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Top 10 Business Analytics Course in Pune

Data analytics has an impact on nearly every facet of business. Leaders that understand the business analytic Course are required for companies to benefit from data analytics. This course fills a gap in human abilities by teaching a core set of data processing capabilities that may be used in a variety of business situations.


In this course, you’ll learn how to prepare corporate data for analytic tools like algorithms and visualisations using R, a data analysis language. Cleaning, cleaning, aggregating, and rearranging data is an important but sometimes overlooked phase in the data analyst course in the Pune process.

As you learn how to use R to prepare data for analysis, you’ll get familiar with RStudio, a sophisticated integrated development environment (IDE) with numerous built-in capabilities that make coding with R easier.

You’ll think about how business concepts and data analytics interact as you learn about the business analytic workflow. You’ll look at how delegation, control, and feasibility affect the way data is handled in particular. You’ll also learn about real-world business challenges that can be handled using data automation and analytics, as well as non-copy-and-paste approaches for sharing data analytic results from one platform to another.

1. Henry Harvin Education : Best Business analyst course in pune

Henry Harvin Contact No : +91 9891953953 | Chat on Whatsapp with Henry Harvin 


Henry Harvin Education is a prestigious and one of the world’s few Competency Development Organizations, providing targeted Learning Solutions to a wide range of business and university audiences. They put forth a few learning strategies that we think are important in today’s world. Their learning solutions are a derivative of Competency Research conducted by gathering many inputs and millions of data points from across geographies, industries, functions and domains.

These inputs and data points are then compared using complex analytics with need and market data to identify what learning solutions can cultivate distinguished professionals of the time. The translation of this research to delivery offering also is a cautious choice where the experts brainstorm and challenge with peers, competition and worlds consulting firms to conclude the right fitment. That’s how they have come up with the curriculum for the best Business Analytics course in pune  Course with R.

Learning Benefits:

Following are the benefits from Henry Harvin’s Business Analytics Course in Pune

  • Explore+Analyse+Solve Business Problems using Analytics Tools like R & Advanced
  • Understand ‘What’ & ‘How’ aspects of Data Collection
  • Get insights from Industry Best Practices for Data Measurement & Analysis
  • Communicate Business Objectives in a focused manner with data analysts & help evaluate results of data analysis better.
  • Develop Goal-Oriented Business Strategies
  • Gain Full View of Customers across Different Channels by Accessing+ Integrating+ Analysing Customer Data through Multiple Sources & Engage Customers in Real-Time
  • Understand the Affinity of Product by analyzing transactional data.
  • Understand Analytics-Based-Financial Decision Making to drive company’s ROI
  • Take Actionable Data-Driven Decisions to increase market share
  • Helps with Adjusting to Macro Changes in predictive models

Course Duration:

  • Instructor-led classes 28-hour preparation.

  • After 15 days, an online test is administered based on the preparation, and a credential is awarded.

  • Over the course of a year, 24 hours of Project Support and Bootcamp sessions are given during the preparation.

A membership in the Henry Harvin Academy can help you advance your profession.

Get 1-year membership of Henry Harvin and avail the following benefits:-

  1. E-learning access: Access to recorded videos, games, projects, and case studies is available through e-learning.

  1. Bootcamp Sessions: Free 12-month Bootcamp sessions to catch up on topics, valued at Rs. 6000.

  1. Internship: Internship with Henry Harvin or a joint company is guaranteed.
  2. Work Vacancies: Job openings are sent out on a daily basis.

