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Many of us may think What is a Press Release?

How may I do Press Release?

Where do we Publish Press Releases? 

Few may already be doing many Press Releases but maybe not with full hope.

Here we discuss Press Releases, Examples, and Various Formats of Press Releases.

A Press Release can be defined as,

“An official statement or making an announcement”.

Press releases can be published both on paper and electronic media.

Press releases were short and crisp. Mostly point to point. 

Press releases can be organized by government officials, politicians, scientists, etc. 

In general Press releases happen to make the general audience, to make understand the situation, more statistical data and they can include very important guidelines.

For example, At present many Press releases are coming on Coronavirus, such as symptoms, amendments, the impact of immunization, etc.

Press Releases

Many of us are wondering, “ How to write Press Releases ? ”.

What information can be Press Release writing?

What elements can we include in Press Release writing?

#1) You must have a valid point.

#2) You must know your target audience.

#3) You should understand the channel or medium where you want to do it.

#4) You must be open to further discussions.

#5) You have presented your biography to reach more.

#6)  You must publish your Photos, or supporting material.

Different Formats Of Press Release

Usually, Journalists follow 5 C’s of format for Press Release

#1) Content

#2) Clarity

#3) Consistency

#4) Creativity

#5) Connect

1. Content

When you’re thinking of doing a Press release and its formats, first and foremost you must think of content writing or information.

Which plays a key role in the Press Release formats.

“Content is the what of any message. It is the facts and figures, the ideas and opinions that we transmit through emails, conversations, memos, or notes on the bulletin board. It is anything that can be expressed in words”.

On the Internet, content is any information that is available for retrieval by the user, including Web pages, images, music, audio, white papers, driver and software downloads as well as training, educational, and reference materials.

It must be new or fresh content. Try to include facts. It should be short and must follow colloquium in it.

Do not add too many jargons.

Key Takeaways: 

  • The substance can help instruct your crowd, guaranteeing that they’re settling on savvy buying choices. 
  • Solid bits of substance can assist you with turning out to be increasingly noticeable on the web, both on web indexes and in web-based life. 
  • The quality substance can be connected everywhere throughout the web, expanding traffic to your site and building authority with web crawlers. 

(A) Content Educates Your Audience 

Education is the initial step a potential client takes when choosing whether an item or administration is directly for them.

Before they can settle on a decision, they have to completely comprehend the alternatives accessible to them.

This implies you have to have content that appropriately teaches crowd individuals on what you can give. 

The instructive substance commonly appears as blog entries, item pages, your landing page, and your organization’s ‘about’ pages.

In any case, it might likewise incorporate instructional exercises, audits, and other substances that give your clients the assets they have to settle on taught buying choices.

The instructive substance should concentrate on showing your intended interest group progressively about your business and contributions. 

Gif of a blonde lady in a blue plaid shirt saying “Instruct yourself.” 

To instruct your crowd through the substance you make, you need to concentrate on the inquiries or concerns they may have.

While tending to your intended interest group, consider what issues they may be attempting to settle and how your items or administrations soothe those issues.

Your instructive substance should concentrate on the arrangements you give, and how you can make their lives simpler. 

(B) Content Fuels SEO 

Web search tools are a go-to asset pretty much whenever somebody has an inquiry or concern.

This implies streamlining your substance to show up in important quests can assist you with drawing in new prompts for your site.

Nonetheless, so as to fuel your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) procedure, you have to have solid content. 

“Solid content empowers you to make site pages that fuel SEO achievement”. 

Search engine optimization spins around watchword position, backlinks, and site guests, and your substance empowers you to make site pages that fuel every one of these parts. Without content, you’d have no place to put your catchphrases, no page for your guests to peruse, and no data for different sites to connect to. 

In any case, in case you’re making amazing bits of substance that your intended interest group is eager to connect with, you’ll discover it’s not hard to arrive at the highest point of the web index results records. 

