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In recent times there is a huge increase in IT professionals and there is tight competition among job seekers. This is because of the immense opportunities which are offered by top companies for the most demanding IT jobs like UI and UX developers. The main thing job seekers need to follow is to give the best impression during the interview. The candidate must be confident and should Impress the interviewer with the best knowledge, skills, and expertise. The UI Developer Interview Questions enable the candidates to revise their skills and knowledge and be prepared to face the job interview.

UI Developer Interview Questions

Below discussed some of the likely UI developer interview questions that may be asked for the UI developer job Interview. UI Developers are most in demand in the IT industry recently and thus the competition for the post is high. Hence,  it is important to brush up on your knowledge and go through the possible UI developer interview questions. This helps in excellent preparation and thereby cracking the interview.

The Top 25 UI Developer Interview Questions:

1. What do you mean by UI design?

UI Design refers to designing the appearance of a website or a product.  It is that portion of the website where the user interacts with. I simply mean working and designing on the screens of a digital product which can be either a mobile application or a website.

2. What is meant by UX design?

User experience design is a team who processes to create products that give meaningful experiences to users. It involves designing the entire product like acquiring, integrating, branding, designing, and functioning. UX design contains elements that give a feel and experience to users and how easily can users accomplish their tasks or goals.

 3. What is the role of UI Developer and UX Developer?

 UI developer is a professional who deals with coding, designing, and creating a user interface that provides an easy and smooth user experience. UI developers translate software design concepts into reality using front–end technology. The UI developer has to create the easiest, most convenient, and best interface that can meet the users’ needs.

UX Developer is a professional who is partly a designer and partly a designer who mainly concentrates on those elements which provide user experience and feel. The main role of a UX developer is to improve the website experience for visitors. UX Developers have to focus on creative website design, searching for information on the site, and a link between the pages of a website.

4. What is the difference between a UI and UX Developer?

A UI Developer is concerned with designing the visual and interactive elements of the website which enables users to easily navigate through the page. Whereas,  A UX Developer is responsible for creating and improving the quality of user interaction and experience while visiting a website. UX developer focuses on providing the best user experience.

5. What are the various skills required for a UI Developer?

  • Visual designing, animation, and interactive elements.
  • Site Analytics
  • SEO
  • Usability testing and User research skills.
  • Agile Methodology for Project Management Practices
  • Front–end Knowledge
  • Copywriting
  • Application Development, Communication, and Presentation
  • Prototyping, wireframing, and user flow.
  • Mock-ups, i.e., an idea of the realistic model of a final webpage or the final look of a webpage.
  • Knowledge of HTML, CSS, JAVA, AJAX
  • Database development skills

6. What is HTML?

 HTML Stands for Hyper Text Markup Language. It is the most popular language for website creation and development. It defines the structure of web pages.

7. What is Semantic HTML?

Semantic HTML is a style of coding. It uses tags to represent what the texts convey. It gives meaning to the webpage.

8. What are HTML tags and elements?

HTML Tags are surrounded by <> (angular brackets) and usually come in pairs and surround the Text. Tags define the format of the content of a webpage. HTML Elements tells the browsers how to render text.

9. How can you optimize a website’s assets?

 A website’s assets can be optimized by CDN Hosting, File Compression, asset offloading, reorganizing, code refining, and file concatenation.

10. What are the uses of CSS?

 CSS is mainly used for the style definition of web pages like color, fonts, templates, and layouts.

11. What is DOCTYPE?

DOCTYPE stands for Document Type Definition informs a browser about the HTML type used in a webpage. It enables a browser to understand how to render a page. It has two parts – Document type and Public Identifier.

12. What is Quirks mode and Standards mode?

    These are two ways by which browsers render HTML documents. The older web browser’s behavior is copied in Quirks mode whereas in standard mode the pages are rendered according to the HTML and CSS specifications.

13. What is Java Script?

   Java script is a cross–platform, open, interpreted lightweight programming language having object–oriented capabilities. It can be used for making static HTML pages interactive. Java Script is also used for the creation of front-end, back-end development, and network-centric applications.

14. What is the difference between a document and a window?

   The document is the property or can be referred to as a direct child of a window whereas the window is the root-level element of a web page.

15. What do you mean by a responsive website?

   A responsive website can fit all types of screen sizes and devices. It can be opened in any type of device irrespective of its size.

16. Explain Web Accessibility.

It refers to websites, tools, and technologies which are created in such a manner that they can be used by people with disabilities. WAIRIA is a tool that helps people with disabilities to use and interact with a website.

17. What are cookies?

   Cookies are small files or data which is less than 4KB that is sent to the server and used to tell the server that users have returned after a while.

18. What is the difference between session storage and local storage?

    The Session Storage stores data based on sessions, that is when the user closes the browser the data is deleted. Whereas, Local Storage enables users to store data to a maximum without any expiration date.

19. How can you reduce the loading time of a page?

  • Reducing the size of images.
  • Eliminate unwanted widgets
  • Minimize redirects on a page.
  • HTTP Compression
  • Caching and reducing lookups.

20. What are the points to be kept in mind while designing multilingual sites?

  • Set default language using Unicode encoding.
  • Use the ‘Lang’ Attribute
  • Consider language word length

21. List out the various position properties?

  • Relative
  • Absolute
  • Static
  • Fixed

22.  What is the difference in syntax between the Bulleted and numbered lists?

  • Bulleted list  – <UL> Tag
  • Numbered list – <OL> Tag

23. State the difference between Front-end and UI developers?

  The front–end developers are responsible for the client side of the interface. They ensure that the interface functions well and all its elements work properly. UI developers make the site appear good and user-friendly.

24. What can be done to increase page performance?

The caching technique is one of the efficient ways to improve page performance. This is done by creating a cache page or storing frequent data in the database.

25. What are the new elements of HTML?

  The fifth version of HTML is HTML 5 which is recently used to create webpages. It has new elements to improve the appearance of the webpage and make it more attractive, interactive, and user-friendly.


The above-mentioned are the likely questions that could be asked for UI or UX developer Posts. The candidates need to prepare well by brushing up their knowledge and skills so that they can impress the Interviewers. UI and UX developers are having a wide variety of opportunities in this emerging era so the candidates need to grab the available options for better career growth.


What exactly are UI and UX?

UI refers to creating an interface for user interaction and UX refers to creating and enhancing user experience.

How can good UX help businesses?

A good UX will be appealing to users, user-friendly, interactive, and easy to navigate. This enables users to revisit the sites and customers will have an attachment to the company website and helping to improve business.

How much will it cost exactly to design UI or UX?

The cost of design mainly depends on the type of website, its requirements, and various features. The cost increases based on the number of customizations done.

How much time will it take usually to create a website?

The time to create a website depends on the type, requirements, and complexity of the website.

Which tools and techniques are used for UI or UX development?

UI and UX development can be done using native applications and development approaches. The mainly used tools are Java, C, C#, Swift

Which platform, IOS or Android, or both should we choose for creating an application?

The platform of the application depends on various factors like cost, time, and demography. The focus should be on the target audience, budget, and time factors.

How is the UI developer course delivered by Henry Harvin?

The UI developer course of Henry Harvin is 32 hours of interactive live training sessions. It is taught through online platforms. The course has a valid certification and also provides internship and placement opportunities.

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