Are you looking for the best course for AWS solution Architect associate? This AWS Solutions Architect Course in India will help you find the right AWS course or online tutorial to advance your career in Cloud Computing and prepare for different AWS certificate exams.

As more businesses worldwide move to the cloud every day, the amount spent on public cloud is rising and is expected to skyrocket in the next few years. In a global survey, 25% of companies said that not having enough cloud expertise was the biggest problem with moving to the cloud. So, the Cloud Market gives IT professionals who know how to work with cloud services many great opportunities.



In this rising economy, many new tools have come and many new technologies have been discovered. Some technologies were accepted whilst others were not welcomed like many other technologies used. We will look at how you can gain knowledge on such technology that was welcomed, accepted, and utilized.

AWS – Amazon Web Service, this technology has become one of the most applicable and approachable technologies used in the current trend. This product is offered by Amazon as a cloud computing solution at a low cost for businesses to store their data in the  2cloud. We can start by understanding AWS solution architecture and then look at where you can learn the AWS Solutions Architecture course in India.

AWS and AWS Solutions Architect- Meaning 

AWS as you have already seen about AWS, we’ll see about what are the benefits you can reap if AWS is implemented in companies:

  •         Cloud-based servers allow you to host websites online
  •         Safe storage and accessibility of files from any place
  •         SQL, Oracle, and My SQL databases can be used for storing information
  •         Content delivery network can be used for delivering content anywhere
  •         Bulk emails can be sent anytime

AWS is providing around 165 services which are much more than other cloud service platforms. Every platform has more detailed functions that are easier, faster, and cost-effective.

AWS solutions architects are solely responsible for the visions in creating the underlying AWS solutions. The responsibility of taking the technical decisions for the inputs provided by developers, resulting in a system that is in line with business visions and outcomes. For achieving the destined goal, solution architect needs the necessary insights:

  •         Appreciating the role of both software and hardware systems for achieving the set goals in business
  •         Addressing the problems of end-users, and decipher the same into solutions that increase efficiency
  •         Explaining the technical aspects of a project to customers and management team to get a buy-in
  •         Solving issues
  •         Third-party program integration

Though business skills are important, technical skills are also equally important in the deployment of applications within the AWS platform. The skills required would be:

  •         Planning for cloud services adoption
  •         Monitoring of Cloud platforms
  •         Building and designing the application on the cloud
  •         Following the data security and compliance laws
  •          Understanding the use of tools like Ansible, Chef, Docker, Jenkins, amongst all other tools in the AWS environment
  •          Complex tools like Jira used in project management
  •          Software development tools like Java, Python, C++, and JavaScript, including NASH scripting
  •          Understanding the proper networking procedures

Getting the Certification

Recently many institutes are providing the AWS solution Architect course in India, I have made a list of top institutes that are providing the course in India along with the featured benefits provided by them.

  1. Henry Harvin Cloud Computing Academy 

    In Henry Harvin, the AWS Solutions Architect course is one of the most looked after and most demanding jobs in the Cloud Computing arena.

What can you expect in this training?

  As an AWS Solutions Architect trainee, you can expect to learn all the important modules needed for making you ready for the real-life experience.

  •         The schedule includes SAA-C02 along with the changes made and SAA-C01
  •         You can also master your techniques in AWS cloud, IAM, Lambada, Cloud Trail, Global Accelerator, etc.
  •         Specialization in AWS Cloud Platform tools and develop a high extensible SaaS application
  •         Designing highly available, Cost-effective, Scalable systems, and Cloud services
  •         Planning, Debugging, and Monitoring
  •         Identity Access Management(IAM)
  •         Amazon Virtual Management (VPC)
  •         Elastic Compute Cloud(EC2)
  •         Amazon Simple Storage Service(S3)
  •         Amazon Route 53
  •         Security Practices for optimum cloud deployment
  •         Disaster Recovery

The above-mentioned benefits you can reap by getting the AWS Solutions Architect Course. These modules are being taught about when it comes to AWS Solutions Architect.

Why is AWS Solutions Architect with Henry Harvin different from others?

