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Are you looking forward to equipping yourself for an interview on Google Ads?  Among several search engines in the web world, Google has gained the most popularity. With Google Ads, the advertisers have to pay only when the users click on their Ads. Hence, this is known as PPC (Pay-per-click). The below 30 Google Ads interview questions with their answers will provide important insights on this topic.

Google Ads Interview questions

Q 1) What is Google Ads?

This question always ranks first in the Google Ads interview questions. Google Ads is an online advertising platform. Whenever the user clicks on an ad on this platform, the advertisers make a payment to Google for that ad.

Q 2) How does Google search display Google Ads?

Google Ads are connected with Google search through keywords. At the time of ad creation, the advertisers incorporate certain keywords in it. So, when users input those keywords, Google displays the relevant ads.

Q 3) What is meant by Google Quality Score?

Interviewers always ask this question in Google Ads Interview Questions. Quality score is Google’s rating to indicate the quality of keywords and the PPC Ads. It is used to find out the ad rank during the ad auction process.


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Google Ads Interview questions

Q 4) Why do advertisers aim for a high-quality score?

Google lowers the cost per click for advertisers with high-quality scores. It also displays the ad at a higher position in the search engine allowing for more clicks and conversions. So, a high-quality score is highly beneficial for advertisers.

Q 5) How do Google Ads operate?

Google Ads displays advertisements to the audience based on the bid, the quality of the ad, and its relevance. So, the advertisers create a Google Ads account and set the maximum amount they are willing to pay per click. When the users enter a keyword, an automatic auction happens at the backend. Finally, Google shows the ad with the most appropriate bid and relevance.

Q 6) What is the importance of Ad rank score?

Ad ranking is the ranking of an ad in the SERP (Search Engine Results Page). So, the Ad rank of “1” would place the advertisement in the top position. The ranking depends on the quality score earned from its keyword and PPC Ad.

Q 7) Explain Google Ads’ double-serving policy.

This policy prohibits advertisers from showing multiple Ads for a single search on the same website. Google allows users to view ads from different service providers and then make a choice.

Q 8) Explain Google Shopping Ads.

The shopping ad contains details of specific products. Google Merchant Center stores the product information. When the user enters the product word in the search engine, Google matches the word with the saved catalog and displays the ad.

Q 9) What does the Conversion rate mean?

The conversion rate calculates the percentage of users who have performed the desired action after clicking the ad.

Q 10) What is the Click-Through rate (CTR)?

CTR is the ratio of clicks to the number of times the ad appears. The formula for CTR is (clicks/impressions)*100. So, a high CTR indicates that the advertisers are targeting the right audience.

Q 11) Why do companies choose Google Ads?

Google Ads is a powerful advertising platform for businesses to promote their products and services. Hence, its wide reach allows advertisers to show their ads to their target audience. It is cost effective and the results are quick and measurable. It is also flexible and supports multiple ad formats.

Q 12) What are the factors determining the cost of Google Ads?

The final cost per click depends on the bid amount, the quality of the ad, its relevance, the expected CTR, and the keyword’s competition.

Q 13) Explain Google Ads performance grader.

This tool conducts a complete audit of the Google Ads account. It highlights the successful areas of the account as well as the essential areas of improvement.

Q 14) What are responsive search ads?

This format allows the advertisers to write multiple headlines and multiple descriptions for their ads. So, with the search keyword, Google’s algorithm tests various combinations and displays the best message to the user.

Q 15) What is the Performance Max campaign?

This is an automated tool that makes an ad visible in all Google platforms. So, it has a better performance which can lead to a higher conversion rate.

Q 16) What are Google App Ads?

Through App campaigns, the advertisers connect with users to make them download the Google app on their mobile phones. Then, the advertisers provide some text and images and Google automatically creates the ad formats.

Q 17) What is Google Ads retargeting?

It means to show the ad again to users who had earlier viewed the ad but had not taken the desired action.

Q 18) What does automated bidding do?

Automated bidding sets bids for the ads automatically for specific keywords.


Google Ads Interview questions

Q 19) What is Return On Ad Spend (ROAS)?

This is also among the important Google Ads Interview questions. ROAS is a key performance indicator to calculate the revenue earned against the amount spent on ads. So, it is the ratio of Sales/Amount spent on Ads. 

Q 20) What is a broad match modifier?

This type has a broader reach. So, even if the search keyword matches part of the Ad phrase, Google will display the ad. In this type, the user adds a plus sign (+) before the keywords.

Q 21) What are Remarketing Lists for Search Ads (RLSA)?

RLSA feature allows the advertisers to prepare a list of users who had earlier visited the website. It also includes the pages the users had viewed. During the keyword search, ads are shown only to those users who appear in the list.

Q 22) Which options cannot be changed after creating the Ad account?

The time zone and currency remain fixed. Hence, advertisers have to be extremely cautious at the time of account creation.

Q 23) What is Cost Per Acquisition (CPA)?

In this approach, the advertisers have to pay only when the user converts into a customer.

Q 24) What is Conversion Optimization?

It is the method to increase the number of users to perform the desired action on the website.


Conversion Optimization

Q 25) Can you bid on the competitor’s trademark terms?

You can bid on competitor’s trademark terms provided there is no trademark infringement.

Q 26) What is the term SKAG?

SKAG stands for Single Keyword Ad Groups in which the advertisers bid only on one keyword.

Q 27) What is an Ad Preview and Diagnosis tool?

This tool enables the advertisers to preview the appearance of their ads. It also helps to know whether their ads are appearing on the website.

Q 28) What is a Phrase match?

Phrase match is an option in which Google matches the ad with the designated phrase. So, it displays those ads that contain the keyword in the same defined order.

Q 29) What is Google Ads Editor?

It is software that can be downloaded and connected to Google Ads. Google can edit the necessary changes offline and subsequently upload the edited details to Google Ads.


Google Ads Interview questions

Q 30) What is the term Auction Insights?

When several advertisers participate in the same auctions, Google can create an Auction insights report. So, it enables the advertisers to compare their performances with that of their competitors.

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Google Ads came as a significant breakthrough in the world of online advertising. It is the most effective tool to generate leads and achieve the marketing goals. As a result, it has caught the attention of advertisers because it increases sales, improves web traffic, and spreads awareness of the brand. So, the above Google Ads interview questions will prepare the candidates to face the interview with confidence.


Q 1) Does Google Ads use AI?

Ans. Yes. Google Ads uses AI to perform automated bidding at the backend. It also facilitates building the right customer profile for the advertisers to reach the right audience.

Q 2) Is Google Ads profitable?

Ans. Advertising is the lifeline in the business world to spread awareness of the products. So, Google Ads stands in the right place. Google makes a sizable profit out of Google Ads.

Q 3) What is Ad rotation?

Ans. This is a setting to automatically rotate multiple advertisements to display in turns in a single location.

Q 4) What is product feed in Google Ads?

Ans. It means complete product information in a specified format that helps to create the targeted ads.

Q 5) What are Google Discovery Ads?

Ans. These Ads appear on websites like YouTube app, Google app, and Gmail app where users diligently research their products.

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