  1. Interview Techniques: Help with clearing conversations for startups and Fortune 500 firms.

Other Henry Harvin Courses

Cities in India where Henry Harvin Business Analytics Course with R is Provided:


Check Henry Harvin Student Revies :

1. Nalin Upadhayaya

Rated 5 out of 5 stars
The sessions are understandable, and doubts are cleared every time. It helps me so much for understanding the concepts and also the practice sessions helped me to become clearer in the concepts. Thank you so much for sharing valuable knowledge

2. Harsh Gaurav


Has been a great journey with Henry Harvin. From the admissions to the placement drives. My relationship manager was there to personally help. The trainers are top notch and very comfortable to get your doubts cleared. Overall a very positive experience

2. Imarticus Learning – Best Business Analytics Course in Pune

Contact No : +91 8484932054

Imarticus Learning logo

Imarticus Learning is an innovation-driven instructional organization with extensive experience in transforming occupations in a wide range of undertakings, including financial administrations, examination and AI, business investigation, and center innovation.

With over 35,000 students under our belt, we’ve also pioneered the concept of professional degrees, or “Prodegrees,” in collaboration with global behemoths like IBM, KPMG, Genpact, Rise Mumbai by Barclays, Moody’s Analytics, Motilal Oswal, and a slew of others, in order to disrupt learning by allowing aspirants to acquire skills that businesses require.

Imarticus Learning has an excellent faculty, and the number of students in each batch is kept to a minimum. Because the majority of the material is practical, the course curriculum is exceptionally well-designed. As a result, the college is considered one of Pune’s top Business Analytics institutes.

Website Link :

3. IMS Proschool : Business Analyst Training in Pune

Contact No : 7710044425

IMS Proschool logo

It is one of the most well-known Business Analytics with R course Pune, and it now offers training programs in Finance, Accounting, Analytics, and Marketing to a large number of graduate students. Under the PPP model, we also have initiatives in the areas of electrical, mechanical, retail, and healthcare. 

The course’s experiential technique combines intellectual content with hands-on application to ensure that students are comfortable with both. They have a highly qualified team and one of the top course curriculum.

Address : 01A, Ashoka Estate Building, New Barakhamba Road, New Delhi 110001

Location : New Delhi

Website link :

4. Excel R : Business Analyst Training centre in Pune

Contact No : 18002122121


Among all the institution’s Data Analyst courses in Pune with R course, Excel R is ranked third. The teachers here are highly qualified and provide extensive training to ensure that students can deal with the best-designed curriculum. The institute has received excellent feedback from prior students, who describe it as one of the best Business Analytics institutions in Pune.

Address : M 130-131, Inside ABL Work Space,Second Floor, Connaught Cir, Connaught Place, New Delhi, Delhi 110001

Location : Delhi

Website Link :

5. Great Learning : Business Analyst Certification in Pune

Contact No :  080 4711 1120

Great LearningThe teaching curriculum for Data Science and Business Analytics institutions in Pune has been designed as a collaborative effort between Great Lakes and the UT Austin McCombs School of Business. Staff from Great Lakes, UT Austin, and other seasoned data researchers and analysts provide instruction and content throughout the course.

Address : Orchid Centre, 2nd Floor, Golf Course Rd, Sector 53, Gurugram, Haryana 122002

Location : Haryana

Website Link :

6. Seven Mentor : Best Business Analytics Course in Pune

Contact No : 020 7117 1757

Seven Mentor

Without a doubt, one of Pune’s best Business Analytics colleges. Those who need to start with a basic Data analyst course in Pune tools like Excel, SQL, and Tableau and progress to cutting-edge Data Science and Machine Learning tools like R and Python. It features a good group of teachers that will appropriately coach you and assist you in gaining all of your analytics expertise. The batch size is appropriate.

Address : A Wing, 2nd Floor Office No. 49 Shreenath Plaza,Modern College Main Road Dnyaneshwar Paduka, Chowk, Maharashtra 411005

Location : Maharashtra

Website Link :

7. Institute of Business Analyst Training : Business Anlyst Training Centre in Pune

INSTITUTE OF BUSINESS ANALYST TRAINING is one of Pune’s best Business Analytics schools. The institution has received positive feedback from its last student cohort. The course material is excellent, and the instructors are knowledgeable.

8. EduPristine : Best Business Analyst Training Course in Pune  


In Pune, there are a number of excellent Best Business Analytics courses in Pune schools. The organization’s mission is to motivate understudies to realize their goals, acquire success, and make electrifying pledges to our global network. In Analytics, Accounting, Finance, and Marketing, it is India’s leading preparation.

