Cloud computing is drawing more attention with each passing day. The continuous growth and progress of a Company needs vast computer power and significant data storage. Cloud Computing may help in stretching and transferring data from physical sites to the “Cloud,” accessible anywhere. There are many characteristics of cloud computing that contribute to its status as one of the fastest-growing sectors in the world at the current time. 

The elasticity provided by Cloud services, in the form of an ever-expanding collection of tools and pathways, has facilitated their adoption across many businesses.

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What is Cloud Computing?

Cloud computing delivers computing resources such as storage, databases, applications, networking capabilities, and more by service providers to their clients through the internet, known as cloud computing.

No longer are users restricted to the resources of their hardware or software but are instead able to access data, applications, and services housed on distant servers from anywhere in the world.

You have to only pay for the cloud services you use, you can reduce your operating expenses while increasing your network’s efficiency. 

This article dives into the 10 characteristics of cloud computing that define its uniqueness.

Here are the 10 essential Characteristics of Cloud Computing you should know

1. Resources Pooling

Resource pooling is one of the most significant and essential characteristics of Cloud Computing. It means a cloud service provider can share resources for more than one client, providing everyone with a different set of services per their needs.

This multi-client plan can be applied to data storage, processing, and bandwidth-provided services. The real-time administration process of distributing resources doesn’t conflict with the client’s experience.

2. Self-service On-Demand 

This is one of the fundamental characteristics of cloud computing. This means that cloud computing enables clients to regularly observe the abilities, allotted network storage, and server uptime. Therefore, it is one of the most fundamental features of cloud computing that helps clients control various computing abilities as per their needs. 

3. Easy Maintenance

This is one of the best characteristics of cloud computing. The maintenance of Cloud servers is easy with low to almost zero downtime. Cloud computing-powered resources undergo several updates repeatedly to optimize their capabilities and potential. The updates are more durable with the devices and perform quicker than the previous versions.

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