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What Is Six Sigma?

Six Sigma is known as a set of tools and techniques for process improvement. It was introduced by American engineer Bill Smith while working at Motorola. Six Sigma is a discipline or approach to improve product quality. Six Sigma has become the Epitome of quality performance.

Bill Smith is called the Father of Six Sigma.

History Of Six Sigma 

Six Sigma was born in Japan. After world war II, Japan faced a lot of problems. The economy of the country was in a very critical condition. They needed to start from scratch. In the 1950s, W.Edwards Deming, an American Statistician, went to Japan to teach manufacturing Techniques.

Being a mathematician and a statistician Deming adopted all the techniques to control and manage the manufacturing process.

He guided the managers to closely monitor all the outputs to check whether the defects on the outputs were flaws in the manufacturing process. This process was followed continuously to narrow down variability in the products. From the CEO, of the company to the manager and to the worker, he emphasized on quality control on the basis of data generated, even if it was at the cost of the reduction in production target.

In the 1970s, Japanese automobiles and electronic industries started to deliver overpowered performance in production in terms of quality as well as reputation.

After, this Deming became the most sought after consultant.

Six sigma sign as Lean Manufacturing concept. Notebook and papers.

Evolution Of Six Sigma

The original concept of six sigma has its connection to the 16 century. In 1798,, Eli Whitney, created the interchangeable parts also called the uniformity system. The period of 1760-1840 was known as the industrial revolution. the first industrial revolution was at the age of Mechanical Production. The Second Industrial revolution was the age of Science and mass production. The third industrial revolution was the Digital Revolution.

In 1913, Henry Ford introduced his automobile assembly in which mass production was started. German Mathematician, Carl Freidrich Gauss conceptualized normal distribution. Which became the central pillar of the Six Sigma. The standard deviation on the normal distribution was denoted by the Greek alphabet ‘?’-sigma.

The Japanese Origin

After World war II, Japan faced a lot of trouble. The growth of the nation was stuck. They needed to start from scratch and speed up in the industrial revolution. In the 1950s, W.Edwards, an American statistician, went to Japan to teach manufacturing tips.

Being a statistician  Deming adopted all the mathematical and statistical methods to manage and control the manufacturing process.

Deming introduced the concept of the Plan Do Check Act (PDCA).

The term “ Six Sigma” was coined by Bill Smith, an engineer at Motorola.

In 1987, Motorola successfully initiated the Six Sigma methods in their business for performance improvement and augmented it as in -house branch name.

In 1991, Motorola certified its first Black Belt Six Sigma expert marking a step to train its staff and overall the organization to become expert in it so that it accelerates the speedy process improvement.

In 1991, Allied Signals a large avionics company which later on merged with Honeywell in 1999, adopted the six sigma methods.

In 1995, General Electric’s CEO Jack Welch noticed the improvements and achievements in other corporates. He decided to adopt the Six Sigma methodology in GE. After the implementation of the  Six Sigma, GE claimed to achieve a remarkable cost saving in just three quarters.

By, mid-1990s, Six sigma was developed as a branded corporate management methodology in many large manufacturing organizations. Six Sigma became a vision in many companies. Six Sigma in the third generation was more about a system of value creation all around.

By the year 2000, Six Sigma became a very important part of the industry. Many training, certification, and consultancy started to establish in various organizations around the world.

The American Society of Quality, ASQ, a non-profitable organization was the first one to become the biggest provider of the Six Sigma certification. By, this time levels of the certification in Six Sigma were formulated in it was not restricted to Black, White, Yellow, Green belt, and  Master Black Belt.

A new, Japanese origin concept of LEAN began to increase its popularity. It was a  blend of process improvement and reduction in waste.

The main Six Sigma Principles to build your business around

One of the key techniques used by some of the world’s top companies for improvement is Six Sigma. The Six Sigma principles are:

  • Always pay attention to your customers.
  • Understand the working scenario.
  • Make your workflow smoothly.
  • Narrow down waste and focus on value.
  • Stop defects by getting rid of variation.
  • Get buy-in from the people you are working with through collaboration.
  • Make your performance structured and well organized.