For a model, see this web crawler inquiry about substance showcasing: 

Case of a bit of substance that shows up at the highest point of a web crawler results list. 

Content creation and SEO ought to consistently go inseparably.

At the point when you think about your pursuers most importantly, you will have the option to make content that gives clear incentives to your crowd.

In the event that your intended interest group is connecting vigorously with the substance you make, your SEO methodology will be substantially more effective. 

(C) Content Drives Social Media Strategies 

Your internet based life stages are probably the most ideal approaches to associate with your intended interest group.

As a useful asset for setting up veritable associations with your client base, online life gives you an immediate pathway to have discussions, get criticism, and push new prompts to your site.

Be that as it may, this is completely powered by solid substance creation. 

Your substance empowers you to take your internet based life discussions more profoundly.

While it is just so much you can say in a Tweet or Facebook post, extraordinary substance urges your crowd to finish to find out additional.

This encourages you to set up a superior association with your intended interest group. In addition, you can likewise acquire guests to your site, where you can gather their data and bring them into your business channel. 

Case of a web-based social networking post showing a bit of substance. 

Your web-based social networking system should use content that gives a high measure of significant worth to your intended interest group, for example, this model from Buffer’s Twitter profile.

While content is critical for creating solid associations, you likewise need to recall that your crowd needs data they can take an interest in.

In case you’re just presenting joins on your substance, you can’t hope to see high measures of commitment. 

Reward: Content Builds Backlinks 

Backlinks, or connections from an outside site back to your substance, are a significant piece of carrying new traffic to your site.

A backlink back to your webpage can energize a guest of another article or site to navigate and become familiar with you. 

Obviously, you’ll possibly observe backlinks when your substance contains thoughts, sentiments, or data that merits sharing.

In case you’re making an average substance or basically transferring data that your crowd can discover somewhere else on the web, you’re going to battle to get different sites to connect to you.

This implies you’ll have a progressively troublesome time pulling in new consideration and setting up the power on the web. 

Backlinks, similar to the model underneath, can likewise add to your SEO methodology. They show Google and other web indexes that you make content worth suggesting. The more backlinks you have, the greater position an internet searcher will accept your page holds: 

Case of an extract from a blog entry containing a backlink. 

To support backlinks, you need to guarantee that your subjects are one of a kind. While there might be comparative substance effectively accessible on the web, you need to put your own turn on each piece.

Including your interesting point of view can guarantee that your data sticks out, helping you draw in more consideration.

You can likewise expand your number of backlinks by concentrating just on making great substance.

This incorporates creating more earnestly to-make pieces like infographics or recordings.

Since they require more exertion to make, different destinations will be less inclined to deliver them also, rather than deciding to connect to your substance.

2. Clarity

Word “clarity” viewed from a glasses.

It should be understood by the audience. It should not be misguided. It should maintain a common understanding of the audience.   

Never miss matching the words, or information or situation.

Maintain clarity of your thoughts and put them into a step by step process. Then release the content or pass the content for Journalists.

Clarity is a characteristic of a speech or a prose composition that communicates effectively with its intended audience. Also called perspicuity.

In general, the qualities of clearly written prose include a carefully defined purpose, logical organization, well-constructed sentences, and precise word choice. Verb: clarify. Contrast with gobbledygook.


From the Latin, “clear.”

3. Consistency

Consistency is defined as a link between words or statements which make common understanding. 

If you miss maintaining consistency, then you may end in confusion about your thoughts.

“Inconsistency is the most common error”

When we write we must think of consistency too it will lead to misunderstanding among the audience.

A few guidelines for proper Consistency 

#1: Plan, sort out, compose, alter and review each bit of your composition 

#2: Comprehend your crowd and the reason for each record 

#3: Know your subject well 

4. Creativity

The utilization of a creative mind or unique plans to make something; innovativeness.

Innovation in its modern meaning is “a new idea, creative thoughts, new imaginations in the form of device or method”.

