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Content writing is such a field that is never outdated. Every industry, firm, governmental- non-governmental, educational to entertainment every field requires effective content to make their organizations reach on top. However, earlier people were not much aware of the content writing industry, but nowadays, it is emerging like a wildfire. It has grasped a fast pace ever since the world started consuming digitalization. It’s a great growing industry in today’s world. From writing small hashtags to writing novels, content writing plays a major role for every organization.

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Content plays a crucial position, as it is the effector for every firm. Writing effective content is the best way to engage or attract the audience. Without any other applied technique, it is the best and organic way to involve the audiences/ customers/ viewers.

Since, content writing varies from industry to industry such as Marketing, Technical, Educational, Medical, etc. Hence, it’s obvious that the content of every industry differs greatly from one another.

A content writer must be well prepared to face any interview questions depending upon the field they are applying for.

You can prepare and explore more about content writing by taking a Content Writing Course. It will provide you insight into various genres of content writing as well as helps you to be technically skilled. Courses in Content Writing will help you to get greater knowledge about this field and somewhat prepares you to stand for an interview and get a job.

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Each company looks for a different set of skills in a content writer, candidates may have expertise in grammar knowledge, SEO, research, editing & proofreading, knowledge of social media, communication skills, etc. 

Nowadays, content writing is quite a popular and interesting job, as today’s world is full of marketing with content creation. Hence, you should be thoroughly prepared if you’re looking forward to working as a content writer.

Top 25 Interview Questions that you should Read before Going for an Interview.

Q1. Tell us about yourself.

The foremost question asked mostly in every job application, job interview, internship of any industry would love to ask you this question. This question is common in every interview. Hence, you should give a precise, interesting, and impressive answer.

Few points to remember-

  • Be confident and don’t stumble while answering, even if you get incorrect, don’t forget to correct it immediately.
  • Tell them about the things that you’ve not mentioned in your Resume.
  • Either generously ask themselves, “what would you like to know”?

Q2. Why do you want to work here?

Make sure before applying to any company, you have read about it thoroughly and have the ability to meet the desires of the company. Bring honesty in your answers even if you want to do it for earning, tell about it and make an impact.

  Q3. Why should we hire you?

This is another most common interview question. Be confident while telling the expertise in skills you have. If you were asked this for the content writing interview, tell them about the proficiency you have in SEO, Proofreading, etc. Tell them about your multiple tasking skills or what else you can handle, apart from content writing.

Q4. Tell us about your strengths and weaknesses.

When it comes to talking about your strengths and weaknesses. Assure that they are accurate and not a lie.

If you have the strength to handle peer pressure, tell them. If not then tell them you’ll work on it with time. Share your qualities and traits of experiences you had. Telling your weaknesses will mark out your honesty, start with your weakness and then discuss the measures you’ll take to improve it; hence, you’ll end the answer on a positive note.

Q5. What are your hobbies?

The interviewer will ask you this question often because they want to know more about you. Sharing your hobbies whether it’s dancing, singing, playing football, etc is your hobby then, talk about it. This way the environment gets a little easy and the interaction between the candidate and the interviewer becomes engaging.

Q6. What is Content in your opinion?

Since you’re applying for content writing, there might be chances that they ask you about the definition of content from your viewpoint. As being a creative mind the answer to this will impact their further judgment about you on this topic. Make sure that you define and especially frame it well. For example- you can give a reply by saying that content is everything and is never outdated, everything has content from a pencil to big systems. Nothing works without content, if you want to promote something, you need effective content to sell it, as today’s world is all about sales and marketing and content goes hand in hand with them.

Q7. What makes Content good?

There exist various aspects to make the content good. However, here you were expected to give the fundamental traits of the content. For example-

  • Writing engaging content, proper headlines, images, catchy lines, and proper framework will help it to make good content.
  • Creating Content while keeping in mind the needs of the audiences. The utility of your content again plays a major role in the ranking.
  • The foremost duty to write good content is credibility and plagiarism-free content. The information included in your article should have research accuracy and not be plagiarised.  

Q8. How do you improve your Writing Skills and Grammar?

You can answer this by saying the following:

  • Reading is the foremost exercise to improve your writing
  • Writing something daily and proofreading it
  • Taking online quizzes or reading key elements to improve your grammar and punctuation.

Q9. How do you make content credible?

 Through this question, the interviewer wants to know whether or not you do thorough research before writing any piece. Providing factual content from credible resources is again a must for content writers. Quoting the statements, you chose from the credible resource and providing credit can make your content accurate.

Q10. What do you know about SEO and how will you apply it to your Content?

Company hirers basically want the person to be aware of SEO as a content writer. Since the company’s content is to be published online and also everything is just a click away from googling search, they would want their companies to be on top search on google. So, the writers must be well aware of Search Engine Optimisation. Tell them about the elements to do SEO, such as using internal and external links, using the right keywords, talk about how you did it for other companies, and how you’ll help them to rank on the first page.

Q11. Are you familiar with some Content Development tools?

To enter into the content writing field, it’s again important to know content development tools just like SEO.

Following are the few content development tools:

  • Google Trends
  • Hemingway
  • Canva
  • Porter’s content idea generator

Q12. What are other forms of writing you’re aware of?

To answer this, you’ll have to talk about the types of content writing you’re aware of and then later talk about the type of writing, which you’re confident to do.

Some various forms of writing are-

  • Technical Content
  • Blogging
  • Website
  • Newsletters
  • E-books
  • Product Review
  • Social Media Content, etc.

