In this time of the pandemic, we are stuck at homes doing jobs and business from home. The marketing in person got so much impacted, obviously as we were not able to meet anyone for months. However, there was one thing that saved every business and brand, which is Digital marketing. 

Stretching your company or organization online is the main focus. whenever we hear about a company or hiring in our field, the first thing we do is search for that company’s name on google. and google gives the results in which we get the website of that company and every other information. mainly what we see are the marketing and advertisements which we do on social media. 

Now many of the small businessmen would not be aware of the team digital marketing and are not fully knowledgeable before, but in this situation, they started their small business and promoted it on digital platforms, and made them a brand. However, most of them do not know how to do it correctly. Many still don’t have any idea about what digital marketing is. What do we have to do? And how? You will get all your answers here. 

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I will help you with all the information about the digital marketing course and the benefits of signing up for this course. Why is digital marketing so important? After reading this blog, you would be forced to think about what change you can bring to your business or brand, even if you have the slightest knowledge of what digital marketing is really about and how to do it? you can grow your business faster than before and can earn a lifetime. 

Just keep reading! 

What is Digital Marketing ?

Digital marketing is the process of advertising businesses or brands on a social platform. Marketing done on a digital platform is called digital marketing. The advertisements we get on our phones, laptop, and other digital technologies. We can see the example of these marketing ads on text messages, emails, and social media apps like Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, WhatsApp, etc. 

It is also known as internet marketing. 

Now that we know what digital marketing is let’s discuss why anyone should invest in digital marketing instead of the marketing that we used to do before. There would have been a lot of questions from everyone about what we can do in this pandemic to support our businesses and brands? Well, let me tell you that digital marketing is the best and safest option even if there is no pandemic. Still, you can go through with it. It will help you and benefit you no matter what. 

Audience Reach

Nowadays, we find everyone on their phones or laptops most of the time. This can be the best thing for our business as if we post about it and brands on the internet, the target audience can be 20% more as compared to the normal marketing. Accordingly, the more views the more business we’ll get. The response will be more as compared to the simple marketing we used to do pre covid.

Targeted audience
You can target the audience according to the age group on this platform. Suppose you are posting on youtube, if the product you are selling is not for less than 18 years of audience you can simply put the restrictions on the post and that platform will not show that post to that group of people. To get more reach you have to target the right audience. 

Large Audience reach
As compared to advertising, if you post your brand content with the proper caption and hashtags, it can reach thousands in just 24 hours. And you keep getting that reach every day not thousands but it gets seen by many new people on a daily basis. As I mentioned in the last point that you have to target the correct audience, if it will reach the correct audience you will get more business. 

Saving energy and time 

If we think about this practice, how much time or energy do you waste on posting a picture on a social media app? maximum 15 minutes. That’s right. The correct knowledge of hashtags and the content can help you save time and money in marketing.

You would only need to take out 15 minutes from your life and other stuff and have to make a post on social media apps. This will save your time and energy a lot and you can focus on your business more than on the marketing. 

Save Money 

This can also save the money which we used to spend on all the pamphlets, and hoardings. All that struggle of moving and traveling here and there just for the sake of marketing your brand or business. 

High return on investment 

If you have a very good knowledge of SEO, your website can get the largest traffic than ever before. SEO offers you the highest ROI and is on top of stats by 32% of marketers worldwide saying this. Social media is said to be the highest ROI-generating digital marketing channel. 

Data Analytics 

You can easily analyze your data online as compared to keeping the records manually. You can check the stats monthly or weekly, do comparisons, and can make changes in the main element if needed. If you have good knowledge on how to analyze the data in the correct manner and on which point to focus the most, you can get the highest reach.  

Conversion rate 

Optimizing conversion rate in digital marketing is important and way easier. It allows you to lower your customer acquisition costs by getting more value from the visitors and users you already have. By optimizing it correctly, you can increase your revenue, acquire more customers and grow your business. 

Easy to share 

Through digital marketing, you can share the content of your business and brands to a large audience in no time and without investing a large amount of money. If you have bought a new website or you created a new account for your brand, you can easily share it with your contacts as well as others through social media apps. 


With the help of digitization, you can market your business globally. You can advertise it on social media and it will be shown in all of the corners of the world. You’ll get local customers as well as international sales too. 

Make changes whenever you want 

When you wish to make changes in the process of marketing, under digital marketing you can make changes whenever you get a new idea. You can update the campaigns and content. Make new uploads regarding the same as compared to the billboards or hoardings. 

Starting buyers 

Nowadays, many people are starting their buyer’s journey online. The first thing they do whenever they wish to buy something is searched for it on the internet. There is a high chance that you can attract new buyers and as they will be new and if they will be satisfied, they can be your permanent customers. 

  • All the points are the benefits of digital marketing. Now the question in your mind will be where i can learn all this ? please do not worry i am going to add all the information and the best institute for you all. You will learn digital marketing at an advanced level and the fees will be pocket friendly but the knowledge and experience you will gain can not be measured in any way. 

The best institute you’re going to get for a digital marketing course and which is offering certified advanced digital marketing course is Henry Harvin Institute. This is an Indian institute providing online classes all over the world in these tough times. They also have a classroom facility but right now it is not available. Let’s see what this institute is exactly offering under this course.  

Do you want to master the essential disciplines in digital marketing? Check out the Digital Marketing Specialist course now!

About the course 

Perks of signing up for this Digital Marketing Course course by Henry Harvin Digital Marketing Academy will be :

You will be eligible for a digital marketing job at a higher package. You will learn new strategies under this course which will help you boost your business. New career options will get opened for you and you will be able to use verified digital marketing approaches. 