With Henry Harvin, you would be able to

  •         Get a 9 in 1 program that includes Training, live projects, internship, certification, placement, E-learning, Boot camps, Hackathons, and Gold membership
  •         A curriculum that makes you are up to date with changes in the industry which makes you ready for the challenges in the real-life
  •         Pure practical training with all the tips and tricks on AWS
  •         Access to 30+ cloud computing tools that are in line with AWS cloud computing work
  •         A yearlong Gold Membership for people enrolling for the course with access to all the learning materials, videos, a monthly brush-up session of the current changes in AWS, upgrading your soft skills and interview skills
  •         A money-back guarantee of  100% if you are not satisfied with the course

  Fee Infrastructure 

The fee for the course depends on the type of coaching you choose, Online coaching would be Rs17500/- and offline coaching that is the classroom coaching would be Rs15750/-. 

2. Amazon

Learning directly from the organization that is the founder of AWS Solutions Architect would also bring drastic changes to your career and also increase the pay scale to the highest. Amazon has categorized its learning based on its above-mentioned divisions, making it simple for the people to choose.

Cloud Fundamentals – AWS cloud practitioner Essentials, Introduction to Amazon Elastic compute cloud (EC2), Introduction to Serverless Development

Machine Learning for Developers – ML Building Blocks: Services and Terminology,                 AWS DeepRacer: Driven by Reinforcement, Developing Machine Learning Applications

Serverless Computing – Introduction, AWS Lambda Foundations, Amazon DynamoDB for Serverless Architectures

Certification Exam Readiness – Exam Readiness: AWS certified solutions Architect-  Associate (Digital), Exam Readiness: AWS certified Machine Learning – Specialty, Exam Readiness: AWS Certified Developer – Associate (Digital)

Networking and Content Delivery – Introduction, Introduction to Amazon Cloud Front, Understanding CIDR notation

DevOps – AWS Development Tools Services Overview, Introduction to AWS Codecommit, Introduction to AWS CodeBuild

Developer tools – Introduction to AWS Step Functions, Introduction to Amazon API Gateway, Introduction to Amazon Simple Queue Service (SQS)

Security – AWS Security Fundamentals (Second Edition), Introduction to AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM), Authentication and Authorization with AWS Identity and Access Management

SysOps – Getting started with AWS Security, Identity, and Compliance, Introduction to AWS Command Line Interface (CLI), Advanced CloudFormation: Macros

Internet of Things (IoT) – Introduction to AWS IoT, AWS IoT: Visual Walkthrough, IoT Edge Computing: Introduction to Amazon FreeRTOS

Migration and Transfer – Cloud Endure Migration Training – Technical, Introduction to AWS Application Discovery Service, AWS Foundation: Strategies and Tools to perform Large – Scale Migrations

Media and Streaming Services – Create a streaming video with captions, subtitles, and audio tracks using AWS AI services, Video Streaming Concepts: AWS Media Services, Introduction to AWS Media Services by Use case.

The above-mentioned are the modules provided under each module for the training. Modules are taught In-depth with live scenarios and hands-on experience. 

How can you learn it?

The training can be done via Digital training via recorded sessions, Classroom training, or through registering yourself for Events. ·          

3. Edureka

The AWS Solutions Architect course in Edureka is giving the surety of complete knowledge, training, placement, and much more. The curriculum provided also matches the current trends in AWS making it important to reach the destined position from your end.

Course Outline

  Introduction – Classic Data Center, Cloud computing Service Models, Deployment Models, Service Comparison – AWS, Azure, and GCP

Security Management in AWS – Security Token Service, RAM, SSO, AWS Cognito, IAM practices.

Object Storage Options – Cloud Storage, Simple Storage Service (S3), CDN, Storage Gateways.

Amazon EC2 – Virtualization, EC2, AMI, Networking Layer in EC2: VPC, Public IP vs Elastic IP, Snapshots, Elastic File System(EFS), EBS vs EFS

Load Balancing, Auto-Scaling, and Route 53 – Advanced feature of ELB, Comparison of Classic, Network and Application Load Balancer

Database Services and Analytics – AWS Athena, QLDB, Lake formation, AWS Kinesis Data Streams, AWS Kinesis Data Firehouse, DynamoDB, RDS IAM Authentication

Networking and Monitoring Services – VPC – Benefits and components, CIDR notations, VPC peering, AWS CloudTrail, AWS config.

