Kolkata is one of the leading homes to many industrial units operated by many private and public sector corporations. Major sectors include heavy engineering, mining, food processing, electronics, jute, textiles, cement, etc. With the rise in the economic sector, digitalization has become the bread and butter of most people. There is a wide range of data digitization across Kolkata which is the combination of a series of datasets. And with the help of the Business Analytics, data is used to get meaningful insights for many businesses. An increase in data analysis is driving the demand for the Business Analytics Courses in Kolkata.


Business Analytics consists of a set of technologies and disciplines to solve business problems using statistical models, data analysis, and many other quantitative methods. This also involves an iterative and methodical exploration of an organization’s data emphasizing statistical analysis. This drives the decision-making of an organization.


In simple words, Business Analytics takes the data and puts it into the business insight to build the business content and tools to analyze the process. So, Business Analytics refers to taking the data(can be historical business data). Analyzing the data to identify the patterns, trends, and root causes to make data-driven decisions based on these insights.

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Skills to Become Business Analytics

  • Problem solver – The job of the Business Analyst is not only to mine the data but also to identify the issue and find out the relevant solution for it.
  • Critical thought process – The business Analyst scrutinizes the data which is collected. Every part of the data is then critically analyzed to solve the respective problems or issues.
  • Communication – Business Analyst needs to have good communication skills to convey information and ideas to their fellow teammates. Also, Business analysts need to exchange the needed information with the clients, which is possible only with proper and good communication.

Top 10 Business Analytics course in Kolkata 

1. Henry Harvin (Best Business Analytics Courses in Kolkata)

Henry Harvin is ranked among the top 500 Global Edtech companies and is an award-winning institute. It is spread across 97+ countries ranking among the top 100 Edtech companies in India.

The curriculum is designed with a 9-in-1 aspect – 

  • Guaranteed Internship ( 100% internship for beginners, intermediate and advanced levels), Personalized job assistance – offering weekly job support
  • Hackathons – Access to the AskHenry Hackathon for any queries
  • Masterclasses – Access to more than 52 masterclass sessions
  • E-learning access – Globally accepted moodle e-learning portal
  • Gold membership – 1 year of Gold membership program to attend unlimited live sessions and batches.

The Business Analytics course in Kolkata at Henry Harvin is available 

through many paths – R, SAS Python. This course consists of materials to help understand candidate data analytics for decision-making to drive the company. The course is well-designed with e-learning access including PPT, case studies, and recorded videos. Henry Harvin offers internships, and job opportunities, along with insights from industry best practices for data analysis and measurement.

There are many projects as part of the curriculum like Sales – Predicting Department wise Sales, HR – Analyzing the Attrition rate of Employees, Marketing – Website Trend Analysis, Finance – Analyzing ETF Trends, Financial Analysis – Stock Market Prediction, Multi-Domain – Business Analytics Optimization, etc.

All the projects and course materials are designed with the faculties who have good business knowledge and experience in the profession. Trainers are well experienced from the designated professionals having a good grip on the subject. 

Contact details

Address – 5th Floor, SAIL HOUSE, 50,

    Chowringee Rd, near Rabindra Sadan Metro Station, Elgin,

    Kolkata, West Bengal 700071

Phone number – 

Email: [email protected]

Helpline No. +91-9891953953

WhatsApp: +91-9891953953

2. DBA – Data Brio Academy (Best Business Analytics Courses in Kolkata) 

DBS offers the classroom learning on Business Analytics course in Kolkata. The course is designed with the help of industry experts having experience in areas like – clinical research analytics, marketing analytics, financial analytics, etc. Learning about the Business analytics course in Kolkata also includes tools like R, MS Excel, Power BI, Python, etc. The course contents are continuously updated to reflect the latest requirements of business and technology.

The Business Analytics course in Kolkata includes fundamental concepts of statistics and guides the candidate to understand the fundamental concepts to build predictive models. Hands-on experience with practical knowledge of real-time data and case studies enables a deep understanding of analytical concepts.

3. ExcelR (Best Business Analytics Courses in Kolkata)

The Business Analytics course in Kolkata at ExcelR is designed in collaboration with the IBM tech giants. Live online classes along with the recorded sessions of the classes are made available to each candidate by providing access credentials. Following the classes and practical sessions, assignments are given to get hands-on knowledge. Placement support along with resume building, mock interviews, etc is also included as part of the course curriculum. 

4. Intellipaat

The Business Analytics course in Kolkata at Intellipaat is created with the help of EICT, MNIT(Malaviya National Institute of Technology, Jaipur). The course is well-designed with the help of industry experts who has good professional experience in this field. The Business Analytics course here is designed to set the path for critical analysis, product life cycle, UML, etc.

Intellipaat has its job assistance portal. Candidates are given authority to access these portals and get hired by to best multinational Companies.

5. Madridsoftwaretrainings

The Business Analytics course in Kolkata at Madrid software training provides better skills and knowledge in this field. Theoretical knowledge along with practical learning is the key factor of this institute. The Business Analytics course in Kolkata is updated and keeps the course program easy to understand by emphasizing the job-oriented aspects. The course is designed with the help of experienced professionals who are good in this field.

