An old saying, by one of the great Greek philosopher Aristotle,” A man is by nature a social animal”.We all agree by that, isn’t it?

Before the emergence of the digitalized version of socialization, our social life used to be quite different. Who knew people could talk and stay connected to their friends, relatives, and family living far off just over a phone call, video call, or even through messages.

The first social media site six degrees was designed by Andrew Weinreich in 1997 and it became very popular among users until 2003. After then Tom Anderson designed MySpace.This site allowed its users to design their profiles and play favorite music along with that they could design their background too. 


Then came the king of social media ie Facebook by Mark Zuckerberg in 2006 and people flocked upon this site.

Wait don’t get overwhelmed!!!

This was just a small trailer of social media. The journey of social media and marketing is yet to begin. Get ready and be a part of thing amazing and interesting journey.

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What is Social Media?

Social media refers to a collection of websites and applications designed to attract customers and share content quickly to bring in more traffic and business efficiently. Social media is also responsible for social networking, social bookmarking, microblogging, social curation, forums, and much more. In today’s time, social media has become the largest platform in the digitalized world. Everyone has access to their smartphone and other electronic gadget wherein social media is present in and through which they can engage with people and stay connected with their friends and family. People may also use it to get connected with other communities, influencers, celebrities, and social media sensations.

Social media has become large and has a wide variety of audiences also these applications have easy access via smartphones. Some of the examples of social media are Facebook, Linked In, Twitter, Instagram, and many more.

Buzz tip: Hashtags used in social media groups in the content strengthen and adds more value to the topic. It also gives allowance to users to connect with strangers who share content related to that topic category.

So, I have been discussing so much about social media and its marketing. But do you know it is just a subpart of a huge term that is “DIGITAL MARKETING”? Yes, you heard it right Digital Marketing is the king of future marketing.

Now let’s quickly jump over Digital Marketing along with that we will cover what is social media marketing and how one can improve its social presence.

What is Digital Marketing?

Tell me what comes first in your mind when you hear the term Digital Marketing? To me, digital marketing means some kind of marketing and selling of products or services through online conducted via electronic devices which needs Internet isn’t it. Well then yes, this is what digital marketing is all about.

We all are a part of the modern world where things are getting converted from offline to online, right? Be it education, selling of products or services, and whatnot. Digital marketing has replaced the old era of traditional marketing. In today’s times, the consumers are highly advanced and they want their work to be done in just a few clicks.

Nowadays, many institutes are even providing digital marketing training and courses because it has a great future ahead. The best thing about doing a digital marketing course is you don’t even need specific qualifications except basic handling of computers and the Internet. We at Henry Harvin Education provide the best digital marketing courses and training to our students by professional experts and coaches.

Key Requisites of Digital Marketing Course at Henry Harvin Education-

  • At Henry Harvin Education they have a top-notch quality of technology and infrastructure
  • They provide 32 hours of live online virtual training along with Bootcamp session
  • Henry Harvin Education provides 7 certifications to its students and professionals after completion of digital marketing course 
  • They provide free monthly brush-up sessions 
  • Its certification will have a hallmark of CADM against your name
  • This course will provide you with excellent marketing knowledge along with that complete knowledge of social media marketing
  • At Henry Harvin Education once you complete this course you will get the opportunity to work with some of the renowned and established company
  • At Henry Harvin Education they provide 100% placement assistance, internship support, project exclusively customized and designed for all the digital marketing enthusiasts and professionals.
  • This course could be a great option who wants to work from home  with some of the leading companies and organizations across the globe
  • This course can be done even if you don’t have any marketing background or experience.
  • This course at Henry Harvin Education is available in both self-paced and live online

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Course Structure of Digital Marketing Course-

  • Introduction to Digital Marketing
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  • Search Engine Optimization(Off-Page,On-Page,Local,mobile)
  • Social media marketing
  • Soft skill development
  • Resume building

Now let’s focus upon the concept of social media marketing and ways to improve social presence.

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What is Social Media Marketing?

Social Media Marketing means using different social media platforms like websites and social networks to market a company’s products or services to a greater extent. It is a process wherein the content of each social media platform is customized and tailor-made keeping in mind the type of target audience. This further helps to generate more traffic and drive engagement and promote business at a high scale.

Suppose you are going for lunch at some restaurant. Are you in the habit of checking its reviews, rating, ambience, and much more about that place on social media and websites? I am sure we all have that habit. Whenever, we want to explore some new restaurant, movie, new cuisine we make sure to extract some information about it from our social media that means social media can either make or break the impression of a company or product. Every company in today’s time should be more responsible, creative, and cautious about portraying its brand on the internet.

Like the offline world of marketing where it is your sole duty to impress your customer no matter what it takes like providing excellent service, showcasing your brilliant marketing tactics, and much more. Similarly, in the online world, the utmost duty of every brand and company is to impress its audience by connecting with them. It could be sharing your brand stories, designing content that is much more relatable with people, being highly responsive, and great service.