Applications Services and AWS Lambda – Amazon MQ, SQS: Work with SQS, ASG with SQS, AWS Serverless Application Model, AWS Simple Notification Service (SNS)

Configuration Management and Automation – Stack in CloudFormation, AWS OpsWorks, Elastic Beanstalk, Auto Healing

Migration to AWS – CAF Perspectives and their Roles, AWS Migration Hub, AWS Server Migration Service (SMS)

AWS Architectural Designs – I (Self-Paced) – AWS Well-Architected Framework, Disaster recovery, Resilience, AWS well-architected Framework

AWS Architectural Designs – II(Self-Paced) – IAM, Design secure applications, Identity and Federation, Cost Optimization, AWS S3 Security

AWS Solution Architect Associate Exam Questionnaires – Certificate Questionnaires

DevOps on Cloud – AWS CodeCommit, AWS Codepipeline, AWS CodeDeploy.


  •         A 24/7 support system to resolve all technical queries
  •         Training session with a quiz to allow further learning
  •         Weekend sessions held are 10 sessions for 3 hours each
  •         After completion of AWS course project, certification with Edureka name would be provided

4. Great Learning

 Great learning makes sure you are in line with the current market needs. The syllabus covers almost all the important modules required in the current era

Below are the modules covered for the AWS Solutions Architect course

Foundation – Cloud Primer, Cloud Foundations, Containers, Microservices, Private Cloud (Self-Paced Course)

AWS Specialization – Cloud computing on AWS, Cloud Native DevOps, Enterprise Cloud Solutions (Self-Paced Course), Solutions Architect- Official AWS Educate Learning Pathway  and Application Developer- Official AWS Educate Learning Pathway  

Azure Essentials – Cloud Computing on Azure, Managed Services on Azure, Azure DevOps, and Security

Google Cloud Platform – The platform tells about the Google Cloud Platform

Projects – Capstone Projects

What is different in Great Learning?

The learning provided over here is a mentorship-driven cloud computing program in partnership with Great Lakes Executive Learning.

Curriculum – Comprehensive curriculum that manages to hold around 90+ cloud services the works with all important tools

Projects – 15+use cases through labs and industry-relevant projects, solution-oriented program

Training – 300+hours of learning and live online personalized mentoring sessions.

Career – A placement guarantee with certification and internship promise

Prerequisites – 3+ years of working experience in IT and Technology Roles

5. IntelliPaat

In the AWS Solutions Architect course, as the competition is high learning industries are making sure to roll out a curriculum that meets the current office needs. Let us have a look at the curriculum in IntelliPaat


Introduction to Cloud Computing & AWS – Basics of Cloud Computing along with auto-scaling, cloud services, AWS S3, EC2, VPC, EBS introduction

Elastic Compute and Storage Volumes – Regions and Availability Zones, EBS Snapshots, EBS volume types, Pricing, and Design Patterns

Load Balancing, Autoscaling and DNS – Load balancing architecture, cross-zone load balancing, Pre-Route 53, Route 53 terminologies

Virtual Private Cloud – IP address and CIDR notations, Components of VPC, Security in VPC

Storage – Simple Storage Service (S3) – Pre – S3- online cloud storage, S3 consistency models, storage hierarchy

Databases and In-Memory DataStores – Multi-AZ deployments, features of RDS, Amazon Aurora, DynamoDB, ElastiCache

Management and Application Services – CloudFormation, infrastructure-as-a-code, pseudo parameters, Simple Notification Service, SNS work

Access Management and Monitoring Services – Amazon Resource Name (ARN), Multi-factor authentication (MFA), IAM permissions, IAM roles

Automation and Configuration management – Lambda, Lambda concepts, AWS OpsWorks, AWS OpsWorks Benefits,

Amazon FSx and Global Accelerator – FSx, Automation Failover process, Supported clients and access methods, Global Accelerator, ENIs, ENAs, EFAs

Self-Paced Training

  •         Architecting AWS – white paper
  •         DevOps on AWS
  •         AWS Migration
  •         AWS Architect Interview Questions

Key Highlights

  •         Class notifications for regular class sessions
  •         Hackathons every month for brush-up sessions
  •         Job alerts for every designated job opening
  •         Updates on extra project sessions
  •         Fee – Self-paced training Rs 13,053/-, Online classroom Training – Rs 22,743/-.

6. Croma campus

Croma campus is one of the most leading training and Placement companies. The course is designed in such a way that it meets the industry standards.


