In today’s world, a freelance content writer can earn a very good amount of money providing high-quality content in various streams like science, technology, fiction and many more.

For freelance content writers, to explore “what the audience wants?” is a question, which they find the answer, in quite a long time (say 9-10 years on an average).

Today, many can’t afford to take this much time because the competition is increasing day by day.


To save time, good guidance or reference is a must.

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In this blog, the top-notch content writing blog websites of different niches, which are a must-read for freelance content writers, will be covered.

The types of content writing blogs covered are the following:

1# Article/Blog Writing 6# Fiction
2# Copy Writing 7# Scriptwriting
3# Ghost Writing 8# Book Writing
4# Technical Writing 9# Academic Writing
5# Creative Writing 10# Medical Writing

1. Articles/Blogs

This institute was started by Mr Kounal Gupta in the year 2013.

Henry Harvin Education is an institute that provides classroom and online training on the following streams:

  • Content Writing.
  • Goods and Service Tax (GST) Basics.
  • Lean Six Sigma (LSS).
  • Digital Marketing and many more.

For aspiring freelance content writers, the content writing course is a one-month training, where 30 types of content writing are covered.

In addition to this, there is an option of 6 month content writing internship, which is a high-quality exposure to professional writing commitments.

Trainees of this internship program and experienced guest writers, publish their blogs, which cover a vast variety of topics.

Mr Leo Babauta created the Write to Done website in the year 2008.

The blog is currently run by Ms. Mary Jaksch, the chief editor of this website.

The belief on which this blog website is running is that the writing practice should be:

  • directional.
  • Constructive.
  • Should bring positivism in the writer.

The content writing blogs published are on the following topics:

  • Overcoming the difficulties occurring, while writing.
  • Fictional content writing blogs like novels, stories.    

To conclude, this website is specifically, a useful learning resource for new freelance content writers,

who struggle more often, as compared to the seasoned ones.

Mr Joe Bunting launched The Write Practice website in the year 2011.

The aim of the authors of this website was that the content writers should practice to:

  • Enhance their creativity.
  • Enable them to get their content published.
  • Get a good amount of traffic.

For fulfilling these objectives, in addition to publishing content writing blogs related to enhance creativity and SEO,

there is a facility of online brief sessions available;

providing unique lessons on creativity, writing prompts etc. which is quite beneficial for freelance content writers.  

2. Copywriting

Mr. Brian Clark founded the Copyblogger website in the year 2006.

The aim of this blog website is to teach freelance content writers:

  • To create amazing, commercial online content.
  • The trends are been followed in the copywriting.
  • How to generate more traffic from your own content.

They also reiterate the emphasis on text, podcasts and forms of media, which are been applied to the copywriting of the content blog website.

Mr Brian Dean founded the Backlinko website in the year 2012.

The belief on which this blog website is runned, is that only great content is not good enough for SEO enhancement.

The content should be supported with good SEO actions so that the content is more marketable.

In addition to content writing blogs, the following services are provided:

  • Actionable advice on copywriting.
  • Online discussions on writing techniques.
  • Strategies for Copywriting.

This website is useful for freelancing content writing-based digital marketers,

who want to increase traffic on their websites, by enhancing their SEO ratings.

This blog website provides online content marketing training to freelance content writers, which is chargeable.

The training is available in 5 languages: English, Portuguese, Spanish, German and Italian.

In addition to above mentioned training, there is a free of cost service of SEO score checking.

For this, the following procedure is to be implemented:

  • Copy and paste their website’s URL, into the SEO checking section of the website.
  • into the SEO checking section and press the ‘enter’ key.

In a few minutes, the writer will get the:

  • SEO score.
  • Detailed feedback on the website.
  • Further suggestions and improvements required to increase traffic.

3. Ghost Writing

Mrs Marcie Layton Turner founded the Association of Ghostwriters.

She is a veteran in the niche of ghostwriting and the current executive director of the association.

This association’s editorial team extracts and utilizes the knowledge, experience gained by Mrs Turner, in the field of ghostwriting.

