Typically, before execution comes a long series of steps to be taken care of. When these steps are followed in a proper sequence with proper methods applied at stage-wise requirements, the final outcome is always a masterpiece. Without a doubt, Software Development Methodologies are all about creating a process to simplify the development of a process. Finally, let us have a closer look at everything we need to know about Software Development Methodologies.

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We are in the world of customization, where different requirements meet with success. There should be a method, a plan, and a structure to the undertaken work. Software Development Methodologies are like maps used by companies to create custom software for other organizations. They make the entire process smooth, standard, and structured for everyone to follow.

Meaning of Software Development Methodologies

Software Development, as the name suggests, development/ creation of software through a method involving a group of knowledgeable people. These people put the elements together to develop software to make work automated.

Types of Software Development methodologies


Some standard ones are:

  • Waterfall: An approach with consecutive execution of stages from conceptualization—construction—implementation—maintenance, flowing down in series.
  • Agile: An iterative process with changes adapted according to evolving information.
  • Scrum: A framework for breaking down projects into specific increments with time limits
  • Rapid Application Development (RAD): An approach with more emphasis on adaptation than on planning, with use of prototypes
  • Lean: A solid conceptual framework derived from experiences in values, principles and good practices.
  • Kanban: A lean method to balance demands with existing capacities and eliminate waste.

Among others are

  • Spiral Model: It is a risk-driven approach that adopts other model unique features for software development.
  • Feature-Driven Development: This approach breaks down the features for step-wise implementation of code and domain
  • DevOps: An approach used by the IT industry for running the systems’ development life cycle efficiently
  • Prototype: A model-based approach to launch a product to test a concept or process.
  • Iterative and Incremental Development: An approach that tests the first set of programs and produces it further based on requirements.
  • Rapid application development: This approach focuses on low development costs by producing rapid and high-quality systems

The methods are implemented based on the company’s structure and necessity. Each methodology has its own strengths and weaknesses, applied as per project needs.

Who needs Software Development Methodologies?

Every business works differently, and hence the communication that takes place within and outside depends on it. This is one main reason for the customization of software as per the needs of the business and its ideologies and processes. The Software Development Methodologies chosen by any company depend on-

  1. Need to streamline the software development processes
  2. Setting standard procedures for smooth functioning
  3. Clear and concise modes of communication
  4. Provision of accurate and timely delivery of work
  5. Eliminate waste and improve productivity levels

Why adhere to Software Development Methodologies?

The two stakeholders to benefit here are the software developers and the customers. There needs to be the right amount of balance between the developer who develops the app to suit the requirements of the customers. The customer expectations should be met and updated in the app by the developer. For this purpose, the process that is created is crucial to follow to ensure standard delivery through the correct communication channel.

Listed below are some points to show the necessity of adherence-

  1. Avoid wastage of effort, time, and money in producing undesired quality of software
  2. Frequent revisions that happen smoothly as per customer requirements through the planned communication channels
  3. Reduce inefficiency in the production of software
  4. Strong communication among team members leads to achieving a common goal
  5. Creates a space of organized and structured work culture

How to choose the right methodology for your team?

With a long list of options, it may become challenging to which is the correct Software Development Methodology for your team. For that reason, mentioned below are some points that will help you decide –

  • Team Dynamics

When working in a team, the expertise of every team member differs. While deciding the suitable methodology, consider the size of the group, and the skill, and experience of the team members. Finally, consult your team and discuss who can take up an area as per their strength.

  • Project Expectations

Every project demands a mixture of time, money, choices, and customers’ ever-changing requirements. Hence, duly consider the existing capacity of your internal team and align it with the goal of making a wise choice of methodology.

  • Collaboration

Consider the importance of communication and collaboration within your team and with relevant stakeholders. Meanwhile, with this information, it is possible to work in a team with clear ideas to share.

  • Risk Tolerance

The degree of risks should be manageable by the team members. Scrum, Kanban, and Agile methodologies have high-risk tolerance because they are the ones that allow teams to release new product features progressively.

Challenges faced in the implementation of Software Development Methodologies

Anything in the production stage requires proofing at all ends. Some major challenges faced by the companies when implementing these methodologies.

  1. Customization – As easy as it seems that the work is simplified and divided into proper steps, changing the standard software as per the needs of the customer is always challenging.
  2. Resistance to change – If every project requires a new methodology, the team might show reluctance to adapt to so many changes in the given short period of time.
  3. Training of team – The new software development methodologies can be used and practiced with efficiency. In fact, the team cannot be taught all the methodologies with perfection.
  4. Resource Utilization – Different methodology requires a different set of resources. As a result, all the resources may not be possible to procure in every new project.
  5. Time balancing – Multiple projects when implemented parallelly, it becomes difficult to switch between different projects. Hence, balancing different projects with different timelines is difficult.


In conclusion, Software Development Methodologies is a guided approach that helps build software and applications. Hence, these methodologies have existed for a long time, making the work easier for the developers.

In fact, many new methodologies are created to suit the customers’ changing requirements. In addition, the changes in technology have made the developers more skillful and updated with their work.

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Overall, it is the discipline, structure, and planning through these methodologies that help the team to achieve success in the art of customizing software as per the customer’s demand.


Q1. How can Software Development Methodologies contribute to success?

Any kind of work when done in a planned and organized manner gives effective results. Therefore, these methods are the best way to produce software with minimal errors efficiently for the use of the customers.

Q2.  Can two or more methodologies be merged and used together for developing software?

Yes, of course. Many of these methodologies use a combination of different practices and features of each other that are clubbed and used to produce software.

Q3. Which among all are the most versatile Software Development Methodologies?

Agile seems to be a very flexible and versatile method of software development. It works on the basic feature of adapting to the ever-changing requirements of the customers.

Q4. Should one follow these methodologies to develop software?

Absolutely. These methodologies make the work of the developer easier, faster, and synchronized, which will develop software that is user-friendly and effective in usage.

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