  •         Module 01 – AWS Certified SysOps Administrator Associate
  •         Module 02 – AWS Certified DevOps Engineer-Professional
  •         Module 03 – AWS Solution Architect – Professional
  •         Module 04 – AWS Administrator Associate
  •         Module 05 – AWS Developer – Associate
  •         Module 06 – AWS Solution Architect- Associate

Key Contributes

  •         Outline Programs are based on live industry projects
  •         A training program that is approved by placement partners
  •         Trainers are working professionals with many live project experiences
  •         Once 70% of the training is complete, interview calls are conducted to students to prepare them for F2F interactions
  •         Courses can be taken in weekends, weekdays, and fast-track training modes

7. OctanetWorks

Octa Networks is a trusted institute when it comes to AWS Solution Architect Course in India. This curriculum is designed to evaluate the skill set of designing, operating, and troubleshooting solutions.

Modules Covered

Design for Organizational Complexity – Cross-Account authentication and access strategy for complex organizations, how to design networks for complex organizations, designing a multi-account AWS environment

Design For New Solutions – Security Requirements, the solution to design and implementation Strategy, deployment strategy

Migration Planning – Potential Migration to the crowd, Migrated solutions based on detailed AWS Knowledge, the strategy of migration existing on-premises workload to the cloud

Cost Control – Cost-effective pricing model, design, and implement that will ensure cost optimization

Continuous Improvement for Existing Solutions – Troubleshooting Architectures solutions, improves an existing solution for operational excellence, improve the reliability of an existing solution

Key Contributes

  •         Training can be done either in 4 weeks (weekday) or 5 weeks (weekend) with 2 hours or 4 hours/day
  •         Training can be done online/onsite
  •         Discounts are provided based on the number of people enrolling together for the course
  •         Two or more years of hands-on experience in designing and deploying
  •         Acquaintance with a scripting language
  •         Familiarity with Windows, Linux, AWS CLI, AWS APIs, AWS cloud formation templates.
  •         Authority to design a Hybrid Architecture
  •         Applying the five pillars of the AWS Well-Architected Framework
  •         24/7 access to AWS Certified Solutions Architect professional labs, Trainer/Mentors

Fee – The fee is Rs 15000+ taxes for both weekday and weekend classes. 

8. Udemy

Udemy makes sure that the syllabus is with recent requirements that meet the company’s needs.

The Courses covered for AWS Solution Architect Course would be:

Design for Organizational Complexity – Multi-Account Strategy for Enterprises, Identity Account Architecture, AWS organizations, IAM Permissions Boundaries, AWS Secure Token Service (STS), License Manager – Practical, Overview of Service Catalog, S3 Bucket Policies, Understanding SAML for SSO, Integrating AWS SSO.

New Domain 2 – Design for new Solutions – Understanding DOS Attacks, Mitigating DDOS attacks, AWS shield, CloudHSM, AWS Key Management Service, Streaming with Kinesis, AWS Kinesis – Practical, Cross-Account Cloud Watch Logs – 1 & 2, Scalability with RDS Read Replicas, ECR, ECS, RTO &RPO, Aurora Serverless, DynamoDB classifications, Route53 Health Check Types, Network ACL, Revising AWS config, EB Deployment Policy, Blue Green Deployments4

Domain 3 – Migration Strategies, AWS Import/Export, AWS Snowball, AWS Application Discovery Service, VMware Migration Service, Creating our first DMS task for Migration.

Domain 4 – Trusted Advisor, AWS budget Alarms, Ec2 Pricing Models, EC2 Tenancy Attribute, Creating our First EC2 Fleet.

Key Contributes

  •         There are certain courses brought together as well as a combined course.
  •         The course is a 31-hours on-demand video
  •         Having practice test attached to the courses
  •         They are having a 30-day money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the course
  •         Combination of 26 articles with each article taking the required time to complete the same
  •         Having an option to take Udemy business in case you are looking to train many people

Prerequisites – AWS Certified Solutions Architect knowledge basics

Fee – The fee is Rs 2240/-

9. Caltech

This institute works towards providing the needed syllabus that manages a curriculum that manages the industry requirements.

