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Mumbai, India’s economic capital is the fertile ground for new business concepts. Businesses of all sizes already have recourse to analytics tools to figure out how to use data to solve issues and boost efficiency and profitability. Thence those looking for jobs will benefit from learning the top 10 business analytics course with R in Mumbai.

Business Analytics Certification Training with Python

Certified Python Business Analyst (CPBA) course is a focused 32-hours instructor-led training and certification program that equips participants to explore+analyze+solve business problems using popular analytics tools such as Python & Advanced Excel.

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To kick-start, a Business Analytics career in the fast-emerging fields just enrols in a Business Analytics course with R and achieve expertise. On top, the training programs are designed for fresher graduates and young professionals.

Henry Harvin Best Certification Training and Courses

Henry Harvin Ranks #1

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List of Top 10 Business Analytics Courses with R in Mumbai.

1. Henry Harvin Education (Business Analytics Course in Mumbai)

Henry Harvin Analytic Academy provides Business Analytics Courses with R in Mumbai.

Henry Harvin Education ranks # 1 in the industry for various Business Analyst Courses as per Best course News. Henry Harvin is recommended by IIM Ahmedabad and IIT Mumbai Alumni. Henry Harvin Academy has the forte to teach the current technology with experienced teachers having great analytical skills.

Business Analytics Certification Training with Python

Certified Python Business Analyst (CPBA) course is a focused 32-hours instructor-led training and certification program that equips participants to explore+analyze+solve business problems using popular analytics tools such as Python & Advanced Excel.

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Courses offered inHenry Harvin Education


Henry Harvin other courses that are related to Business Analytics


The proficient trainers with international companies who are Business Analytic experts. They achieve their utmost goals, focusing on problem-solving and interpersonal skills. The best feature of this course is the free 1-year gold membership. It offers 100% job support and it helps in preparing for interviews.HenryHarvin  Academy provides guaranteed internships. It provides practical projects and real-life experiences. It provides monthly brushup sessions and access to E-learning videos and case studies.

Course Duration – 24Hours

Other Henry Harvin Courses

Cities in India where Henry Harvin Business Analytics Course with R is Provided:


Course Duration 

The course duration is 24 hours

Business Analytics course tools 

Taught and practiced

R, Excel advanced, and  Python  

Contact details

Contact No; You can contact Henry Harvin at 09015266266

Email; info @ Henry Harvin

2. Technophilia

Business Analytics introduced Quantitative approaches for analyzing data and making better management decisions. Technophilia‘s Business Analytics course in Mumbai focuses on improving the aspirant’s knowledge of essential ideas, management judgment, and applying course topics to real-world business situations. Aspirants who want to transfer into data science and begin their careers as business analysts can benefit from the analytics certification program.

Technophilia’sanalytics certification program provides the skills of Data Science and Business Analytics and will be made available to all aspirants. Technophilia’s Business Analytics online course is available in both live and e-learning modes. Business analytics is the best course in Mumbai, Technophilia is designed for applicants searching for job-oriented business analytics certification. It has the option of attending live online training and e-learning.

Courses offered by Technophilia

  1. Internet of things
  2. Web development
  3. Data Science
  4. Automobile &IC E engine
  5. Android App Development 
  6. Machine Learning
  7. Ethical Hacking
  8. Java Programming
  9. Python programming


Earning Business Analytics certification doesn’t need prior experience. By this course, the aspirants will be valuable team members capable of making sound decisions for the company‘s future. The aspirants will study topics like banking and financial services, retail andE-commerce, pharma and Healthcare, and Telecommunications and Networks. Technophilia‘s goal is to provide trainees with valuable hands-on experience so that they are well prepared for employment interviews and work performances.

Fees structure

 Business Analytics  course fee is Rs 599.00/

Faculty of technophilia

The faculty of Technophilia has visionary thinking and a future-oriented outlook. They deliver the best of their knowledge. And they were accomplished to develop the learning for the aspirants. In every part of the training program, they keep the students engaged in various group activities,

Contact No: You can contact Technophilia at +919811829666

3. Techgyan (Business Analytics Course in Mumbai)

Techgyan  Business Analytics course transforms data into a competitive edge which is needed for the company. It gains essential skills in the process that will help in the career. It provides the tools that need ed for managers and executives to stand to outstand from the crowd. This Business Analytics course from Techgyan facilitator can help to grasp the principles of Data analytics and machine learning by using technologies such as R, Python, Tableau, and TensorFlow.

