Are you searching for the best UI UX Designer Course in Hyderabad? If that’s the case, you’ll find some excellent options for learning UI UX Designer Course training in Hyderabad below at some of the most significant institutions. Companies have reported a greater need for UI and UX designers than for any other type of designer. It exemplifies the sustained increase in demand for user interface and user experience designers. Students and working professionals who have seen the value in this training have started to enroll.

Since UI UX Designer Course in Hyderabad offers a variety of formats, let’s begin by discussing the fundamentals of this creative profession and what it entails in the job market.

What is UI UX Designer?


 UX and UI design are different terms, but they go hand in hand. UX stands for user experience, whereas UI stands for user interface. A UI designer determines an application’s appearance and aesthetic appeal, including the interactive components. And a UX designer will ensure that the elements of the application are user-friendly and operate smoothly.

Moreover, UX/UI design abilities are crucial for product development, web design, application development, and more. Increasing digitization and the influence of user experience on newly introduced products have increased the demand for UX and UI designers.

UX researcher, information architect, UI/UX developer, usability analyst, UX writer, visual designer, and coding are some of the roles of UI and UX designers.

Top 8 UI UX Designer Course in Hyderabad

1. Henry Harvin – 4.9/5

Henry Harvin is one of the leading institutes for the best UI UX Designer classes in Hyderabad with placement. Further, they provide the opportunity to acquire dynamic and essential designing skills for advancing and enhancing UI UX designing expertise.

Critical Attributes of UI UX Designer Course in Hyderabad

  • They provide 32 hours of live, interactive online training over 48 hours.
  • They offer opportunities to participate in initiatives involving User interface design, user experience design, application development, and implementing various programming languages within the industry.
  • Moreover, you will get an internship for UI UX Designer Course students to acquire practical experience.
  • Henry Harvin® is a Government of India-recognized, award-winning institute; its UI UX Designer Course certification is a badge of expertise.
  • Upon successful completion of the UI UX Designer course, there is a one-year placement support guarantee of 100 percent.
  • Students also get access to bountiful Tools, video content, assessments, etc.
  • The opportunity to attend industry-relevant Bootcamp sessions regularly over the next twelve months.
  • Access to #AskHenry Hackathons and Competitions at No Cost.
  • For the UI UX Designer course, one receives a One-Year Gold Membership to the Henry Harvin® Coding Academy.

Contact Number: +91 9891953953

Course Fees: 29500( EMI starts at 3278/month)

Duration: 32 hours

2. Frameboxx 2.0 – 4.8/5

UI/Ux is a comprehensive course, to begin with. In addition to this, it provides both theoretical and practical training.  As the most comprehensive of the five available UI UX Designer Course in Hyderabad, with a total of more than 140 hours, the courseware includes:

  • Essential web functions, including web design
  • Graphics Production UI and UX
  • Back-end Programming

Key Attributes

  • First, it is ranked internationally among the top 25 animation institutions and colleges.
  • In addition, it is affiliated with renowned universities.
  • Moreover, you can obtain an education loan
  • Assistance with placement is guaranteed.
  • Additionally, it provides individualized attention to students.
  • This UIUX designer training is provided both online and in person.
  • Not only theoretical training but also practical instruction
  • In addition, they provide 100 percent placement assistance.
  • Also, there is an Internship provision.
  • There will primarily be Workshops and Seminars.

Contact Number: 8779698938

Course Fees: 24500

Duration: 140  hours

3. Intellipaat – 4.7/5

Intellipat actually offers one of the finest UI UX Designer Course training in Hyderabad. Moreover, this ed tech company was founded in 2011 and is a pioneer in training in Hadoop, big data, cloud computing, data science, salesforce, and more in collaboration with IBM. They began Intellipat with a single course, Hadoop training, but now offer numerous courses in various disciplines, including degree and certification programs. More than 60,000 students have benefited from Intellipat’s superior services to date. However, it offers the industry’s finest UI/UX design course. Let’s examine the course’s specifics. 

