Are you confused about what to study after graduation and don’t know which career path you should follow? Then you have come to the right place. Here I will be discussing in detail the most hyped course, which is none other than the cybersecurity course. In this article, I have mentioned the top 10 cybersecurity courses in India.


1. Henry Harvin Education 

Henry Harvin is one of the best institutes, it provides courses in a variety of fields. The institute aims to focus on value creation. It focuses on the skill development of the students, thereby making them more productive individuals. It has also got wide recognition on various platforms.

Why Henry Harvin

  • Henry Harvin’s Cyber Security Course covers all aspects of Cyber Security and also helps develop your skills in Cloud security, Date and endpoint security, Application Security.
  • 1-year gold membership, which consists of:

  1.   Live projects
  2. Monthly brush-up sessions
  3. Recorded videos
  4. Weekly job support
  5. Career service trained by subject experts

  • Become aware of the booming market of Cyber Security professionals.
  • Learn vital topics like Cryptography in accordance with DES,AES,IDEA,ECC
  • Learn about Computer Network Security with reference to the internet layer.
  • Enjoy the elite alumni status of Henry Harvin and join its world -wide alumni network.            

They offer a magnum opus Certified Cyber Security Professional Course in India.

Duration of the Course:16 hours is the duration of the online live interactive course.

Benefits of the Course

  • The course consists of 9 modules, wait there it is not over yet. An added bonus of Soft Skills Development and Resume Writing is also included.
  • Avoid the added burden of writing note. Our LMS  has everything just tailored to your needs.
  • Get certified as a Cyber Security Professional
  • Train under the best mentors having global certification.
  • Boot camp and doubt clearance session valid for one year post completion of the course.
  • Lifetime access to the LMS or learning portal
  • 100 percent placement assistance

Course Fee: 13500 INR

Who can apply

  • Having an IT background would be beneficial but not mandatory

2. Jigsaw Academy with Hacker U

Jigsaw Academy is based in Bangalore. It was founded by Gaurav Vohra and Sarita Digumarti. It helps train professionals in the areas of analytics, Data Science, Machine Learning, Big Data, Cyber Security and Cloud Computing. This course is done in collaboration with Hacker U, a premiere Cyber Security Training Institute. The course covers more than 14 modules in three different phases like Network fundamentals, Windows and Linux administration, applicative hacking and penetration testing on emerging technologies like IoT.

Duration of the course

  • 600 hours

Course fee

2,80,000 INR+ Taxes 

 3. Praxis Business School

Praxis Business School is a postgraduate school of management in Kolkata. It was established in 2007. Its chairperson is Kamlesh Sajnani and the director is Dr Prithwis Mukherjee. Praxis plays a vital role in making a strong array of resources who understand the interconnection among data, technology and business. This certification by Praxis School is in partnership with industries like British standards institutions. Fortinet, Infosec Foundation, Cisco, and Isaca.

Duration of the course

  • Duration of the course is for 9 months
  • Divided into 3 trimesters
  • Provision of 4 specialization options


  • Professionals who want to upgrade themselves to carve a niche for themselves in Cybersecurity
  • Graduates having minimum of 50 percent
  • Engineering students having 6.5 CGPA 
  • Postgraduates having a minimum of 45 percent 
  • Aspirants who are in the final year, completing their examination

Course fee

3,00,000 INR

4. Great Learning

Great Learning was established by Mohan Lakhamraju and Hari Krishnan Nair in 2013.Most courses offered here are in partnership with institutions such as, Stanford GSB, Stanford Center for Professional Development, McCombs School of Business, and the Great Lakes Institute of Management. The programs offered help learners achieve mastery over competencies such as business analytics, data science, big data, machine learning, artificial intelligence, cloud computing and cybersecurity. The online self-paced course helps the learners learn in the comfort of their homes. The following topics are covered: web applications security, network security, mobile security, cryptography, writing secure code, and other emerging threat and defences.