How to get Six Sigma Certification?

  • With the use of Six  Sigma, you can find and reduce defects.
  • You can manage defects that create waste which is bad for business.
  • After the certification, you will be able to calculate how many defects you have to deal with while working in an organization.

Who can apply for Six Sigma certification?

Lean six sigma certificationcourse teaches you about the set of procedures that help in the better management of resources in an organisation

This course is well suited for Project managers, Project team members, Process Improvement Consultants, Third-party project managers, and professionals looking to re-skill or change the career.

What is a Six Sigma Black Belt Certification?

The Six Sigma Black belt program provides you with the tools and knowledge for your improvement efforts by applying advanced approaches for your betterment. It is self-paced and can be completed within the time limit of 6 months. A certified black belt is a professional who can explain Six Sigma principles and philosophies to others.

A Black Belt demonstrates team leadership and how the professionals understands team dynamics and his responsibilities A Black Belt has a Thorough understanding of all the aspects and principles of Six Sigma. The Black Belt professionals are often referred to as change agents. There is no doubt that the role of a Black Belt is to provide a  leadership qualities.

How will you develop yourself for a Black Belt position?

Qualities that are considered essential for developing the skills for the Black Belt position.

  • Understand that customers are always the recipient of any process.
  • Must be self – motivated and passionate 
  • Should enjoys their jobs
  • Must be good at work
  • Should be good at collecting and analyzing data for determining an improvement strategy.
  • Must possess the ability to lead.
  • Knowledge of project management fundamentals and experience of managing projects projects
  • Must be effective communicators 
  • Should possess deep process knowledge.

Now, we will talk about 10 Six Sigma Black Belt  certification in Bangladesh

 1.Henry Harvin

     Duration: 15 days

     Exams: included

     Certificate: Six Sigma Black Belt Certification

   Key Features

  • Ranked No.1 Six Sigma Black Belt Certification
  • 100% Practical Black Belt Training
  • Gain Experience of 12 Projects.
  • 1-year Membership Of Management Academy
  • IASSC Book of Knowledge For Lean Six Sigma Black Belt
  • Trusted By 160+ corporates and 60+ colleges.
  • You can choose between 48 hours of classroom training or 28 hours of live online Training.

2. TUV SUD’s certified Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Program

This certification trains professionals to lead complex improvement projects. TUV SUD’s black belt program is best suited for the senior management team leaders and engineers. Professionals whose objectives are to implement the concepts of the lean, designed for the six sigma, DMAIC, and the total productive maintenance would benefit from the Lean Six Sigma Black Belt certification. Henry Harvin also has Six Sigma green belt Certification, Which is conducted by highly trained trainers. 

Training Duration: 48 hours / 6 days instructor lead classroom.

  • The program is conducted in two phases
  • Phase I: The first part of the program covers the define, measure, and Analyse forms.
  • Phase II: The second part takes you to the improvement and control phase.
  • The two complete practice projects are there to make the participants understand the importance of Six sigma

Key Features

  • Learn under the guidance of a certified Masters in Black Belts.
  • Certified Lean Six Sigma training Kit with pre-study material
  • Sample question papers and case studies.
  • End to End project support
  • Two simulation projects
  • The participants must have cleared the Lean Green Belt certification.
  • Must have gone through the pre-study material
  • The TUV SUD follows an internationally accepted program

3.Benchmark Six Sigma

Online Lean Six Sigma Black Belt certification is one of the best courses.

  • Facilitated by Multi-Industry  Experts.
  • 40 hours of instructor-led online Training 
  • Access to 2 Practice Projects
  • Globally recognized benchmark Six Sigma certificate
  • Membership of largest Business Improvement Community.
  • Free online project Assistance
  • Data and templates for analysis
  • Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Examination

   Key Features

  • In 2003, Benchmark was the first lean Black Belt Program in India. The only other provider at that time was Motorola University.
  • They provide training to the largest number of Black Belts every year.

