Top 10 Digital Advertising Tips For Your Digital Marketing Strategy

In the era of Digitalization, every marketer wants his marketing ideas and Digital Marketing Strategy to reach the customer and build enriched customer satisfaction with powerful content, each Digital Marketing Strategy is filled with stupendous ideas which will reach the customer and encourage them to Buy/as the product/services offered.

What Is Marketing Strategy?

“Marketing Strategy is a long term marketing plan designed to achieve overall organization marketing objectives”

Marketing strategy is a long-term, forward-looking methodology and an overall marketing plan of any organization or any business with the fundamental goal of achieving a sustainable reasonable benefit by understanding the needs and desires of customers.

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Following Are The Steps Of preparing Competitive Marketing Strategy

Digital marketing strategy

Steps For Preparing The Strategic Marketing Plan

1] Start with Defining Marketing Goals

Define your Marketing Goals, Marketing Goals should be realistic and quantifiable

2] Market Research

Gather maximum information from the market so that strategy looks more realistic since ideas and information you have collected through Market research will help you enact the knowledge & draw a path for the next process.

3] Identify Target Audience

This is very important to choose the target audience by using market research data, if segmentation is done as per target audience then product/services offered will become super hit thus boosting company revenues.

4] Determine Marketing Budget

Budget is required to execute plan since costs are dynamic due to changing marketing trends & customer needs, ideas should be changed and methodology should be changed accordingly, here budget allocation should be strong to carry out realistic creative marketing promotions.

5] Creating Marketing content & choose marketing channels to promote the product

Content is king always, it attracts the customer to make buying decisions, the content team works on creating realistic content by focusing on product unique features & slogans and search engine marketing teams choose appropriate channels to promote the product with flyers, social media banners & promo videos, once engagement happens they work towards leveraging the leads received.

6] Measure and stabilize

Measuring marketing Plan/strategy implemented is crucial since it is essential to review continuously to launch products/services and noting all aspects experienced to utilize the lessons learned for the next launches.

When a digital touch is given for marketing Strategy, Strategy will target passive buyers too who don’t have any specific reason to buy product/service but when enlightened with proper knowledge base likely to buy…here digitalization comes in to practice.

Now Online is the only mantra for all day today needs right? In traditional advertising methods, they use to focus more on print media earlier but now through Online /Digital media.

Online/Digital Advertising is advertising online through various online marketing channels, here SEO writing plays a crucial role as Keywords used while creating web content catches search page & results in ranking high in search results.

There Are Six Foremost Types Of Digital Ads:

  Display AdvertisingOnline Channels are chosen to display banners, flyers to reach the target audience, we can see moving banners in malls
  Social Media PromotionSocial Media channels are chosen and promotion is done by social media banners and audience engagement is achieved by providing a piece of creative content to the user which encourages him to take some action.
  Native AdvertisingNative advertising focus on paid ads and target media are social media feeds, web pages
  Search AdvertisingSponsored ads/paid advertising, the idea is Keywords are stuffed in ads to rank higher when users search for particular service /product.
  Video AdvertisingThrough video channels products are promoted & audiences are engaged by posting periodic videos about product/Service & encouraging users to take positive actions.
  Email MarketingAlso known as Drip Marketing, by email automation, target audience get emails as per the schedule & CTA are provided to make decisions at the end of the Email marketing campaign.

Why use Digital Advertising for effective marketing Strategy

  • Increased Brand Awareness
  • A wider spread to reach a larger target audience pool
  • Re-marketing
  • Increased customer loyalty

“Digital Advertisements Can Benefit You Reach The Right Audience with the Right Communication”

Through blogs/social media content marketing marketers try to display their products/services with their creative and useful content by which they increase follower’s rate & thus resulting in Brand Awareness.

Everybody is accessible online researches shown that online searches are increasing search ranking of particular product/service, hence reach is gigantic can target a larger pool of audience

One more advantage is if the audience likes your promotion your content is likely to be shared & may expect repetitive orders based on the engagement/service if they are delighted customers then remarketing is possible.