 Techgyan’sCourse  covers

  1. a wide range of Data analytics and machine learning topics, including practical modules, case studies, and the implementation of these principles in the real-world setting.

  1. This course allows in-depth exposure to analytical and statistical tools and methodologies, participants are given simulated industrial data.
  2. To learn the fundamentals of the agile viewpoint.
  3. To learn how to use Tableau to do data analysis and create interactive dashboards.
  4. To learn how to manage projects using the Agile Scrum methodology.
  5. It develops the knowledge of Agile scrum techniques and applications as well as daily scrum synchronization, spirit planning, and review.

7, To understand fundamental ideas in business analysis and business analysis  core concept model

(BACCM)Identify, define, analyze, and complete various components of business analysis assignments with advanced expertise.

Course offered by Techgyan

1. Machine Learning.

2. Blockchain for Beginners.

3. Android Application Development.

4. Python Programming.

5. Ethical javascript.

6.Java Programming.

7. Big Data with Hadoop.

8. Cloud Computing with AWS.

9.Web Development with HTML/CSS.


  1.   In Business, Scrum should be used effectively.
  2. We should apply statistical ideas and methods to data sets such as moving averages, hypothesis testing ANOVA and regression by using Excel.
  3. And understanding the basics of Excel analytics and conditional formatting.4
  4. It assists in gaining domain knowledge, the whole online Business Analyst certification learning experiences connected with real-world assignments and virtual simulations.
  5. It helps to work as a business analyst once the learners have completed all course elements.
  6. Faculty are expert mentors.

Fee structure 

The fee structure of the Business Analytics course is Rs 599

Contact No: You can contact Techgyan at +919811952666


Techcanvass is a Business Analyst training organization based in Mumbai. It is a training course for Entry Certificate in business  Analysis and International institute of business analysis certification. It ranks third in Business Analyst training Institution.

Techcanvass covers 

  1. It covers entrance-level business analysis skills like SRS preparation, SQL, UML Modeling, Agile, and Scrum, etc.

2. This course is designed for Business owners or specialists.

3. This course has a dual accreditation option for RPA business analysts along with IIBA and ECBA.

Duration of the course

24 hours


1, This course guides to preparing a suitable resume.

2. It offers practical solutions to real-life case studies

3. This course provides 1-year access to study material online.

4. It gives guidance on preparing for IIBA Exam and helps in form filling.

5. Python, R, Hadoop, MySQL, and Tableau are the tools used

5. Edvancer (Business Analytics Course in Mumbai)

Advancer is the best business analyst training course in Mumbai. It has top analyst courses like Data Science and Artificial intelligence. It has a business analyst course in R.

Duration of the course 

72 hours learning via online classes

75 hours of projects

Tutorials, Tasks, and  assignments


1. This institution has teaching processes for increased efficiency in business.

2. It provides the skills to improve the cost of operation.

3.It has100% post -certificate placement assistance .

4. It has lifetime access to the course and study material.

5. predictive modeling in the R tool is used

6. Aegis School of Business

Aegis school of business is a pioneer in business Analyst courses in Mumbai. It is established in 2002. It launched programs in machine learning, Business Analytics Data, Cyber Security, and Artificial intelligence

Other courses offered by Aegis School of Business

1. Blockchain technology

2. Cybersecurity

3. Artificial Intelligence 


  1. At Aegis campus, Business Analytics and cloud computing labs have been set up by IBM.
  2. Various scholarships are its best key feature.
  3. It provides financial aid for merit students with above 80%in high school level and above 75%in graduation.
  4. For CAT or GATE percentile above 93%
  5. GMAT score is 720 +
  6. GRE score is 325+
  7. It provides the Dean scholarship for women in Technology Leadership.
  8. Internships  in Aegis has ACMC
  9. Aegis School of Business offers various skills to cater to industries like computer services, insurance, Banks, e-commerce, telecom, Healthcare, etc. for their students.

