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Is Data Science something that interests you? 


If you are serious about mastering data science, then you need to enroll in one of the top Online Data Science Courses. Today, the IT industry is experiencing a huge demand for data scientists, data analysts, or other data science roles.

 Glassdoor data indicates that it is one of the best jobs that one can obtain. Data science professionals are in demand everywhere this year. In the future, as more data is captured and produced, data analytics will be of greater importance. As companies seek meaningful insights and develop business strategies, data scientists will continue to be hired.

Credentials in data science can help boost an applicant’s employability. Students particularly interested in data science will gain the necessary skills necessary to develop a stellar career, while professionals interested in expanding their employment options will benefit from taking data science courses.

I have put together a list of the Best Data Science Courses, Certifications & Programs for 2021. Many of these programs teach Data science online, are recognized, and have benefited thousands of students and professionals.

Looking forward to becoming a Data Scientist? Check out the Data Science Bootcamp Program and get certified today.

Is Data Science what it sounds like?

This science combines mathematics, business, algorithm, and machine learning. In its respective fields, it allows companies to gather data related to their business and make important decisions. The field of data science is concerned with machine learning and predictive modeling, while the field of data analysis is concerned with statistics and the analysis of data. 

Why Online Data Science Course?

Want to upgrade skills or reskills in the booming field of Data Science?  The best option is to do the Online Course from a reputed Data Science Institute offering various online certified Data Science Courses with flexible timing and reasonable cost. You can choose the best online data science course that meets your specific requirements and move you forward in your career. In other words, you can gain data science superpowers from the comfort of your home with online data science courses. 

Through short video lectures, real-world projects, and lively discussion boards, you’ll learn how to wrangle data, construct algorithms, and communicate insights. Quizzes test your knowledge, while hands-on assignments let you flex your new data muscles. With an all-access pass to on-demand courses, you can learn anywhere, anytime.

Whether you’re looking to add to your skills, a career changer charting a new path, or a busy bee upskilling in your spare time, online data science pieces of training deliver value. They provide the know-how you need to thrive in this competitive field—at a fraction of the cost of traditional programs.

It concludes online data science courses with certificates offer a convenient, cost-effective, and flexible way to acquire valuable skills and knowledge in the field of Data Science.

Why pursue Data Science Courses?

In recent years, data scientists and data analytics have become more and more sought after by technical companies. There are more and more institutes, which raises questions about their legitimacy, the quality of their courses, and the assurance that these institutes provide. It is obvious questions like “Which institute”, “Why this course”, “how to apply”, “What is the outcome”, “Is it affordable”, or “Is it a recognized institution/course?”.”

Must-Have Skills for Online Data Science Courses

The world of Data Science is rapidly evolving, with new techniques and technologies emerging all the time. To hit the ground running in Online Data Science Courses, you’ll need a versatile skillset. Let’s explore the key abilities for unlocking success:

  • Programming Skills: Proficiency in programming languages commonly used in data science such as Python, R, or SQL is essential. You should be comfortable writing code, understanding basic algorithms, and manipulating data using programming languages and can execute short programs.
  • Mathematics and Statistics: A strong foundation in mathematics and statistics analysis, large data handling, manipulations, and analysis.
  • Critical Thinking: Analyzing complex datasets, and identifying patterns. Critical thinking skills are essential for evaluating vast data and solving 
  • Machine Learning Concepts: Understanding the fundamentals of machine learning algorithms and techniques is essential for data science.
  • Communication Skills: Strong written and verbal communication skills are essential for conveying complex technical concepts clearly and understandably.

Let your data science journey begin today! Start mastering in-demand skills at your own pace. The world of data awaits!

Are you searching for an online certification course in data science? 

This blog is a must-read for those seeking a good and legitimate online certification course. The quality of the learning outcome is as important as the legitimacy of the course. The following criteria are used to determine quality outcomes.