They are having brand partners with Microsoft Partner, AWS, Select Technology Partner

Curriculum Covered

  •         Cloud Provider Selection
  •         Performance Testing
  •         Autoscaling
  •         Database Management
  •         Application Migration
  •         Identity Access Manager
  •         Disaster Recovery
  •         MultiCloud Deployment

Tools Covered

  •         Amazon EC2
  •         Amazon ECS
  •         App Services
  •         AWS Lambda
  •         Azure Container Service
  •         Azure Functions
  •         Elastic Beanstalk
  •         Virtual Machine
  •         Amazon DynamoDB and much more

Projects Allotted

  •         Deploy an Online Video Subscription Application on the cloud
  •         Deploy an Online Healthcare Application on the cloud
  •         Deploying a Restaurant Application to Cloud
  •         Deploying Cart Management Application to Cloud
  •         Implement the Azure IaaS
  •         Using Azure portal to Implement Security  and PaaS Service
  •         Azure Function to a Queue  02
  •         Automation Workloads with ARM Templates
  •         Migrate SQL Server database to MYSQL using AWS DMS
  •         Custom Private virtual cloud VPC creation
  •         Load Balancer Configuration
  •         RD Gateway Configuration

Program – 12 months program

Learning – Online Bootcamp

Price – Rs 6639/month

Career Support – Simplilearn JobAssist

Prerequisites – Cloud Consultants, cloud reliability Engineers, Cloud Security Architects.

Certification – CTME Post Graduate Certificate

10. LinkedIn

A platform of job listings also providing the training for the team is a double bonanza!

LinkedIn is providing training for the AWS Solutions Architect course

Course Provided

  •         AWS Essential Training for Developers
  •         Learning Cloud Computing: Cloud Technology
  •         React: Creating and Hosting a Stack Site
  •         AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate

Key Contributes

  •         Unlimited access to online library
  •         Expert Instructors
  •         You can switch the interaction from computer to mobile anytime
  •         16,000+ expert-led courses
  •         The first month is free and then you can cancel it anytime
  •         Tailored course recommendations
  •         Can take up the enrollment for a whole team
  •         Can use project files and quizzes when you learn
  •         Billing can be done either annually or monthly
  •         Employees Subscription can also be taken
  •         When the free trial is getting over intimation is provided for renewal or cancelation of the trial

Tools Used

  •         LinkedIn
  •         Adobe
  •         Google apps
  •         Quickbooks

In all these above-mentioned institutes you can go ahead and enroll yourself in any of these as. Compete Syllabus along with the subjects and modules provided are mentioned 

11. Become an AWS Cloud Architect Nanodegree Program (Udacity) 

Udacity’s AWS Cloud Architect Nanodegree program teaches experienced developers how to use Amazon’s core service to build a highly available network with a fault-tolerant database. In this best course for AWS solution Architect associates, Students learn how to plan, design, and set up secure cloud infrastructure in AWS at a large scale. They know how to keep an eye on availability, simulate failures and how to fix them, and evaluate and fix security holes in the cloud environment.

The  best AWS solution Architect course has three parts that deal with the following:

  • Creating and building infrastructure that is always up and running
  • Building an architecture that is scalable, secure, and cost-effective
  • Keeping cloud services and infrastructure safe to use

With projects at the end of each module, the program gives you plenty of chances to get hands-on experience. These are very similar to situations you might face in the real world.

The program is perfect for people with experience with Cloud Computing who want to plan, design, and set up large-scale, secure cloud infrastructure on AWS. After completing the program, a person will be ready to become an AWS Cloud Architect and play a vital role in the cloud computing strategy of a company.

12.  Amazon AWS courses (edX)

edX platform offers the best course for AWS solution Architect associate. The Amazon Web Services team craft these AWS MOOCs, and their best instructors teach them. You can take these courses for free and pay a small fee to get a verified certificate at the end of the program.

Many courses help people learn about the AWS landscape. This Cloud Artitectect course in India includes AWS basics, AWS services and infrastructure, courses for developers that teach them how to build, deploy, and optimize AWS applications, and AWS security courses.

13. AWS Training Courses & Tutorials (LinkedIn Learning – Lynda)

Another great place to learn about AWS is LinkedIn Learning. It has a lot of courses and video lectures about all aspects of AWS that can help people learn new ideas and skills about that subject. LinkedIn Learning also has several learning paths, basically a series of courses that, when taken together, teach learners how to use AWS in a particular area. A Cloud Artitectect course in India helps people prepare for the different AWS certification exams.

This best course for AWS solution Architect associate offers: 

  • Find out the basics of how the AWS cloud works.
  • Learn how to make secure apps and put them on AWS.
  • Find out how to set up the right AWS services for your business.
  • Each course has exercises and examples that are useful in the real world.
  • You can take any course for free for 30 days when you sign up.
  • Self-paced courses let you learn from anywhere and at any time.
  • Courses taught by professionals in their fields

14.  Building Containerized Applications on AWS (Coursera)

 The AWS Training and Certification team of Amazon collaborated with Coursera to offer this best course for AWS solution Architect associate. It is a great way to learn about container technologies and how to use them to make apps more modern. In addition to general container technologies and capabilities, the course looks at different AWS services students can use to manage and orchestrate containers.