Creativity consists of two procedures: thinking and producing.

Working environment imagination concerns the intellectual and social procedures applied when endeavoring to produce clever thoughts.

Working environment advancement concerns the procedures applied when endeavoring to actualize new thoughts.

In particular, the development includes a blend of issue/opportunity ID, the presentation, reception or change of new thoughts apropos to authoritative necessities, the advancement of these thoughts, and the down to earth usage of these thoughts.

Types of Creativity

(A) Deliberate and Cognitive Inattentiveness 

Individuals who have conscious and subjective qualities are deliberate.

They have a lot of information about a specific subject and join their abilities and capacities to set up a strategy to accomplish something.

This sort of innovativeness assembled when individuals work for an extremely prolonged stretch of time in a specific region. 

Individuals who fall under this sort of classification of inventiveness are normally capable of inquiring about, critical thinking, examination, and experimentation.

This sort of innovativeness is situated in the cerebrum’s prefrontal cortex, which is at the forward portion of the mind.

These kinds of imaginative individuals invest a lot of energy each and every day testing to grow new arrangements. 

Thomas Alva Edison is one conspicuous case of this kind of inventive individual.

He pursued trial before creating power, light, and media transmission.

Henceforth, conscious and intellectual imagination requires a lot of time, commitment, and bounty of information about a specific subject. 

(B) Deliberate And Emotional Creativity 

Individuals who are sorted as conscious and enthusiastic let their work be impacted by their condition of feelings.

These sorts of imaginative individuals are enthusiastic and touchy in nature.

These people favor generally peaceful and individual opportunity to reflect and they for the most part have a propensity for journal composing.

Be that as it may, they are similarly coherent and judicious in dynamic. 

Their inventiveness is consistently a fair result of intentional passionate reasoning and legitimate activities.

This sort of imagination is found in the amygdala and cingulate cortex parts of the human cerebrum.

Amygdala is answerable for human feelings while the cingulate cortex helps in learning and data handling.

This kind of image happens to individuals indiscriminately for minutes.

Those minutes are typically alluded to as “a-ha!” minutes when somebody out of nowhere thinks about an answer for some issue or think about some creative thought. 

For instance, there are circumstances when you feel low and passionate which occupies you from your work. In those sorts of circumstances, you should take 5 minutes and point out the things which are making you miserable and keep them aside and spotlight on the work close by.

It will assist you with getting extemporized results and you will complete work without any problem. One should look for “calm time” for purposeful and enthusiastic innovativeness to transpire. 

(C) Spontaneous and Cognitive inventiveness 

There are times when you spend quite a while to break an issue yet can’t think about any arrangement.

For instance, when you need to make a calendar for a month to complete an occupation, yet you can’t think about any conceivable way and when you are staring at the TV and having your casual time and out of nowhere you think about an answer and everything falls apart.

A similar case occurred with the extraordinary researcher Isaac Newton.

He got the thought regarding the law of gravity when an apple hit his head while he was sitting under a tree and unwinding. 

This is the “Aha!” minutes for Newton and a magnificent case of an unconstrained and intellectual individual.

This kind of inventiveness happens when one has the information to complete a specific activity, yet he requires motivation and an indication to stroll towards the correct way. This kind of imagination typically occurs at the most badly designed time, for example, when you are sleeping with your accomplice or having a shower.

Unconstrained and subjective imagination happens when the cognizant psyche quits working and goes to unwind and the oblivious brain gets an opportunity to work. 

Generally, this kind of innovative individual stops cognizant reasoning when they have to do “out of the container” thinking.

By enjoying unique and disconnected exercises, the oblivious psyche gets an opportunity to associate data in new manners that give answers to the issues.

In this way, to let this kind of imagination happen one should enjoy a reprieve from the issue and escape to allow the cognizant brain to surpass.

(D) Spontaneous And Emotional Creativity 

Unconstrained and passionate inventiveness happens in the “amygdala”, some portion of the human cerebrum.