  • Certification
  • Courses and programs offered
  • Experts and trainers with extensive experience
  • Learning and teaching methodology
  • An environment that supports learning
  • The team that supports/responds
  • Guarantee and support for jobs
  • Feedback on the course
  • The outcome of the course

The above criteria must be met to prove the course is worthwhile. Here are the top 10 best data science courses online that you should check out

1. Henry Harvin Analytics Academy: No.1 Online Data Science Courses in India

Henry Harvin Contact No: +91 9899577620 | Chat on WhatsApp with Henry Harvin

Among the pioneers to offer Data Science courses online, Henry Harvin’s is highly sought after by students and professionals alike. If you are interested in learning Data Science from scratch, they offer a course called ‘Certified Data Scientist Course’. 

Through the Henry Harvin Analytics Academy, students have imparted knowledge along with upskilling, which is a necessary skill for management and technical professionals to advance in their careers. In a joint survey by Tribune India and India Today, Henry Harvin ranked as the number one upskilling course in India. Using Henry Harvin’s Data Science Course, students and Data Analysts are equipped with the fundamental skills to apply data science in a variety of real-life contexts. Theory, computation, and application are woven together in a way that makes sense and is straightforward.

Henry Harvin is Ranked No. 1 Edtech Company offering the best Data Science Courses in India to upgrade your skills and enhance your professional performance. 

Amongst all Data Science institutions in India, Henry Harvin is the leading institute that provides Certified Online Data Science Courses. We provide expert trainers, resources, and study material. In addition, we also provide free masterclasses, live sessions, internships, or after-course placement support. 

Henry Harvin offers various Data Science programs in collaboration with E&ICT Academy, and IIT Guwahati. After completing the Course, candidates will get a Dual Certificate of  Data Science Courses from Henry Harvin, and E&ICT Academy, IIT Guwahati. 

Henry  Harvin in collaboration with E&ICT Academy, IIT Guwahati provides online Certified Courses in various disciplines such as Digital Marketing, Six Sigma Green Belt, Instructional Design, HR Analytics with Python, Digital Marketing, HR Generalist, RPA Using UI Path, Salesforce Administrator & App Builder.

Highlights about the course

  • The duration and mode of the course: 32-hour live online interactive course
  • A total of 50 hours of e-learning access will be provided during interactive sessions
  • Instructors: The trainers are industry experts with 10+ years of expertise
  • Live projects: While taking your course you’ll get the chance to do real-life projects from the industry
  • Getting an internship: Henry Harvin and its partners offer guaranteed internships
  • Job Openings: Each week there will be at least ten job openings

How a Data Science Course with Henry Harvin can benefit you

  • You will learn a variety of Data Science and Machine Learning skills and techniques
  • Get familiar with the tools used by Data Scientists and practice using them
  • You will develop the skills you need to think and act like a Data Scientist by mastering the key steps involved in tackling data science problems.
  • Explore relational database concepts and write SQL queries to query databases.
  • Learn Python, which is useful for data science.
  • Cleanse, analyze, and evaluate data models.
  • Implement several techniques, tools, and libraries for data visualization.
  • Analyze various Machine Learning models, algorithms, and guidelines to solve real-world problems.
  • Choose from a variety of career options.
  • You’ll get better shortlisted by improving your CV
  • The Henry Harvin Analytics Academy will give you a 1 year Gold Membership, which allows you to attend boot camps, receive job opportunities, etc.
  • At the Henry Harvin Analytics Academy, project support, placement, and internship are guaranteed
  • Experience working with renowned companies 
  • Recorded sessions are also available to you if you aren’t able to attend in person
  • The certification you receive has affiliations with MSME, the Government of India, the American Association of Foreign Languages, and UKAF.

