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“I’m all ears!” “is a suitable metaphor for the readers of this piece of writing, don’t you think? Idioms have a significant role in making a statement elegant while minimizing the elaboration of meaning. Consequently, this post will help you learn certain phrases and idioms with example and their meanings.

Idioms with example

1. A Blessing in Disguise

Anything that initially seems terrible yet has positive outcomes.


Idioms with an example: Teacher scolding is a blessing in disguise because it will teach your growth.

2. A Sandwich Short of a Picnic

A playful method of expressing someone’s stupidity or slight insanity.

Rahul brings only 2 beers for the 50 members of his bachelor party; he is a sandwich short of a picnic.

3. Actions Speak Louder Than Words

Your actions are more significant than your words because you can’t always believe what people say.

Sameer said she will give my book back a week before. It’s been three weeks and well actions speak louder than words.

4. Add Insult to Injury

To exacerbate a terrible circumstance.

As if fracturing my leg isn’t bad enough, to add insult to injury I have to pay Rs. 5000 in hospital fees as I didn’t have insurance!

5.  Barking Up The Wrong Tree

To have a flawed or faulty justification for something.

Idioms with example: Sunita plans to fire Aravind for failure in the project, but she is barking up the wrong tree.

6. Bob’s Your Uncle

To imply that a set of guidelines or a task is straightforward or simple.

To make the perfect presentation, get the key ideas, arrange them in flow, and get the audience’s attention while presenting and Bob’s your uncle!

7. Bog-Standard

Nothing, or something very simple or every day.

Despite the dish taste delicious, the judges think it is bog standard.

8. Builder’s Tea

English breakfast tea with milk is exceptional and strongly made.

Can I have a builder’s tea, please?

9.  Bust One’s Chops

Annoy someone or work really hard at something.

My teacher is busting my chops all week to get that record finished!

idioms with example.

14. Couldn’t Care Less

To express a complete lack of interest or indifference towards anything.

Idioms with example: Rathisha couldn’t care less about the alumni celebration. She really doesn’t like college.

15. Cut a Long Story Short

To the point; omit extraneous information.

To cut a long story short, she has to pass the interview for abroad studies where her boyfriend is waiting for her.

16.  Cut Corners

To perform an action in the quickest and least effective way possible in an effort to save time or money.

The whole team had to cut corners to finish the long-time project within budget and by March.

17.  Don’t Put All Eggs In One Basket

A word of caution: Don’t focus all of your energy or resources on one subject.

Idioms with an example: Students don’t put all eggs in one basket with one aim. Learn extra skills to shine in the world.

18. (The) Elephant in The Room

Everyone agrees that a crucial issue ought to be raised, but it isn’t brought up or mentioned.

Unaccounted uses of the budget are the elephant in the room in the meeting but no one outspoken it.

19. Cost a Bomb

When something costs a lot of money.

That dress in the showroom is cost a bomb. I won’t be buying until winning the lottery.

20. Every Cloud Has a Silver Lining (often just: EVERY CLOUD…)

Even a negative circumstance could have a silver lining.

I might don’t earn as many others my age, but I don’t want to work every day without interest in every cloud.

Idioms with example


When someone is constantly criticizing, annoying, or directing your actions.

Idioms with an example: I wish the manager would get off our backs about the project! I know he wants to be a success, but It takes time, right?

24. Get over

To get through or move on from a challenging situation.

Ramya needs to get over Harry, better if she goes on vacation.

25. Get Up/Out On The Wrong Side of The Bed

To unexpectedly become gloomy or depressed upon awakening.

Idioms with example: Ustad looks so angry today, seems like he gets up on the wrong side of the bed.

26. Glad To See The Back of

To be content that you are not dealing with anyone right now.

I was overwhelmed to see John back’s because he made the atmosphere uncomfortable.

27. Go Back To The Drawing Board

Restart your planning because your previous efforts were ineffective.

The CEO didn’t like our project draft so let’s go back to the drawing board!

28. Go The Extra Mile

To exert greater effort than is required or expected.

Geetha is an asset to our company as she always goes the extra mile.

29.  Grass Is Always Greener

To imply that a person is never happy with their own circumstances and always believes others have it worse.

I always think the countryside looks nicer than the city, but I guess the grass is always greener…!

30. Have Eyes In The Back Of One’s Head

The capacity to perceive or feel what is occurring around you even when you are not physically able to do so.

Police always need to have eyes on the back of one’s heads to catch the thieves.

Idioms with example

35. Look Like a Million Dollars

To frequently appear extremely nice because of what you’re wearing.

Idioms with an example: Sunitha looks like a million dollars in that green dress!

36. Nip (Something) In The Bud

Early intervention refers to stopping something from developing before it has a chance.

The company faced a big loss so it is better to arrange the meeting to nip it in the bud before financial crises occur.

37. Off One’s Trolley/Rocker/Nut/Head

A person who exhibits really odd behaviour or who seems insane.

The manager must be off one’s trolley if he thinks I will resign for his tantrums.

38. On The Straight And Narrow

To maintain a decent and upright lifestyle and avoid difficulties.

Idioms with example: That student gang look at straight and narrow behaviour. I hope they won’t resume wild action.

39. Pitch In

To take part, contribute, or offer assistance.

If each one pitches in we can get HR a really nice farewell.

40. Raise One’s Game

To attempt to perform better or to get better at something.

Priya has to raise one’s game if she wants to beat the topper.

41. Sleep On It

To put off making a choice for a short while.

Idioms with example: You better sleep on it, rather than making a haste decision in this problem.

42. Smell A Rat

Suspecting someone of being a traitor, acting unlawfully, or being untrustworthy.

I can smell a rat in the neighbourhood for vandalism in the community.

43. Steal Someone’s Thunder

To surpass someone else’s accomplishments and steal their attention or praise by performing better.

My siblings are name gone for stealing my thunder and everyone believes it.

44. Stick To One’s Guns

To not be open to having your opinions or views challenged.

It’s better to be like Sarah. She always sticks to her guns, even if others stand against her.

45. Twist Someone’s Arm

To persuade someone to comply with your wishes.

Idioms with example: I really hate the party but my best friend twisted my arm.

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English idioms might be challenging to comprehend at first, especially if you’re learning the language. But if you want to sound more native, you must grasp what they imply. You’ll have a far better understanding of the English language once you get familiar with these idioms and proverbs.


 Q1. Is it compulsory to do English Speaking Course before joining a job?

Ans. No. It is not compulsory.

Q2. What is idioms in meaning?

Ans. A term used in a language that is unique to it, either because it has a meaning that cannot be inferred from the meanings of its constituent parts together, or both.

Q3. What is an idiom?

Ans. An idiom is a collection of words with a figurative, extraneous meaning that cannot be understood from the individual words alone.

Q4. Why are idioms important?

Ans. Idioms give you a new, creative way to express yourself.

Q5. Why are idioms used in speech?

 Ans. To add colour or emphasis.

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