If you are a fresh grad or marketer and aspiring to study business abroad, then I would suggest you go for Digital Marketing Courses In Germany, that too in Germany. I will put my suggestions in front of you for you to make up your decisions.

Why Digital Marketing?

The Internet has revolutionized and turned the world upside down. Our communication, our shopping, our banking everything that we do today went through a drastic change.

People are getting closer than before with their action and reaction are updated at the spur of the moment.

People connect via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and what’s up. The platform offer networking and all kind of activities like socializing, business, education and many more.

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The world is knitted closer with a wider reach, the business wants to utilize this medium to grow their business.

They want to capture all the activities of their customers, study their behavior, buying patterns. Companies now have started offering their products on the internet.

With the internet assuming centre stage, business goes on-line, a new type of marketing is evolved “the digital marketing”. 

With more and more infusion of technologies and ever-changing pattern, companies realised they need a specialist to handle these transformations.

The digital marketing course equipped manager with skills to design website, manage and publish content. Optimized the content for search.

Device a strategy to get more traffic on the company website and convert this traffic for online sale. Create brand awareness through a social platform.

More and more students and professionals are now choosing a digital marketing career as its demand is rising within corporates and other institutions.

The Top 10 Digital Marketing Courses in Germany are the following

1: Henry Harvin – Digital Marketing Courses In Germany

Henry Harvin is one of the leading institutes that assists professionals of Digital Marketing Courses In Germany to acquire expertise in various disciplines.

It trains executives and student in content writing, digital marketings and six sigma and there many other professional courses.

Rated as one of the top private institutes around the globe that offers one of the best content digital writing course and Digital marketing.

After completion of the course, the students are encouraged to take an internship with the institute to learn and expertise themselves as per industry requirement.

Professionals trained by Henry Harvin are in great demand and preferred by industries because the candidates come with hands-on experience which he acquired during the time of the internship.

The courses are delivered online and at few locations classroom teaching.

Course Name: Certification course in Digital Marketing/ Digital Content writing Course.

Duration: 4 weeks

Fees: Available on request.

Do you want to master the essential disciplines in digital marketing? Check out the Digital Marketing Specialist course now!

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Ranks #1 Amongst Top 5 Most Trending Digital Marketing Courses by India TodayYouth Incorporated

2: GISMA Business School

It is located at Hannover Germany and privately owned university. Ranked as top 100 Global MBA worldwide by Ranking.ft.com.

It offers more than 100 Digital Marketing Courses In Germany, human resource and Finance. The courses offered are for undergraduates and graduates.

It offers MSc Digital Marketing course, here you have to attend the lectures in classes. You will also get a textbook and study material as a part of the curriculum.

You will get online access facilities from the universities arranged by Financial time and professional bodies.

The beauty of the course is that it is not only theoretical but also gives you many live projects, so you get adapted to the requirement of the industries.

Online access will keep you updated with the latest things happening in the market.

By the time you will finish your degree course in MSc.Digital marketing, you will have all the possibilities of getting job offers.

Digital Marketing certification name: MSc. Digital Marketing

Duration: 12 months

Fees: 16000€/year

The medium of instruction: English

3. CBS International Business School – Digital Marketing Courses In Germany

CBS is a privately owned business school and one of the best private business school of Germany offering Bachelor and master degrees in the field marketing, Digital Marketing Courses In Germany, Finance,  psychology etc. Additionally, it also offers certificate courses.

The university is very popular, 1900 foreign students from 75 countries are studying in a various courses.

Its courses are of great value. The university is approved by the Wissenschaftsrat (German Science Council) and the North Rhine-Westphalian Ministry of Science.

All its study programs are regularly accredited by FIBAA (Foundation for International Business Administration Accreditation) on behalf of the German Accreditation Council.

If you want to do digital marketing course from the university, then, of course, the university has a certificate program in digital marketing and also a Master degree.

Course Name:1)M.A in Digital Marketing Course

                        2) Certificate program in Digital marketing

Duration : 4 semester

Fees :  1255€

4. ICN Business School

Its boost about four campuses 2 in France (Nancy and Paris)and one each in Germany(Nuremberg) and China(Shanghai).

Its has the art of infrastructure that provides an innovative and excellent education to prepares students and executive to become a responsible professional for the industries.

About 3000 students are studying across various campuses, out of which 38% of students are foreign students.

The university is unique in preparing manager who is creative with the multidisciplinary approach.

If you are deciding a digital marketing course from ICN Business School then you will have to enrol in MSc. In Digital Transformation Management.

Course Name: MSc. In Digital Transformation Management

Duration:12 months

Fees: 12 720 €

 5: Berlin School of Economics and Law – Digital Marketing Courses In Germany

Its is one the largest university for applied science in Germany. About 11000 students studying among 60 various courses. Berlin School of Economic and law is a public university and is one of the largest university in Germany.

It offers Bachelor’s and Master’s programmes in the areas of business, administration and other various streams.

