Have you ever wondered about Digital marketing? What is it? Where did it come from? How is it relevant to us? Let us discuss all these questions


Digital marketing is a present-day requirement which has its roots in the previous centuries, Somewhere around the mid-17th and Early 18th Century, the world saw a revolution, popularly known as ‘the industrial revolution’. The rise of industries in the world led to the advertising of the manufactured product by these industries, With the rise of media, these advertising became a part of the marketing strategy of various products. Later, during the later 20th century and early 21st century, the said media became digital. A digitalised media platform provided the great opportunity of varied marketing strategies. All these strategies are now called Digital Marketing strategies.

Present Scenario

The more modern and advanced industrial and business groups are using this platform to strategize and advertise their products and services. For this purpose, they require human resources which are skilled for digital marketing.

The present market has gone digital from planning, to set up, manufacturing and even marketing and advertising. Therefore, employers need resources which can fulfil the needs of the time and be productive.

As a result, many countries and industries are experiencing a talent gap between the market requirement and available human resource. In a country like Singapore, which is a hub of the major international and national market, there is not enough workforce available to satisfy the job market.

Among various fields which are experiencing this situation the prominent name in digital marketing. In Singapore, the related jobs are taking 16% longer time to fill up than any other job posting. This talent gap is directly affecting the quality of hiring happening in the digital space.

Coupled with this fact, more than 56% of companies are planning to hire digital marketers in the nearby future, thus making Digital marketing the most in-demand career fields in Singapore.

All these facts have collectively called out for the course for the same.

But what is Digital Marketing?

The traditional marketing and advertising existed in the form of print ads, phone communication, or physical marketing but digital marketing works through electronic and online medium. It encompasses all varieties of marketing strategies such as leveraging digital channels like search engines, social media, email, and other resources to connect with current and prospective customers.

In the present times, digital marketing is vital for a business and brand awareness It has become so common that the consumers rely on the brands digital content to learn about the brand, product and services.

Who should do a Digital Marketing course?

In a gadget driven world, every individual is directly and indirectly already on a digital platform. Any individual who wishes to start his/her own business, contribute to other business, present and execute ideas can do digital marketing course.

However, there is only one requirement one should possess before enrolling for the course and that is, the drive to grow.

Why do a digital marketing course?

This question might arise in the minds of a few people who still believe that courses like that of digital marketing are not for them. There are some reasons which advocate that it is a must for survival in the present market.

Benefits of digital marketing courses

# To gain extra skills

Many people opt for the digital marketing not only because it increases one’s chances of hiring or getting higher pay, but also to get a broader view of the current project and the methods which can get the job done.

# Upgrade skills

Constant skill up-gradation is a requirement for every individual who works in public relations or is a marketing professional. With over 4 million Singaporeans using the internet it has become important to update the strategies and methodologies for marketing and advertising campaigns.

# For new and exciting job opportunities

Digital marketing course shares your knowledge, aptitude and capabilities with the world which get new and more exciting job opportunities.

# To be able to compete

Small businesses tend to have a limited marketing budget, but with the acquired skills through digital marketing courses in Singapore, they can implement a cost-effective strategies that maximises their ROI. It also enables an individual to hire the right digital marketing talent in line with goals and compete in the market.

# Passive source of income

Digital marketing facilitates to open a new line of passive income. This could be in the form of smart-working to improve digital marketing skills on a personal website and selling products and services.

Where to do a digital marketing course?

Diploma and certificate courses in Digital Marketing
Diploma and certificate courses in Digital Marketing

There are many institutions which provide courses in this arena.

Here is the list of top 10 institutes which provides certificate and diploma through quality digital marketing course.

#1 Equinet Academy


Equinet Academy was incepted in 2013. The objective of this institute is to provide a well-developed sense of social media marketing through a holistic approach to different aspects and strategies for social media. The characteristic feature of the taught curriculum is that it is split into different capsules which are planned to interlink different aspects of social media marketing.

Course Provided

They primarily provide certificate course specifically for digital marketing. They are courses header is  Certified Digital Marketing Strategist (CDMS)

Course Fee:

Total Net fee S$4614.

The course fee ranges from S$740 per module to S$798. There are in total of at least 6 modules.

Course Duration-

Average duration to complete any course is 1.5 to 3 months

For further queries

Email: enquiry@equinetacademy.com

Phone: +65 6816 3016

Official Website: www.equinetacademy.com

#2 Henry Harvin


Henry Harvin is a common name among the job seekers and employers worldwide. It is a leading career and competency development organization which focuses on value creation through developing the required skill to fill the gap present in the market between the availability of resources and requirement of resources,

The organization is recognized for its quality and uniqueness in various digital mass media platform. The organization is an ISO 29990:2010 (International Standard for learning services for non-formal education and training services) certified and audited from UKAF, UK Cert and MSME.

Course Provided:

Henry Harvin provides Certified Digital Marketing Course .

The characteristic feature of this course is, the doer gets 7 certificates on the completion of the course. One is given for completing the training, five from Google and one from Facebook for Facebook marketing.

Course Fee

The certificate costs a minimum of S$175.79 only

Course Duration

The course takes about 52 hrs of classroom training, 12 hrs of online training, and 50 hrs of e-learning access. The classes are flexible as per the requirement and can be held 3 times a week (weekdays) or on weekends.