Syllabus of the Course

  • Analyzing Data: An Introduction
  • Exploratory Python introduction
  • Cleaning and obtaining data
  • Analyse, Research, and Statistical Inference of Exploratory Data
  • A Practical Machine Learning Approach: Regression Models
  • Training sessions on soft skills and resume writing are available for free

Henry Harvin Data Science Course Duration

  • Duration- 40-hrs Instructor-led Training + 50hrs E-Learning Access Validity of the program- 1-Year Membership of Henry Harvin Relearn time- 1-Year. Learning should not be stopped

Henry Harvin Data Science Course Online Fees:

Henry Harvin Data Science Course Duration

  32 Hours of Two-way Live Online Interactive Classroom Sessions + 50hrs E-Learning Access.

Cities where Henry Harvin Data Science Online Course are provided:

DelhiMumbaiBangaloreHyderabad, KolkataChennaiPuneNoidaGurgaon

Henry Harvin Ranks#1 in the List of Top 5 Upskilling Courses in India to Make You India Today & Tribune India

Other Henry Harvin Courses:

Also, check this video:

2. Udemy- Data Science Online Courses with Placement Assistance

Contact No. 92413 33666

Udemy logo

Udemy’s Complete Data Science Bootcamp program lets students become data scientists. The program progresses from basic mathematics through statistics, machine learning, and tableau. It includes video lectures, 88 articles, and 144 downloadable resources.

It is the most efficient, time-effective, and structured online data science course on Udemy. The course covers the following topics in-depth – Statistical Analysis, Math (Calculus and Linear Algebra), Python and Matlab programming, Tableau, Advanced Statistical Analysis, Machine Learning with statistical models and sci-kit-learn, Deep learning with TensorFlow. You will find a wide range of animations, quizzes, exercises, and bonuses in the package. The course is taught from the ground up, with each topic building on the previous one, so students are ready to start as data scientists, handle real-life business problems, and pursue more advanced specializations.

Key Highlights

  • Learn the mathematics behind machine learning
  • Python can be used to perform linear and logistic regressions
  • Learned NumPy, statistics models, and sci-kit-learn to construct Machine Learning algorithms
  • Utilize Google’s TensorFlowDevelop to implement Deep Learning techniques and solve tasks involving big data
  • Analyze overfitting and underfitting, train, validate, cross-validate n-fold, test, and how hyperparameters can improve performance in Machine Learning algorithms
  • Preprocessing data can be learned
  • Perform clustering and factor analysis
  • Embrace deep learning to transform your business
  • Real-life business examples allow you to apply your skills

Course Duration and Fees:

Duration: There are 27 hours of on-demand video, 88 articles, and 144 free resources to download.

Course Fees: Rs. 3499

3. Johns Hopkins University Coursera- Top Data Science Online Courses

Contact Number: 410-516-8000


Johns Hopkins University Coursera

You will learn concepts and tools related to data science in this 10-course specialization. The curriculum is taught by professors of Johns Hopkins University on Coursera. platform. The course is designed to develop students’ skills in asking the right type of questions, manipulating data sets, making inferences, creating visualizations, and publishing results.

A capstone project is at the end of this certification program, which includes ten courses. The courses will cover tools used by data analysts and data scientists such as version control, markdown, git, GitHub, and R. You will also learn R programming, Getting and cleaning data, exploring data, replicable research, regression models, machine learning, and developing data products. Designed for government, industry, or academic partners, the Capstone Project will look at real-world problems. Potential employers will be able to view the evidence of students’ proficiency in data science. To take this course, you must have some familiarity with Regression and be able to use Python at a beginner level.

Key Highlights

  • Cleanse, analyze, and visualize data with R
  • Analyze data from the acquisition stage to publication
  • Projects can be managed on GitHub
  • Calculate regression coefficients, least squares, and inferences based on regression models
  • To analyze and handle large data sets, the theory and practice of applied mathematics must be balanced
  • Model real-world problems with the help of formal techniques and abstraction methodologies

Duration: 10 courses over eight months, five hours a week

4. Coursera- Data Science Online Training Programs

Contact No:- 8009525210 

Four professors from the University of Michigan developed this Coursera Data Science program. University of the purpose of the course is for learners with a basic understanding of programming to be able to manipulate data effectively and gain five courses focused on Python techniques, methods, and skills related to learning Python or some other programming background is analyzing, learning, interpreting, visualizing, and analyzing social networks are subjects covered in this program.

