Amazon Web Services(AWS) is indeed among the leading public cloud services providers when it comes to cloud services. A high shortage of skilled talent leads to numerous AWS jobs for freshers. Considering the complicacy of the industry, top IT companies are seeking trained skills professionals, which is why AWS courses in North Carolina are one of the most demanding course for the IT industry.


As more companies shift their workloads to the cloud, cloud computing has modified from a desirable to essential skill sets in the business world. This improvement needs new skill sets to design, structure, and monitor applications in cloud computing environments.  AWS is considered a market leader with the most advanced cloud computing services. It presently offers 10 Certifications, including foundational and specialty levels of cloud. 

The institution offers complete video training on AWS courses in North Carolina. These courses are tailored to provide the candidate with the best strategies and demonstrations for prime application. It mentors the exam objective coverage that is simple to understand, apply in the workplace, and achieve in the exam.

1. Henry Harvin

Henry Harvin is valued as one of the top-notch institutes in the top AWS courses in North Carolina. The course module of Henry Harvin is updated according to the requirement of industry standards. 

The candidate will acknowledge each nook and cranny of the course, such as AWS principles and services like IAM, VPC, and EC2, from the industry’s reputed and professional mentors.


Henry Harvin has highly experienced professionals and talented with more than fifteen years of experience in the cloud computing background. 

Live Projects

Henry Harvin is a top-rated institution for AWS because of the extraordinary live projects, training, and internship. Students experience real-time cloud computing industry projects to advance their skills per the latest industry trends.

GCAO pedagogy is followed to elucidate the fundamentals of principles and 70 cloud services.

Prestigious Alumni Status 

It qualifies you to be part of its alum status, and you can become a part of 18,000+  different alum networks internationally.


A prestigious certificate from a well-reputed and government-recognized institution that all the companies approve

Gold Membership

  • One year of Gold membership of Henry Harvin permits to attain training with different mentors
  • weekly job alerts for reputed tie-up companies and placement assistance.
  • Monthly Bootcamp and Hackathons


The duration of the AWS courses in North Carolina is 32 hours, with interactive instructor-led training. 

2. Coursera

Coursera is a US-based online education platform that imparts comprehensive AWS courses in North Carolina. Moreover, it is integrated with many institutions and universities to offer online courses, certifications, and degrees in various professional courses globally.

Key Highlights

  • It offers online courses from the world’s top universities and institutions on every professional subject.
  •  Moreover, receive professional certification after every course to improve the CV. 
  •  Partnered with many leading companies and companies
  •  Choose the best mentor from top universities through online
  •  Intensify your professional job with the advanced skill set
  •  Lifetime access to video lectures, assignments, and discussion forums for all courses
  •  Also, offer quizzes, projects, and practical training, certificate after course completion for paid courses.

3. Grey Campus

This institution provides AWS courses in North Carolina to facilitate catalog- and tailor-based training. Besides, it offers course training in various modes like self-paced learning, live classroom training, and online. Thus, this institution collaborated with industry experts like Microsoft, IBM, etc.

Key Highlights

  • Provides one-year intense course training
  •  Access to audio and video lectures for up to one year, along with two exams
  •  Further, all the self-paced courses include a 360-degree learning experience for the students
  •  Deliver Bootcamp sessions specialized by industry professionals
  •  87 percent positive career outcomes and AWS certification after completion of the course

4. Mindhub

This institution presents complete video training on AWS courses in North Carolina. Moreover, this video course is customized to provide the candidate with the best strategies and demonstrations for optimal application. They mentor the exam objective coverage that is easy to understand, apply in the workplace and achieve in the exam.

Key Highlights

  •  Delivers goal-oriented video sessions for more than six hours
  •  Chand Smith, the head course instructor, is a renowned and certified architect in AWS
  •  Goal-oriented  course assignments to pass the exam
  •  Self-assessment after every semester to keep track of the progress
  • Additionally, IT professionals can upgrade from intermediate to advanced level

5. Mercury Solutions

Mercury Solutions is one of the world’s most reputed IT training organizations. Besides, this institution offers a comprehensive knowledge of AWS architectural principles and services. Moreover, it also covers classroom and lives online interactive classes where students get E-learning tools and reference materials. 

At the same time, Mercury Solution offers practical experiences in cloud computing, job support, and a certificate post-completion of the course.

