Technical writing is part of a bigger field called technical communication. Technical communication is communicating technical information in an easily compatible, simplified, manner to the audience.  Here in this case information and audience are the main key factors that play in tech companies or industries.

 A technical writer writes and transforms the technically difficult complex form of written work into a clearer and more concise and systematic documentation format to the audiences. They gathered and develop technical information to create maintenance and operating instruction, technical journals, technical research paper, and other documentation.

You can find many technical writers work in many areas, such as technology, medicines, engineering, etc.

 What do technical writers do?

The main responsibility of a technical writer is they need to work on many technical article’s technical instructional manuals, tools related to training, and assessment, they formalize content into the document. That is easy to access by audiences other than interacting with tech writers’ groups and subject matter expertise. To gather the Exact accuracy of information.

  • Technical writers present medical procedures, software applications, environment studies, economic regulation, complex technical content into easy technical communication language.
  • outlines document by putting charts infographics, images, heading, where ever required that increases audience readability.
  • Technical writers creating simplified tech seminar sheets are easy to catch targeted audiences.
  • Technical writers undergo different technical field research and collect information from technical professionals.  
  • Tec writers always keep their eyes on newly arrivals products detail.

1. Pursue Bachelor in Technical writing as an Academic Career

A degree in technical writing that develops you as a good researcher, how to use tools in content creation, written communication, and you need to put down the heavy technical written document in easy concise technical communication format.

Before you become a technical writer earn your bachelor’s degree in technical writing that opens up your way as a technical writer if you are pursuing your academic career in telecommunication, scientific writing, technical communication, you can easy to move on as a technical writer. if not, certified online as a technical writer by taking training After completion of your degree in any field.

2. Technical Writing Certification

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If you want to pursue certification in technical writing and to enhance your qualification best is the Henry Harvin technical writing course provides you with in-depth knowledge about technical writing and communication.

 We can see en number of technical operations in many fields such as aerospace, research, and medical field, etc.,

company’s offer a greater number of technical resources. Other than the most popular technical material includes user guides, software description, web page copy tech specification (designer) White paper, journal, article, software test report, other data-based documentation.

Many certified technical training course organizations too in India. But henry Harvin is best among all.

Certification would say if a candidate has been gone through formal training or if he/ she could know the basic fundamental of technical writing followed by characteristics of a technical writing course.  With my experience as I trained under henry Harvin certified technical writing course is excellent in quality training.

Post Graduate Program in Technical Writing

Strengthen your Writing prowess as you master the art of simplifying Complex Technical details into clear and well-structured documents

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Support a student by joining hands together for building a valuable future for the technical writing students. Henry Harvin certified a technical writing course as a possible option. To become professional technical writers too.

Henry Harvin certified a technical writing course that stretched a hand worldwide. Henry Harvin provides eight days course for students made to go through a detailed process with discussion.

About what why and how?

Henry Harvin open stage, for many writings aspirants through internship placement benefits also.

 Module mentioned by henry Harvin are divides based on the number of hours taken by a trainer to complete each module. The module helps to distribute topics that are cover in a total of 8 days means in a short time and easily understandable segment.

Henry Harvin has helped many thousands of students for bits of help to find placement in content writing and technical writing. 

3. Create a Portfolio of Samples

You will create a writing portfolio to showcase your collected written samples to potential employees. Writing portfolios act as a tool to reflects the strength and weaknesses of writing.

 when you are a solid technical writer. The portfolio offered you to take small projects for acquaintances. Portfolio squares out your powered work in an interview when you are shortlisted candidates, they allow you to show not to tell that present the evidence of your work and abilities.

portfolio showcase in two forms as it would be a physical one or binder, online portfolio with soft copy files. a portfolio helps to build independent contractors, or consultants, or business owners.

Who is ready to submit their work to the potential client’s portfolio most useful when you getting yearly base reviews or good comments that help you high up in promotions? Some professional writers like graphic designers, teachers, architects interior designers, cake decorators, artists, makeup, web designer, photographers, modeler, videographers, video game designers, computer programmers, use a portfolio for their development and their accomplishment.

4. Professional Network Connection and Formations

As a professional portfolio, you need to showcase your examples, abilities, capabilities.

Indication of a professional portfolio that you are proactive and self-reflective intern of your development

  • Specified relevant examples with proof that matches your jobs or development of the prospective opportunity you are searching for.
  • Structured portfolio into categories such as personal statement, employment experience, training certificate, voluntary experience, and reference.

5. Industry Knowledge Development

This is the main point to keep in our way. Stay always updated about the new latest technology and medical research. And current news is most important for technical writers.

6. How to Become Successful Technical Writers

You need to follow some requisites to become an effective technical writer.