It consists of 5 courses: Introduction to Data Science in Python, Plotting, Charting, and Data Representation in Python, Machine Learning in Python, Text Mining in Python, and Social Network Analysis in Python. To earn the specialization certificate, learners must complete all five courses.

Key Highlights

  • Examine a social network’s connectivity
  • Perform an inferential statistical analysis
  • Get an introduction to the matplotlib library and learn how to visualize data using reports and charts
  • Establish best practices for creating basic data visualizations and charts and determine whether a data visualization is good or not
  • Machine learning will enhance the analysis of data
  • Understand clustering and classification in the context of applied data mining
  • Get familiar with how tabular data can be cleaned, manipulated, and analyzed using basic inferential statistics
  • Study how networks are generated and how links are predicted

Course Duration And Fees:

Course Duration: 5 courses run over 5 months, 7 hours per week

Course Fees:

5. University of California- Data Science Online Training Program

Contact Number: 9780520966

The MicroMasters in Data Science program is a collection of graduate courses in data science that is taught online for graduate students by professors at the University of California, San Diego. Data scientists can gain valuable skills from this program that can help them advance in their careers. Students will gain a deep understanding of the mathematical and computational tools that are the basis of data science, and how to apply those tools to make data-driven business decisions.

This four-course UCSD Data Science certificate program entails both mathematical and applied aspects of data learning. 

Data Science using Python, Probability, and Statistics in Data Science with Python, Machine Learning Fundamentals and Big Data Analysis with Spark are the courses. Students learn about powerful, open-source tools for analyzing data and conducting data science. The course certificate is received at the end of each stage of completion. A Certificate of Completion for the MicroMasters program is awarded upon completion of all four courses.

Key Highlights

  • Get hands-on experience loading and cleaning real-world data
  • Discover how to perform large-scale data analysis using popular open-source software, and how to present your findings visually
  • Discover how to draw reliable statistical conclusions from noisy data
  • Machine learning is used to develop data models
  • The lectures will cover several tools for visualizing complex data
  • Utilize Apache Spark to analyze data bigger than a single computer’s memory
  • You will need to complete practical assignments and projects to enhance your portfolio and apply the knowledge you have learned in the courses
  • Discover public datasets, create data-driven tools, and analyze evidence

Course Duration: Approximately four courses lasting ten to fifteen weeks each, requiring eight to ten hours per week

6. Harvard University (edX)- Data Science Online Courses with placement support

harvard logo

A certificate program in data science is offered online through Harvard University’s edX platform using the leading e-learning platform. edX.By giving you a head start in the role of a data scientist, you are equipped with key data science skills like R programming, and machine learning, among others.

It is a self-paced, 2 to 4-month program that has a very good reputation. In addition to courses at the graduate level, Rafael Irizarry, a professor of biostatistics at Harvard University, offers nine-course offerings that are entirely online and cost a fraction of what traditional colleges charge, making the program very affordable, flexible, and accessible. Among the 9 courses covered by this data science program are R basics, visualization, probability, inference and modeling, productivity tools, wrangling, linear regression, machine learning, and a capstone project. As a result, students learn the basics but culminate with a Capstone project that applies skills, knowledge, and experience to a real-life issue. After completing the program, you will become proficient in data analysis independently.

Key Highlights

  • Data science jobs require at least 65% knowledge of R programming (this is a core skill).
  • In this course, students will learn statistical concepts such as probability and inference, as well as statistical tools such as modeling.
  • Develop skills in ggplot2 data visualization and dplyr data manipulation using the tidyverse
  • Utilize R to create a linear regression model
  • Learn how to use Unix/Linux, git, GitHub, and RStudio as productivity tools for practicing data scientists
  • Algorithms for Machine Learning
  • By engaging in real-world case studies, you will learn fundamental concepts about data science

course duration: 102 to 184 hours total for 9 courses lasting 2 to 8 weeks each

7. Master’s Degree in Statistics and Data Science from MIT(edX)

The IDSS (MIT Institute for Data, Systems, and Society) is delivering this Data Science and Statistics certification program through edX. Students enrolled in this data science program will obtain an understanding of data science, statistics, and machine learning.

