The idea of Chennai’s beauty is incomplete without Marina beach, hot piping dosa, idli, vada, and sambhar. Formerly known by the name Madras, the short name for Madraspatnam, a fishing village in Tamil Nadu was named Chennai in 1996. The lively capital city has been home to some of the finest celebrities that this century has witnessed. The unfolding era of “new normal” has brought with it a new feather in the cap of Chennai i.e. Business Analytics with R courses. The capital city has an immensely rich culture, apart from being a very old and important metro. When it comes to education, Chennai houses some of the top institutes that provide Business Analytics with R courses.

Business Analytics is a professional course that brings in the combination of   Data Analytics, Business Intelligence, and Computer Programming. This stream of science analyses data and thus derives patterns that aids in establishing strategies. The applications of this field of study are multifaceted and applicable to a wide range of industries.

Business Analytics Certification Training with Python

Certified Python Business Analyst (CPBA) course is a focused 32-hours instructor-led training and certification program that equips participants to explore+analyze+solve business problems using popular analytics tools such as Python & Advanced Excel.

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1. Henry Harvin Education : Top Business Analyst Course in Chennai

About Henry Harvin Education

Henry Harvin Education is one of the pioneer institutes that identified the vacant slots created by our education system. This inadequacy which is created by the vacant slots goes unidentified till the students can recognize their areas of passion. Thus, in the long run, creates a misconception that a good career is synonymous with a good grasp of the mainstream subjects. The minds of young individuals are very energetic and can work wonders when trained and groomed as per their areas of interest.

Why Henry Harvin Education

Business Analytics Certification Training with Python

Certified Python Business Analyst (CPBA) course is a focused 32-hours instructor-led training and certification program that equips participants to explore+analyze+solve business problems using popular analytics tools such as Python & Advanced Excel.

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Henry Harvin Education provides a plethora of such courses wherein the learners get an opportunity to learn the subject of their potential and thus refine the necessary skill-set.

About the Business Analytics with R course

Business Analytics course from Henry Harvin Education is a 32 hours course program with options of both self-paced course and instructor-led online sessions. The course program includes 24 hours of brush-up sessions and 50 hours of e-learning access. The key factors of this course being 

  • Topmost ranking of the Business Analytics course in Chennai, Mumbai, Delhi Kolkata, etc
  • Strengthens business decision-making abilities
  • Enhances Return On Investment through the employee’s polished skills

Benefits of Business Analytics with R course from Henry Harvin Education

  • Membership-A one year finance academy membership with the benefits of e-learning access, internship opportunities, job assistance,soft-skills training, etc.
  • Analytics Tools-The course deals with advanced analytic tools like R and others
  • Hands-on practical exposure-Coverage of more than 5 projects from domains of finance, sales, marketing, human resource, etc
  • Certification-The certification is recommended by leading corporates and premium educational institutes of our country and abroad
  • The Trainers-Henry Harvin Education ensures that each and every trainer is handpicked with the most sought-out qualities like extensive domain knowledge, industry exposure, and the right attitude to impart knowledge
  • Course Modules-The entire course is divided into 4-course modules and post-course completion 2 complementary modules and project submission
  • Course fee-INR 15000/-  for Instructor-led live online session-based course and INR 13500/- for the self-paced course.

Other similar courses from Henry Harvin Education

Other Henry Harvin Courses

Cities in India where Henry Harvin Business Analytics Course with R is Provided:


2. Great Learning

About Great Learning

Great Learnings believes in grooming the professionals with the required skill-set and thus make them employable. It has positioned its thought process which takes the learners one step ahead and thus deals with trending learning topics like Analytics, Data Science, Machine Learning, Cloud Computing, etc.

Why Great Learning?

At Great Learning institute, a high degree of emphasis is laid on the creation of the course curriculum. It is a blend of up-to-date technology along with the appropriate content, not to forget about the industry-driven exposure. This enables the candidates to learn the theoretical as well applied aspects of the subjects and thus become competent enough to be hired by leading corporates across the world. Not only freshers but this course are equally taken up by professionals to upgrade their career skills and thus get a good hike in their respective positions.

