Top 10 Digital Marketing Course in the UK( you would to choose from)

Are you a technology lover and you want to further your interest in Digital Marketing?  And if you are considering to join a Digital Marketing course you should weigh your options. Weigh your options carefully, with regard to the institute that you would join but also whether you want to do an online course or a regular offline one.

We recommend you to examine the following top-notch 10 online Digital Marketing courses in the UK before you apply for a Digital Marketing.

If you have a digital aptitude and have interest in Business and Marketing, you can be part of this sunshine industry by joining one of these top-notch universities for business and marketing for getting awarded either an Online or an Offline Digital Marketing Degree.

So we have also compiled the list for best marketing universities not only in the UK but in the world for you to study and earn a Digital Marketing Degree

About Digital marketing

Digital Marketing Mediums

Digital marketing helps a brand achieve its marketing objectives through the usage of technology and digital. This is the advertising and promotion of brands or products,   channels such as search engines, websites, social networks, emails, and mobile applications. This is the online advertising and promotion of brands or products

More so, digital marketing has become the focal point of the marketing strategy for companies to augment their revenues and create a business.

Digital marketing know-how today is crucial, fundamental and conclusive for the growth of any business. As a result, there is a high demand for the candidates adept in using digital technology alongside traditional marketing skills effectively. Therefore, Why not acquire digital marketing degree today?

A degree in Digital Marketing can be acquired at the best marketing degree courses in Uk. You can either acquire them through online digital marketing courses from reputed institutes or join regular courses.

Why Study Digital Marketing ?

The world is turning digital and fast. And the companies are making genuine efforts to increase their share of an online presence. Given the scenario, there will be plenty of job opportunities available for you.

Every day a new technology is being developed. And if you too keep pace with it by learning newer skill every day, your career will continue to prosper

 Considering the growth of the digital economy and the rate it is growing, it will continue to offer a plethora of career options with substantial growth

Online Digital Marketing Degrees available in the United Kingdom (UK)

UK universities top the preference list of many talented students from all over the world. Students who wish to understand different cultural dynamics on digital topics.

A Digital Marketing Degree from the U K awarded by prominent and best Marketing Universities will arm you with the knowledge and practical knowhow of marketing skills that the best companies seek in a wide range of fields. Like

  1. Understanding the technologies focused on the approach and techniques of digital marketing.
  2. Essential skills enhancement for marketing projects through virtual exercises in business.
  3. Lectures and knowledge sharing by research-oriented experts covering the latest developments. 
  4. Be ready to examine emerging digital trends, use marketing principles for self-benefit and write blogs focused on crucial factors.

Careers in Digital Marketing

Here are some Careers in Digital marketing that you may choose as your area of expertise:

  • Digital Marketing Manager,
  • Web Developer & Web Designer,
  • Social Media Executive & Social Media Manager,
  • SEO Executive,
  • SEM Expert
  • Content Marketer,
  • Analytics Manager,
  • CRM Manager,
  • E-mail Marketing Manager,
  • E-Commerce Manager,
  • Digital Agency Account Director

Top 10 Online Courses for Digital Marketing in the UK.

Good for all of us, there are plenty of resources on the internet that can help you to continue your education. No fee classes that require you to invest only a few hours for advanced courses, there are for all subjects and levels of learning to study digital marketing.


The first thing you try to do once you visit the Digital Marketing Institute website is to answer the 15-minute skills quiz to work out your knowledge of others in your field.

This will offer you an insight into what proportion you ought to invest in your education. DMI offers various levels of learning, beginning with the most subscribed three-hour content analysis and dissemination course 

Digital Marketing Institute works with educators to supply additional materials to colleges and businesses to coach employees in new positions.  Because they will remain relevant only by following what their customers need.


Like HubSpot, CopyBlogger focuses on the content aspect of digital marketing while offering certification and courses to students. Here members have access to 100,000 words, webinars, e-books and forums about creating content marketing efforts and therefore the ability to blog.

My.Copyblogger offers a free 20-part course to enhance the content and replicate marketing efforts.

This is an excellent resource for workers who already manage some aspects of their content marketing strategy but might not have writing or communication experience.