Treat your customer like a god and fulfill all his wishes and desires and make them happy. An unhappy customer could spoil the image of your brand so, take care either you can make or break your company’s image on the social world.

Buzz Tip- Remember your social media marketing will hold no value and produce low results if your content and story about your company isn’t worth sharing with people.

Let’s resume after this short video on social media marketing.

What are the Benefits of Social Media Marketing?

We have covered what is digital marketing, social media, and then social media marketing. Now it’s high time we should understand why social media marketing is so important and what are its benefits. Is it worth spending time and money or not?

The fact is social media has become so huge and important in the life of customers that it is hard to ignore. Moreover, these social media sites have a huge influence on consumers and their daily lives. Social media marketing is not going to sink soon, but if your company or brand doesn’t spend enough time upon it, your company might fall behind. So, if you want your company or brand to reach high rates of profits and establish a good name. Then social media could be a perfect fit to make your business stronger and achieve more customers.

Still, confused whether social media marketing is a perfect option for your business or not? Well then don’t be I’ll share some benefits of social media marketing with you which will give you a clear mindset.

Below are some of the benefits shared:-


Social media marketing as compared to old traditional marketing methods has a greater reach, wide audience that too at a lower cost. It is easy to create and sign up for profiles since it is free of cost on almost all social networking platforms. Companies that want to establish their brand name and reach high heights should start building their social media presence as soon as possible. Social media marketing is cost-effective which will bring in a high rate of return on your investment and will further possess a substantial budget for marketing strategies and other expenses. By spending some amount of money according, to your pocket limit will help you to enhance conversion rates and after that, you will get back your returns upon the money you invested earlier on social media marketing campaigns.

Buzz tip- Always begin with a small investment upon social media campaigns observe the results if it comes out what you expected then try increasing the budget in the future. 

2.Generates more Leads and Conversions

3. Improves Brand Loyalty

Brand loyalty is something that every company craves for and it can only be created once they engage with customers consistently. Engagement with the customers could be critical and difficult in the initial stage while developing a strong bond. Remember social media is not just limited to selling products or services promoting campaigns. But also social media acts as a perfect platform for customers where they can directly communicate with the company. Millennials and influencers could be a great set of people to bring more business to the company. These people will be more loyal to the brand since their interaction on social media is much higher as compared to other generations of people. Therefore, in today’s time company’s should implement social media marketing and grab the attention of all their influential consumers.

4. More Brand Authority

Customer satisfaction and brand loyalty both play a vital role in the journey of marketing of every business and company. Apart from this great communication factor is also important this makes your business more reliable, credible and trustworthy. Interact with your customers and try replying to every question been asked by them on your social media platform. Your highly responsive behavior with the customers will build confidence in them towards your brand. Customers who are highly satisfied with your brand will spread your word across the nation through the social media platform. This will further help you to gain more customers for your business and they will start valuing your brand authority.

5. Enhances Customer Satisfaction Level

Social media platforms are designed to build connections, networks and communicate with the audience. Social media may also act as a voice for your company which could spread awareness and further generates an audience for your brand. Your company should build stronger relations with the audience and send them personalized answers rather the automated generated ones. This shows that the brand cares about your feedback and gives importance to you. Whenever you interact with your prospective customers on a one-to-one basis this increases the loyalty towards your brand by the consumers. Customers who are loyal to your brand will spread a positive message about your company to their friends and family. This altogether shows customer satisfaction matters a lot in gaining brand loyalty, acceptance, profits, and much more. Social media marketing could be a perfect platform to gain customer satisfaction level with customers.

Famous Quote by-

Finally, it’s time to discuss how a company can improve its social media presence on various platforms.

How to Grow your Social Media Presence in a Perfect Way?

Remember that taking your business over an online platform like social media is not sufficient to achieve high results and customers. Has it ever happened with you that you post great content on social media still not getting any likes, subscribers, or comments? 

Well, then you are not alone!!

There is a huge list of companies and brands that are unable to attain likes and followers and failing to establish their identity and unable to reach the correct set of audiences. But you don’t need to worry just some extra efforts and dedication will help you achieve your goals with flying colors. Take a step back analyze all the wrong turns you made, realize your mistakes. Just keep one thing in mind no matter how your products or services are if it doesn’t hold credibility and awareness it would be of no use. Unlike other things maintaining good social media, image is also important for every business. Start prioritizing your work from now onwards.

I am here, for you to guide how you can improve your social media presence. Below are some ways through which every business or company can improve its social media presence.

Ways to Improve Social Media Presence-

1. Identify Goals and Objectives

The first most important thing to improve your social media presence is to identify and do in-depth research of your goals and objectives. This will give you a clear understanding of what type of content is supposed to be posted on your social media account. Make sure you know how each social media platform works and what kind of audience each platform has. Once, you are aware of which social media platform consists of which type of audience. It will become easier for you to upload the content and posts accordingly. This way your objectives would be achieved and you will be off with a great start.