This knowledge and the current trends followed in ghostwriting are then documented in the form of :

  • Blogs.
  • Industry seminars.
  • Networking opportunities with veteran ghostwriters.

These blogs are a great learning curve for aspiring and seasoned ghostwriters.

Mr. Dayne Shuda launched the Ghost Blog Writers website in year 2010.

This company’s major service is to provide ghostwriting service to big business firms, high profile people and large-cap industries.

This company works with their clients with keeping the following values, at the back of their minds:

  • Punctuality.
  • Kindness.
  • Autonomy.
  • Curiosity and Learning Attitude.

The company’s website also publishes on copywriting blogs,

for reference to aspiring freelance content writers.

Mr. Richard Lowe Jr. started The Writing King company in the year 2013.

The belief which this company imparts to its target audience is that ghostwriting is a very powerful tool for increasing their business.

This company provides following ghostwriting service to its business clients:

  • Updating linkedIn profiles.
  • Publishing good quality articles, blogs and books etc.

Also, this company publishes content writing blogs on:

  • Ghostwriting tips.
  • The benefits of ghostwriting.
  • Scope of this industry in the future.

This company’s service is suitable for someone, who has less time for promoting content of their business.

4. Technical Writing

Mr. Tom Johnson Started the I’d Rather Be Writing website in the year 2006.

This website is specifically dedicated to teaching aspiring technical writers,

About API (Application Programming Interface) technical writing documentation.

The tutorials are in the form of online classes and webinars.

Content writing blogs on the following topics are also provided:

  • API technical writing documentation tips.
  • Changing trends in technical writing
  • Organization-wise demands in writing formats.

Dr. Ugur Akinci, is the owner and the chief editor of Technical Communication Center website.

His mission is to:

  • Reduce the miscommunication between technical field professionals/organisations.
  • Increase the efficiency of people.

For these objectives, the website provides:

  • Properly designed information blogs.
  • Online communication with visitors.
  • Training of writing technical writing, research papers.
  • Training on using typing applications like MS word, to good effect.

This website is very useful to someone, who wants to learn about technical writing, with a bottom-up approach.

Mr Eric Ray started the Techwhirl website in the year 1993.

INK topia Ltd. currently owns this website, since 2011.

The mission of this website is:

  • To transmit the knowledge of technical writing to the audience and
  • Effective communication between industry experts and visitors.
  • Providing quality technical writing content to its clients.

Techwhirl posts blogs on the following topics:

  • Technical Communication.
  • Technical Writing.
  • Content Management.

This company’s website is a good reference for internationally recognised quality technical writing stuff.

5. Creative Writing

Bryan Collins,a freelance content writer from Ireland, started the Become A Writer Today website.

His belief is to make successful content writers by:

  • Providing practical and proven ideas and tips for creativity.
  • Using creative ideas, to convert them into published books.

The majority of posts are on creative content writing blogs.

In addition, various topics covered through blogs are:

  • Writing advice.
  • How to write a book.
  • Self publishing tips.

The website is good collection of creative ideas, taken from  other readers.

Ms Joanna Penn is the author of The Creative Penn website.

The main emphasis of the author is on discussion and mentoring of a creative author’s mindset.

For this, through this website, online training service is available to the visitors.

For reference, about 10000 videos and 500+ blogs are on the website, for the visitors.

These cover the following topics:

  • A creative author’s mindset.
  • Non-fiction content.
  • Earning from writing.

This website will give an insight to freelance content writer, where they stand in terms of creativity. 

Ms Nancy Strauss founded the Creative Writing Now website. She is the director of online courses, provided through this website.

Mr. William Victor currently, owns this website.

The mission of this website is to:

  • Educate and train freelance content writers with good-quality courses and resources, for self-study.
  • Encouraging new writers by giving guidance and maintaining positive atmosphere.
  • Inspiring writers by sharing passion for writing and literature.

The website provides creative writing ideas and tips, through blogs.

6. Fiction Writing was first published on 20 July 2008. Ms Irene Gallo the head publisher of this website.

The aim of this company is to:

  • Encourage readers to read more fictional content.
  • Engage conversations between and within readers.