It will help your CV to get upgraded and your brand’s following and reach will get increased. Your brand’s identity and visibility will improve. You’ll learn social media marketing tips that will help you grow your business on big social media platforms or expand your business with a global audience for your brand. 

The best thing about this course is that you will learn to earn at home. As you will be doing this at home your cost for marketing will also be saved. 

So as per this information, anyone who is a business owner, blogger, YouTubers, social media enthusiast, website owner, business analyst, or professionals can join this course. Also, individuals with no experience or marketing knowledge, who only wish to learn new things for their personal reasons can join this course. You all will be helped with the best tactics in digital marketing.

Takeaways of this course 

In this course you will get 7 certificates: You will get the first certificate from Henry Harvin digital marketing academy, google ( with ad-words fundamental, search advertising, display advertising, mobile sites & video advertising certifications ), Facebook. 

You will get a 1-year gold membership of Henry Harvin. And free monthly brush-up sessions. 

100% placements, internships, and project support exclusively for digital marketing professionals. 

You will get study material and access to a learning management system (LMS). You will get excellent marketing knowledge and the opportunity to work with renowned companies 

A virtual tour on digital strategies, tips, and benefits in this course. When you complete the course you will get a hallmark of CADM next to your name. 

You will be taught by expert trainers who have 10+ years of experience and will get weekly job opportunities. 

Membership will include learning access through recorded videos, games, projects, case studies as well as free brush-up sessions for 1 year. 


There are 6 modules in this course. In each of these modules, you’ll get specialized in different social platforms and marketing tactics. 

  1. Getting started with digital marketing 
  2. Effective web page designing 
  3. Search engine marketing ( google ads) 
  4. SEO 
  5. LinkedIn marketing 
  6. YouTube marketing 

You will also get two complimentary modules with this course which will be as effective and helpful as this course.

Fees and Duration 

The duration of this course is 32 hours of live virtual training and 1 year of boot-camp sessions. This will have all 6 modules plus two complementary modules. 

You can take up a self-paced course or live classroom course. 

  1. Self paced course : you’ll get lifetime support access and lifetime option to free upgrade.
    Fees : Rs. 11,250  

Live online classroom: this includes everything in self-paced plus mentoring by experts, 1-year gold membership, flexible schedule, monthly boot-camp sessions, attend unlimited live sessions in the membership, get recordings of all batches for a lifetime.
Fees : Rs, 12,500 

As far I have seen Henry Harvin is providing the nest education with great offers with the course and with its membership for an entire year it will be really helpful. The fees are also very pocket-friendly as compared to the knowledge which you will receive. If you face any issue paying the fees you have the option for cost EMI.

Henry Harvin has many other similar courses too which you can check out on their website. They give you access to their job site where you can search for jobs and also they provide internships too which will be very helpful.

Here is the link for the website with each and every detail of this course as well as other courses:


Now that you all know what digital marketing is and why it is so important. It is the safest and easiest way to grow your business. Your brand can get followers from around the world through digital marketing and that too without wasting any money. 

I have mentioned all the benefits of digital marketing and who all can pursue this course 

I know you guys want to learn this course and want to know more about digital marketing terms so just for you, I have added the details of the best institute offering this course at a pocket-friendly price. You can learn all about it just sitting at home and then can start earning by being at home. 

You are getting knowledge and money by being in your comfort zone and what else do we guys want nowadays. Everyone seems to be in their comfort zone and also wants to earn a good amount of money so the guy you are getting a very amazing chance with great options. 

Henry Harvin has branches all over India and can provide online classes all over the world. They also have other courses like content writing, business analytics, GST course, etc. 

With the digital marketing course from Henry Harvin, you are getting two complementary modules in which you will learn two new skills to add to your resume/CV. Many people pay large amounts for those specific courses. But if you’re gonna sign up for digital marketing you will get those skills included. 

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Q.1 What is digital marketing?

Marketing is done over the internet using digital technologies such as mobiles, laptops, desktop computers, and other digital media platforms. 
To grow your business digitally on social media platforms is known as digital marketing. 

Q.2 Who all can join this course?

Everyone who wishes to have knowledge of digital marketing. Want to know how to earn by sitting at home just using their internet, you can join. You-tubers, influencers, businessmen and women, brands all of you can join and learn about digital marketing. 

Q.3 Is the digital marketing course costly? 

No, Henry Harvin is providing this course for less than Rs.13,000. You also get a no-cost EMI course. I have also mentioned every detail of the course which Henry Harvin is providing plus two complementary skills. 

Q.4 Where is this course available?

The course is available in an online live classroom. If you are out of India, you can still sign up for this course by Henry Harvin.

Q.5 What will be the career option after the digital marketing course?

After the course is completed you will get certified as a CADM ( certified advanced digital marketer). They will then provide you with internship and placement options so that you can get experienced. After the certification and experience, you can apply for a job in any city, in any country. Or you can also be a freelance digital marketer. 

Post Graduate Program in Digital Marketing by Henry Harvin®

Ranked #1 Amongst the Top 5 Trending Digital Marketing Course by India Today | Validate your professional skills in the field of Digital Marketing

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  10. Your blog is enriched with information regarding the topic of digital marketing and it helped me in acquiring sufficient knowledge in this field.

  11. Your blog is enriched with information regarding the topic of digital marketing and it helped me in acquiring sufficient knowledge in this field.

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