Salesforce Pardot

Salesforce Pardot is a marketing automation software. It is a solution to many marketing-related problems. These problems include gaining new clients or retaining older ones. A growing business can quickly lose track of its existing clients or leads. If clients are not valued, there can be losses which can lead to the death of any business.

So what is Salesforce Pardot?

This is a marketing automation software. It is typically used for B2B (business-to-business marketing) in case there are problems in marketing. It is a software as a service (SaaS) marketing automation platform by Salesforce. This software offers email automation and targeted email campaigns. It also offers lead management for B2B sales and marketing companies. 

A marketing automation software is a tool. It helps you in organizing plans. It also helps to measure the results of your campaigns. The software automates all your marketing tasks. You can create personalized, segmented and well-timed marketing experiences for your customers using this software. It can act as a central marketing database. A good marketing automation software helps you a lot in making a successful marketing campaign. But Salesforce Pardot is the most famous and dominant marketing software in the market today. 

Overview of Salesforce Pardot: – 

Pardot provides email automation and ROI tracking. It also provides targeted email campaigns and lead management. If an organization is already using Salesforce’s customer relationship management solution, Pardot can sync with the CRM and offer better performance. This syncing helps to reduce time for analytics. It is ranked among the top in G2 Crowd Grid for Marketing Automation. 

Pricing of Salesforce Pardot: – 

This software offers four marketing automation plans- Growth, Plus, Advanced and Premium.

Pardot Growth: – $1,250/month

Salesforce Pardot Growth plan contains all the basic features of Pardot – email marketing tools, engagement programs and tracking social posts. It also contains ROI reporting, custom fields and user-management. There’s also in-depth prospect tracking, and customizable URLs. You can combine Pardot Growth with your native CRM, Google AdWords, Olark Chat, Eventbrite, and Webinar. 

Pardot growth has a limit of 100 monitored SEO keywords and 50 forms. The software also has 50 landing pages and 50 automation rules. It monitors 10 competitors and provides 3 SSL vanity domains. There are also 10 engagement history dashboards. It makes more features available at extra cost.

Pardot Plus: – $2,500/month

Salesforce Pardot Plus includes all the features of Pardot Growth and more. The landing pages and forms are unlimited for Plus. It includes 250 SEO keywords monitored, 100 automation rules. The software also includes 25 competitors monitored and 10 SSL vanity domains. It also has 10 engagement history dashboards. It makes more features available at extra cost. 

Pardot Advanced: – $4,000/month

Salesforce Pardot Advanced includes all the features of Pardot Plus. It monitors 1000 SEO keywords. It also provides 150 automation rules and 20 SSL vanity domains. The software also provides 20 engagement history dashboards and API access to 100,000 calls per day. It also monitors 100 competitors. Salesforce Pardot Advanced also includes a new feature- Salesforce’s Einstein AI. 

Pardot Premium: – $15,000/month

Salesforce Pardot Premium includes all the features of Pardot Advanced. It also includes extra enterprise-friendly qualities. The biggest plus-point of this plan is the increased cap on contacts- 75,000. 

Which Plan is the Best?

If you are new, then your best bet is the Plus plan. It offers all the main features that you would be needing. However, if you want the advantage of all the features powered by AI insights, you can sign up for the Advanced plan. 

Benefits of Salesforce Pardot: –

The four main problems of marketing are lead generation, lead management, ROI reporting and sales alignment. Salesforce Pardot has a lot of benefits that specifically target these problems. 

Some of the most important benefits of Salesforce Pardot are as follows:-

  1. Connecting with customers on an individual level. It also improves efforts using spam analysis and A/B testing. 
  1. Editing content with readymade templates for forms, emails and landing pages. It also uses the list of prospects to run a lead nurturing program. 
  1. Calculating the real ROI of all the marketing efforts with smart reporting. It also gains new understanding to boost future marketing efforts. 
  1. Providing a high-level view of the sales cycle to show where the prospects are slacking off in the sales funnel. 
  1. Aligning and combining all the sales and marketing efforts to build a strong sales funnel. 
  1. It can tell the difference between lead grading and lead scoring for better survey of the market.
  1. Tracking customer behavior which would help in gathering data about the customers. It helps in learning their purchasing habits.
  1. Creating digital marketing campaigns which would help in increasing the sales and profit. It also keeps a track of those campaigns.
  1. Web form management is another important benefit of Salesforce Pardot.

In addition to the above, there are some more benefits provided by Salesforce Pardot such as: –

  1.  Website tracking is another useful and helpful benefit of Salesforce Pardot.
  2.  Salesforce Pardot helps with the Search Engine Optimization (SEO). It helps your article to rank higher on Google and other search engines.
  3.  Landing page marketing is another main trait of Salesforce Pardot. It makes sure that your landing page is attention-grabbing and informative.
  4.  This software also personalizes the landing page content according to the current viewer.
  5.  Salesforce Pardot has several qualities that help organizations find out high-quality leads such as- lead scoring, lead grading and engagement history. 
  6.  It uses data driven marketing plans. Pardot Einstein can help with this. You can also separate your Pardot Marketing database using the salesforce information. 
  7.  It keeps a track of marketing efforts. 
  8.  There are pre-built templates for forms, emails and landing pages in Salesforce Pardot. 
  9.  It helps to bring together marketing and sales teams with its unified platform and collaboration tools. 

What to do next?

We would definitely suggest this software for your business! It is a very useful tool due to its large number of properties.

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Salesforce Pardot

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Frequently Asked Questions: –

Q.1: What is Salesforce Pardot used for?

Ans: Salesforce Pardot is most commonly used for email automation and targeted email campaigns. It is also used in Lead management for B2B sales. And it is very useful for marketing organizations as well.

Q.2: What is the relationship between Pardot and Salesforce?

Ans: The Salesforce Connector for Pardot is used by Pardot to integrate with the Salesforce.

Q.3: What is the difference between prospect and lead in Salesforce Pardot?

Ans:  Pardot views both Lead and Contacts as Prospects. It doesn’t differentiate between Contacts and Leads the way Salesforce does. Lead’s email address or CRM ID are used by Pardot for syncing.

Q.4: What are the four default user roles in Pardot?

Ans: Administrator, Marketing, Sales Manager and Sales are the four default user roles in Pardot.

Q.5: What is the new name of Pardot?

Ans: Salesforce is removing the name ‘Pardot’ and renaming the platform ‘Marketing Cloud Account Engagement’.


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