Duration of the course

6 months

Course fee

 INR 1,74,650

5. Edureka

Edureka is an e-learning platform, which offers live, instructor-led training in technologies like, AI, data science, big data, cloud computing, blockchain and cybersecurity. Edureka is a boon for working professionals as it helps them keep up with the changing technologies. Mostly, they offer short term courses, aided by online resources with lifetime support. The course on cybersecurity helps the learners understand the basic concepts of cybersecurity. The course will touch upon cryptography, computer networks and security, application security, data and endpoint security, IDAM, cloud security, cyber-attacks and various security practices for businesses The course is crafted as a primary step to learn cybersecurity.

Duration of the course


Course fee

 INR 14,995

6 . Purple Synapz

Purple Synapz is based in Bangalore. Its Cyber Pro Track course helps students for their cybersecurity careers. Its hyper-realistic research and training lab enables the students to become the next-gen cybersecurity professionals. The modern curriculum of the institution is designed by leading Infosec practitioners and consultants, Cyber Range, and Innovation Sandbox. The main advantage of the course is Purple Range, a virtual environment that provides training scenarios that include, incident response, penetration testing and individual skill-building. The course consists of 9+ modules. There are 4 batches every year and the total number of seats available are 20. Now, most of the courses are held online.

Duration of the course: 4 months and 2 months of internship

Course fee: INR 2,25,000 + GST. Payable after the placement

  1. Institute of Information Security

The Institute of Information Security is the most trusted source in providing practical training in information security. The program Certified Information Security Consultant consists of 45+ sessions, it includes fundamental as well as advanced concepts. The 45 + sessions are divided into four quarters, which will be covered in 6 months. Each session is further broken down into 15-20 modules. CISC equips students with the needed consulting skills beneficial to make their mark in the field of cybersecurity. There is the constant backing of the technical team, under the brand name of Network Intelligence which trains, mentors and supports the career of the students in cybersecurity.

Duration of the program: 6 months

Course fee: INR 1,30,000 for weekday batches, INR 1,45000 for weekend batches.

8. Udemy

Udemy is a platform that helps instructors build their own courses on their preferred topics. It has got a variety of topics. Most students prefer Udemy so as to improve their job-related skills. An array of courses are available, starting from basic to advanced level courses in cybersecurity. Crack the Cyber Security Career Code uses DRAPE methodology, which is a blueprint for getting into cybersecurity. Fresh graduates, IT professionals, and individuals who are determined to become cybersecurity professionals.


  • 3 hours 8 min,5 sections 36 lectures
  • Also includes 5 downloadable resources
  • Full lifetime access
  • Certification of completion

Course fee: INR 4,480


Educuba offers Cyber Security Training Certification, which includes 12 courses, 3 projects with 77 + hours of video tutorials and lifetime access. The course helps you in learning ethical hacking techniques that will help in protecting personal data from attacks and get a good knowledge of cybersecurity. The applicants should have the following prerequisites

  •  a willingness to pursue a career as  cybersecurity engineer or ethical hacker or IT security professional.
  • Knowledge in Networking or UNX , OS or Web programming

Duration of the course:  77 hours

Course fee : INR 6999

10. Reva University

Reva University offers a PG Diploma / M. Tech in cybersecurity for working professionals that provides in-depth knowledge of the aspects of cybersecurity. The programs bring forth the latest tools, techniques and skill sets that are in sync with the futuristic demands of the industry. Most of the courses have a blended learning model with flexible contact classes and a well managed online learning management system. 

Duration of the course

 12 months for PG Diploma and 24 months for M. Tech program

Course fee: INR 3,50,000 FOR PG Diploma and INR 4,50,000 for M. Tech program

Advantages of Cybersecurity Course

Cybersecurity is the application of technologies, processes and controls to protect systems, networks, programs, devices and data from cyber-attacks. In today’s times where cyber crimes are increasing,cybersecurity plays a vital role in reducing these crimes. Most of the giant enterprises are on the hunt for cybersecurity professionals. During the pandemic almost all the companies are forced to adopt work from home, cybersecurity has become the need of the hour.           

The demand for cybersecurity analysts, engineers is at its peak. According to ‘The Humans of Cybersecurity report by professional recruitment services firm Michael Page India ,there seems to be a dearth of employees where cybersecurity is concerned.

