We have a variety of career options available to us these days, unlike in the olden times. The internet has played a huge role in this. New courses and opportunities are made available to the people. People who are interested in art and creativity can take the Graphic Designing Courses. Graphic Designing is a branch of design that uses text and images for communication. Imagination, ideas, lateral thinking, and tools are used to solve problems in Graphic Designing.

How is the Information Communicated in Graphic Designing?

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The answer to that is pretty simple actually. We use words to express our feelings, views, or give a message. Similarly in Graphic Design, 7 core elements: color, texture, line, shape, type, image, and space are used to communicate the message. A graphic designer’s job is to carefully use these elements to convey the message clearly to the targeted audience.

Sometimes to make the design look appealing we use too many elements or overdo a single one and get distracted from the main goal. Thus, it is important to maintain a balance between the elements. Before beginning a project, it is necessary to decide the type, color, shape, texture, and images. With the help of tools, ideas, and imagination you can form a meaningful design that communicates the message.

Roles and Responsibilities of a Graphic Designer


A Graphic Designer’s main role is to envision and create graphics such as logos, brochures, and images. The visual characteristics of a website, magazine, book or product packaging are decided and executed by the Graphic Designer. The graphics should be attractive as well as communicate the message effectively to the audience. And for that, you need to have creativity and the intellect to convert requirements into appealing designs.

graphic designing courses


·         Designing logos, brochures, magazine covers, annual reports, newspapers, signage, and advertisements.

·         Communicating with the clients to understand their needs and incorporating them in the designs.

·         Providing advice to the clients on how to captivate and engage the audience.

·         Creating the designs by hand or by using software and applications.

·         Select colors, pictures, texture, layout, and typography of the communication materials.

·         Presenting the work to the client for review and incorporating the changes as per the feedback given.

·         Reviewing and rectifying the designs for any errors before they are printed.

Why Choose Graphic Designing Courses?

Graphic Design is in high demand and the reason for that is digitization. As the need for visual communication rises the demand will increase even more. Graphic design is used by companies for advertising, branding, and digital marketing. They use Graphic design to increase sales and boost the traffic on their website. Thus, taking Graphic Designing courses can help an individual find a better-paying job.

Graphic Designing Courses enhance the creativity and lateral thinking skills of a person. Unlike regular jobs, you will have the option of becoming a freelancer and working from anywhere. It helps in the personal and professional development of an individual. You can pursue either a diploma, degree, or certificate course in Graphic design.

 Companies that hire Graphic Designers

·         Internet and Software Development Firms

·         Advertising Agencies

·         Video Production Firms

·         Manufacturing

·         Corporate Branding

·         Entertainment.

But to get a job in any of these firms you need to be a certified graphic designer. For this, you need to take Graphic Designing courses to gain the necessary knowledge and skills. Below is a rundown of institutes that offer Graphic Designing courses in Pune.


The International School of Design is an institute that focuses on design education. The main objective of INSD is the development of the Design Industry in India. INSD believes in quality education and hands-on learning experience. INSD provides various entrepreneurial programs and guides students in their business journey. The Graphic Design Course offered by INSD focuses on developing computer graphics skills along with theory and technical skills.

graphic designing courses

Why Choose International School of Design for Graphic Designing Courses?

The Graphic Design course offered by INSD is ideal for students who are interested in creative work. INSD offers bachelor’s, PG, advanced course, and certificate programs. The Graphic Design Course consists of technical and computer skills along with theory and project-oriented modules. Students will be exposed to working with traditional print media and digital formats used in today’s market. The course makes them capable to pursue careers as graphic designers, illustrators, motion graphic artists, and typographers.


International School of Design has a placement cell that conducts a placement fair. Before the fair, INSD provides workshops to help students with resume-building, aptitude, practical sessions, and cover letter writing. These workshops help students gain industry exposure and also understand the dynamics. The placement fair is accompanied by top recruiters such as Orient Craft, Fine Edge, Marks and Spencers, Vogue Interior, P.C. Chandra Jewellers, and many more.

Other Courses offered by INSD

·         Photography Course

·         Interior Designing Course

·         Digital Marketing

·         Fashion Communication

2. SID

Symbiosis Institute of Design encourages moral and model-based learning. SID offers programmes such as fashion communication, communication, industrial, and fashion design. The Graphic Design Course offered by SID falls under Communication Design.

Why Symbiosis Institute of Design? (Graphic Designing Courses)

The students of Graphic Design prospect diverse languages of visual art in the sectors of graphics to enhance means of communication in functional and artistic ways. Usage of the software is given importance for ideation and creating designs. Projects are given throughout the 5th to 8th semesters to improve and test the skills and knowledge of students. This course aims at creating professionals who can contribute to the design industry.

Fee Structure for Graphic Design Course

Particulars Fees Per Annum
Academic Fees INR 420000
Security Deposit (refundable) INR 15000
Library Deposit (refundable) INR 5000
Total INR 440000


Symbiosis Institute of Design offers in-campus placement that helps students get jobs. The companies that take part in the placement are Cognizant, Reliance Brands Limited, Western Union, Tata Motors, H&M, Kuwait, Hauz Khas, Infosys, and many more.

Other Courses offered

·         Product Design

·         Animation Film Design

·         Interior Space Design

·         Fashion Design.

3. ZICA (Graphics Designing Courses)

Zee Institute of Creative Art (ZICA) is an academy that provides training in 2D and 3D animation, gaming, and visual effects. ZICA has adopted a creative training style that is focused entirely on creating an encouraging environment for the students. ZICA emphasizes the fundamentals of art, design, and animation. The Professional Development Program in Advanced Visual Graphics offered by ZICA covers Graphic designing, 3D animation, Visual Effects, and Architectural Visualization.