For further query

Email- info@heneryharvin.com

Phone- +91-9015266266

Official Website- https://www.henryharvin.com/

#3 Marketing Institute of Singapore


Founded in 1973, Marketing Institute of Singapore (MIS), was founded in 1973 with the focus to enhance Sales and Marketing practices in the country. It refers itself with “not-for-profit” organization which works to help people of different groups, within different agencies. They work to provide these people with a platform to create a network within the industry.

Course provided:

The institute provides a varied range of short duration digital marketing courses. The two popular courses from this institute are:

  • Fast Track Digital Marketing
  • Integrated Digital Marketing Strategies

Course Fee:

The course fee for each course ranges between S$644 to S$846 excluding the taxes,

Course Duration– On average, a course from MIS might take 1 to 1.5 months to be completed.

For further query

Email: membership@mis.org.sg / seminars@mis.org.sg

Phone: +65 6327 7580

Official Website: www.mis.org.sg

#4 Impossible Marketing Digital Marking Courses


The Impossible Marketing (Group of Companies) was established in 2014. They are accredited by various state and national organizations. They conduct course modules to promote a better understanding of different digital marketing.

Course Provided: 

The organization offers a variety of courses which are more specific and less generic, The most popular course in digital marketing is Search Engine Optimization Marketing

Course Fee:

The fee for every course varies between the range of S$500-S$800 per course


The course works in the format of the full-day live classes. Every class if for 9 hours and can be repeated if required.

For further details

Email: enquiry@impossible.sg

Phone: +65 9374 0111

Official Website: www.impossible.sg

#5 Kaplan Institute


Kaplan Institute is known for its wide range of courses for all kinds related to multiple skill developments. It is an internationally recognized name among the job seekers. It has recently started digital marketing certificates with the specific goal to provide information, training, and certification on multiple aspects of it.

Course Provided:

The basic digital marketing courses provided by the Kaplan Institute comprises of Digital Marketing – Fundamental, Digital Marketing – Advanced, Digital Marketing Skills I and II.

Course Fee:

A course might cost  S$1,337.50, S$2,140, and S$2,675 based on the course and time taken to complete it

Course Duration:

Any course from the institute takes a minimun=m of 1.5 to 3 months duration

For further details:

Email: info.sg@kaplan.com

Phone- +65 6733 1877

Official Website: www.kaplan.com.sg

#6 Lithan Academy


The Lithan Academy in Singapore provides CLAS which stands for Competency Learning as a Service. The courses are specific and concise. The curriculum which is followed focuses on specific skills.

Courses Provided:

They provide a diploma course called ‘Professional Diploma in Digital Business’

Course Fee: 

The course costs approximately S$13000

Course Duration:

The course takes at least 3-6 months to be completed.

For further details:

Email: info@lithan.com

Phone: +65 6324 9730

Official Websitewww.lithan.com/singapore

#7 Happy Marketer


Happy Marketer was established in 2009. They have provided a host of services and training options. Their services include information on content marketing, data and marketing analytics, etc.

Course Provided:

They provide a certificate course in ‘Google Analytics Training’

Course Fee:

The standard course fee for a certificate course is S$1000 excluding taxes

Course Duration:

The course takes approximately 1.5 to 3 months to be completed

For further details:

Email: training@happymarketer.com

Phone: +65 6653 8060

Official Websitewww.happymarketer.com/training

#8 MAD School


Founded in 2003, they have created programs in a combination of marketing, advertising, and design. The main focus of their curriculum is on creativity and building the required aptitude so that the student learns the best use the information they have attained during the course.

Course provided:

The most popular course this institute provides is ‘Diploma in Digital Marketing course’

Course Fee:

No clear information about the course fee is publically available on the website. The interested student can, however, request on the official platform to get the clear picture of the fee structure and details.

Course Duration:

The diploma course is approximately the duration of 3 months to 5 months.

For further inquiry

Email: info@cma-academy.com

Phone: +65 6337 5449

Official Website: www.madschool.edu.sg

#9. MediaOne


Founded in 2009, Mediaone expertise lays in digital marketing strategy. The agency’s main focus is to target human audiences as well as search engine algorithms to get the best results. The agency offers various courses covering this at its best.

Course Provided:

The agency offers a wide range of courses such as  Digital Marketing Course, Social Media Marketing, etc

Course Fee:

No clear information about the course fee is publically available on the website. The interested student can, however, request on the official platform to get the clear picture of the fee structure and details.

Course Duration:

It takes almost 1.5 to 3 months to complete any certificate course from the institute

For further details:

Email: enquiry@mm.com.sg

Phone: +6789 9852

Official Website: www.mediaonemarketing.com.sg

#10 Singapore Management University (SMU):


Established in 1997, Singapore Management University is one of the most experienced universities, which has successfully advanced its ways to cultivate the youth as per the time’s and market’s needs. The characteristic feature of the university is its philosophy of   “experiment in diversity”.

Course provided:

Professional Certificate in Digital Marketing.

Course Fee:

The certificate course cost approximately S$10272 exclusive of taxes

Course Duration:

The certificate course is approximately 1.5 to 2.5 months long.

For more information:

Email: enquiry@smu.edu.sg

Phone: +65 6828 0100

Official Website: www.smu.edu.sg


The digital marketing landscape is dynamic in itself. More features and platform are emerging exponentially. Therefore it is important to keep oneself updated and evolved with the market. The above courses and institutions are continuously updating themselves to include the best practices of digital marketing to the date.

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