Key Highlights

  • Illustrate AWS features through live presentation (Online), and traditional interaction (Classroom)
  •  Offer flexible training schedules for the candidates
  •  Besides, doubt clearance sessions
  •  Lifetime access to videos by industry experts, video recordings, and Materials
  • Also,  guaranteed Placement for two years post-course completion
  •  Expert guidance throughout the course and training sessions
  •  Awarded AWS course certificate after course completion


This online training institution guides many IT professionals to advance their skills and improve their careers. Thus, they have partnered with various multinational companies like J.P.Morgan, Accenture, Deloitte, etc. It is trusted by more than five million professionals around the world.

Key Highlights

  •  Personal assistance throughout the training program
  •  Besides, high-quality training sessions with expertise
  •  Support the candidates to attain their career goals with hands-on practice training and mock exams
  •  Moreover, lifetime access and unlimited download to updated videos, mock exams, and hands-on lab experiences
  • Issues AWS Course certification after course completion 

7. Cudoo

Cudoo is an e-learning institution that offers AWS courses in North Carolina to both freshers and experienced professionals. It aims to offer quality education to the course aspirants and free volunteer classes.

Key Highlights

  • It is Self-paced online learning through videos, quizzes, and microlessons
  •  Also, CPD certification offered after course completion
  •  The candidates are imparted detailed modules of AWS, security, safety, and privacy features.
  • Additionally, they have various service offerings catered along with pricing and subscriptions

8. Udemy

Udemy offers AWS courses in North Carolina, an online platform for working IT professionals and aspiring students. It has more than 60 million trainees and 57,000 facilitators teaching the courses in over 65 languages. This organization delivers development, business, design, IT, and software courses.

Key Highlights

  • Besides, Supports 47 lectures for 2 hours
  •  Lifetime access to course LMS on mobile and desktop in the comfort of the students
  •  Moreover, top-rated experts from all around the globe teach video courses.
  •  Approved by multinational companies and awards a certificate after the course
  • Students will learn the components AWS platform, deployment of Linux
  •  Also, working with RDS, EC2 and developing applications on EC2 instances

9. edx

Edx is an e-learning platform that facilitates various courses and degrees from reputed schools, partnering universities, and institutions across the globe. So, this platform is open to aspirants of multiple age groups and sectors (business, learners, and educators). Therefore, they focus on providing quality education to learners irrespective of the cost and location.

Key Highlights

  • Enroll in any degree, get knowledge and drive your career from your comfort space
  • Further, transform your skill set for business productivity with the updated syllabus
  •  Aspirants can access the courses with practical knowledge from any point of the world as a part of blended learning.
  •  Supply certificates from most top institutions and universities
  •  Also, empower to materials, assignments, and mock exams
  •  As a part of this course, aspirants will learn the application of AWS tools like AWS CloudFormation, AWS CodeBuild, AWS CodeDeploy, etc
  • Additionally, updates AWS tools, applications, creation and production environments, and many more

10. A Cloud Guru

This Institution offers AWS courses in North Carolina, an online platform led by masters who demonstrate the concept through their real-time experiences in cloud concepts and technologies. Additionally, it delivers engaging, interactive classes with reciprocatively hands-on AWS environment lab experiences. 

Key Highlights

  • Well-versed video classes and quality hands-on training labs simultaneously
  •  Get the course completion certificate after passing the exam
  •  Also, an advanced curriculum, including webinars, internships, case studies, and discussion forums
  •  Access your skills and course understanding through the practice exam
  •  Moreover, after the course completion, students will know the AWS services like infrastructure, database, security, and machine learning.
  •  So, this institution will furnish the students with the skills that help in real-time applications.


The AWS courses in North Carolina listed above are ideal for the ones who want a strong start in the field. It is suggested to check all modules covered under each training institution before enrolling. Don’t opt for too many courses at a time – start from the basics if you are a beginner.

Hence, the AWS course considerably boosts your chances of clearing the AWS Certified Developer Associate Exams, and AWS Certified SysOps Administrator Associate exams. Therefore, you’ll gain proficiency in AWS cloud subjects and the capability to crack job interviews. 


1. Which is the best AWS course?

Ans: There is no best AWS course, though you might wish to consider courses that Amazon officially endorses.

2. Which is the best AWS course for beginners?

Ans: Any beginner can start with any AWS courses. Moreover, the maximum modules of all the courses of AWS are similar. Aspiring candidates won’t be missing out on any crucial topics. Just focus on selecting a well-rounded AWS training institution.

3. How can I practice AWS at home?

Ans: Yes, you can practice AWS on your own. So, all you require is an AWS account, the knowledge and skills, and the drive to practice.

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