This best AWS Solution Architect course is of 5 weekly modules that cover a wide range of topics, such as what containers are, how they differ from virtual machines and uses of AWS services to build and deploy applications based on microservices. Moreover, students will learn which AWS services to use to make content management more effortless.

15. AWS Courses & Classes Online (Pluralsight)

Pluralsight is another excellent site with a wide range of expert-led AWS tutorials, training, and courses that can help people improve their AWS skills. Pluralsight has courses for everyone, whether they want to learn how to do basic administrative tasks on AWS, build the skills they need to master the AWS platform or prepare for an AWS certification.

Pluralsight has the best course for AWS solution Architect associate and paths to help you learn about basic AWS services, security, cloud certifications, and more. You can try the best AWS Solution Architect course for free for 10 days. After that, you’ll need to sign up for a monthly or annual plan.

Roles and Responsibilities of AWS Certified Solutions Architect?

Solution Architect is the most sought-after position among developers who are responsible for building and integrating computer systems and information making sure that they meet the customer-defined purposes.

Main Focus Solution Architect is on

  •         Using technology for finding a solution to the business problem
  •         What kind of platform or tech work can be used?
  •         How the application looks, kind of module that needs to be used
  •         Risk association determination with third-party platforms or framework
  •         Capability to solve the business problems

Process Covered by Solution Architecture: 

Products can be prepared in the required time when there is structured solution architecture. In such cases the tasks carried out by them include:

  •         Finding solutions according to the corporate environment
  •         Meeting stakeholder’s requirements
  •         Considering the project constraints
  •         Selecting the technology the project
  •         Acknowledging the non-functional requirements

Skills Needed to Become a Solution Architect: 

  •         Technical Literacy
  •         Analytical Assessment
  •         Managing Schedule
  •         Leading the team
  •         Communication Skills
  •         Solving problems

Getting a Job with AWS Solutions Architect Certification?

Certification – After getting the certification from a well-known and renewed institute make sure you train a lot, Practice is the best way of learning new things. Rather than memorizing the facts to pass the certification make sure to implement them.

Industry Technical Credentials– Make sure to find a few industry credentials to make sure you get a chance to land the job in the AWS Solution Architecture. They act as a foundation for cloud planning and management in Architecture

Time Management Skills –  Multitasking is a minimal skill required when it comes to AWS solution architecture, juggling various tasks in a way with varied meetings, framework designing, migrating the existing framework, etc. Managing time according is a needed talent for this job.

Business Acumen – Make sure to display your skills both your technical and personality development skills as they are more important for running a business. Make sure to learn from your mistakes, show confidence in making decisions, understand how your business works and your competitor’s business works, good communication skills must be displayed for this job.

Experience – Experience is the Best teacher for any kind of job. Gain as much experience as possible while training, internship, job, your experience for AWS is not limited just to the organization. Any kind of experience with AWS is considered as experience.

Recommended Reads


AWS solution Architecture is one of the most fast-growing industries in the current Era. If you are a developer and looking for a major skill update that can make drastic changes to your career and your salary you can choose AWS.

When you start looking at the growth chart of AWS solution Architecture, growth is drastic. learning the course from an organization and implementing it correctly would lead to major changes in the career

Completing the certification along with an internship in a recognized organization would lead to a complete difference in your career. In AWS Solution Architecture, the developer works towards managing the wholesome work of the cloud. Taking up the course and completing it would lead to drastic changes in your career.


Q.1  Is the AWS solution Architecture exam difficult?

Ans. Yes, the exam is more difficult and it contains many scenario-based questions like IAM, EC2, and other modules of AWS asked in detail.

2. Do we need any previous qualifications for enrolling?

Ans. No for the AWS solution Architecture exam, we do not need any prerequisites.

3.  Which module of AWS certification is difficult?

Ans. It is said that the SysOps Admin is regarded as the hardest module in AWS associate certification.

4. Are coding skills required?

Ans. No, for learning AWS we don’t require coding skills or other skills, rather you can choose various programming languages like Java, .NET, Python, etc.

5. Do we need to have experience with Python for AWS?

Ans. Yes, for AWS solution Architecture one should know scripting languages like Python, and Bash. 

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