Advertising on social media through paid or organic or by sponsored posts on users’ feeds to boost online campaigns, online reviews, and various content placed on the user’s page at marginal low cost.

PPC-Pay Per Click

The most widely used search media marketing methodology used by many marketers, it includes insertion display or banner ads across various social media/online platforms and paying for every click received.

Case study of an Entrepreneur who has adopted Digital Advertising into his Marketing Strategies & got the results
case study

Prashant Infolearn a Leading Employability Training & Recruitment Services firm based at Dharwad Karnataka has its success story they have started with small initiate but currently, they have operations across major cities like Pune, Bangalore.

Brief about Prashant Infolearn

Prashant Infolearn, School for Skill Development is an organization dedicated to providing services into Recruitment & Training domain. The organization drives its core competence from the professionals involved and associated. It has been in existence for the past 4 years, and the same has witnessed stupendous growth in catering its services across various strata of the organizational needs. Prashant Infolearn derives its core values by building a strong association with its stakeholders and providing customized solutions to its clients (into the domain of Recruitment Services and Training & Development)

Mr. Prashant  a young Engineering Postgraduate started Prashant Infolearn in the year 1999  in Dharwad with the dreams of training youth for employability, started with few programs & now they have more courses in the area of digital marketing, HR & Softskill development

When spoken to Mr. Prashant he narrated his Marketing Strategy how he has incorporated Digital platform in promoting his services with help of the foundation he has gained from Henry Harvin’s Digital Marketing course & now he confidently says

” Promoting through Social Media Platform like Facebook, Instagram has helped me growing follower base in an online platform & thus a lot of students approach us by our visibility & enroll for the courses,” he says

How it was possible?

Marketing Strategy 1 :

Promotion through Social Media( Digital Media)

 Started with Promoting their services through  infographics which has the necessary information on Courses offered, duration & mode of Training, in the year there was huge engagement & had a lot of students enrolled for various courses offered

The technique used is periodic posting intervals using right keywords & hashtags for boosting the promotion & reaching a wide range of Active/Passive audience resulted in decent engagement & thus got success, we need to understand here choosing a platform is important Content plays a vital role in reaching a wide range of people & user reviews are one aspect to maintain consistency in the Corporate World.

We can conclude Digital Advertising if blended with marketing Strategy can do wonders in promoting the product & services.

What are the tips we should learn from this case study is Digital Marketing on Social Media is

Know your Audience

Work religiously to prepare content & be truthful while creating content during the promotion

Choose appropriate Digital Channel for Advertising, have patience & reap benefits thereafter

Let’s look at the start-up food products company, Firm owner decides to Promote his products through traditional paper advertisements & gets less response, he takes a suggestion from a Digital Marketing Agency, Digital marketer analyzed the need of Digital Promotion & gave him an idea of going online for promotion

1st Strategy

Promotion through Facebook

Digital Advertising

Creating a Company page, give all necessary information about your services, Products, invite people to visit your page & like since 1like=3 Shares, once you have followers depending on your need you can buy ad packages & leverage sales.

Use your current Network initial & can increase by posting relevant and helpful content constantly by educating the audience about product/services.

Local listing in Google pages & paid adds in Google depending on the need

Within a short period, his product was talk of the town

What is Digital Advertising & how it helps in Marketing

Advertising online could be Digital Marketing & it is even called Digital Advertising

In Modern era Digital Advertising has become an essential component of Marketing Strategies, type of Business could anything like Business to Business, Business to Customer, Digital Ads emphasize more on Content in the form of Images & brief Info & they are Infographics

digital marketing

As the name suggests Infographics contain the pictorial representation of Product/service offered with brief information about product/service with definitely Call to Action button.

Posting on Social Media and actual Digital Advertising

Social Media’s most happening platform for all promotions, using long-tail keywords, creative illustrative content attract customers.

 Always by proper research and study  you should ideate the content which attracts and engages customers, Digital Advertising involves methodologies which use appropriate platforms to publish the content to reach a wider range of audience

Expenditure is one factor which Marketer should look at, he should wisely plan expenditure, Startup ventures should target for Organic Search results by stuffing power keywords which best defines product and services

Always spend wisely as per your Marketing plan, choose affordable platforms for online promotions target audience based on researched factors to ensure promotion campaigns yield results.