Who can Benefit

  • who wants to improve business performance.
  • Any management professional who wants to bring change
  • Anyone who wants to build competence that is domain-independent.

4.Invensis Learning

How to become a certified Six Sigma Black Belt ?

Invensis Learning is one of the leading Six Sigma Black Belt certifications in Bangladesh.

Here, the training course is designed especially for the individuals and organizations who are looking for an in-depth understanding of a widely recognized lean six sigma methodology. Participants of this course will gain a comprehensive understanding of the six sigma. This course is available everywhere in the multiple cities of Bangladesh.

Key Features

  • Interactive instructor based learning.
  • Six Sigma Black Belt course accredited by IASSC
  • Interaction with the co-participants.
  • Case study which is industry-driven.
  • Highly certified and qualified accredited trainers from IASSC
  • Mock test provided
  • 94% of the pass rate


  • Six Sigma and DMAIC methodology
  • Effective use of Six Sigma tools
  • Roles and responsibilities in deploying Six Sigma tools.
  • Training and guiding juniors who are new to six sigma.

5.SGS Academy  Bangladesh

The Lean Six Sigma Black Belt program will help you enhance business and managerial effectiveness and quality. We deliver a full portfolio of management effectiveness training courses : Six Sigma champion,certified lean Six sigma green Belt,Six Sigma Black Belt.

Key Features

  • Enhancing people and business in Excellent environment
  • A global leader in centers of excellence 
  • It provides learning and development solutions for your needs
  • They have a track record of delivering public in house and online courses for the world’s largest organizations.

6. New Horizons Dhaka

Lean Six Sigma courses from Dhaka, New Horizon include all the tools, techniques, and concepts related to Six Sigma and have been developed by most modern techniques keeping the needs of the industry.

Lean Six Sigma also utilizes the DMAIC methodology, it also has Lean six sIgma white belts, yellow belts, Green Belts, Black Belt. This training develops students into expert-level problem solvers that is needed for any organization.

7. The Knowledge Academy

  • The Knowledge Academy is one of the leading institutes in Bangladesh.
  • It has extensive knowledge of lean six sigma methodology.
  • Uses Six Sigma methodology extensively.
  • Displays commitment to Business performance improvement methods.
  • This academy mainly conducts online classes which makes learning easy
  • They also have classroom sessions that have the same curriculum.

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8 .BDjobstraining, Bangladesh

BD job training is a leading training institute in Six Sigma certification. Business organizations have realized today that in order to be in a competition they have to offer better quality products.

This course is based on the IASSC and ASQ body of knowledge of Six Sigma. This course has fifteen different sessions. After this course, the participants are benefited from this course.

  • Practice tools with real-life example through Minitab
  • Get prepared for the Six Sigma certification exam
  • Self  Assessment through quiz.
  • Practically applying tools in Six Sigma projects.

Key Features

  • Powerpoint presentation for the workshop
  • Six Sigma Black Belt handbook
  • Exercises and Examples with real-life data sets.
  • Six Sigma tools and templates.
  • Video Clips
  • Mock Test
  • Faculty Hour

9.BITM Training

This training is jointly organized by BASIS Institute of Technology & Management & Hypertag Solutions. Training will be held in Hypertag Solutions.Ltd.

Course Curriculum

  • The Basics of Six Sigma
  • Difference between lean &Six sigma
  • history of six sigma  and improvement
  • Deliverable of Six Sigma Project
  • Problem Solving Strategy
  • Voice of a Customer

10. SprintZeal Training

The Lean Six Sigma Black Belt training , Bangladesh offers a basic knowledge of lean enterprise tools. The fusion of the Lean and Six Sigma helps in achieving the fast rates of improvement. Our training also provides project leadership insights.

Key Features

  • 5/10 days of live online classes
  • Sprintzeal is accredited from IASSC, International Association of Six Sigma variation
  • One year of E-Learning access.
  • 1000+ Mock Exam papers
  • 100% money-back guarantee
  • Best price guaranteed in the training industry

I hope this above information may be useful to you. If you have any suggestions you can add it in the comment section.

Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Certification Training

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