The Certified Agile Digital Marketer (CADM) educational program by Henry Harvin Marketing Academy is brilliant -structured Digital Marketing Course to assist aspirants to reach their career goals, conquer the Digital-driven technological world and earn a dream salary. DIGITAL MARKETING tactics taught within the CADM Educational Program augment the in-demand skills & relevant knowledge allowing you to expand your own business, build a career as a   marketeer, or assist clients to expand their business.

Course Curriculum

  • Getting started with Digital Marketing+
  • Effective Web Page Designing+
  • Search Engine Marketing (Google Ads)+
  • SEO (Off-Page, On-Page, Local, Mobile)+
  • Facebook & Instagram Marketing+
  • Linkedin Marketing+
  • Youtube Marketing


Coursera wants to design the simplest of courses and make them accessible to everyone,wherever in the world their location is. They strive to seek out courses that fit their schedule and their needs through partnerships with some well know universities.

Coursera courses range from $29 to $99, with advanced specializations starting from $250 to $500. it’s also possible to get recognized diplomas by the university for about $25,000 .Depending on the extent of coaching, these courses last only four weeks and therefore the last three years.

This list is designed to provide you with resources supporting your current educational needs. Therefore, it’s possible to spend a couple of minutes every day studying and reading to get a free certification, or investing tons of your time and money to greatly expand your experience.

Regardless of the classes and certifications you select , make certain to always learn something new.


In addition to many tools, Hubspot offers an in-depth marketing library and a training academy with articles and videos tailored to your learning style.

Over 50,000 people have completed their incoming marketing training,  consisting of 12 five-hour courses. Towards the end, the participants answer a questionnaire of 60 inquiries to determine if they’re successful or not.

The Inbound certification is an impressive way to present your employees with content marketing and lead generation. It is somewhat similar to  Google Analytics and Adwords certification program.


Lynda offers around  5,000 courses or more  associated with business, technology, and creativity. this is often ideal for college kids who want to develop their skills to progress in their careers.

For example, a photographer can take a photoshop course to convert their photos into marketing material.

A marketing agency can take a sales or leadership course to organize them for a promotion.

Lyda offers two options:

  • a monthly plan of $ 19.99
  • and a premium plan of $ 29.99,

The classes last from one to 10 hours, with variable difficulty from beginner to advanced, and are amid tests that reinforce their learning within the premium version.


Udemy is that the largest online learning market, with quite 14 million students learning business, development, design, marketing, and productivity. Its library includes quite 42,000 courses starting from Twitter for beginners to deep learning with Python.

The courses usually cost around $200, but the balances and balances are offered throughout the year (which makes the worth drop to $15 in some case. You can join the masterclass and train yourself for important promotions or role expansion in several parts of the business.

Udemy digital marketing masterclass is just the simplest .

#8. Distance Learning Centre

The distance learning centre offers a variety of topics that you can study at your own pace, at home or at work. Each year, thousands of scholars enrol in our distance learning courses. Here they acquire relevant nationally recognized qualifications to assist them in their careers and improve their employability.

It is very simple. The space learning centre provides you with the acceptable study material to direct you to a specific qualification or test.

What are the advantages of distance learning?

DIstance learning Benefits

Distance learning has many advantages. owever the most noticeable benefits are cost and adaptability.

  • In  Digital Marketing Degree course at a distance learning programme, there is no need to attend a classroom.
  • You do not waste time or other resources travelling to a selected location for every class. Distance learning like a boon for people with reduced mobility.
  • Digital Marketing Degree through distance learning allows you to learn at your own pace, as fast or as slowly as you would like.
  • In Distance, Learning institutes do no have to factor in the high overhead costs that may have a bearing on tuition fees

Institutes don’t spend thousands of pounds on expensive radio and tv campaigns and they don’t employ an outsized sales team. The prices of  distance learning courses are  less compared to the other fulltime classroom courses

#9. Open Study College

Open Study College’s qualified personal tutors will provide you with the recommendation and assist you throughout your studies to achieve your qualification.

Registering with Open Study college has several additional benefits. Enrolling in a course will get you a free NUS student card, which offers you access to many discounts.