EduPristine features a strong online platform and a study hall system that spans India and incorporates self-guided learning, web-based learning, and homeroom learning. The best Business Analytics course in Pune Curriculum in Pune is a focused, 100+ hour program designed by industry experts for high-performing individuals who want to master the tools of inquiry in Pune and advance their careers. Get practical and hands-on training, as well as sensitive skills and 100% employment support.

Address :  44, 3rd Floor, Regal Cinema Complex, Connaught Cir, near Khadi India Store, Panchkuian Road Railway Colony, Connaught Place, New Delhi, Delhi 110001

Website Link :

9. Manipal Prolearn : Best Business Analytics Course in Pune

Manipal PROLearn


Manipal ProLearn will turn you into the best Business analytics course in Pune specialist. The course intended for this work field guarantees to meet and exceed all company criteria. The odds of landing a job improve.

One comprehends and learns how to use and apply R language ideas. The R programming language is one of the most powerful languages for solving complicated issues in the Business Analyst course in Pune.

Address : 7, Service Rd, Pragathi Nagar, Electronic City, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560100

Location : Karnataka

Website Link :

10. Radical Technologies: Top Training Centre For Business Analyst course in Pune   

Radical Technologies

A prior quantitative or mathematical background is not required for this course. It begins by covering fundamental concepts such as the mean, median mode, and so on, before moving on to all areas of an analytics (or) data science profession, from analyzing and processing raw data to displaying your results.

This course will teach you the fundamentals to advanced techniques used by real-world business data scientists, whether you’re a programmer or a recent graduate wishing to transfer into an exciting new career track, or a data analyst trying to make the transfer into the tech business.

What is R language?

R is an open-source machine learning and data research computer language. It’s seen as an alternative implementation of the S programming language, and it’s used for statistical analysis on datasets. R is a graphical and statistical computing integrated development environment (IDE) that has gained a lot of traction in recent years.

R is becoming widely adopted by scientists, engineers, and even professionals without a computer science background since it includes many of the same industry-leading visualization features given by Tableau and Cognos. Uber, Google, Airbnb, Netflix, and Facebook are among the organizations that utilize R because of its powerful visualization and reporting features.

Why Business Analytics course in Pune is important in this Modern World?

The R programming language makes it easy for a business to go through the business’s entire data. What the language does is scales the information so that different and parallel processors can work upon the information simultaneously. When using a regular R package, most computers do not generally have sufficient memory to handle high amounts of data. The R programming language, on the other hand, has ScaleR, which repurposes the data into smaller parts so that it may be handled on several computers at the same time. To put it another way, ScaleR makes it simple to split a large database among several nodes. This enables users of the programming language to do advanced statistical analysis.

The language has been designed to help people analyze data. It comes with several algorithms for retrieving data, processing it and interpreting it as well as providing top-notch graphics. It comes with inbuilt statistical methods like:

  • Mean
  • Median
  • Distributions
  • Covariance
  • Regression
  • Non-linear mixed-effects
  • GLM
  • GAM, and a lot more

Today, every contemporary organization must comprehend the massive volumes of data it collects on its customers and itself. Spreadsheets are useless, and though SAS provides a solution, it is not the greatest. R is an open-source programming language that is extensively used by scientists all around the world.

Below are listed some reasons why R programming is effective Business Analytics

  •  It stores and also handles information in a very efficient manner by making use of different numerical as well as textual operators to calculate arrays and matrices of information.
  •  It comes with many tools that analyze data that much more straightforward and useful. 
  • It comes with graphical services that aid in doing better analysis of information.
  • The R programming language is made up of excellent programming techniques, and it has functions and loops as well as conditionals that are very nicely developed and easy to use. 
  •  It is also able to provide the best documentation abilities both for hard copies and also for soft copies.