Key Attributes

  • The course lasts 4.5 months and consists of 38+ live sessions. 
  • Mode of Instruction – Online seminars
  • During your training, you will learn design by working on case studies and industry projects.
  • Get two days of campus immersion at IIT Guwahati during your internship.

Contact Number: 91-7022374614

Course Fees: 100,035

Duration: 4.5 Months

4. Design Boat- 4.6/5

Design Boat is one of the best schools that provides the best UI UX Designer Course in Hyderabad. They offer UI and UX design courses at an international level and are a well-known training institution in India.

Key Attributes

  • Provides a certification that is acknowledged by all Design/Tech industries. 
  • Career guidance is offered via one-on-one mentoring. Lifelong support to facilitate a relationship with the industry’s founders, mentors, and alums community.
  • The comprehensive curriculum prepares students to become outstanding designers. Additionally, this course is open to experts, students, and professionals.
  • This institution assists with placement.

Telephone: 063614 00157 

 Duration: 14 weeks

Course Fee: 74400 INR when paid in full

ImaginXP- 4.5/5

ImaginXP is a prestigious design school that provides one of the finest UI UX Designer Course in Hyderabad. Moreover, they employ a team of exceptionally qualified designers. The institute places substantial emphasis on design thinking.UX Jump Starter is the training’s designation. Moreover, it is a comprehensive curriculum instructs students to design user-friendly products. This module teaches students how to develop innovative User Experiences and thoroughly explains Digital Tools, User Research, Visual Design, and Interaction Design techniques.

Key Attributes

  • 30+hours course duration
  • Industry expert professors with seven or more years of experience who multinational corporations employ. They are highly qualified professionals with certifications.
  • 100% Work Guaranteed: They also provide placement guidance to students and have corporate partnerships.
  • Certification Guidance: The World’s Leading Global Companies accredit certification. It is only granted upon successfully completing Training and assignments with a practical focus.
  • They provide discounts for groups.

Telephone: 079039 30866

Duration: 30 hrs

Course Fee: 65000 INR

6. TGC

Total Graphic Classes( TGC) is a multimedia study institute providing multimedia, animation, digital marketing, and design courses. TGC delivers one of the finest UI UX Designer Course training in Hyderabad. TGC’s inventory of successes and accomplishments is worthy of boasting. Besides, they have successfully trained and educated over 12,000 candidates with over 16 years of experience in multimedia education.

In 2000, it received ISO accreditation and expanded its scope by forming partnerships with universities such as Punjab Technical University and Mahatma Gandhi University, where TGC students could pursue degree programs.

TGC has created an in-house design department that is constantly working on multimedia projects, offering a comprehensive curriculum and relevant practical training. The timeframe for completing the course differs between the conventional and fast tracks. The standard way is 6 months, and the fast track is 4 months, with the ability to customize weekend and weekday classes.

The training begins with the fundamentals and exhausts the current UX/UI designer demand. In addition, despite being an advanced course, no prior knowledge of user experience, coding, or design is necessary to enroll.

7. Madrid Software

Madrid Software Training is a Hyderabad-based training facility established in 2011 and offers a variety of courses for students to enhance their skills per industry demands. It is the leading service provider in emerging technologies such as cloud computing, big data Hadoop, mobile application development, and digital marketing, having effectively trained over 5,000 IT professionals.

The training enables professionals to develop practical and soft skills to succeed in demanding careers.

The courses will provide students with the most current knowledge and abilities. In addition to theoretical knowledge, practical skills give special consideration, providing students with valuable experience.

This institute stands out among other UI UX Designer Course in Hyderabad due to the individualized projects assigned to students based on their career trajectories. In addition, students are provided with individual placement coordinators and assistance with resume development.

In addition to classroom sessions emphasizing practical training, recorded sessions are also available for those who miss class. With weekday and weekend classes, attending other courses in case of a leave of absence is possible.

With a dedicated placement cell and interview preparation sessions, the course equips students with the knowledge and skills necessary for employment.