The duration of the course is one year


1. hands-on exposure on Google Tensor flow

2. R

3. SAS

4. python

5. Tableau

6. Hadoop

7. Mapreduce

8. Spark 

9. IBM Cognos Insight

10. Microsoft Azure

7  COEPD-Technical Development Excellence Centre

COEPD aims to minimize quality problems by

Leading to the Business Analytics areas.COEPD is the advantage of getting a BA  in the company. Real-time professional laboratory delivery.scientific papers,actions,contexts,role-interactive mode play. Are the pedagogy technique and media revised with real-life situations, market issues, and problems? Their long suit and the strong suit is to build interest in the IT industry.


Its specialty is to groom applicants to survive as effective Business analysts. It helps in reducing project failures. It refines the client service by teaching the correct approach. It helps in international certifications to immigrate to foreign lands or for international careers.

International certification of COEPD

Requirement engineering board, Germany

Quality Assurance International, USA

International Institute of Business Analysis, Canada

IVY Global Academy, Texas

The duration, of course, is 40 hours.

 8 Preschool an IMS initiative

Preschool an IMS initiative is the top institute for Business Analyst courses in Mumbai. It has affiliated with the National stock exchange academy. During the course, Python, Excel, R, SAS, Tableau tools were taught.

Duration of the course

75 hrs/3 months


It solves real-sectoral problems by using the Active -Hybrid methodology. At the same, it enables industry -readiness on completion of course. It is an NSC-certified course. It provides time management and other statistical methods.

9. Ziphertech (Business Analytics Course in Mumbai)

 Business Analytics institutes in Mumbai, Ziphertech hold a great position. It is an education and training skills organization. Ziphertech focused on generating a positive impact through its exclusive contribution. As the economy moves into an inflection point always there is a need for trained and qualified workers is at a high.


Ziphertech is an expert in the teaching of business analytics. It flourished a training education for people and graduates determined to become analysts of the industry. A business analyst requires unique skills to become successful in the IT industry. The program was composed of senior IT industry kingpins and they combined more than 100 years of business analysis knowledge. Furthermore, the program will carry out by professional industry business analysts with a minimum level of 15 years. Aspirants become highly qualified business analysts through training and skills development.

10. Imartics Learning

The notable top Business Analytics institutes in Mumbai is Imartics. They build the workforce of the future. They value more for the industry-first learning to put the aspirants in the driver’s seat of their career. Since 2012, Imartics Learning has transformed the determined aspirants to acquire in-demand skills using an industry-first approach.,


They pioneered the concept of professional degrees, Prodegrees in collaboration with global giants like IBM, KPMG, Genpact, Rise Mumbai by Barclays, Moody’s Analytics, Motilal Oswal, and along with many others they revolutionized learning. They allowed aspirants to acquire skills demanded by the industry.

It is the only institute in Mumbai that uses dynamic technologies and training methods that impart knowledge and a state-of-the-art learning management system to seamlessly integrate online and live to learn. Aspirants learn to enhance their resume, linked In, and GitHub profiles.

Awards  of Imartics

  1. Pride of Indian education
  2.  TOP 4 Annalyticstraining institutes in India
  3. Excellence award
  4. IT excellence award

Duration of the course

6-month full-time fresh graduate program /4 days each and 4 hours a session

9 months part-time working professional program/Saturday and Sunday with 4 hours session each.

Final words

A Business Analyst has the key responsibilities of  Business Analysis to work with the business organization to solve business issues and work as a consultant to improve business models, to maintain client business management. Business analyst provides huge scope for candidates. Big Data plays a vital role in the field of Business AnalystIn research it is revealed that the growth of Business Analysts will increase with the change in market trends. Well, this article verbalized about the Business Analytics course with R in Mumbai. The determined aspirants can enroll in the top institutes and can explore what Business Analysis is about.  Business Analysis is the new buzzword in the job market with top professionals in the field bagging the highest salary.   


Q 1. Name some career options for Business Analyst

Data Business Analyst
IT Business Analyst
Financial Analyst
 Quantitative analyst

.Q 2. Name the best possible companies that will recruit business Analysis professionals

American express
Tata consultancy services

Q 3. What is the salary for the position of Business Analyst

Salary up INR 8,70,000 per annum. Experienced Business Analyst professionals can get a salary of around INR 20-25 lakhs per annum.

Q 4. List the top 10 Business Analytics tools 

Qlik view
Tableau Big Data Analytics
TIBCO Spotfire

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