If you take a roundup of all the available content, you will understand that there are different types of writing that you will find. Such is the beauty of the online world of the internet, that as a brand, you can display and upload content of all forms and types.


Having said this, it is also essential to understand what type of writing best suits your clientele and niche. If you are a company that offers technical assistance, it is only natural that your digital platforms will be filled with informative and technical writing. Similarly, if you provide creative aid, you can freely give out creative and interactive content.


It is imperative as a brand or agency to clearly understand how and why technical writing is different from creative writing. Several digital marketing agencies in Delhi understand these differences and are thus able to provide proper assistance to all those who need help with content writing work. As a writer, do you need clarity in understanding how technical writing is different from creative writing? If you answered yes, then you have come to the right place.



Deciphering the Dilemma


Most of the troubles happen when people don’t have the basic understanding that technical writing is, in fact, very different from creative writing. Let’s dilute this dilemma and let you know the actual definitions of both these forms of writing.


As a reader, if you are going through a piece of content that is very informative and gives you a better understanding regarding a topic that you had a vague idea of, then that form of writing is technical writing. Writings of this kind provide detailed information on specialized topics and give steps to go about doing something. Technical writing is in high demand and the demand is only set to increase at 10% from 2014 to 2024. 

Skills that are required for technical writing:

  •   Technical skills – It is essential to understand the technical aspects of a subject because it is difficult to write something that you have not mastered.
  •   Research – Without thorough research, it is almost impossible to write technical content as it is based on details and facts.
  •   Understand your audience – When you write technical content, you need to understand your target audience because they may be experts in a certain field. The content for them should match their standards and needs.
  •   Use tools – In technical writing, make sure to include graphs and data as much as possible so that your content has more authenticity and reliability.

Creative writing, on the other hand, is more soulful and thought-provoking. Essays of this kind are used to inspire the readers and give them information coated with a covering of entertainment. 

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To become a pro in creative writing, one is expected to have the skills below :

  •   Imagination – Imagination is the most important part of creative writing. A bright imagination with out of the box thinking can lead you to places.
  •   Technical ability – You must be wondering what technical ability has got to do with creative writing? When you are writing creative content, you need to have the technical skills to rank it and get an organic audience.
  •   Patience is key – A creative writer must have patience. There may come times when you have a creative block or the content that you are writing is not up to your mark, that is when you need to be patient and work on your writing.
  •   Determination – When writing creative content, a determination is a necessity. Creative content can have positive as well as negative responses, it is your job to not give up and remain determined if you want to become a successful creative writer.


The essential thing to keep in mind when writing content is to understand that your writing will be different based on your client and their market niche and clientele. When your writing is carried out in a manner that can solve other purposes, then it means that you are on the way to becoming a writer who can break the cliches and experiment with their writing. Not all of your experiments may be successful, but you will learn from your mistakes and that is what will make you a productive writer.  

Decoding the Differences  

Now that we are aware of the fundamental component that makes technical writing different from creative writing, let us take a closer look at the factors that make them different and unique in their ways.


  1.   The technique of writing: Writing that is backed by many facts and technical concepts makes technical writing very technical,  informative, and precise. 


A general form of writing filled with creativity and can use the element of humor and fun strengthens the format of creative writing. Here the writer can use their imagination with no bounds. 


  1.   Content flow: Content that falls under the category of technical writing is very straightforward and factually correct with a lot of research. 


Writing that is creative is free-flowing and imaginative. Content of this kind helps a person think more and form an emotional connection with the writer and the story. 


  1.   Target Audience: The segmentation of technical readers is precise, and the reader base is significant.


Creative content caters to the masses, and almost everyone interested in reading will enjoy it.


  1.   Purpose of writing: Technical writing is carried out with the sole purpose of educating or instructing a person on how to go about something.


Creative writing is what helps a reader entertain themselves along with a pinch of inspiration. Creative writing does not have to be very jargon-oriented and should be such that a reader is forced to step into another world where their thoughts can be provoked.


  1.   The flow of writing: Technical writing is very formal, and there is a strict format and structure that needs to be followed.


 The best part of creative writing is that it follows no rules and format. One can easily follow an informal yet artistic style of writing.


  1.   What is the takeaway: Technical writing helps give the readers a better understanding of a topic that they have some idea of. It’s very to-the-point writing that gives them pointers on how to go about a technical process.


Creative writing is when the writer wants to leave the readers with a moral or give them the flexibility of perceiving the information as per their understanding. Creative writing in ways enriches the thought process of the readers in the most interactive way.


  1.   Major components: Technical content is backed with tons of data, graphs, and indexes that support all the findings written about in the body of the content.


Creative content is more conservative and is more free-flowing and natural. Content that is of this kind sparks the imagination and leaves every reader with a different takeaway.


  1.   Different transactional purpose: Technical writing is merely objective in purpose.


Creative content writing is writing that is very subjective.


  1. Difference in the language used: Technical writing will use many technical terms and jargon that can be understood by someone who has prior knowledge of the topic already.


The vocabulary and words used in creative writing are straightforward to understand by the masses and evocative.


  1. Difference in structure and format: The content flow and structure in technical writing are very systematic and sequential.


No structure needs to be followed as such when it comes to creative writing. The design and flow of the content depending on the individual writing styles of the writer.


  1. Central idea and narration: The content of technical writing will depend on the topic that has been given and will be very to the point and concise.Technical writing depends mostly on information, its research, and the result that arrives from it.


Creative writing, on the whole, is very different because there is no set pattern and limits to what one can write and explore. The content base and structure depend entirely on the mindset and writing skills of the writer. Creative writing depends on the mindset and the style of the writer. 


A question that may come to your mind is,

Can technical writing be creative?

The answer to this is, yes. But how, you may ask because the two genres are quite different. Technical writing consists of a lot of data and graphs which may be boring according to a few readers. The task of a technical writer here is to make the content more interesting and enticing to encourage the readers to go on. It is important to make the content reader-friendly, however technical it is.

The main difference between a good and a great writer is understanding the primary difference between technical writing and creative writing. This differentiation is significant because, as a writer, you may be told to handle different accounts, and each client may have another content need and requirement based on their domain and niche. 

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  1. I wanted to change my field to when I came across this post of Why and How Technical Writing is Different from Creative Writing? . It was really helpful for me. Thanks to writer and the entire team for their efforts and hardwork.

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    Best Teaching techniques and patiently taking care of each and every doubt. sir has trained us with the almost details of the course and now we are ready to enter the digital world without any fear. He is the great inspiration for me too.

  4. Technical Writing is more about straightforward and factual content and Creative Writing is imaginative. After reading this blog, I was able to identify the difference.

  5. I found it helpful when you said that technical writing involves a lot of research and is very straightforward. This reminds me of businesses that need to have write-ups in order to properly present research papers whenever they release new products to the public. I could imagine how businesses could benefit from an expert technical writer that would willingly write important manuals and handbooks for a certain product.

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