2. Understand Consumer Needs

Every business needs to understand their customer needs and requirements this will further help them make their interaction level with consumers much stronger. This will give the brand a much deeper sense of what their customers want to read about. Along with that what their customer is certain of will help you further understand what you are supposed to give them. Once you can fulfill your customer’s needs after that, you would easily be able to bring them to your website and make them understand what your business and company are all about.

A popular saying by “Seth Godin”-

Don’t find customers for your products, find products for your customer.

3. Inclusion of Social Icons on Website

Every company or business should attach its social media network icons to its website. Once, you attach those social media icons the chances of visitors would be higher. Also, it will become easier for the readers to reach your social media handle to like, share, or subscribe. This becomes simpler for the reader to reach out to your brand and connect with you.

4. Start Producing Valuable and Relatable Content

Every company should start producing valuable and relatable content not only on blogs, websites but also on all of your social media networking sites too. Moreover, creating a content calendar for your social media sites would be a great option to keep track of your posts. Having the best quality content on your website and social media platform will bring in more customers and money for your business.

5. Use as Many Hashtags as You Can

I believe you know that hashtags are soo inn and trendy nowadays? I mean even during marriages the groom and bride have their hashtag. Using your version of hashtags shows your affection and love towards the customers of your brand. So, never forget to use some cool, quirky, funny, relatable hashtags in your social media networks. Always keep in mind your website has to be more professionalized where you are focusing upon your product and service range whereas, your social media should speak for your brand itself. Make it engaging and connecting with the audience. This will increase brand loyalty and loyal customers

6. Add Q&A on Social Media Account

Start providing some frequently asked questions or Q&A sections on your website. This section helps to clear those doubts and questions from the readers’ minds. Also, this section in your websites or social media networks gives customers a clear understanding about your business is all about and thoughts get clearer.

Happy Marketing!!

Final Thoughts-

Here, we come to the end of our amazing journey of the digitalized version of marketing. So, social media marketing does not stop here it’s a huge topic and something which cannot come to an end. Every speaker, digital marketer, motivational coach, influencer every person has their viewpoints regarding social media marketing. It is something that keeps on evolving and comes with a better version every day. My blog must have provided you a clear understanding of what is digital marketing? Where you can apply for it? what is social media marketing? What are the benefits of social media marketing? How to improve the presence online?

But wait there is no end to content and it is a never-ending process. I shared everything I knew about the world of digital marketing. But as I said, never stop learning and reading good quality content. It is a small beginning towards the world of digitalization there is a lot more to learn about it. For more such brewing content upon digital marketing and other courses have a look at our website Henry Harvin Education.

Stay dedicated and enjoy reading!!


Q.1 What does Social Media marketing mean?

Ans.1 Social Media Marketing is basically when a company creates its social media profile to connect with its audience. Moreover, it is also used to market a company’s products and services at a high scale. The social media platform is also used to build stronger bonds with its existing and loyal customers and reach its prospective buyers. Social media and digital marketing are also used nowadays, to establish their brand presence across the country.

Q.2 What are the types of Social Media platforms?

Ans.2 There are various types of Social Media platforms. Some of them are listed below as follows-
1. Social Networking sites include-
Linked In
Google +
2. Microblogging sites include-
3. Photo sharing sites include-
4. Video Sharing sites include-
Facebook live

Q.3 Does Social Media Marketing have good career growth in the future?

Ans.3 In today’s time social media marketing has a bright career future and it has many job opportunities. Those who want to be a part of social media marketing don’t need any specific qualifications being good at preferred languages and content planning would be sufficient. One has to have some knowledge of digital marketing and would be great if he has expertise and knowledge about that. Day by day social media is becoming an important source of income and engagement in every business.

Q.4 What are the different types of Social Media Marketing?

Ans.4 There are various types of Social Media Marketing. Some of them are listed below as follows-
Facebook Advertising
Instagram Advertising 
Twitter Advertising
Pinterest Advertising 
Snapchat Advertising and many more

Q.5 What are the functions of Social Media?

Ans.5 The functions of Social Media are as follows-
* Identity
* Conversations
* Sharing
* Presence
* Relationships
* Reputation and
* Groups 

Q.6 How much to charge for Social Media Marketing?

Ans.6  If you are a beginner as a freelancer and do not know much about rates you may charge $15-20$ on an hourly basis. If you are an intermediate social media marketer then you may charge between $50-$100 per hour. And an experienced social media marketer as a manager can make $120+or much higher per hour.


  1. harish gupta Reply

    The role of a digital marketer is very engaging and one who has skills can really shine in the domain.

  2. I highly recommend this social media marketing course. Thank you all for
    the immense support throughout the course.

  3. Thanks for sharing this blog on digital marketing. It helped me in understanding the various ways to promote my brand.

  4. Thanks for sharing this blog on digital marketing. It helped me in understanding the various ways to promote my brand.

  5. Thanks for sharing this blog on digital marketing. It helped me in understanding the various ways to promote my brand.

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