Course Name: Master Business Management – Digital Business Management

Duration: 24 months

Fees: 14,800€

6: Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich

It has the honour of being the oldest university in Germany. LMU founded 500 years ago in Munich. It carries the reputation of being the best universities that have attracted student from all over the world.

The leading university of Europe in terms of its excellence in teaching and research.

The Institue range of academic profile right from cultural sciences and humanities, economics, law and social sciences to medicine and natural sciences. It has one of the finest libraries in Germany.

There are about 50,000 students and about 15% of the students are from other nations.

It offers Media, Management and digital technologies as Master program.

Course Name: MMT

Duration: 24 months

Fees: Nearly Free

7: XU Exponential University of Applied Sciences – Digital Marketing Courses In Germany

It is located at Postdam and has the honour of being the first university in Germany to focus mainly on Digital Marketing Courses In Germany and technology.

XU was accredited by the Ministry of Science in 2018, the university work on innovative ideas and how it can be implemented in the real world. The University focuses to train students to address modern days business challenges where every touch are getting digital.

It offers both Bachelor and Master degree in Digital Marketings. The courses are available in English.

Course Name: 1) Bachelor of Science- Digital Marketing  

Duration Bachelor is 3 years course

Fees: Bachelor Degree 21990€

8: HMKW University of Applied Sciences for Media, Communication and Management

HMKW, a private university received approval from the government body- the council of science and humanities. FIBAA has approved all the Digital Marketing Courses In Germany of the University.

Students can join any of its three campuses located at Berlin, Frankfurt and Cologne.

However, the university believes that student should get a real hand-on experience by providing a live business project along with theory. This makes students ready for job employments.

Although being a private university it aims to attract international students and therefore its master programs are in English medium.

It offers digital marketing course in its master program. The program aims to enable the students to work professionally in all advance and the broad range of communication channel.

Course Name: M.A ( Public Relations and Digital Marketing)

Duration: 24 months

Fees: 8040€

9: IUBH – Digital Marketing Courses In Germany

One of the leading private universities imparting education with Internation level. English is a global language and all education programs are taught in English.

IUBH offers Bachelor and Master Programs for all courses.

The market place is rapidly changing with the advent of the Internet, the entire process of doing business had a paradigm shift. Companies and business houses are facing new challenges addressing their market better.

IUBH has understood the above problems and design an digital marketing course for undergraduates.

Course Name: Bachelor in digital Marketing

Duration: 36 months(6semester)

Fees: 5500€.

10: Quadriga Hochschule Berlin – University of Applied Sciences.

Being private and accredited, the university focuses on multidisciplinary training. It trains executives in various field ranging from Humanresouce, politics, communication, public affairs, sales and marketing.

If you study in this university you will part of multidisciplinary knowledge exchange, practise oriented research and professional networking for career building.

It has an MBA for a Digital Marketing Courses In Germany. The idea of having an MBA degree in digital marketing is to equip students with leadership capability and marketing know-how who can utilize his expertise to provide a solution to industries.

Besides this it helps developed personal communication competencies. The Digital Marketing course is approved and accredited by FIBAA. The medium of instruction is in English and German.

Course Name: MBA ( leadership and Digital Marketing Management)

Duration : 18 Months (Faster), 30months(flexble)

Fees: 29000€ without a scholarship.

In the last five years, Digital Marketing has become very popular in Germany. Many Private Universities have opened up to meet the demand for the latest technologies like e-commerce, AI and other Augmented Reality.

Most of these Private varsities are trying to get students from Europe and across the world. They are offering good campus experience and ease in tuition fees.

 Universities are trying to make their education very attractive for students by having tie-ups with industries and collaborating with many foreign universities to get the best knowledge and expertise from around the globe.

Moreover, students get live exposure to business challenges so that become acquainted with latest updates which will be useful for their career.

Germany is most sought after destination after U.S and U.K for foreign students.

What are you thinking about? Just open your laptop and start applying for a digital marketing course from Germany.


11. Berlin School of Business and Innovation

BSBI offers academic excellence to the students of Berlin. The virtual tour takes a campus round to the people thinking of joining BSBI. It takes the pride to have the key to all the courses with the concepts of Leadership, and Success.

12. Zeppelin University

Zeppelin University focuses on the advancement of knowledge and Science. The institute maintains a balance between business, culture, and politics.

13. New European college

New European College builds the foundation of the students with a high success rate. It aims to provide a roadmap to the students by empowering their journey to their career path.

14. Berlin School of Business and Innovations

The Berlin School of Business and Innovation has one of the best Digital Marketing courses in Germany. It also gives each student a personalised plan for learning and understanding. The goal of this school is to help students reach their professional goals. The best reason to join this academy is that since the start of COVID, they have improved their learning tools by using a Virtual Learning Environment, which encourages students to learn online from qualified teachers who can manage many students at once. Digital Marketing short course in Germany is the best for working professionals.