About the Business Analytics with R course

  • Ranked as one of the best analytics programs by leading newspapers
  • Strikes the right balance between academic refinement and its application in the real world
  • The analytical techniques groom the learners with smart  and data-driven decisions

Benefits of Business Analytics with R course from Henry Harvin Education

  • Membership-Access to networking with batchmates and industry experts through ‘GL Confluence’ which conducts various events hands-on practical exposure-The course is enabled with tools like python, R, tableau, SAS online, etc which provides the much-required hands-on practical exposure.
  • Certification-Upon successful course completion, the candidates get a Certificate of Recognition from Great Lakes Institute of Management, which ranks among the top-10 B-Schools of India
  • The Trainers-The best talents from various industries and leading corporate houses who are subject matter experts with extensive domain knowledge and years of industry exposure.
  • Course Modules-The course modules are designed in a way to accommodate learners from all possible walks of life. Working professionals can avail themselves of online sessions, while people who have availed of study leave, sabbaticals, transferred from other institutes, etc can even catch up when they have missed sessions.
  • Course fee-Rs.2,25,000/-plus GST for Post Graduate Program in Data Science and Business Analytics

3. FITA Academy : Business Analytics Training Centre in Chennai 

About FITA Academy

A leading training and placement institute famous for Business Analytics with R course in Chennai, Bangalore, and Coimbatore founded by leaders of the IT Industry.

Why FITA Academy?

FITA Academy is an academy that provides  Business Analytics with R course which provides the understanding from the very root level. Thus it can be comprehended by learners of any level of understanding-beginner, intermediate and advanced.

About the Business Analytics with R course

  • Introduces the key concepts  with a unique style so that the learners may be able to connect 
  • Prepares the learners thoroughly with the concepts like Data Mining, Data Manipulation, Data Handlings, Statistical analysis with R

  • Benefits of Business Analytics with R course from FITA Academy
  • Course Modules-The course module is framed by industry experts with a global approach of Data Science and its applications. There are options of both classroom training and Instructor led live online sessions
  • The Trainers-The trainers at FITA Academy are selected carefully with over a decade of experience in R Programming
  • Hands-on practical exposure-A Business Analytics Course with R that combines all the facets of this applied science-R Variables, R Data Structures, R Functions & Operators, R Strings, and R Packages
  • Analytical Tools-Extensive guidance and instructional program to nourish the learner’s knowledge with Data Manipulation Techniques making the use of R programming
  • Uniqueness-A unique program which conducts periodic revision that collectively revises the chapters and as a whole serves as a brush-up for the entire course in parts
  • Course fee-Affordable fees with facility of easy installments
  • Certification-The certificate provided to the learners on the successful completion of the R Programming Certification Course in Chennai is in itself a big credential that endorses the efforts put in by them in the form of active learning and project completion

4. Excelr : Top Business Analyst Center in Chennai

About Excelr

Excel is a training and consultation firm with its headquarters in Houston, USA. Apart from having a wide presence abroad, it houses numerous branches in India as well. It believes in grooming individuals into future entrepreneurs by providing quality training programs through its various franchises all over the world.

Why Excelr

Excelr brings with it a blend of special characteristics that is very rare to find as a package offering in any institute like

  • Customized curriculum-There are two aspects to this unique selling proposition of this Business Analytics with R course in Chennai. Firstly it caters to the learning needs of all kinds of learners-from beginners to experienced. Secondly, the course curriculum is constantly revised as per the latest trends of the industry
  • Perfect Blend-A rare course that witness a perfect blend as well as strikes the right balance between theoretical, practical, and projects
  • Assignments-The assignments form a very important factor that differentiates this Business Analytics with R course different from others. This comprises more than 50 assignments that are equivalent to over 100 hours of theoretical concepts learning and revision

About the Business Analytics with R course

  • Course Modules-The entire course is divided into 35 course modules which comprises of theory, practical, value added projects and assignments

Benefits of Business Analytics with R course from Excelr

  • Membership-The institute provides access to learning management system that can be utilized by the candidates to brush-up the concepts and recapture the missed sessions as per their convenience
  • Analytics Tools-Statistical Analysis, R tool, Forecasting Analytics, Data visualization using Tableau, My SQL, Big Data Hadoop & SAS Base, Python, Predictive Analysis using regression, Text Analytics and NLP, Data Mining
  • Hands-on practical exposure-Exposure to live projects
  • Certification-Upon successful completion of course, the candidates are required to appear for an online exam and pass it with minimum 60% marks in order to qualify to get awarded by the certificate

  • The Trainers -The quality trainers are the strength of Elexr

5. Besant Technologies : Best Business Analyst Training Centre in Chennai

The Business Analytics with R course from Besant Technologies is recognized by the leading companies of India and abroad.