Upon the completion of your Digital Marketing Certification, the recruiting experts will assist you in rewriting your resume. Additionally, they will help you in highlighting your new skills and teach you to differentiate yourself during an interview

#10. Global EdulinkGlobal Edulink

It is a longtime professional training provider within the UK. The courses are designed for a execs seeking advanced training in education, IT, security, English, and office administration. Edulink Global Training focuses on key areas, with a requirement for talented professionals. Course titles cover a good range of topics and supply high-quality education in information technology, education, and training.  Due diligence is done in the selection of trainers and the content design of practical courses. This is done In order to provide professionals with the skills, they’re trying to learn in digital marketing

Top 10 Digital Marketing Universities in UK

Your education doesn’t stop with your graduation. You’re likely to be employed in your field of expertise, exposing you to new tasks that you simply haven’t faced before. In some years of your career, you’re likely to expand your role within the business, which needs additional training.
One day, you’ll seek promotion to a supervisory position and that would require you to be an expert in digital marketing, leadership and project management. Smart employees are lifelong learners who always attempt to increase their knowledge domain.
These are the best Digital Marketing Courses offering Universities with low tuition fee and are ranked highly.

#1. University of South Wales

At the University of South Wales, you only need to be bold, independent and realize your potential.. this is often one among the top UK universities for doing marketing masters.

MSc Strategic Digital Marketing
This MSc in strategic digital marketing attracts students from diverse backgrounds who share a common goal and are eager to grow as digital marketers.
When studying the Strategic MSc in Digital Marketing, you’ll develop the sought-after skills and knowledge about digital marketing which allows you to strategically contribute to the success of a corporation within the field of digital marketing.
This will give your organization or future employer a distinct competitive advantage. Strategic Digital Marketing MSc offers many opportunities to develop contacts with other students, sharing your experience and concepts within the workplace.

#2. Coventry University Digital Marketing Course

 There are two Digital Marketing Courses at  Coventry University university in the UK. It is a premium  university offer  marketing masters within the UK;
Digital Marketing BA (Hons)
This course is for those that love social networks, influential people, brands and communicate their message to their audience. Digital media and communications especially social media marketing, have transformed marketing and advertising. Subsequently, have also created exciting careers for talented and artistic graduates.
This course focuses on the dissemination of practical digital marketing skills to build your strengths. The course is meant to offer you an entire understanding of how marketing works in today’s digital world. You’ll discover marketing, social media and digital technology employing a sort of analytical tools to critically assess digital marketing problems and develop appropriate solutions for organizations to manage their online presence.
Duration: Full Time (4 Years)
Tuition fees: Please ask the institution

#3. University of Portsmouth

The University strives to assist students to find employment and runs a career service to help with all stages of the job search, from writing a resume to finding an experienced professional.

You will master marketing management alongside developing your digital skills. You will take advantage of your creativity and make content that captures an audience, communicates a message and generates results for larger organizations. This course prepares you for an exciting career as a marketer. It allows you to work on the internet, with media or the service industries such as retail, finance or tourism.

Full Time (3 Years)

#4. University of Southampton

There are Digital Marketing Courses available at the university campus. This  is one among the leading UK universities for marketing masters 
MSc Digital Marketing
Duration: Full Time (1 year)

#5. University of Kent -Digital Marketing Course

One of the leading universities in the UK, the University of Kent, offers exceptional teaching, cutting-edge research, exceptional study places, and excellent student experience.

There is an Ongoing Online Digital Marketing Degree Course at the university.

Digital Marketing and Analytics MSc

Duration: Full Time (1 year)

#6. Brunel University London

A career centre dedicated to the university provides advice and knowledge on all areas of job search, online and on campus. Students can make a meeting with a counsellor, download job search resources and get advice to apply for internships and college-level positions.

Above all when studying in London, consequently students also enjoy access to global companies, ideal for gaining work experience.

Ther Ongoing Online Digital Marketing degree Course at the university is.