The website regulartly publishes blogs and books, of the following genres:

  • Short Science Fiction.
  • Fantasy.
  • Novels.

The Short Science Fictions published are from new voices, old voices and sometimes, even from a combination of both the voices.

Mr Dave Post is the forum and blog administrator of Worlds without End company.

The website is owned by Mr Tres Barbas.

It is a fan runned website, where fans give their suggested fictional content.

The purpose of this website is to identify, reading and sharing of best speculative fiction books, out from the recently published ones.

The blogs posted are for reviews of the award winning fiction books, around the world.

Books of the following genres are published:

  • Science Fiction.
  • Fantasy.
  • Horror.

The website can act as a cross-checking medium for potential award-winning books.

The Hachette Livre company currently owns the Orbit books website.

The aim of this website is:

To pick out good quality books from underrated backgrounds.

To work with authors to create award-winning content.

This company publishes science fiction and fantasy books in United States of America and the United Kingdom.

Also, on its website, content writing blogs related to tips for writing award-winning calibre books are posted.

This website is more relevant to established book writers, who want to compete for awards. 

7. Script Writing

The author of this blog depicts himself/herself with this name itself.

The blog was started in the year 2009.

The author claims to have read bollywood script for 10 years and has worked with oscar-winning production companies.

The service provide through the blogs are the invaluable inputs learnt from the scripts read and studied by the author.

And one very important thing,

Don’t mail your scripts for reviewing. The author will entertain such requests at all.

So, now you can understand why this website has such a creepy name.

Mr Scott Myers administers the Go Into The Story section, of the Medium Group.

Majorly, the website provides the following services:

  • Screen Writing Master Class (Video Tutorials of scriptwriting).
  • Private script workshops (One-on-One with scriptwriters having projects assigned).
  • Addresal of queries related to scriptwriting via. Mail, Twitter etc.

Scott Myers also posts blogs on scriptwritng tips and the current trends of scriptwriting.

The bottomline is that , this website is a great oppurtunity of learning scriptwriting,

From the comforts of your homes.

The belief of the author of this website is that for new screenwriters,

learning from seasoned scriptwriters is the best source of knowledge and inspiration.

The group acts as a medium between aspiring and seasoned scripwriters for which,

on the website, they provide tips provided by experienced scriptwriters, in the form of:

  • Blog Posts.
  • Videos.

In addition, they rate various scriptwriting websites and rank them,

so that freelance content writers can refer to other good scriptwriting websites.

8. Book Writing

The Bustle website publishes books and posts blogs on genres, which are related to millennial women.

The genres are namely the following:

  • Life – Food, Travel, Astrology.
  • Entertainment – TV and Movie reviews, Music, Books, Celebrity news.
  • Style – Fashion, Beauty.
  • Wellness – Health, Self, Sex and Relationships.   

Ladies with good lifestyle will do enjoy surfing through this website’s content.

Janet Emson created From First Page to Last website.

This website is a platform for sharing blogs related to:

  • Book reviews.
  • Other books related treats.

So that the knowledge of books can be transmitted to the masses.

Blogs related to guidance on how to write, publish books etc. are also posted.

In short, this website is an interactive medium between various book lovers, around the world.

Ms Susan Osborne is the owner of A Life in Books website.

This website’s blogs are about books read and reviewed by the website’s owner,

The books reviewed by her, satisfy the following conditions:

  • The books should be Literary Fiction or,
  • Debut books which are interesting but, are not attended due to lack of limelight.

Another benefit for freelance content writers is that you can get detailed feedback of your published book, from the owner of this website.

9. Academic Writing

The London School of Economic and Political Science’s website has a section of academic writing for research.

The concept and design of this section was implemented by Mr. Tena Prelec in 2017.

Currently, all the blogs of this section are maintained by Mr. Patrick Dunleary.

The aim of this section to give real-life advice on how to communicate and write correctly at an advanced research level.

This website posts blogs for the following professionals:

  • Phd. Students.
  • Researchers.
  • Faculties.
  • Researchers outside academic field.

The conclusion is that, these blogs are a source of authentic guidance on academic and research writing.