6. DygiTech

The Business Analyst course in Kolkata at DygiTech primarily focuses on industry standards training and consulting solutions. Industry experts are the in-house faculties to design the course with the best training program. They have the concept of developing a ‘Hire, Train, and Deploy’ model. The program is designed to value customer’s needs and requirements to match the trending industrial changes.

7. Tech Tree Technologies

The business Analytics course in Kolkata is designed to learn job-oriented courses to train the candidate. The course is available on the official website to enhance more learning centers with job portals and update the course as per industry standards. Various training programs along with job assistance are available for the candidates enrolling here.

Faculties with the acquired skills are the major part of the institute constituting the industry standard materials.

8. Tutorsbot

Tutorsbot is one of the leading Business Analytics course in Kolkata with the curriculum being designed as per the industry norms. Along with the course, practical knowledge and hands-on projects are provided to match industry standards. This includes the job assistance program along with better technical knowledge and skills.


The Business Analytics course in Kolkata at ACTE offers 100% placement for freshers and working professionals. The course is designed with the certification along with the advanced concepts having industry expertise involved. Trainers and the faculties have practical knowledge of real-time scenarios. The institute helps the candidate to build an effective resume and interview support.

10. Datamites

An intense training program with a well-designed curriculum is offered as part of the Business Analytics course in Kolkata. Projects with the internship program are included to help candidates with optimized performance. The course consists of flexible learning alternatives offering online high-recorded sessions. 

Benefits of Business Analytics course in Kolkata

The business Analytics course in Kolkata has many benefits at every corner of the organization. The data is the consolidation of a single source that syncs up with every end-to-end process of the organization. This ensures many benefits of the Business Analytics course in Kolkata such as –

  • Data-driven decisions – With the Business Analytics course in Kolkata hard decisions become easier and smarter to back up the data. Identifying the trends and analyzing the quantifying root cause creates a smarter way to make the future better for any organization. It may include marketing campaigns, HR budgets, manufacturing and supply chain, or outreach sales programs.
  • Easy visualization – Business Analytics software takes a massive amount of data and turns it into an effective and simple visualization. This completes two things. First, it keeps the data in the visual format it uncovers new ideas to simply view the data in a different form. Second, it helps to observe more data to make the business accessible with just a few clicks.

Data visualization refers to representing data and its insights through graphics or visuals. This involves pie charts, graphs, etc. Comprehensive charts and graphs are made to make the decision process much more efficient and help to extract data easily. This generates relevant and practical knowledge with better clarity.

  • Modeling the what-if scenario – Predictive analytics makes the model for the customers/users to look for patterns and trends that affect future results. This gives business users to quickly tweak the model to create what-if scenarios with little different variables without any further need to create algorithms.
  • Fact-based decision making – Many companies include value skill sets that manipulate data and help to prepare spreadsheets. This focuses on critical thinking, and problem-solving, based on the analytics of the data. When it comes to making decisions, significant benefits from the competitive markets are analyzed.

Job details after the Business Analytics course in Kolkata

Usually, Business Analysts lead the market analyses. Below are some of the set of responsibilities of a Business Analyst-

  • Planning to make business, laying out the problems to find out solutions for a business
  • Observing and Budgeting 
  • Forecasting and Planning
  • Change Analysis
  • Financial Modelling
  • Evaluating
  • Reporting


Many organizations may be small and large scale requires Business Analyst to analyze their business data to work within the core of the companies. The business analyst helps in initiating greater employment opportunities with better productivity. Selecting Business Analytics as a career can help the candidate have an excellent career. Many companies hire Business analysts like in Finance, Information Technology, Healthcare, Business Consulting, etc. Learning a Business Analytics course in Kolkata and earning certification can be the best choice to enhance the career with better prospects.


Q.1 What are the criteria for taking the Business Analytics course in Kolkata?

Ans. Business Analytics course in Kolkata covers almost all the fundamentals but having some business knowledge is always recommended. Educational wise possessing an undergraduate degree or high school diploma is better.

Q.2 What are the key skills needed for a good Business Analyst?

Ans. Some of the major keys required are –
Technical skills – This includes data modeling, stakeholder management, and IT knowledge.
Analytical skills include analyzing the data( can be a large or small amount of data)  needed to fix any issues or problems.
Communication – Professionals having good communication can be the best way to express ideas to understand the problem relating to the data.
Problem-solving – It is the primary responsibility of a Business Analyst to come up with problem-solving strategies.
Research skills – Thorough knowledge or idea about the data must be researched to conduct the process and software to make the result present effective. 

Q.3 What are the requirements for Business Analyst?

Ans. Every company has its expectations from the Business Analyst. Below are some of the requirements for a Business Analyst –
Bachelor’s degree in Accounting, Business, Finance, or any other related field.
Internship experience or entry-level jobs in IT, Finance, or can work with the experienced senior level.
Thorough knowledge of the analytical background.
Knowledge about the end-to-end business with business expertise.

Q.4 What are the techniques used by Business Analysts?

Ans. SWOT Analysis, MOST Analysis, mind mapping, PESTLE analysis, and Brainstorming are a few techniques used by Business Analysts.

Q.5 How can anyone start their career in a Business Analyst career?

Ans. To start a Business Analyst career it is preferable to pursue the certification course. The Business Analyst course in Kolkata includes many practical skills with multiple projects to get hands-on experience.

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