Undoubtedly, digital marketing plays a quintessential role in modern marketing. Like most things, the digital marketing space also underwent remarkable changes during the pandemic. Indeed, tech advancements have pushed many businesses and brands to adapt their marketing campaigns to the emerging tech trends in the market. Consequently, it has opened up immense possibilities. Read this blog to learn about the top tech trends changing digital marketing for good in 2023.

Without a doubt, traditional approaches to digital marketing are in for a radical change these days. Moreover, technological interventions in business have brought new digital marketing trends to the marketing industry. If you are someone keen on the recent developments in business, you must be aware of the tech trends changing digital marketing lately.

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Tech Trends Changing Digital Marketing

Today, most brands desire a global outreach. With over 4 billion active Internet users and 3 billion social media users worldwide, your business is more likely to find many potential customers online. Hence, many brands have started utilising more technology-enabled marketing tools and solutions for marketing success. In this rapidly evolving digital world, bringing marketing strategies into action has become far more challenging than it used to be. So, here is a list of a few emerging trends in digital marketing to help you realise your business goals in no time. 

1. Social media

Tech Trends Changing Digital Marketing

In the age of social media, creating a profound digital presence is a must for aspiring businesses. With a projected 6 billion social media users worldwide by 2027, social media marketing holds a vital place in the digital marketing campaigns of many brands. 

Unquestionably, customers greatly value an opportunity to interact with their favorite brands on various social media channels. What it offers is seamless interaction between the customers and the brand. Therefore, many top brands utilise their Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram profiles to advertise their products and know customer interests. 

Cool trends

Additionally, there are tools to enable the live shopping experience on various social media platforms. 

For eg: the shop feature on Instagram allows brands to present a “shop now” facility for users to buy directly from an Instagram post or story. Consequently, it has cut down the time to take the products to their customers for many brands. Also, tagging products and providing links to their websites makes the entire shopping expedition trouble-free and less time-consuming. Simply put, social media has a huge impact on brand image creation. Undoubtedly, it presents among the best tech trends changing digital marketing in 2023.

2. Augmented Reality

AR has captured our attention among the top tech trends changing digital marketing in 2023. Incorporating AR technology into digital marketing has enhanced customer experience, especially online. Moreover, it is a trend with a huge potential to transform the digital marketing landscape.

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Merging the real world with the virtual world has helped millions of users to experience shopping without moving an inch from where they are. Simply put, Augmented Reality offers a blended shopping experience where you can virtually try on clothes, makeup, or even shoes. 

For eg: 

  • The IKEA app uses AR to give their customers a feel of how their piece of furniture would fit into the space they choose.

  • Lenskart allows its users to virtually try on glasses before making a purchase online.

3. Videos

Preference for videos over other types of static content is a rising trend in digital marketing. Brands can utilise this trend for a quick conversation with their users and get their message through.

Identifying the target audience and creating real-relatable content matters today.

Valuable content matters

Short-form video content is a relevant tool in digital marketing as most users lack the patience to keep digging through your content. The brand must know what they are searching for. And better give them fast. With the millennials and GenZs, Youtube shorts, and Instagram reels pose enhanced brand exposure and customer interaction. Also, short and crisp videos can convey the brand’s message or product updates in a fraction of a second. Besides, the audiovisual elements or a catchy story can create a memorable impression on the targeted audience. Thus it facilitates greater visibility and constant engagement in the digital platform.

Product reviews, hacks, unboxing, and how-to videos have elicited positive responses from audiences. Rather than sales, the target here is to drive engagement through content. Videos, definitely are one of the dominant tech trends changing digital marketing.

4. Voice search

Tech Trends Changing Digital Marketing

Voice search has found its way around for a long time now. Indeed, it has modified how people do internet searches these days. Accordingly, it has set digital marketing on a new trajectory. 


Brands must acknowledge that their targeted audience prefers to find their products through voice searches. Therefore, having valuable or relevant content on customers’ frequently asked questions about the products can enhance the brand’s reach in the digital landscape. In other words, it is pertinent that they optimise their content for voice searches to appear well in voice search results. Similarly, ease of use and better accuracy in the search results make it a viable option for many marketers to gain customer attention. Therefore, they must switch their websites to voice search-ready, accommodating long search queries. Without a doubt, it remains one of the most impactful tech trends changing digital marketing.

5. Conversational AIs 

AI-driven marketing is another trend which has redefined the digital marketing industry for the best. Introducing chatbots and other advanced conversational AIs into modern marketing strategies has helped in better customer service management.

As digital tools, they provide human-like realistic interactions with the target audience. Thus, leveraging chatbots to engage customers around the clock with instant responses has helped many customers stay happy with the brand. 

Additionally, Chatbots can collect and analyse valuable customer data for the company and make predictions related to customer behavior. Also, it can help in the automation of various business processes. Consequently, this will allow many businesses to focus on other core issues. Conversational AIs are one of the most followed tech trends changing digital marketing in 2023. It has made marketing much sharper in connecting with customers.

6. Data Analytics

Tech Trends Changing Digital Marketing

Advanced analytic tools are essential in a company’s core digital marketing strategy as it provides valuable marketing insights. It helps digital marketers to evaluate the measure of customer experience across multiple digital platforms and devices. Subsequently, most brands conceive their product strategy or marketing campaigns based on these insights. Understanding and predicting customer behaviour and preferences can help brands promote products relevant to customers. Thus, it helps in making informed business decisions.

From Universal Analytics to Google Analytics 4, more data analytic tools are on the rise. Consequently, their emergence has raised serious consumer privacy concerns as well. Unquestionably, businesses must make consumers feel protected.

The right data at the right time can define a neat digital marketing campaign. Hence, data analytics comes under the top tech trends changing digital marketing in 2023. 

One can hardly afford to miss out on the latest tech trends changing digital marketing. Integrating them into the marketing strategies can enable brands to know customer behaviour better and stay relevant in the market.

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Indeed, the digital marketing industry is continually evolving. Tech trends do have a tremendous impact on digital marketing. Overall, they redefine how businesses interact with the targeted audience. To get the desired results, understand your business model or brand first. Then, ask which technology is apt and incorporate it into the marketing strategies. With the new developments and tech discoveries, you may need to adapt and reinvent your digital marketing plan. The above tech trends changing digital marketing can pose rising challenges for digital marketers.

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Q.1. What is digital marketing?

Ans: It is a mode of marketing using various digital channels for product or service promotion.

Q.2. What are the latest tech trends changing digital marketing?

Ans: Social media, Augmented reality, Voice search, Chatbots, and Google Analytics 4 are some of the emerging trends in digital marketing.

Q.3. Can tech trends influence digital marketing?

Ans: Yes. Tech interventions in business have transformed digital marketing. Crafting your digital marketing strategies in line with the latest technological trends can help your business stay competitive and achieve growth in the market.

Q.4. Can digital marketing help businesses grow?

Ans: Yes, a digital marketing plan is unavoidable in any business. The growing number of Internet users shows that potential customers are found online.

Q.5 How can I become a master in digital marketing?

Ans: Henry Harvin offers the best online digital marketing course in the industry. Get the flexibility in choosing the batches and learn at your convenience. You will become a certified professional and will also learn all the latest trends in this industry.


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