Here I have listed why one should choose cybersecurity as a career

1.Money Speaks

Working for peanuts?? Not anymore, especially if you go on to choose cybersecurity as your career. With continuous news of cyber attacks almost every day, most agencies have realized the importance of cybersecurity. They are ready to pay a bomb to experts who can protect their company system from cyber hackers and criminals. Salaries in cybersecurity are always on a rise than other industries. You don’t need to work many years to earn a lump sum amount as earnings are purely based on merit.

  1. An Array of Industries

With the advent of digitalization of industries, you will not be limited to a specific industry. We are going through a digital revolution, that means you can work in government agencies, hospitals, educational institutions as everybody wants their digital front to be secure.

  1. Challenging Job

This career will push you to the limits and will be challenging in every aspect. That is what makes it interesting and exciting. Cyber attackers will continue to discover new exploits and your job is to find divergent solutions to them. If you are a person who loves doing creative things and are bored due to monotonous activities,then this is not a hard nut to crack.

  1. Remote work: a Boon

You can work from home which saves a lot of time used for commuting. You get graded for the quality of work not the hours you are logged in. This means you could travel the world while working , all you need is a laptop and the willpower to get the work done. This ensures a healthy work-life balance.

  1. Self Employment

Who doesn’t like being their own boss? Cybersecurity has a few self-employment options, you could start your own cybersecurity firm. If you are willing to take a calculated risk ,by amalgamating your cybersecurity expertise, with entrepreneurial skills then you can create your own kingdom of cybersecurity.

  1. Huge growth

There is never a dearth of opportunities in the field of cybersecurity. If you are skilled, there is a wide range of opportunities to choose from

  • Security analysts
  • Security engineers
  • Security architects
  • Security managers
  • Security consultants

Cybersecurity is ever evolving, so every day new jobs crop up in the sector, which makes it much sought after.

  1. High Demand Career

The main advantage being in the cybersecurity is the dearth of employees which makes you valuable. You will always be in high demand by the employers. Even a fresher earns more than a senior from the other so called industries. With the right set of skills and hard work you can earn significantly more.

  1. Cybersecurity: Umpteen Specializations

Cybersecurity has a dozen specializations . Penetration testing, systems architecture, cybersecurity analysts, network engineers, forensic examiners, and consultants. These specializations mean more hard work ,but also good pay. You can do any specialization and carve a niche for yourself.

  1. Overseas Offers

Working abroad will not only upgrade your CV but improve your knowledge. Cybersecurity career is booming in the Caribbean, Asia, The USA,UK. Staying abroad helps us widen our horizons, understand multiple cultures and have amazing experiences. The quality of your life will be improved.

10.Work/Life Balance

The Major Problem in any career in today’s world is the lack of time for the family. Many employers put in so many hours of work, scared of losing their jobs. Unless and until this issue is solved, a person can’t be productive. If you choose a field of cybersecurity that caters to your needs, you can achieve a healthy work-life balance.



Ques 1. Who is eligible to apply for a cybersecurity course?

Ans. Anyone with knowledge of the basic concepts of IT, having an IT background is beneficial but not mandatory.


Ques 2. Are there enough opportunities in cybersecurity?

Ans. Yes , there is an array of opportunities:

Security AnalystSecurity EngineerSecurity SpecialistIncident ResponderVulnerability AssessorSecurity ArchitectSecurity Administrator


Ques 3. Will I get a placement soon after I complete the course?

Ans. Yes, you will definitely get a job after the course as there is a dearth of talent in the cybersecurity field. Companies are always on the lookout for cybersecurity employees.


Ques 4.How good is the pay in the industry?

Ans. Cybersecurity is an ever-evolving , evergreen career which is always in demand. Compared to the other jobs ,you can earn really well. Salary is purely based on merit. Theses are the highest-paid cybersecurity jobs:

Information Security Manager

Cybersecurity Engineer

Application Security Engineer

Cybersecurity Analyst

Penetration Tester

Network Security Engineer


Ques 5. Can I start my own Cybersecurity firm?

Ans. If you are willing to take a calculated risk, by amalgamating your cybersecurity expertise, with entrepreneurial skills then you can create your own kingdom of cybersecurity.

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