While choosing platforms please expenditure or budget in mind and move ahead to promote if expenditure over exceeds in the middle of the online campaign in such a situation the promotion may suffer and fail in achieving promotion goals.

Digital advertising platforms


All Channels used to market online provides you with a different experience and return on investment. You need to examine which are the places you should spend more time and money into, and which ones are not as authoritative. Some platforms that work categorically well for one company, yield little to no results for another so it depends. It is all very precise to your brand, and you need to plan your budget consequently. Finding out what each platform is going to do for your specific advertising.

Need of research to find out content ideas which best suits for the customer is must Studies about your customer buying behavior helps in preparing customer personas & by which digital advertising planning can be done and can also check for past Advertising data whether it has performed well or not & can take a decision here.

While conducting research try to analyze even minute things also and collect sufficient data for further plan of action.

You may predict and say that your customers will behave a certain way, when in fact they can certainly go in an entirely dissimilar direction. It’s important to be prepared for this ahead of time and use the evidence you have collected from research to plan

Most Marketers use paid media & sponsored advertising to generate traffic, even if your product/service appears in organic search results then paid adds can even boost ranking & can lead promotion ranking thus reaching a larger pool of audience who may engage & end up either with buying. Subscribing.

Target customers are those who are more likely to engage or involve in decision making such as purchases, subscriptions.

Let’s take an example of social media to add, if one person likes it will be shared with 3 more people and it continues here we can imagine the volume of people who are interpreting your content and getting engaged.

Customer Research

Customer Research is a very important aspect as it provides sufficient info about consumer behavior and may trigger a feeling to marketer that he is the customer I am looking at to promote.

Buyer Persona Must contain

1} Demographic descriptions

2} Consumer Behaviour

3} Objectives

4} Problem statements

5} Buying behaviors

Buying Procedure overview

Once you research a marketer a perfect layout about how to Target Customers and various pieces of content to be presented to him to attract him for buying is analyzed and finalized.

Comprehend the buyer journey and what you need to offer them at each stage of the process to more successfully reach consumers. There are so many more explained options when it comes to observing buyer analytics.

You can see each step a guest takes throughout your website during his online journey, how much time they spent on each page, and even what pages caused them to possibly leave bounce rates.

Use this information to furnish your digital marketing to those audiences so that you can make the process modest for them, and valuable for you as Marketers.

Knowing Customers is most important below are some points which you have to consider to know Customer/Consumer

1) Don’t presume things & understand what your customer is

2) Use Social Media to the most

3) Discuss with customers, speak to them in depth to understand more

4) Always have a check at previous purchase history

5) Prepare Customer Persona

6) The customer always look at Cost, Quality, Service, and suitability

7) Always make note of  customer purchase behaviors

Use inbound methodology as inbound marketing emphases on building long-term relationships and an optimistic brand reputation

To reach your audience meritoriously, you need to have dependable messaging. This means making sure that your ads are combined across various platforms and giving users the same message via useful content and infographics, irrespective of the platform. We know each social media platform has a different feeling and touch to it depending on the users, so you need to work on content more so that as a marketer content should match with Social platform in an effective way.

If you summarize overall tips below are some 10 important Digital Advertising Tips for your Marketing Strategy

Company brand Values, Try to give a feeling and customer enrichment through your content and ideas
Keep Track of all Financial expenditure and plan an appropriate budget based on Digital Advertising plan
Conduct candid detailed research on how /What/Why Customer to know more about their needs
Know Buyer interests & persona while ideating content & targeting customers
Know who your Customer is & choose a relevant platform for Digital Advertisement
Measure Social Media Engagement & interpret them with your plan of achievement
Optimize platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn  
Ideate content keeping Digital Advertising platform in mind
Using Inbound Methodology in building long term customer engagement
Try Paid Media & also through appearance in Organic searches Marketer can get results in Digital Platform

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