  • first and foremost, you need to be a solid academic career in technical writing by taking training in a certified technical writing institute that trained you from the ground level.
  • Fluent communication build bond with team members for elevated discussions and mentors also.  Not only Pursuing a degree you must invest your time in a different technical writing course.
  • A course that architect you as a knowledgeable tech writer. You can develop your professional profile strengthen your skills, work on some new extra methods with a preferable goal.
  • Solid technical writers need good command over verbal communication skills for conversation with resource persons.
  • Systematic way of approach, critical thinking, interpersonal and management skill, soft skills, problem-solving abilities, are much essential for the trainers.
  • writing presents a clear picture of content with no voice, reading is judgment.
  • Go through real examples that appear on web pages for a particular type of technical content such as user manual, business proposals, white paper, etc. In specific segment.
  • Experts and experience holders release many contents s on internet pages that help you to gain a better understanding in a shorter duration of time.

Technical writers as a goal to present a highly complex concept straightforwardly. To fulfill this goal you will need to be familiar with the topic you are presenting.

7.  Research on Technical Writing

  • Reading a books
  • Collaboration with other team members
  • Understand the audiences
  • Search engine route
  • Unique voice

Reading a book – Experts technical written book that provide you with a satisfying knowledge about types of technical document, ultimate user manuals, writing for spec sheets, writing in the abstract, technical writing style guide, etc.

Collaboration with other team members conducting research work editorial work, systematic planning time management everything planned by collaborating with team members.

Understands the audiences – understands identifies and tailoring your content for specific audiences will make your articles or documentation stand out. If you are understanding the audience, you can meet their need.

Search engine routes – that answer your quarries in the best way with no time-lapse ask any targeted question at what you want to discover in different directions.

Unique voice – unique voice is most important all you can develop your unique voice by staying true to yourself let your thoughts flow but always be yourself don’t go for copying other content.

 Three types of documents were created by technical writers in the tech industries.

  • UI Docs
  • Developer Docs
  • Deployment Docs

We can understand one by one with examples, let’s start with UI docs see YouTube is the big software service that allows you to host and stream videos you become YouTube user when you watching these videos as a YouTube user you interact with the YouTube UI, that is the UI (user interface) to watch, play, like, and share videos, and manage your playlist, manage your account.

For developer docs, YouTube developers need a way to convey information to their users. So, in this case, technical writers at YouTube wrote a document to help the user navigate the UI. In the form of a written document as a shared video, share channels list, in written format. This type of document is called UI-based documents.

But you are just a YouTube user now let’s say if you want to create your own YouTube channels and upload videos that you need to follow some guidelines related to the YouTube services you are still a user of the UI before but now you are moving to next advance level. In that, you need a document to help you understand and navigate the advanced UI. Figure out how to upload videos. A written document that helps you to create your own space systematically with mentioned guidelines as document format in YouTube services. It is also categorized UI based doc

If you want to take one step forward by creating YouTube app for that you need more tools you need YouTube APIs that help you to send a request to YouTube, to get data from the APIs main function of the document is that it help you to figure out how to integrate your app with YouTube. We called it developer doc.

API doc act as a subset of developer doc. You have created a YouTube app and you are ready to launch it, which probably means you need to host it on a cloud platform. The cloud platform your choice is a digital ocean in this case you need to deal with two software products.

Dealing with YouTube and digital products. Now you need to figure out a way how to make your app work with both of these software products.

You want to manage network bandwidth for your user

You need to figure out the optimal bandwidth that YouTube recommends for its video streaming services. The digital ocean can support optimal bandwidth and you need to figure out those things and make them match.

You need to refer to the documentation of both YouTube and digital ocean to figure that out. The documentation is written to help you make these decisions and figure out the deployment process. We called it a deployment doc.


There is rapid development in the tech industries it professional as to keep updated themself with new technology. That uploaded in many web pages by the technical writer that occurs in many numbers of fields such as software industries medical field in aerospace research etc.

We get revised knowledge about technology on a yearly wise basis by approaching technical writing sheets inside the internet that providing what we searching for in targeted topic. Technical writing presenting every new arrival technology in a systematic written format with the truth.

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Frequently asked questions.

Q.1 What do technical writers do?

Technical writers convert the highly complex technical document into the simplified manner

Q.2 What are the types of technical writing?

White paper writing, technical documentation, business plans, user manual, medical writings, etc.

Q.3 What makes a good technical writer?

First and foremost, they need to be truthful in their work and to deliver effective informatic easy language error-free delivery of the message to the audiences rather than creative.

Q.4 What is the genre of technical writing?

Instructional manual proposals report poster visual communication technical description product recalls and white paper

Q.5 What should be avoided in technical writing?

Inconsistency poor punctuation too much jargon inconsistency too much abstraction unclear antecedent’s dense presentation

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