8. VRx Academy

VRx Academy is renowned for providing high-quality essential courses such as virtual reality, web design and development, 3D animation, UI/UX design, and gaming. It also offers UX/UI design courses in Delhi. Through its innovative curriculum and effective training techniques, VRx Academy seeks to establish a unique brand of professionals who are leaving their mark on the tech industry.

Moreover, VRx Academy’s two training centers in Delhi and Lucknow provide an optimal learning environment. The centers’ modern infrastructure contributes to the enhancement of the educational experience.

Students receive extensive instruction and hands-on experience in the most current industry practices. Individual procedures are supervised by industry professionals conducting live classroom sessions. Throughout the course, they also receive regular counseling to ensure that they choose the best career path for their talents and can understand the upcoming work.

Additional course benefits include opportunities to work on actual projects, review of the projects by industry professionals, and placement assistance. Since it is a 24-week advanced-level course offered on weekends for working professionals, the system benefits those with some design knowledge.

Who can Become a UI and UX Designer?

  •  Anyone with the sensitivity to comprehend consumer/user behavior and the desire to simplify design navigation for digital spaces, such as websites, shopping apps, service apps, amusement or movie streaming platforms, etc.
  • So, please take the plunge and enroll in a UI UX course in Hyderabad, as the employment opportunities are vast. There is a severe shortage of high-quality User Experience Designers.
  • Also, learn the nuances of UI &/or UX Designs if you want to create your online persona as an extension of your already strong identities.

Skills Necessary to Be a UI and UX Designer 

  • UI/UX design requires creative thinking and a sense of design, which are skills already possessed by many creative professionals.
  • Also, knowledge of visual design language can significantly improve usability by directing the user’s attention to the appropriate location on a website.
  • As a UI/UX Designer, you are not solely responsible for the product’s development. Still, you must be able to lead, coordinate, and comprehend the product’s scalability across multi-platform applications such as web, phone, and mobile apps to create a more efficient product development process for everyone.
  • Designers of user interfaces and user experiences must be able to articulate ideas, listen to feedback, and interpret consumer movement patterns.
  • Further, UI/UX design is one of the most in-demand professions in the creative industry. It entails familiarising oneself with UI/UX tools like Adobe Creative Suite.

Finale Takeaway

As the artificial intelligence and digital industries continue to advance, so does the need for user interface and user experience designers. In ten years, this persona will have risen dramatically.

Whether you’re just starting out in your career or have years of experience under your belt as a graphic designer, web designer, etc., this course will help you advance in your field. You’ll find some excellent options here if you’re seeking UI/UX design course in Hyderabad, both online and in person.

The colleges mentioned above in Hyderabad offer UI/UX Design Courses with a well-structured curriculum that equips students with theoretical and practical design skills. It encompasses both the creative process and the actual design work.


What is the remuneration of a UI UX designer with five years of experience in India?

Ans: In India, UI/UX Designer salaries range from 2.0 Lakhs to 13.5 Lakhs, with an annual average salary of 4.8 Lakhs. The estimated salary is based on the 15,800 most recent salaries submitted by UI/UX Designers.

Is there a significant demand for UI UX?

Ans: The UX/UI market was worth $465 million in 2021 and is projected to reach $1,346 million by 2028’s end. Now is an excellent time to pursue a career in this profession. Examine the salaries of UX/UI designers in India.

Does UI UX necessitate coding?

Ans: UI Designers are not required to code, but the ability to do so is highly advantageous. It is also not uncommon for UI/UX design and development to be intertwined, depending on the essence of the product.

4. What software tools are presently utilised by UI and UX designers?

Ans: Here is a list of software applications utilised by UI/UX designers.

Adobe XD

 5.  Is mastering a UI/UX design course in Hyderabad from scratch easier or more challenging?

Ans: The majority of them find these courses moderately challenging to master. Yes, it becomes more straightforward and enjoyable if you are interested in the topic.

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