A certificate is earned through a virtually proctored online exam after completing four intensive online courses. Students can take Probability, Data Analysis in Social Science, Fundamentals of Statistics, Machine Learning with Python, and a capstone exam in Data Science and Statistics. MIT’s Probability course which has been taught for 50 years is essentially the same as this program’s Probability course. There is a high-quality and hands-on learning approach in all courses taught by MIT faculty. Students should have a working knowledge of single- and multivariable calculus and linear algebra, as well as mathematical reasoning and Python programming to take part in the program.

This MIT Data Science Certificate program consists of 13 to 16 courses over 13 to 16 weeks. Students are required to spend approximately 12-14 hours on each course per week. Upon completing each course, learners receive a Verified Certificate, and upon passing the capstone exam at the end, learners receive a MicroMasters Program Credential.

Key Highlights

  • Study data analysis and machine learning techniques and apply them to real-world examples
  • During this course, you will learn about linear models, deep learning, and reinforcement learning while implementing Python projects
  • Apply statistical inference, probabilistic modeling, and appropriate ways to extract meaningful information for decision-making to make data-driven predictions.
  • Create machine learning algorithms to extract insights from unstructured data.
  • Work on supervised methods like deep neural networks and unsupervised learning methods like clustering.
  • The coursework acquired through the MIT MicroMasters can be applied to the MIT Doctoral Program in Social and Engineering Systems (SES) provided by the MIT IDSS and will earn individual credit for this coursework.
  • Once this course is completed, learners may seek employment as Data Scientists, Data Analysts, Systems Analysts, Business Intelligence Analysts, and Data Engineers.

Course Duration and Fees:

Duration: 12 to 14 hours per week for 5 courses of 2 to 16 weeks each 

Course Fees: Rs. 111,869 )For the full program experience)

8. Udacity-Online Data Science Training with Certificate

The School of Data Science at Udacity offers Nanodegree programs of the highest quality.

 Regardless of the level of experience and skills of the student, these programs provide an entry point into the world of data. A range of programs is offered to build relevant skills, including data science programming using Python, R, or SQL as well as business analytics.

Business Analyst, Data Analyst, and Data Scientist are the three roles within Udacity’s School of Data Science. Depending on the learners’ experience, skills, and career goals, they prepare them to fill these positions.

Key Highlights

  • You can jumpstart your career in Data Science with these programs
  • Create expertise in manipulating, visualizing, and analyzing data
  • You will receive expert instruction, real-world experiences, and a mentor to help you succeed
  • Learn about industry best practices with practical tips and tricks

Course Duration And Fees:

Course Duration: A self-paced course

Course Fees:

9. Data Analytics Professional Certificate (Coursera)

On Coursera, you can earn a certificate in Data Analytics by Google that includes all the skills students need to land an entry-level job in the field. 

Experts at Google have developed the curriculum for this data analytics certification program, enhanced by input from some top employers and industry leaders, including Tableau, Accenture, and Deloitte. Students take a series of 7 courses and can also complete a capstone project as part of the program. 

The courses cover the following topics:

  • Analyzing data: an overview
  • Structures and types of data
  • Problem-solving with data
  • Analyzing data and how to collect it
  • Using databases to extract, filter, and sort data
  • Transforming data and cleaning it
  • Data analysis: how to do it
  • With visualizations, tell a story with data
  • You can boost your analysis by using R programming

This program includes live classes, assessments, quizzes, and assignments in addition to video lessons. A capstone project allows you to showcase your new skills to an employer by creating a case study. The certificate program will provide entry-level data analysts with career resources as well as direct access to over 130 employers who are hiring for open entry-level roles.

