data Analytics and is considered the best data analytics certification in India. Anyone who passed +2 or equivalent can join this course and no specific skills or knowledge of Data analytics is required. The mode, of course, is online and the duration is 1 year. Yet, one can take up a fast-track course whose duration is only 3 months. The fee for Indian students is ₹40,900/ and for foreign students, it is $1200 with study materials. One can apply online for the course since it is located in Mumbai.

14.iGlobe Online training:

This institute is situated in Hyderabad and offers one of the top data analytics courses in India. The institute provides online training and corporate training in various fields and offers one of the best data analytics courses in India, 2022. Learners in this institute will be provided real-time knowledge with exposure to various real-life scenarios in a particular software that clients actually need. The institute’s Data Analytics course is 30% theory and 70% practical classes for a total duration of 35 hours. Skill level is intermediate and a lot of assignments will be given during the course to help students learn better. 

15. Intellipaat:

It is an online learning platform that offers various courses including the top data analytics courses in India. The courses that are offered in intellipaat have high-quality content. Apart from that, they provide 24/7 online support for its students along with job support. The best data analytics certification in India offered on this platform is in collaboration with IIT Madras by the CCE department. The course is taught by professors from IIT Madras. Apart from that, students will be exposed to real-time projects and case studies. Students will learn skills such as Power BI, Presto, statistics, etc. The fee is around Rs.85,000/.


The Data analytics Courses are growling nowadays. The Data is the only one which can say the industry turnover or able to determine the upcoming strategy of that industry. This course is for all whether he or she is an  Undergraduate, or  Graduate, or also can be a  working professional anyone, who wants to improve their skills and is willing for a career in the analytics domain. This Top 10 Data Analytics  Course in India listings will help to get a proper institution for learning. This is also well-known because it’s a course which is job oriented. By learning Data analytics anybody will get the best job opportunities and have a wider range in different industries and MNCs also. The Industry examples which have scope for Data, and analytics are IT, Banking Retail, Media, Pharma, Hospitality, FMCG, Healthcare, Sports, and many more.

1. Are Data Analytics courses leading to a good career?

Ans: Yes, a Data Analyst can bag a highly paid job in any sector, because each sector and every industry entirely depends on data. So if you complete the data analytics course from any reputed institution and have the proper industry knowledge you will definitely have a good career option in front of you.

2. What are the eligibility criteria for this course?

Ans:  The minimum eligibility criteria are the 12th certificate, and then it depends on you, which course you want to enrol yourself in,it is said that if you have good knowledge in mathematics, statistics and algorithms you are eligible for the data analytics course. 

3. What is the minimum salary for a data analyst is in India?

Ans: It depends on the company though, but reportedly a graduate and fresher data analyst can earn a minimum of 4 to 5 LPA in India.

4. Is Mathematics required for admission to Data Analytics courses?

Ans: Yes, mathematics is required for data analytics, students who want to take admissions must have knowledge in mathematics, statistics, computer science etc.

 5. What are the most used data analytics tools you get to train in your courses? 

Ans:    The mostly used tools which are also trained by the institutions are SQL, R program, Tableau and so on.


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