Amygdala is answerable for all enthusiastic sort of speculation in the human mind. Unconstrained thoughts and imagination happen when the cognizant and Prefrontal mind is resting.

This sort of imagination is for the most part found in an incredible craftsman, for example, artists, painters, and journalists, and so on. This sort of inventiveness is likewise identified with “revelations”. 

Revelation is an abrupt acknowledgment of something.

Unconstrained and passionate innovativeness is liable for a logical forward leap, strict and furthermore philosophical revelations.

This permits the illuminated individual to take a gander at an issue or circumstance with an alternate and more profound perspective. 

Those minutes are characterized as uncommon minutes when incredible disclosures occur.

There is no compelling reason to have explicit information for “unconstrained and passionate” imagination to occur yet there ought to be an aptitude, for example, composing, melodic, or creative.

This kind of inventiveness can’t be acquired by taking a shot at it.

5. Connection

Connection words serve to interface thoughts inside and between sections. They offer ways for the essayist to motion toward the peruser the connection between thoughts. 

Connection words can help association, make progress, and help to underscore focuses. Additionally, by including connections sensibly, the composing streams more normally as opposed to seeming like a rundown.

To include subtleties 

As needs are, furthermore, once more, likewise, and, as, just as, besides, at any rate, in addition, similarly significant, particularly, for instance, for example, further, besides, what’s more, in different cases, specifically, sometimes, to be sure, additionally, to delineate, that, which, who 

To show circumstances and logical results 

As an outcome of, because of, therefore, on the grounds that, subsequently, for, consequently, despite,  by virtue of, since, along these lines, so that, hence, in this manner 

To show condition 

In the event that, so as to, either… or, or, something else, since, except if 

To arrange sequentially or in grouping 

After, a short time later, once more, as in the past, at present, previously, prior, at long last, first, as a matter of first importance, once, in the future, at first, last, in conclusion, later, ordinarily, next, frequently, second, furthermore, up until this point, now and again, thusly, at that point, nowadays, third, in any case, to finish up, to summarize, today, tomorrow, until, when, at whatever point, while 

To look at/differentiate (show similarities and contrasts) 

In like manner, in spite of the fact that, as in the past, just as, in any case, regardless of whether, despite the fact that, notwithstanding, in the examination, interestingly, in like way, in different occasions, rather, similarly as, in any case, in any case, nor, on the opposite, from one viewpoint, then again, comparably, though, except for, yet 

To show significance 

Similarly significant, particularly, regardless of whether, hence, first, critically, more significantly 

To sum up 

To sum things, taking everything into account, in actuality, as it were, to put it plainly, in entirety, in a rundown

Few Examples of Press Releases

Example #1:- 

PIB’S Daily Bulletin on COVID-19

Posted On: 30 MAY 2020 6:35 PM by PIB Delhi

(Contains Press releases concerning Covid-19, issued in last 24 hours, inputs from PIB Field Offices and Fact checks undertaken by PIB)

Example 2:-

Ministry of Electronics & IT

IT Minister Launches National AI Portal of India-

Inaugurate Intel India’s Initiative to Promote AI among School Students

Posted On: 30 MAY 2020 7:20 PM by PIB Delhi

On the occasion of the first anniversary of the second tenure of the government, the Union Minister for Electronics and IT, Law and Justice and Communications Ravi Shankar Prasad launched India’s national Artificial Intelligence Portal called

This portal has been jointly developed by the Ministry of Electronics and IT and IT Industry. National e-Governance Division of the Ministry of Electronics and IT and NASSCOM from the IT industry will jointly run this portal.

This portal shall work as a one-stop digital platform for AI-related developments in India, sharing of resources such as articles, startups, investment funds in AI, resources, companies, and educational institutions related to AI in India.

The portal will also share documents, case studies, research reports, etc. It has a section about learning and new job roles related to AI.