About Besant Technologies

Besant Technology is a training and placement institution for Business Analytics with R courses in Chennai and Bangalore. It has several branches across Chennai like in T-Nagar, Anna Nagar, Velachery, OMR, Porur, etc, and that in Bangalore viz BTM, Marthahalli, Rajaji Nagar, Jaya Nagar, Electronic City, etc. 

Why Besant Technologies ?

  • Online sessions by certified trainers
  • Hands-on exposure with the aid of live projects
  • Rated as one of the topmost  online education providers in India
  • The convenience of flexible timing is given due regard while designing batches

About the Business Analytics with R course

Business Analytics with R course from beginner to intermediate to advance level catering to all kinds of learners

Benefits of Business Analytics with R course from Besant Technologies

  • Analytics Tools and the applied techniques-Data Aggregation, Statistical Modelling, Plotting and chart creation
  • Hands-on practical exposure-Full hands-on training under the guidance of industry experts
  • Certification-Upon successful completion of the Business Analytics with R course, the candidates are provided with the certificate which is a great endorsement for the resume of both freshers and experienced.
  • The Trainers-The trainers at Besant Technologies are very approachable and  provide a variety of opportunities to their students with live cases from the real corporate world,  facility of round the clock doubt solving support, interview preparations,soft-skills training, etc
  • Course Modules-30 plus hours of course duration
  • Course fee-The fee structure is affordable and available in a variety of options

6. Manipal Pro Learn : Top Institute For Business Analyst Centre in Chennai

About Manipal Pro Learn

Manipal Pro Learn is a premier institute that provides Business Analytics with R course in Chennai along with many other similar enriching courses. One can opt for the best course that matches his/her requirement based on a variety of factors. Since nowadays the demand for Business Analytics with R course is on the increasing side, Manipal Pro Learn has designed this course program both for freshers and experienced professionals.

Why Manipal Pro Learn

Manipal Pro Learn provides a plethora of advanced and certification courses in Business Analytics that covers the basics, advanced courses with Python, as well as advanced certification course in Business Analytics.

About the Business Analytics with R course

  • It is framed keeping in mind the application part of this course which is predominantly the prime focus of this discipline of study
  • Grooming the learners with the required skills t make them fit to be employed
  • The online sessions are covered through a variety of modes like webinars, tutorials, capstone projects, and study materials
  • Self-assessment exercises along with the mainstream sessions helping to understand the learning progress of the individuals
  • Brushes up the basic concepts of Business Intelligence

Benefits of Business Analytics with R course from Manipal Pro Learn

  • Analytics Tools and techniques-Statistical techniques, data mining, data sampling techniques, correlation, Python, Excel.All this aid in the interpretation and analysis of data
  • Hands-on practical exposure-Hands on exposure with 8 real-life case studies
  • Certification-Advanced Business Analytics with R Certification Course
  • The Trainers-The trainers at Manipal Pro learn are carefully selected ensuring they have the required industry exposure as well subject matter expertise
  • Course Modules-The entire course program is divided into 3 terms
  • Course fee-INR 16000/- 

7. Green Technologys : Best Business Analyst Course in chennai 

About Green Technology

Green Technology is one of the best institutes that provide Business Analytics with R courses with the most qualified and experienced trainers in the statistical field.

Why Green Technology

Gree Technology is one of the institutes of Business Analytics with R course in Chennai that provides extensive coverage starting from training in the course program, placement assistance, soft skills, and Interview preparations training.

About the Business Analytics with R course

Any individual who is an aspiring Data Scientist can opt for this course because of the following characteristics

  • Retail and Corporate market specializations
  • Training and development focused course curriculum with thrust on data analysis
  • Installation and configuration of mandatory software in Statistical Data training 

Benefits of Business Analytics with R course from Green Technology

  • Membership-Life time access to Learning Management System 
  • Analytics Tools and techniques-Programming in R, data reading, accessing R packages, writing R functions, debugging, profiling R code, and organizing and commenting on R code 
  • Hands-on practical exposure-At the end of the training program, Hands-on practical training is given with the aid of live cases from the corporate world
  • Certification-Certificate provided at  the successful completion of the course as well as the practical project based on performance-based evaluation
  • The Trainers-Highly competent and experienced trainers
  • Course Modules-Flexible timings and weekend slots

8. DataCamp : Top Training centre For Business Analyst Course in chennai  

About Data Camp

A highly dedicated institute that caters to all genres and niches of Data Science, Business Analytics, R Programming, Python, etc.