Masters in Business Intelligence and Digital Marketing

Full Time (15 months)

#7. University of Greenwich

There are two Digital Marketing Courses coordinated by the university, where you will acquire online digital marketing degree;

  • Advertising and Digital Marketing Communications
  • Advertising and Digital Marketing Communications BA (Hons)

This degree is meant to develop your ability to spot trends, understand consumer behavior and conceive campaigns that attract attention.

The modules on customer knowledge, brand management, and social networks address the learning of real-world knowledge. The Institute of Direct and Digital Marketing and other reports of the organization provides practical experience. Our close links with companies offer students the chance to undertake internships in companies.

#8. Nottingham Trent University (NTU)

After investing heavily in world-class facilities over the past decade, NTU continues to focus on making improvements and providing first-class facilities to students enrolled across courses at its four campuses.

The university

Digital Marketing MBA

The MBA Online Digital Marketing degree course offers you an experience which will really change your life and an excellent opportunity to achieve your maximum potential.

The Master of Business Administration (MBA) is most aspired for  and valued graduate degree.

The MBA course in Digital Marketing will allow you to develop a critical understanding of the theoretical techniques, concepts, and methods utilised in financial management and risk management.

Full Time 1 year

#9. Sheffield Hallam University (SHU)

The University of Sheffield collaborates with almost 1000 different companies. This way students get a chance to have internship experience or work in some of the very prestigious companies such as Sony, BBC, and Rolls Royce.

BA.Digital Marketing

This course is meant to offer you deep knowledge. Understanding the concept of digital marketing in constant and rapid evolution, including mobile and social networks.

Once the course finishes, you will have the requisite qualification for market research in addition to developing effective marketing strategies. As it would be supported by a solid understanding of digital devices, platforms, media, data, and technology. It can only be provided in the best marketing universities at the Campus of Sheffield Business School. 

Full Time (3 Years)

#10. Robert Gordon University (RGU)

Robert Gordon University (RGU) is located in the heart of the Scottish city of Aberdeen. Students enjoy the best of both worlds. a safe living and study in a  cosmopolitan city,

There are two Digital Marketing Courses offered by the University.

  • Digital Marketing BA
  • Digital Marketing MSc

This courses will provide you with the knowledge and skills to conceptualise, disseminate and evaluate digital marketing strategies and campaigns for a successful career in the industry.

You will be introduced to a good range of technologies and techniques which will offer you a summary of the digital technology landscape and strategic marketing principles today.

The technical skills that it develops are accepted worldwide and immensely valued. The modules you study is about dealing with theoretical and strategic issues centring on international case studies.


Is Digital Marketing in demand?

There’s a  great demand for skilled digital marketers, however, at the same time, reliable talent is on short supply throughout the industry. The report shares that over 50 % of all marketing hires are going to be digital specialists, with content and digital advertising being the foremost wanted areas of specialization.

What job title can I get with a marketing degree?

Here are a few job titles

Account Executive.

Advertising/Promotion Manager.

Brand Manager.


Marketing Manager.

Market Research Analyst.

Media Planner.

Production Manager.

How does marketing differ from sales?

Marketing and Sales are two business functions within a company. The term, sales, refers to all or any activities that cause sales of product and services. And marketing is the process of getting people getting curious about the product and services being sold.

What are the 4 principles of marketing?

The 4 principles of marketing are product, price, place and promotion. Together, these four principles are referred to as the “4 P” (for its initials in English) marketing and include the mixing of marketing. For a marketing strategy to be effective, the 4Ps must be used in tandem.

How much do digital marketing jobs pay?

A Digital Marketing Manager earns a mean salary of $62,363 per annum.

The Highest Paying Marketing Jobs. … If you’re just getting started in marketing, entry-level marketing positions have already got relatively competitive pay: the typical  base salary for marketing assistants, as reported by  Glassdoor salary data, ranges between $32,000 and $55,000 per year


If you are considering to avail a digital marketing degree and are not able to choose between an online programme or in-class. You can base your decision, post considering the following,

An online degree allows you to complete your study without disturbing your current job. An in-class courses require you either take a break or required number of leaves from your workplace.

Online degrees are often very economical, offering low tuition rates and excellent course content. And marketing is not a child’s task; you need to study it thoroughly.

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