Example 3:-

Ministry of Food Processing Industries

The grievance cell of MoFPI resolves 581 out of 585 issues received from industry amid Covid-19 situation

Smt. Harsimrat Kaur Badal holds regular video conferences with food processing industry stakeholders to assess the situation at ground level

Posted On: 30 MAY 2020 2:50 PM by PIB Delhi

The grievance cell of the Ministry of Food Processing Industries has been able to close and resolve 581 issues out of 585 received, with a proactive approach and timely redressal. The task force has been taking up these issues with the respective state governments and other relevant authorities including the Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Home Affairs. The task force has also been in constant touch with leading industry associations and food processors across states to address any issues/challenges faced by the food and allied industry so that it can run at maximum capacities. Grievances or any problems faced by the Food Processing Sector, in either disruption of production or supply chain, during nationwide Covid-19 lockdown can be mailed at

Example 4:-

Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances & Pensions

Dr. Jitendra Singh launches an e-booklet on DARPG achievements for the period May 30, 2019, to May 30, 2020, on the occasion of 1st year of Modi Government 2.0.

DARPG lived up to Prime Minister Modi’s vision of Good Governance and adopted the Mantra of Reform, Perform and Transform: Dr. Jitendra Singh

Posted On: 30 MAY 2020 7:27 PM by PIB Delhi

Union Minister of State for Personnel, Public Grievances and Pensions Dr. Jitendra Singh has launched the e-booklet on DARPG achievements for the period May 30, 2019, to May 30, 2020, on the occasion of 1st year of Modi Government 2.0. Dr. Singh complimented the Department for being the first one to present its achievements to the people and interacted with senior officials through video-conferencing.

Speaking on the occasion, Dr. Jitendra Singh said that the DARPG had lived up to Prime Minister’s vision of Good Governance and adopted the mantra of Reform, Perform and Transform in letter and spirit. He highlighted the fact that DARPG had provided the immense impetus to e-Governance in India

  • The intense pursuit of the implementation of e-Office in the Central Secretariat and States and
  • The conduct of the 22nd and 23rd National e-Governance Conferences at Shillong and Mumbai in 2019 and 2020 respectively.

Further Dr. Jitendra Singh recognized that DARPG had undertaken significant reforms in handling Public Grievances by pursuing CPGRAMS reforms in several Ministries and Departments.

Example 5:-

Ministry of Earth Science

Depression over south coastal Oman and adjoining Yemen

Likely formation of a low-pressure area over the southeast and adjoining East central Arabian Sea during next 48 hours

Posted On: 30 MAY 2020 1:03 PM by PIB Delhi

According to the National Weather Forecasting Centre/Cyclone Warning Division of the India Meteorological Department:

(1) The depression over south coastal Oman and adjoining Yemenremained practically stationary during past 06 hours and lay centered at 0830 hrs IST of today, the 30th May 2020 near latitude 17.3°N and longitude 54.2°E, about 30 km north-northeast of Salalah (Oman) and 240 km east-northeast of Al Ghaydah (Yemen). It is very likely to intensify further into a deep depression during the next 12 hours. It is very likely to move slowly west-northwestwards during the next 12 hours and west-southwestwards thereafter.


Continuously ensure your news is “newsworthy.” It is there to illuminate, not to sell.

Start solid; catch the pursuer’s eye with your feature and first passage.

Focus on what matters. Utilize a self-evident certainty tone and maintain a strategic distance from fancy words and an excessive number of descriptors no matter what.

Utilize dynamic, not aloof, voice.

Utilize solid action words; this will likewise help cut down on the additional descriptor utilization.

Maintain a strategic distance from publicity. Your official statement ought to never have a requirement for shout focuses!!!

Be clear, brief, and complete. Give the total realities in as scarcely any words as could be expected under the circumstances. Writers won’t trouble pursuing a long-winded discharge that hovers around the central matter.

Edit, edit, edit. Grammatical errors are the quickest method to guarantee your public statement never comes around.

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