Mr. Nick Hopwood administers this website.

He is an Associate Professor at the University of Technolgy, Sydney (UTS).

He, on his website, provides blogs, videos and podcasts; related to his learnings of academic and research writing.

Also, he conducts workshops on how to write academic courses and develop them.

In short, if freelance content writers are interested in creating their own course modules then,

this website is a good learning source.

The owner has created the website, with her name itself.

She is a strong advocate of real-life and open educational activities and courses.

She is an open educator, researcher in Ireland.

Her academic blogs are based on inclusion of digital and open education courses, into the curriculums of higher education degrees.

So, if the freelance content writers have similar ideas to hers, then do refer this website.

10. Medical Writing

It is a company which provides medical writing service to its clients.

The vision of this company is:

  • To have global leadership, in the stream of lifescience service.
  • To provide solutions to its clients, through lucrative strategies.

The mission of the company is to incorporate the vision of clients into quality documents.

The company’s website provides blogs about tips and trends of medical writing.

To sum up, freelance content writers can learn about how leading clients in the medical industry, approach medical writing.

Ms Michelle Guillemard, founded the Health Writer Hub website in the year 2014.

She was an alumni mentor at the University of Melbourne.

Currently, she resides in Sydney, working as a freelance content writer.

Her Mission is to improve the quality of health content writing and enhance health literacy.

To accomplish this, her website provides online modules and blogs etc.

She has currently trained students of 38 countries, through online training.

The benefit to freelance content writers is that, you will get health writing education from teacher,

who has hands-on experience of teaching multi-cultural students.


Marksman Healthcare Communications is a company which offers consultancy in:

  • Medical writing.
  • Health Economics and Outcomes Research (HEOR).
  • Data Analytics.

The belief of the company is that working attitude with clients should be:

  • Enthusiastic.
  • Ethical.
  • Committed.

For health content writers, they have a certification course in HEOR, which makes the profile of a health writer more diverse and impressive.

The company’s website also posts blogs, related to the latest trends in the field of health and fitness.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 What is copywriting?

Ans. Copywriting is a type of content writing in which, the content writer has to create an advertising or marketing content for the following:
Competitions, Seminars.
Product launch and more.

Q.2 Is ghostwriting really a good stream of content writing?

Ans. Ghostwriting is a very good prospect stream of content writing.
It is quite an in-demand as good content enhances the visibility of high profile people.

The following type of high profile professionals require ghostwriters:

Book Authors.

Because they don’t have much time to update their social profile.

More famous the person is, more income the ghostwriter can get.

Q.3 What is API technical writing?

Ans. API stands for Application Programming Interface.
         API delivers an internet user’s request to a website’s server system.
         After processing, the system replies back to the user via. API.

         The task of an API technical writer is to create an API documentation
for its client, showing the technical description of the API.     

Q.4 What is creative writing?

Ans. Creative writing is that stream of content writing in which,
the writer doesn’t write content in accordance to other’s protocol.

         The writer uses its own imagination and creativity,
to write content and entertain people.

Q.5 What is voice, in terms of fiction writing?

Ans. ‘Voice’ refers to the style adopted by an author, to write fiction content.
          The style parameters are:

          Syntax – Phrases and sentence structure.

Q.6  What is open education?

Ans. Open education is that type of education in which, the knowledge
of any stream can be shared, edited and accessed by anyone,
without seeking anyone’s approval.

Q.7 What is medical writing?

Ans. Medical writing is that stream of content writing in which,
         the writer has to create scientific content, related to:

         Medical research.
         Medical Descriptions etc.

Q.8. What is HEOR?

Ans. HEOR stands for Health Economics and Outcomes Research.
         HEOR is a discipline which cover the following aspects of healthcare decision making:

         The medicines to be given to patients.
         The cost of medicines.
         The quality of medicines.
         The quality of service provided by hospitals, to the patients.

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  1. Very good post and enjoyed reading about various types of content writing.

  2. Very good post and enjoyed reading about various types of content writing.

  3. Very good post and enjoyed reading about various types of content writing.

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