3 Reasons To Learn R language For Business

Reason 1: R Has The Best Overall Qualities For Business

For business analysis/intelligence, there are a variety of technologies available (with DS4B being a subset of this area). Each instrument has advantages and disadvantages, many of which are significant in the business world. These characteristics may be used to compare how each tool compares to the others! 

What we witnessed was extremely fascinating. The development of a trendline revealed a compromise between the learning curve and DS4B capability rating. The most adaptable instruments are more difficult to master, but they offer greater economic potential. On the other hand, “easy-to-learn” technologies aren’t always the ideal long-term tools for business or data science. In our perspective, the functionality should take precedence over the convenience of use.

Reason 2: R Is Data Science For Non-Computer Scientists

You essentially only have two choices when it comes to high-performance data research tools: R or Python. Trying to learn both at the same time is a mistake. It all boils down to what’s best for you. The differences between R and Python have been depicted in a number of infographics, but the most disregarded factor is the language’s suitability for individual programming. Don’t get what we’re saying? Let’s have a look at it in more detail.

Fact 1: The majority of people who want to learn data science for business are not computer scientists. Business professionals, non-software engineers (e.g. mechanical, chemical), and other technical-to-business converters make up this group. Because of where each language shines, this is critical.

Fact 2: Communication is a key component of most commercial and financial activity. This takes the shape of reports, dashboards, and interactive online apps that enable decision-makers to notice when things aren’t going well and make well-informed business decisions.

Reason 3: R Is Built For Business

The ability to develop business-ready reports and machine learning-powered web apps are two main benefits of knowing R above any other programming language. R is presently the only tool that can accomplish this as well as Python, Tableau, or any other program. Rmarkdown for report production and shiny for interactive web apps are the two features we’re talking about.

Why build a career in Business Analyst?

Analytics as a field is poised for rapid expansion. As more data becomes available in digital form, the demand for better, quicker, data-driven choices will only grow. To back up what I’m stating, consider the following facts:

  • Data scientist is the most difficult profession in the twenty-first century, according to Harvard Business (October 2012 edition).
  • “By 2018, the United States alone might face a shortfall of 140,000 to 190,000 employees with strong analytical capabilities, as well as 1.5 million managers and analysts with the know-how to apply big data analysis to make good decisions,” according to the McKinsey Global Institute.

Imagine what would be the number across the globe…

Career Opportunities in Business Analytics field :

Because analytics may be used in a variety of industries and jobs, there are several opportunities in areas such as banking, retail, textiles, healthcare, and automotive.

Individuals can also choose to specialize in more sophisticated streams such as Machine Learning, Deep Learning, and Artificial Intelligence based on their interests and talents.

Here are some roles which a person specialized in Analytics can choose from;

  • Big Data Analytics Architect
  • Big Data Engineer
  • Financial Analyst
  • Marketing Analytics Manager
  • Business Intelligence and Analytics Consultant
  • Analytics Associate Metrics and Analytics Specialist Database Administrator
  • Fraud Analyst
  • Retail Sales Analyst
  • Statistician
  • Data Scientist
  • Data Visualization Analyst 


Knowing Is Not Enough; We Must Apply. Wishing Is Not Enough; We Must Do. Business analytics is a multifaceted field that requires people who are comfortable acting as mediators, connectors, and facilitators between business and technology – which is why internships and other forms of work experience are excellent ways to learn about digital transformation trends and industry practices.

Whether you’re working in healthcare, education, insurance, or telecommunications, the size of the organization will determine whether you’re expected to work across the board or focus on a single area.

Business Analyst Training for Beginners :  

FAQ ‘ s

Q 1. Is it possible for me to enroll in a Business Analyst certification in Pune with R Course despite my lack of experience?

Ans. Yes, Of Course, even you are a newbie in this field Institutes like Henry Harvin have designed courses in a way that you can learn from the basics

Q 2. How can I start my career after completing this course?

Ans. You may begin by building an article and content portfolio, joining social media groups, and applying for work.

Why Business Analytics Course is Important :

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