15. EU Business School

It is a privately owned school in the German city of Hannover. It offers more than 100 programs in Germany in areas like finance, human resources, and digital marketing. Students at both the undergraduate and graduate levels can sign up for this Digital Marketing short course in Germany. The training you get at this school will help you learn and give you the skills to make and carry out grand plans for digital marketing. They will allow you to look into some essential parts of digital marketing that may require new ways to manage and market on social media. You can also use the online resources that universities offer. The course is appealing because it gives you many real-world assignments and focuses on theory to help you prepare for the business world. You can find out what’s happening in your field with online access.

The best reason to join EU Business school is that you can choose from different class times and ways to pay. Attend digital marketing courses in Germany to learn how to be a successful professional marketer.

16. Accadis Hochschule BadHomburg University

Accadis Hochschule BadHomburg University is one of the best private business schools in Germany. It offers bachelor’s and master’s degrees in marketing, finance, psychology, and digital marketing. This Digital Marketing short course in Germany will give you a renowned certificate. The school is well-known and has thousands of international students studying various fields.

It’s worth going to its classes. The Foundation for International Business Administration Accreditation (FIBAA), which the German Accreditation Council represents, has always approved all of its study programs. If you want to take a course in digital marketing, the school offers both a certificate program and a Master’s degree.

17. Catholic University of Eichstätt-Ingolstadt

The Catholic University of Eichstätt-Ingolstadt offers a two-year master’s degree program in digital marketing that will help you become an expert in the same field. Use your marketing skills to their fullest by signing up for one of the best digital marketing courses in Germany. It will help you learn the application and analysis skills you need for digital marketing.

This Digital Marketing short course in Germany will teach you the terms and methods of digital marketing, but it will also give you the best possible training for the future. Your knowledge of social media management, marketing, and campaign management will significantly improve because of your creativity.

18. Dortmund University

Dortmund University is a place to learn online the Digital Marketing short course in Germany that offers some of the best digital marketing courses. They give Google, Hubspot, and Facebook Blueprint certifications and a master certification. They also talk about the 40 most important parts of digital marketing. You’ll spend more than 60 hours doing homework online and finish more than 120 assignments. These will help you understand everything you need about a digital strategy. The course covers many online marketing methods, such as SEO, SEM, managing local listings, site design, and more.

Why study in Germany?

Germany as a country has much to offer to foreign students.  Firstly, world-class universities with above global ranking standards in the world.

Secondly, the Safest place to live with a crime rate of less than 1%.

Thirdly, Germany offers free Digital Marketing Courses In Germany for its citizen while the international student gets the advantage of some of the lowest tuition fees.

Germany has many vibrant cities with many art galleries and good nightlife. It is a country of many historical places.

Universities in Germany have many courses with international recognition. Beside good courses, you can earn working part-time which is permissible in Germany.

The certificate earned from German universities is valuable. Your chance of getting job is brighter.

There is a lot of jobs vacancies in Germany and the foreign student can also apply for these jobs.

Getting digital marketing certification from Germany universities too is of international repute.

About the Education Systems

The majority of the universities in Germany are public universities. In fact, 95 % of the universities are public.

Now as a student you must be thinking about which one you should choose, private or public universities.

The answer is quite simple public universities charge fewer tuition fees compared to private universities.

The advantage of private universities is that they are more global.

Therefore let us see the Digital Marketing Courses In Germany with different colleges and universities.


Q1. Can you share some institutions’ names to do the Digital marketing course in Germany?

Ans. The famous institutions’ to do digital marketing in Germany are Henry Harvin
Education, GISMA business school, CBS International business school,
ICS business school, Berlin school of economics and law, etc

Q2. What are the modules within the Digital marketing course?

Ans. The important modules to become an expertise in Digital marketing are
Search Engine Optimization (SEO), program Marketing (SEM), Social
Media Marketing, Internet Advertising, Email Marketing, Marketing automation,
Analytics, etc.

Q3. What jobs do I get in Germany if I complete the digital marketing course?

Ans. If one completes the digital marketing course then they can become a 
Web Developer, Web Designer, Content writer, Pay per click / SEM expert, SEO manager, etc.

Q4. Who can study the Digital marketing course?

Ans. A person with ample interest in digital communication can take part in the digital marketing course. The course will be beneficial for MBA marketing
heads, Media advertising professionals, Entrepreneurs, CEO’s, Businessman, 
Bloggers, Web designers, etc.

Q5. Do I get a certificate and is it valid in countries other than Germany?

Ans. Yes, the candidates who all will complete the training as per the institution’s guidance will receive their certificates at the end of the training session. And most of the institutions are globally acclaimed so their certificates are valued globally.

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  17. Quality and quantity, both are important when dealing with digital marketing. This blog can be looked at as a guide to digital marketers in improving their skills.

  18. Quality and quantity, both are important when dealing with digital marketing. This blog can be looked at as a guide to digital marketers in improving their skills.

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