Key Highlights

  • Become a data analyst by learning all the basics, including the tools you need to do your job efficiently
  • Organize and secure your data using best practices
  • Discover how to program in R using its fundamental concepts
  • Simulating real-world scenarios through practice-based assessments
  • Get access to Google career resources to improve your interviewing skills and resume
  • The schedule and pace can be adjusted according to your needs

Course Duration and Fees:

Course Duration: 10 hours per week for 6 months

Course Fees:

10. Microsoft Professional Program in Data Science -Advanced Online Data Science Courses 


You can explore key tools and programming languages within this course and gain the fundamentals of data science by taking advantage of Microsoft’s online learning platform on edX. In this Microsoft certification, there are three units, culminating in a capstone project.

A 70% passing grade is required for the MPP (Microsoft Professional Program) Data Science certificate. The choice of technology varies according to the course. As part of Unit 1 (Fundamentals), Analyzing and Visualizing Data, you have the choice of Excel and Power BI. Applied Data Science Unit 3 (Python or R) offers the same opportunity to learn to program. You can fulfill graduation requirements by taking both courses, even if you do not complete both.

Key Highlights

  • Explore data using Microsoft Excel
  • Queries relational databases using Transact-SQL
  • Using Excel or Power BI, build data models and visualize data
  • Analyze data using statistical methods
  • Data can be explored and transformed using R and Python
  • Apply a data science methodology
  • Azure Machine Learning enables you to create and validate machine learning models
  • Create a SQL Server database in Azure
  • To create machine learning models, write R or Python code
  • Analyze common scenarios using data science techniques
  • Using machine learning to solve a specific data problem

Course Duration and Fees:

Course Duration: 10 courses plus final capstone project, 16 to 32 hours per course

Course Fees:

Data Science Courses Eligibility:

The following candidates are eligible for a data science course online:

  • Fresh college graduate
  • B.Sc, BBA students
  • MSc, MBA, Btech students
  • BCA, MCA students
  • Anyone with knowledge in science, mathematics, engineering, and technology

Data Science Courses Syllabus:

The data science course includes theoretical and practical training in the following  aspects:

  • Big Data

Big data strategies are taught to handle the unstructured database and convert it into organized data. It trains on methods to compare all types of data be it messages, orders, images, videos, etc

  • Machine Learning

This part focuses on algorithms and coding to adapt it to machine learning methods. By using predictive methods of analysis, one gets an idea of how to use the historical database and predict the future of the business.

  • Business Acumen and AI

Artificial Intelligence and business acumen train one on the patterns, graphs, and their visual representation. The focus is given to perception, logic application, and deep learning tools, to get trained in making smart business decisions. 

  • Modeling

This is a very crucial part wherein an individual is trained on factors like understanding the business, bringing an analytical approach to it, collecting the data required, understanding and recollecting, preparing the data as per business requirements, building up the model, evaluating, making it work, and get feedback.

  • Languages 

Apart from all these big fundamentals, training in programming languages and tools like C, C++, Java, Python, R, Hadoop, Tableau, K-means, etc will also be provided.

  • Other Topics

The syllabus of the data science course also includes fundamental training in data mining, information visualization, data acquisition, data structure, applied informatics, and statistics.

  • Detail visulaizaton study

The syllabus also trains in line charts, histograms, bar graphs, line graphs, box plots, sparklines, bubble charts, frequency charts, pie charts, etc


Data Science is a growing field and doesn’t show any signs of decline soon. Beginners may want to consider now to start and stay ahead of the competition. 

Having covered all that, we can now answer that question: It depends on what you want (need) from an online course provider.

If you want to study a subject in a “professional” manner, Henry Harvin is an option worth considering. Their content is very high-quality, and the company takes what they do very seriously.

Whatever you decide to do regarding your online education endeavor, I wish you success. Learning never ends, so keep going at your own pace. See you next time!

Good luck

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