Why Choose ZICA for Graphic Designing Courses?

ZICA helps students by providing modern tools and technologies for designing presentable layouts for brochures, magazine covers, corporate reports, and advertisements. The duration of the program is 2 years, 1 year, and 6 months. Real-world experiences are provided throughout the course to help students get industry exposure. Classes are conducted 5 days a week (2 hours per day). Assignments are provided to enhance the abilities of the students.

graphic designing courses


The top recruiters that come every year to identify and hire the talent at ZICA are Byju’s, Red Chillies Entertainment, Prana, Zee Studios, DNEG, and Tata Elxsi.

Other Courses provided

Apart from Graphic Designing ZICA also offers the following courses

·         Animation and VFX

·         Digital Marketing

·         Game Design and Development

·         Web Design and Development

4. MAAC (Graphic Designing Courses)

MAAC stands for Maya Academy of Advanced Cinematics. It is the education brand of Aptech Ltd. that handles media and entertainment. MAAC provides education in visual effects, web design, multimedia, animation, graphic design, and other courses. The Graphic Design Course offered by MAAC makes the students capable of helping the companies grow their brand identity by creating designs using texts, images, and symbols.

graphic designing courses

Why Choose MAAC for Graphic Designing Courses?

MAAC provides various career and short-term courses in graphic designing. The Multimedia and Graphic Design Course prepares the students for a career in print, publishing, and web designing. MAAC’s multimedia and graphic designing courses help students in understanding the usage of texts, images, and fonts for delivering the right message at right time to the targeted audience.

The Graphic designing course is divided into two courses which are as follows:

1.  Career Courses

MAAC offers three different courses under career courses which are:

·         DPW3D

DPW3D is a print web and 3D animation program. It is suitable for individuals who wish to make a career in app, web, and communication designing.

·         APDMD

APDMD is an advanced program in digital media and design. It covers topics such as Graphic and Print Design, Advanced Web, 2D Animation, and Web and Interactive Design.

·         DGWA

DGWA is a program in graphic and web design and 2D animation. It teaches about designing layouts for book covers, UI design, posters, and corporate brand designs.

2.  Short-Term Courses

The short-term courses offered by MAAC are as follows:

·         C2D

·         CGPD

·         CWID

·         Graphics Design Pro

·         Web Pro

·         Corel Draw

·         Illustrator and InDesign

·         Photoshop

Placement Assistance

Maya Academy of Advanced Cinematics consists of a placement cell that guides students and provides assistance to help them get placed. Amazon, Trace VFX, Accenture, Prana Studios, DQ Entertainment Private Limited, Sparrow Interactive, and many other companies come every year for hiring the students.

Other Courses Offered

MAAC offers other courses such as 3D Animation, VFX Courses, Web Design, Filmmaking, and Gaming.

5. Marketmenn (Graphic Design Courses)

Marketmenn is a digital marketing firm that began in the year 2011. Marketmenn provides quality education in digital marketing and graphic designing. It keeps track of the latest trends and tools to provide effective training. The Graphic Design Course offered by Marketmenn is designed in such a way that it helps to learn even complex designs easily.

Why Choose Marketmenn?

The Graphic Design Course covers everything from the fundamentals to the in-depth topics of graphic designing. The course includes 40 plus modules and the duration of the course is 3 months (1.5 hours per day). It provides a free internship program and lifetime assistance facilities. The course teaches about the rules and principles of graphic designing and how to design for different industries. Certification is provided at the end of the course.


The companies that take part in the placement are Cognizant, Saviant Intelligent Solutions, Data Bridge, Markets and Markets, Wise Guy Reports, Exxat, Deloitte, and more.

Other Courses

Apart from Graphic Design Courses Marketmenn offers a Digital Marketing course.


There is an increase in the demand for graphic designers as the need for visual communication is rising rapidly. Experience, skills, education, and performance play a vital role in the life of a graphic designer. And to remain on the top you must always be aware of the latest trends. It is important to know all the pre-requisites before taking up the course. In this blog, we have curated a list of top graphic designing courses in Pune.

Graphic designers have a huge scope in India. If you are a certified graphic designer, you may even start freelancing for Indian or international clients. Businesses around the globe are turning toward digitization. This raises the need for design graduates. Thus, they are willing to hire creative graphic designers, web designers, digital marketers, animators, and content creators to increase the brand image and create brand awareness among the targeted audience.

So, if you are an art and design enthusiast give a boost to your career by choosing graphic designing as a career. Choose a course from the list above that matches best with your needs and meets your expectations.


Q1. What are the eligibility criteria to join Graphic Designing Courses?

Ans: The minimum education required to join the course is 10+2 from any stream.

Q2. Can any person pursue this course?

Ans: Yes, any person can pursue the Graphic Designing course. However, having interest and minimum knowledge about the course may help an individual understand if he/she really wants to pursue graphic design.

Q3. Are the graphic designers paid well?

Ans: Yes, the minimum starting salary of a graphic designer in Pune is 1.1Lakhs and the average is 3LPA.

Q4. How to become a certified graphic designer?

Ans: The first important thing is to understand and gain a decent knowledge of graphic design. After that enroll in a course online/offline according to your schedule. Learn everything the course has to offer about graphic designing. Build your own projects to enhance your skills and finally create a proper portfolio to showcase all your work.

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