Why DataCamp

  • Enables to optimize code using code profiling and benchmarking
  • Deep insights on fundamentals of parallel programming, including reproducibility, generating random numbers, and load balancing
  • Prepares the learners to tackle more complex tasks including advanced data visualization and machine learning

About the Business Analytics with R course 

  • Introduces to the world of R and brushes up the basic concepts
  • Focuses on factors, list and data frames
  • Enables the learners to conduct data analysis on their own

Benefits of the Business Analytics with R course from Data Camp

  • Analytics Tools-The Business Analytics with R course  enables the candidates to learn the art of mastering conditional statements, loops, and vectorized functions
  • Hands-on practical exposure-Data Analysis, build interactive web apps, creation of machine learning models
  • Certification-The certification course proves to be a big tool to enhance the skill set and prepares the learners to the next level of proficiency
  • Course Modules-The entire course is divided into 5 modules covered in 18 hours

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About KPMG

KPMG is renowned for its course programs and the kind of high degree of rigor maintained by the courses. It offers a wide variety of courses like Business Analytics, Machine Learning, Deep learning, etc. These courses can be taken up by both the students and working professionals.


KPMG facilitates the course with a special added advantage of simulated industry data that ensures a deep understanding of analytical and statistical techniques.

About the Business Analytics with R course

  • The Business Analytics with R course is specially designed for advanced learners with an existing background in building predictive models with R.
  • The various aspects that are covered in the course curriculum are Advanced R programming, Regular Expressions, and Data Structure Manipulation, Supervised learning, Ensemble Modelling using boosting, and bagging
  • It also covers visualization using Tableau which involves data preparation, views and filters, and creating dashboards.

Benefits of Business Analytics with R course from KPMG

  • Analytics Tools-The participants should learn to build models like ADA boost, XGBoost 
  • Hands-on practical exposure-The participants are given complete hands-on practical training on Tableau for data visualization and be able to build dashboards and various reports.
  • Certification-Course completion certificate on successful completion of the course completing all the course requirements
  • Course Modules-The duration of the training is 4 days
  • Training locations-This  training is given across various locations like Business Analytics with R course in Chennai, Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Hyderabad, Kolkata, etc



SPJIMR provides the training in Business Analytics with R course that boosts the capability of the learners in the fields of data analytics, business intelligence tools along with their true application in the real corporate world.


Participants gain data-driven insights from a sequential modular approach which is a must to master the Business Analytics with R course.

About the Business Analytics with R course

  • Analytical representations and the application of the appropriate ones to solve real-world complex problems
  • Interpretation and communication of business analytics projects

Benefits of Business Analytics with R course from SPJIMR

  • Membership-Acess to peer alumni and industry networks 
  • Certification-Certificate of Completion
  • Course Modules-The entire course curriculum is divided into 8 modules

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Business Analytics with R or rather the profession associated with Data Scientist requires an individual to have domain knowledge and the requisite acumen to apply it logically. Any business depends on two factors-the top lines (expansion of business) and the bottom line (to generate revenue). The recent trends of various search engines show an increasing demand for the professionals associated with this stream. Thus it is highly desirable for any individual seeking a promising career in Business Analytics or Data Science to pursue one of the above courses.


1. Who is eligible for the business analytics with R Course?

Candidates seeking a promising career in the field of Business Analytics or Data Science with a preferable background in Maths, Engineering, Finance, Commerce etc.

2. Why is business analytics with the R Course so much in demand nowadays?

Today’s businesses are in need of smart work and smart tools that can churn big complex data to comprehendible formats and analyze it for the benefit of the organization. Business analytics with R Course is one such tool.

3. How can the business analytics with R Course help me in boosting my CV ?

The business analytics with R Course will definitely boost your CV by upscaling your data-driven insights and thus generating more ROI for the organization.

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