The foremost thing that the interviewer would like to ask you is how would you make their company up to date. Mention the following to answer this:

  • Researching related keywords and topics
  • Keeping track of the trends going on in social media
  • Keeping trail of the articles and blogs by Subject matter experts, critics, etc.
  • Keeping in mind the need of the audiences and suitable targets

Q14. How would you manage the deadlines?

The answer to this depends upon your capability of writing content. You’ve to analyze how much time it would take you to outline, research, frame, and edit and proofread content. Figure out your time frame and tell them accordingly.

Q15. How do you set the tone of content?

The tone of the content depends upon which kind of content you’re writing. The tone of the writing matters on how you are writing not what you are writing.

Q16. Which Content Management Systems have you used?

The company usually wants content writers who can directly post content on their website. You should provide them a way around managing the main content system of the company like using WordPress or Magento.

Q17. How do you check whether your content is performing well or not?

You should be aware of such tools to check the performance of your content. Following is some of them:

  • Verifying how many shares your content received on social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Linked In, etc.
  • Checking Google analytics of your content.
  • Searching on google the keywords you’ve used to check if it is ranking on the first page or not.

Q18. How would you determine the usage of the right keywords in your content?

Using the right keywords in writing content with the correct frequency will boost the optimization of your content. The right keywords in the right places will be determined as good content. The part of your content should be systematically correct, plagiarism, and grammatical error-free. This will help your content to rank well.

Q19. How do you define your target audience?

It is very vital to know your target audience since your writing style varies differently with your target audience. The best way to do so is to collect data from the person who assigned you the project or perform a survey. Based on this, check the online analytics and research.

Q20. What approach should you follow for social media Content Writing?

For social media, your content should be precise and eye-catchy to the audience, you should write in a way that focuses on your main content directly to the target audience. The graphics of it should be eye catchy and the language can be set in a more relaxed and casual way.

Q21. What are some of the skills mandatory for a Content Writer?

Following are the skills mandatory in Content Writing are:

  • Good command of grammar and punctuation
  • Writing Creative and Engaging Content
  • Flexibility in Content Topics
  • Well aware with Search Engine Optimization
  • Good aptitude to deliver the content on time

Q22. How do you Optimize your Content for SEO?

Being a Content Writer, you should keep in mind the following steps for SEO:

  • URL: – The URL of your website link and the division of it, after the domain name, should contain the main information of your content.
  • Meta Description: – The meta description is the small description that shows the website information below the link. It must carry the major information of the blog or article in the passage and should be eye catchy to the readers, it helps to generate original traffic to your content.
  • Internal and External Links: Your Content on the website should contain related internal and external links. It will help in the ranking of your website.
  • Proper usage of keywords: Using the right keywords in proper frequency again works to boost the Search Engine Optimization of your Website. Make sure you don’t overuse the related keywords.

Q23. Do you believe you’re fit for this job?

Answering this question in content writing depends upon the dedication you have towards your work and your interest in this. Hence, you should answer this without fumbling, as the interviewer might be figuring out your seriousness towards work. Answer thoughtfully and make an impact.

Q24. Are you willing to work with a team or would like to handle projects separately?

Through this, the interviewer would want to assess your adaptive skills as a co-worker. Giving direct answers “Yes” or “No” will set a different vibe. Hence, try providing them a safe answer, tell them that you’re comfortable working in a team as well as individually.

  If you’re a fresher, then you must show emphasis on working in a team, as this will help to give you a proper insight of working in a company and will give you major information about the company’s vision and work.

Q25. Do you have any questions for us?

This is a must-asked question in every interview before ending. It allows you to explore any of the topics that weren’t addressed to you, asking questions to them will help the interviewer to analyze how excited you’re for this role. For example: If you gave an interview for a Content Writer, there might be chances that you will be asked to provide the content in an emergency. You could ask them what steps should be taken or how your company collaboratively works in an emergency? Or maybe you could also ask them What are the major challenges faced in this position?

  With this they’ll consider your position as well and you never know, you might even get selected!

An interview is much like preparing for a school exam, the only difference is, there you think and write, but here you have to be thoroughly confident while giving answers on the spot.

Points to Remember:

  • Do the proper research of the company before going for an interview
  • Calm yourself and reduce nervousness
  • Be honest while giving answers
  • Prepare for the most common questions asked in an interview
  • Frame questions in your mind, think about what else could be asked for this job post.
  • Try making the environment comfortable for you as well as the interviewer and generate casual but formal interaction
  • Plan your outfit, never go for an interview messily, whether it’s online or offline


Content Writing is a great prominent industry in today’s world and the scope in this field is never out of date. It is such a field that helps you to grow your skills every day which will give a boost to your career and experience. 

    Content writing opens up opportunities for those who are creative, engaging, and consistent in their work. All these factors are important for being a content writer.

Another one such prominent thing in content writing is the use of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), it targets the audience and will help you to analyze the need of theirs.

However, content writing is a vast field, but in today’s context it is part of Digital Marketing and slowly everyone is shifting to electronic mediums for reading, that is why marketing becomes prominent via effective content.

 To prepare for a content writing interview in the corporate sector, it is suggested to be prepared with these above questions. In this, we have the most common content writing interview questions that you should prepare for. The questions are designed for freshers as well as experienced people. Make sure that you answer it truthfully and impressively. It is also necessary to be fully aware of the company and have up-to-date knowledge. 

We hope that this substantiates knowledge of the Interview Questions asked in the Content Writing field will guide you and prepare you for the interview.

In furtherance to this, we hope that you prepare well in the future and aspire that you’ll surpass the obstacles while facing an interview. All The Best!!

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