In today’s scenario, managers need various range of skills including technological as well as human skills. We all know that managers are involved in prioritizing, planning, interacting, monitoring, and improving their employees. 

Do you know who a good manager is?

Manager who interact with their seniors as well as subordinates without conflicts. Manager who mentor the team members, coping with difficult situations, show gratitude, being reliable and give rewards to good work.  Good managers tries to maintain the balance between the management skills as well as technical skills.

Technical skills include the business or industry- specific methods and procedures and systematic problem solving approaches. They often require advance expertise which can be acquired over the period of time.

Every industry demands skills, vary in position or tasks given to the managers.  Though there are common technical skills for managers required across globe especially within administrative and middle management positions.

There are various reasons why technical skills are relevant. They will help the managers to work more efficiently, increase their confidence, make them attractive candidate for employers.  Candidates with professional expertise, have greater faith in applying for jobs. Further, managers with technical competence are multitasking in a demanding and dynamic job.

Managers with technical skills get good salary package. Organizations always prefer managers with good conceptual and technical skills to perform effectively with confidence.  As technically skilled managers’ help in saving organization’s money due to their productivity. Further, they don’t require much training and good at handling technical issues themselves.

In this article, we will try to understand what kind of technical business management skills required by the managers. Now, let’s talk about some of the technical skills for managers;

1. Computer and Digital Competency

Do you feel that competency in computers is required for mangers?

Well, yes! It is very important, these days’ managers should be competent enough to handle computers.  Managers have to write business plan, give presentations and make budgets.

Therefore, it is required that managers should have literacy in MS-office. Power point for their presentations, excel to make spreadsheets to deal with numeric and MS word for writing.

Managers may not require to know the working knowledge of programming or maintenance of websites. But having basic understanding of digitization is always useful. This may include a Conceptual skills for managers like general understanding of web design and search engine optimization. They should be aware of Wi-Fi, internet, emailing, downloading, mobile messaging, mobile apps, video conferencing etc.

2. Data Analysis and Basic Statistics

Well, data analysis is another important technical skills for managers. Data analytics refers to the skills, technologies, practices that are useful for deriving the perceptions that can be used for future business planning. It is a field that is now applied across all domains and industries.

Business analytics is used by companies committed to data-driven decision-making. It can be used to automate and optimize business processes.

 In other words, querying, reporting and alert tools can answer questions such as what happened, how many, how often, where the problem is, and what actions are needed. Business analytics are a vital part of any business and important in the current scenario. In order to find flaws in existing processes and focus on meaningful data that will help an organization, prepare for future growth and challenges.

Data analytics are an essential part of any business. Business analytics make up continuous improvement programs, a large portion of decision support systems and many of the other techniques used to keep competitive in business. Business Analytic tools are now vital to succeed in your business and best part is that these tools can be connected on a single computer for small applications or in server environments for enterprise-wide placements.

Once they are up and running, managers with less specialized training can use them. This can be to produce reports, charts and web portals that track precise metrics in data sets. Further, managers should have other business management skills like knowledge of basic statistics. Now, why statistics?

Well! To understand every business processes, managers should know about mean, mode, median, standard deviation, and probability. As these statistic tools will help the managers to understand the variation in processes and take right decisions.

3. Project Management

Another important business management skill required by the managers is the project management. You must thinking why do managers need to know about project management?


Projects are about innovation, diversification and transformation and in this changing scenario we are experiencing a lot of change. Today’s businesses are more complex, fast and competitive. Therefore, it is important for an organizations to have managers with business management skills which are goal oriented.


Project management is the application of skills, understanding, tools, procedures and processes to perform activities to meet the project requirements. There are various processes involved in project management processes like initiating, planning, executing, monitoring, controlling and closing.  

If organizations wish to improve their performances, in sales, relationship with customers, product quality and cost-effectiveness, it is significant to have managers with these business management skills.

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4. Financial Management

Do you feel that financial management is important technical skill of managers?

Yes! It is. A manager needs to have knowledge about money because any management job is to allocate resources like money, people, machines or time.

 Managers make arrangements to put people on tasks, money into investment which is an allocation of resources. Once the resource is allocated, then measuring performance is significant to understand your return on investment (ROI).

5. Process Improvement

Another important business management skill for managers is process improvement. Every business can make profits by increasing customer satisfaction and improving quality of their products.  Well, Six Sigma tool can be used to help businesses to run better than ever before.

No matter what your business is, chances are that six sigma can help. Six sigma concepts can be applied in every department. It can be used in production, sales, marketing, design and administration and service.

Managers can learn and apply it skillfully to their jobs, costs will be reduced by 50% or more. It will also help you to understand your customer’s needs better and more efficiently. It improves performance and delivery and will make great internal improvements. Managers are learning about six sigma training and using in their own companies because of its high success rate.

Apart from the above technical skills for managers, they should know how to communicate well. Managers should know how to dress appropriately, eat properly and work well with others. Managers should exhibit social/telephone/e-mail etiquette as they have to interact with different people like customers, colleagues and others while travelling to far off destinations.  Managers should maintain the balance between soft skills and business management technical skills.


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What are skills required by the manager?

Managers should have technical, management and conceptual skills. He should know how to communicate, delegate, plan and make right decisions for an organization.

How do I prepare for a manager’s interview?

You can keep these points in mind when preparing for a Management interview;
Focus on Leadership
Know the Company’s Needs
Understand your Strengths and weakness
Show Energy and Enthusiasm
Well Prepare
Know your subject well

How to show technical Skills in CV and at interview?

If you have technical skills, you need to mention on your CV, and at the time of interview you can provide evidence of situations where and what you did with outcome of the same.


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